Lionel Messi comments on his future with the Argentina national team


Lionel Messi has commented on his future with the Argentina national team.

Messi will be with the Argentina national team for the 2024 Copa America. He spoke about his time with PSG, how Inter Miami could be his last club and winning the 2022 World Cup with Argentina. Speaking with ESPN Argentina, he also spoke about his Argentina national team future. Here is what he had to say:

“As long as I feel physically fit and able to perform at my best, and continue to help the National Team, I would like to continue being part of it.

“I never gave importance to records. I wouldn’t play in a World Cup just to say that I was in six World Cups.”

He also commented on the 2026 World Cup and his son:

“Thiago talks to me a lot about the upcoming World Cup. We are living in the United States and it’s going to be held there. We talk about it, he asks me questions and he’s excited to experience that World Cup.”

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