Argentina national team lands in Atlanta for Copa America match vs. Canada


The Argentina national team landed in Atlanta on Saturday as they prepare for their Copa America match against Canada.

Reigning Copa America champions Argentina will start defending their crown vs. Canada on Thursday. The team will begin training at Kennesaw University.

Argentina will play Canada on Thursday, June 20 at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in the 2024 Copa America opener. On Saturday, coach Lionel Scaloni announced his team of 26 players for the Copa America.


  1. What guarantee do we have that Li Celso will not play? Also Gonzalez. I hope scalolni bench them for ever. Also Dybala could’ve of remain as a huge asset especially Alvarez and Lauraro are not scoring

  2. Cuti, Dibu, Leo, and De paul seem to be the guaranteed starters regardless of the formation, Line up or oppenents game plan. May be Molina and Enzo as well? The remaining spots are common grazing araes where Scaloni’s flexible and practical decissions are implemented.

  3. Little worried on Enzo, he is not quite well. Scaloni have decided that Carboni is the replacement of Dybala, he is more fit and can play in a long tournament. The first game is always tough for Argentina. Vamos Albiceleste.

  4. This is my starting x1 vs Canada

    —— dibu———–

    Molina—– cuti—– licha —— tagliafico

    ———- paredes-‐——-
    De Paul——– —– Enzo

    Messi —– Lautaro—— Garnacho/ di maria

  5. My starting lineup for the opening match-

    Molina Romero L.Martinez Acuna
    DePaul Paredes MacAllister
    Carboni Messi Alvarez

    (1) Paredes is in a better form than Enzo.
    (2) Carboni plays better than Di Maria
    (3) Lautaro & Garnacho is paired better than Alvarez & Garnacho.
    (4) Lo Celso and Nico will be benched forever.

    • Messi is wasted at a no9 position and add to that with significant loss in pace he wouldn’t be able to outrun fast defenders and will be caught offside or dispossed. Scaloni will mostlikely two fast players infront of Messi on both flanks to receive his passes which will allow Messi ample time and space to get into a scoring or assisting position. Messi’s will prefer a position and role where he has the freedom to move anywhere in the field to create chances and draw defenders towards him.

  6. Rodrigo Depaul is currently one of the most important and crucial player in our team. In our matches against Costa Rica and Guatemala, we were struggling to control the game like we usually do and it was only after Depaul was subbed in we were able to control the match better. I have noticed there is huge drop in our dominance if Depaul isn’t playing or taken off. He was the standout player in the Copa final and he played a crucial role in making France look like a tier -B team in the world cup final. Currently, I rate him our best and most important midfielder ahead of Macallister, Enzo, Paredes, Locelso, Palacios and Guido. He is the piston of our midfield engine and if he has a bad game the whole team fails to find its rhythm.

    • I fully agree, he runs the show, confident and notice he’s never too aggressive, just enough to get the job done and never seem to lose his head.

    • That is not a good sign for Scaloni. We need Paredes and Macca to play how they did for their clubs this year. Enzo was good against Guatemala with one long and one short pass in the some goal making move. We need more such from him. Anyway, this is a tournament to test how hungry the team still is to break and create records. Canada match would not be easy. In the recent past USA against Brazil and Canada against France showed they mean business this time in the Copa. We cannot afford another Saudi Arabia to start our journey.

    • De Paul is our midfield general, he covers every blade with his stamina, his passing and vision are great too. He is also a master of dark arts and employs them often, not afraid of being dirty on occasion and somehow managing to escape yellows.

      I would say Paredes also adds stability and passing fluidity to our game.

      • General and master of dark art’s indeed and read’s the game so well, ok maybe in some ATM’s games he had some not so good passes and some of moments, but who care’s as far he performs for ARG as he has allways done and clearly he have been allways to be able also improve his perfomances for ARG and specially in big and the most important games ! Huge fan of his way of performing for ARG as Paredes looks good to go too and i’m really happy how he played in Roma and this clearly has got him back to his best, which will be also crucial for ARG even there is so much depth in ARG’s midfield, but still right chemistry and balance will be the key as ARG can’t obviously field them all in the same time and therefore i think Paredes will start obviously with RDP and whether it Enzo or Macca, well personally i don’t care which players Scaloni will opt for as long as it suit’s and benefits ARG the MOST ! Anyone will do as all what ARG need’s now is to find right balance and good chemistry with those whoever they wish to send on to field/ pitch !

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