Rumored Argentina XI vs. Canada at the Copa America


The Argentina national team will play Canada on Thursday in the opening match of the Copa America and some names are being mentioned to start.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has not confirmed the starting eleven but per a report, we do know that Leandro Paredes is set to start. According to ESPN Argentina, here is the starting eleven vs. Canada on Thursday:

Emiliano Martínez, Nahuel Molina, Cristian Romero, Nicolás Otamendi, Nicolás Tagliafico; Rodrigo De Paul, Leandro Paredes, Alexis Mac Allister; Ángel Di María, Lautaro Martínez and Lionel Messi.

Nahuel Molina would start in place of Gonzalo Montiel and Nicolás Tagliafico in place of Marcos Acuña. Leandro Paredes and Alexis Mac Allister would start with Enzo Fernández on the bench. Up front, Lautaro in place of Julián Álvarez.


  1. I hope we top our group as I already bought the 1A vs 2B QF ticket 😂😂😂 The first game is crucial.

    I still feel that the front three are just too slow. If Nico/Garnacho can be unselfish, they should start and bring more pace to the game.

    • I knew I was going to get a ticket for one game and I was seriously thinking about which one to attend. I went for the Peru game because I knew for sure that Argentina would be playing. My friend who lives in Miami was asking if we should buy tickets for the final because it’s also being played there. But I didn’t want to attend the final if Argentina wasn’t there. I’m just hedging my bets.

      • I think Argentina has at least 95% chance being in the final. Our path to the final will be the easiest ever, as Mexico/Ecuador just can’t compete with this Argentina team.

  2. GREAT NEWS: Concerning the turf at MB Stadium for tomorrow’s game, it is said that the turf will be covered with a carpet of natural grass and same will be done for the WC.

  3. So excited and nervous for this game. I’m glad I found a streaming station Vix that is available in the US. It’s a Spanish language one. If anyone is interested. I think it’s around $8(us) a month

    • Man you shouldn’t be nervous, just enjoy it , I was nervous, under pressure and stress for every much before we won copa America and world Cup, as now I just enjoy watching my beloved albicelestes so should everyone in here

      • Watching and supporting Arg since 78 til’ now, well Yes relatively maybe not, that stressed than before ARG managed to win 3 in a row as the latest COPA , FINALISSIMA AND WC 2022,

        but in the other hand i think when i will see once more ARG in this Copa and walking to the MB’s pitch, well i will feel exactly the same as as i have alkways done watching ARG since 78 as just can’t help myself etc…

        as for example i do remember 1982’s dissapointment ending by DIEGO getting red carded and how the Italians and Brazilians handled him in the hardest and very rough way or the 1990 final also 1994 and 1998 when Ortega spitted on Van der Sar, which was very unnnecassry thing to do not to even mention 2002 and again 2006 where ARG had once more very good team or 2010 DIEGO’s gameplan against Germany or the 2014 final and 2018 with every Copa which was played in between all theese year’s…

        So with me personally it is the passion and emotion which just take’s over and full control when ever ARG plays and truly hope, that they will not underestimate Canada and get a win over Canada which i think will not be, that easy as there are no easy game’s and specially never in the Copa

        Obviously ARG has a very good team indeed and therefore are favourites to win this Copa once more, as having DIBU, CUTI, LICHA, RDP and the best middfielder’s supporting and surrounding not to even need mention ADM or MESSI + TORO & JULIAN and in SCALONI & COACHING i do trust ! VAMOS ARGENTINA !

    • I loved it especially since Luca was popping off after their loss to ARGENTINA as if they were cheated or something, nm it was ARG’s easiest game in the whole tournament.

      • The first 25 minutes Croatia dominated.

        And I dont understand why people make such a big deal out of ARG defeat vs Croatia in 2018. If it was not for Johnny Sins blunder, The game could be a draw or 1-0 to Croatia most likely. A much respectable result

  4. I’ve been watching the Euro on Canadian channel because most of their pre game shows have a segment on Canada vs Argentina.
    I have to say the Canadians really speak of Argentina in high respect. We have to be careful as to not take this game lightly. The Canada coach used to work under Bielsa who just beat us in qualification vs Uruguay.
    I’m happy with this starting lineup as this is how I would go to start off the tournament. If otamendi shows fatigue or makes a mistake then we can start licha next game.

    • As a Canadian, I can tell you that the best version of Canada is roughly equivalent to Venezuela on their good day. It is certainly stronger than the current version of Mexico.

