Lionel Messi on winning the World Cup: “Being a world champion changed my life”


Lionel Messi spoke about how winning the 2022 World Cup with the Argentina national team changed his life.

Messi won everything there is to win, multiple times, at club level. He won the Champions League four times with FC Barcelona and won the league title several times. With the Argentina national team, he won the Copa America and the Finalissima leading up to the World Cup.

The 36 year old commented on his time with PSG and how Inter Miami will probably be his last club before retiring. Speaking with ESPN Argentina, Messi also spoke about winning the 2022 World Cup. Here is what he had to say:

“It is very difficult to be a World champion and not everyone can get this trophy. The World Cup came at the right time.

“Being a World champion changed my life. This was the only thing I was missing. Winning the World Cup is the ultimate and most complete thing, especially since I am Argentine. It is the dream of any player.”

He also spoke about losing the 2014 World Cup and how it would have been had he lost in Qatar:

“It would have hurt me a lot if I had not won the World Cup. I thought a lot about the 2014 final. We were very close and we couldn’t get it.

“I’ve been so affected over many years by the thought of not having it. Losing two World Cup finals would have been a huge thorn in my side.”

About when the 2022 World Cup final was over:

“The final whistle? At that moment, I couldn’t cry, but later, when everything calmed down and I was at peace, I cried tears of happiness alone.”

Regarding Emiliano Martínez:

“Dibu Martínez is the best goalkeeper in the world.”