Alejandro Garnacho and Valentín Carboni to play in first tournament with Argentina


Alejandro Garnacho and Valentin Carboni will be playing in their first tournament with the Argentina national team at the Copa America.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni announced his players for the Copa America and two of them will be taking part in their first tournament with the team. Alejandro Garnacho and Valentín Carboni, both only 19 years old, are the youngest players in the Argentina team.

Here are the Argentina national team players for the 2024 Copa America in the United States:

Emiliano Martínez
Franco Armani
Gerónimo Rulli

Gonzalo Montiel
Nahuel Molina
Cristian Romero
Germán Pezzella
Lucas Martínez Quarta
Nicolás Otamendi
Lisandro Martínez
Marcos Acuña
Nicolás Tagliafico

Guido Rodríguez
Leandro Paredes
Alexis Mac Allister
Rodrigo De Paul
Exequiel Palacios
Enzo Fernández
Giovani Lo Celso

Ángel Di María
Lionel Messi
Valentín Carboni
Alejandro Garnacho
Nicolás González
Lautaro Martínez
Julián Álvarez


  1. I was at the Guatemala game. Carboni is an asset.
    Also some people say defending the title can cause old players to remain. I think we should give Scaloni more credit than that. If winning a WC is a mental battle, defending it is an even bigger one. I think scaloni will use the old guard to inject experience and youth (that has not tasted WC victory yet) will bring that hunger to fight for their first WC. I think carboni and Garnacho, barco will want their own WC with their contributions. France was not able to pull it off because pretty much the same squad showed up to two WC finals and did not have the hunger anymore, unlike Arg. squad that was fighting for their first title.

    • So we won not because we were great but because our opponent were not that hungry? Does it take anything away from us?
      Also people said even better things about Nicolas Gonzalez when he first arrived.

      • You misunderstood. I said the kind of passion and energy we had in 2022 WC is hard to recreate again without having hungry youth in the team that are already well integrated into our gameplay. The Copa squad is a good mix but some of the players should be expected to be dropped by scaloni for qualifiers later this year in favor of a balanced and youthful squad built for 2026.

        • “pretty much the same squad showed up to two WC finals and did not have the hunger anymore” – it means they were not hungry enough to win it. And I dont even blame you bcz that could be the case. If it is the case, then it takes away some of our credit.

  2. Grateful for these days. With all the staff and the team. Now to rest for a few days. To start the next season with everything in order to be able to wear this jersey again soon.

    “Good luck to my teammates and to all my country in this new Copa America.”

    – Leonardo Balerdi 🩵 class act from leo balerdi, I have no doubt you will that shirt in world Cup qualifier right next copa America God willing

  3. I still believe either Nehuen Perez or Balerdi should have been in the squad. Especially Perez. He performed well last time. I think Scaloni wants stick with old squad as it will build chemistry.

  4. Scaloni has announced a fairly predictable squad and the unfortunate one to missout after Dybala is A.Correa, whom we might not see again with the national team. Despite being with the team for so long Correa has never managed to convince Scaloni that he offers something others don’t. While his club form has been okay, he is no-3 in pecking order or Atletico behind Depay and Morata (both 2nd tier strikers). Selecting Garnacho and Carboni over Dybala and Correa is investment for upcoming world cup which is less than 2 years away. Messi would have lost even more speed by then and will need quick and young wingers ahead of him to receive his passes and cut them back to him.

    • Messi dont even need speed to delivers goals and assists. His mere presence already has enough gravity to pull multiple defenders and opening up space for his teammates.

      Riquelme and Zidane are top players that dont even rely on speed.

      • Yes, his games are not dependent on speed which is why his career has been at such high level for so long but he has lost significant pace and which is why he can’t play high up the field, he can’t out run multiple markers or will be caught offside often, but if he has pacy young wingers ahead of him he can create the space for himself for the return passes.

        • You forgot Messi scored like 100 goals from outside the box. Everytime he gets the ball in final third, he dont even need his pace, whenever opponents 2 seconds late to mark him, he’d shoot his rocket. We’ve seen this more and more often since his PSG days.

          Also, I wouldnt be fooled by Messi seemingly lack of pace. Messi knows which is important games which is not. You look at him at PSG, he played at walking pace, but during Copa and WC , he’s constantly running and still running forward in final minute of WC final to setup a chance for Lautaro. You look how to beat Gvardiol? or running the entire Australian defence from midfield? I wouldnt be surprise if he suddenly switch up to the next gear at Copa knockout stage.

          He knows how to conserve energy.

  5. BARCO should have been there at the expense of GERMAN PEZZELLA. He is a shameless guy, we have seen enough of him in the QATAR WORLD CUP. PEZZELLA flopped when we needed him to step up but both against Netherlands and France he could not hold the lead. That WORLD CUP FINAL should have been last match for some worthless players like PEZZELLA, ARMANI. Before 2021COPA AMERICA SCALONI had no other option but to select EMI MARTINEZ AND CUTI ROMERO. HE managed to find out players like MOLINA, MONTIEL at the last moment before COPA AMERICA. BEFORE QATAR WORLD CUP SCALONI BRING IN ENZO, THIAGO ALMADA, AND MAC ALLISTER because of injury to other players. VALENTINE BARCO COULD HAVE BEEN A GREAT ADDITION TO THE TEAM. BECAUSE JUST LIKE LICHA HE IS ALSO VERSATILE. HE CAN PLAY AS THE LEFT WING BACK AND LEFT WINGER. BOTH 3-5-2 & 4-2-3-1 suits his playing style. His devastating speed can kill any opponent. The inclusion of GERMAN PEZZELLA OVER PLAYERS LIKE BALERDI AND BARCO is very disheartening. Let’s hope for the best. VAMOS ARGENTINA

    • Sadly; AFA has quota for political recommendations and other influencers. Usually 3 or 4 players travel on that boat. That’s why u see Pazzella, Armani, Rulli, Parades etc.

  6. I think it terms of player selection, Scaloni, Samuel, Ayala and Aimar know what they are doing. A bend of youth and experience is more often than not a winning formula. And by the way, Julian and Enzo are still under 25, Mac Allister and Palacios are only 25, Lautaro nearing his prime, Paredes is playing his best football ever imo.

    • You are so right and I feel like this team has a great balance of ages.
      And any of the people left out are not essential to the national team at this time. I love Correa, but he doesn’t offer as much of what we need. And anyone else left out has time to play in the future.
      I’m excited to see Scaloni come up with some amazing game plans like he did in the WC. He’s got to utilize these new guys sometime. I’m excited to see them come on and run at tired defenses for 20 minutes or so. It’s going to be great!

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