      Apart from Davies, who can play LB, LWB and LWF, some other decent players are a midfielder Eustáquio who plays for Porto and a CF Jonathan David, who plays for Lille in France.

      We should be able to beat them 2:0 if we control the game and make no silly errors. Tagliafico would have to cover for Otamendi and hence be more conservative on the left and Molina’s pace would help vs Davies.

      • Don’t be too humble, I think that Canada has developed great and has some good players… I think we have to rate them higher than a Venezuela or some European Countries… Have seen some players play like Liam Miller, Larin, David and of course Davies. They are playing good soccer. And Davies is one of the fastest if not the fastestplayer right now… And he plays on our right side, were we are not super strong if it’s Montiel or Molina
        It’s not gonna be easy i think

    • Scaloni should have a plan to replace Otamendi before he starts showing fatigue. Typically that is between 65th and 70th minutes of the game. Pre planning would help Otamendi to give 110% as long as he is on the field.

      • I don’t rank Canada that high. I agree they are a bit better than the current Mexico but much worse then the Americans. The Americans aren’t a good team to me, but are much better than Venezuela and Peru…
        We just need to play our game and be decisive in the back line. I’m not worried about anyone… Just a little about otamendi. I agree Kempes that he should be ready to be taken off in the second half

    • We are and we will, if the opportunities present themselves, Messi, Lautaro, Di Maria, De Paul, Paredes and Mac Allister are good at long shots. It’s statistically the most efficient way of attacking but if there is space and time we will. Or the ball happens to float at a right angle

      • Didn’t Max Allister take a long bf shot in our last game? It was really close as well. I expect to see some shots like that from him, Paredes, De Paul and Enzo. They are all pretty good at them.

  5. we have to win again canada chile game won’t be easy. we need to also top the group to avoid uruguay and Columbia in semi. It’s an easier path for us than brasil

  6. Messi recently stated that ARG needs to be tiptop to defend their title in COPA with the usual suspects lurking around.
    Ronaldinho also recently belittled the current Brazilian squad where he stated skill and passion are lacking.
    I know Canadian Davies is a HUGE Messi fan with lightning speed so hopefully that is kept in check.
    I can guarantee that it will be lights out Sky-Blue and White at MB Stadium with little Burgundy or red here and there.
    ARG will remember losing to SA tomorrow more so than winning the WC on their 1st game and that’s a very good thing.

  7. Everyone be mindful of what La Seleccion is trying to accomplish in this Copa America. If we win, we would be 1 of only 2 teams to ever win 3 straight FIFA recognized tournaments in a row. Spain won the Euros 2008 & 2012 and the World Cup 2010.

    • I can see why you’d say that but believe it or not, both Argentina and Brazil have done it.

      Argentine: 91 Copa, 92 Confederation cup, 93 copa
      Brazil: 02 WC, 04 Copa, 05 confederation cup

      Brazil’s 3peat is obviously more impressive than Argentina’s because of the world cup but if our boys win this Copa, it will be even more impressive than Brazil’s feat because it will be a WC sandwiched between 2 copas, somewhat of an equivalent to Spain’s reign between 08-12.

      • You are right about Brasil… I forgot about the confederation cup they won… but when Argentina did it the confederation cup was not a FIFA tournament. So Spain and Brasil have done it and we would be the third

  8. tycsports
    “Dibu Martínez is on par with Fillol and Pumpido” 🧤🇦🇷

    🎙️ Pato Abbondanzieri, in an interview with TyC Sports, did not hesitate to praise Scaloneta’s number 1: “I even think that Dibu has more personality and has surpassed them both.”

    • did you change your name karl???

      why that hate for our players. I’m happy we have players like Palacios GLC and Nico on the bench they can be real game changers… But it seems you would be the better coach than Scaloni! As he has only won a Copa, Finalissima and a WC. You’d probably win a Universal Championship😂. Better stick to your Playstation where you can play whoever you want. I’m happy with Scaloni as Coach and happy with the team

        • Then you are not real fans! A real fan accepts the choices our coaching staff is having… I myself was not happy that Scaloni left Dybala out, but I now he’s got his reasons… And by the way, Nico and GLC were great in our Copa winning squad

    • EnganChe and LM10 exactly my words I’ve said before every top 5 European Country he’d be a starter I think…
      Same goes for Dybala. And we are blessed to bench GLC, Palacios, Nico and leave Dybala out… We got a super strong squad, and amazing coaching staff…
      I don’t know why there is so much hate from some Mundoers??
      Let’s just enjoy the tournament what ever happens

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