Argentina national team train for the first time in Atlanta before Copa America


The Argentina national team trained for the first time in Atlanta on Sunday evening as they prepare for the Copa America.

Lionel Scaloni announced his final list for the 2024 Copa America after the team’s 4-1 win vs. Guatemala and the team already held a training session. The reigning Copa America champions will play in the opening match against Canada on Thursday in Atlanta.

Scaloni had the team do some work on the pitch with the ball.


    • During major tournaments, another thing that usually happens is that a lot of unsavoury characters start coming out of woodwork with the sole purpose of badmouthing Scaloni and the team. I can almost guarantee it will happen again. To the point of trolling in some cases.

      • Yeah,you are right. There were few people whose constructive criticism or even good writing was nice to read but now those people have gone too.

    • Belgium single handlely makes FIFA ranking looks like a farce! Being no.1 for so long without achieving anything, not even reaching a final in WC or Euro, let alone win it.

  1. ARGENTINA tends to start slow and pick up the pace with each game and Scaloni will adjust accordingly if needed.
    The one thing that I’m thinking about is the turf at Mercedes Benz stadium, Canadians are used to playing on such surface while ARG is not……Messi did play on one recently for Inter Miami though but skipped the one after.

    • That turf u mentioned does not sound so good at all as ARG deffenetly not used to playing on such a surface and like ualkredy menrioned the Canadian’s are !

      I wonder though how come in COPA they play on such as surface as hybrid pitches i do understand, but turf clearly gives an advantage to those who are used to play on it etc…

      Will this be the case also in the WC 2026..?

        • Thanx 4 reply DFox1942 and hopefully u can make it to the opening game in ” Hotlanta” !

          And yes, truly hope so too, that nobody will be not injured during the match or due to the pitch or what so ever reason ! VAMOS LA SELECCION !

  2. Why in the world is Otamendi not Benched? Why are we not put lo Celso out
    This is has some serious weaknesses that no one here wants to talk about. The mistakes when defending. We lose our cool when we are behind. Otamendi does not have the temper against team like Uruguay an Colombia.
    Can anyone points out some weakness spot in the team? I challenge you all

    • Weakness? I think Molina has some starting trouble. Some sloppy passes near the box and confusion. And he improves as the tournament progresses. I think otamendi can adjust as he has that courage and mentality still. Lo celso is class. No doubt about that. My only concern is in attacking area. Nico Gonzalez. His playing style not at all suits to Argentina. I also have doubts about Garnacho. Both wont suit Argentina and super average during possession and taking defenders one on one. Garnacho slightly better in utilising space behind the defense.

      • I think Garnacho, Messi and Torro can be a good combination with both creating enough opportunities for Torro. He needs multiple opportunities to net one.

  3. Do you think we will see Di Maria and Garnacho both on the wings at the same time in this Copa? I can see it being super exciting but also potentially throwing too many forward without good defense.

  4. Typical scaloni, he will start otamendi ahead of licha, it’s so ridiculous not considering licha as starter cb I believe his leadership skills are even better than otamendi

    • Scaloni’s style is don’t fix it, if it’s ain’t broken. He evidently doesn’t see the need to replace aging Otamendi at the moment and same applies for Pezzella . Yes, Otamendi made two huge errors in the final of the world cup after having a stellar run to the final and those mistakes can be attributed to fatigue and overwhelming emotions as the game was approaching the end. He is a great header of the ball and his experience is an asset but we will find out how much he is able to keep up with young forwards because his tired legs clealry couldn’t keep up with Kolo Mualni twice! Also, Scaloni has already tested Licha with Cuti and if Otamendi shows any signs of weakness, he will replace him.

      • I think that’s exactly what’s going to happen. Otemendi will start the first game and then Scaloni will give Licha some minutes. Just like Scaloni put in Alvarez, McAllister and Enzo during the World Cup, he will put in Licha if he is playing better than Otamendi. Scaloni has been really good at reading games and adjusting his tactics and players.

  5. Argentina has to be at its very best from the start as our tournament history in US is not at all memorable. Maradona ended his carrer here in US badly. Messi has also sad memories from that 2016 tournament. But the goal of the scaloneta is redemption and revenge. And this US curse has to end that way. And it can only be through this gem of Argentine team with scaloni. All the best Argentina. Vamos la albiceleste. 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

    • That’s a meaningless history. Its like when people mentioned Brazil never lost Copa America when they hosted, and Argentina beat them in final last time around. Brazil never lost in qualifier at home and then Argentina did it recently.

      Argentina won every games in Copa 2016 and lost the final only on penalties. No Dibu at the time and Di Maria was injured.

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