Spanish La Liga Matchday 1: Preview


Spain’s La Liga Matchday 1 is upon us and here’s our Argentinian season preview along with what will be a weekly preview of the players in action.

There’s a total of 32 Argentinians this season in La Liga (you can view the full list should you ever need it in our Player Database section). Of course the number of Argentinians can still change with the likes of Ezequiel GARAY being rumored to be on his way back to Russia. Out of the 32, 14 of them have played for the senior Argentina National Team. Here’s the full list:

Argentinian Players in Spain’s La Liga

Spanish La Liga Matchday 1:

Just like in the English Premier League, last year’s league winners did not have a single Argentinian on their team and it remains the same this season. La Liga and Champions League winners Real Madrid just defeated FC Barcelona (with Javier MASCHERANO and Lionel MESSI) in the Spanish Super Cup and will hope to keep that momentum going heading into the first matchday of the season. Here’s our Matchday 1 preview of the Spanish La Liga involving Argentinian players:

Friday, August 18:

Leganes (Alexander SZYMANOWSKI, Ezequiel MUNOZ, Martin MANTOVANI and Mauro DO SANTOS) vs. Alaves

Valencia (Ezequiel GARAY) vs. Las Palmas (Hernan TOLEDO, Jonathan CALLERI, Leandro CHICHIZOLA and Sergio ARAUJO)

Saturday, August 19:

Celta Vigo (Facundo RONACGLIA and Gustavo CABRAL) vs. Real Sociedad (Geronimo RULLI)
Girona vs. Atletico Madrid (Angel CORREA, Augusto FERNANDEZ and Nicolas GAITAN)
Sevilla (Ever BANEGA, Gabriel MERCADO, Guido PIZARRO, Joaquin CORREA, Nicolas PAREJA and Walter MONTOYA) vs. Espanyol (Pablo PIATTI)

Sunday, August 20:

Athletic Bilbao vs. Getafe (Daniel DIAZ, Emiliano MARTINEZ and Nicolas GEROSITO)
FC Barcelona (Javier MASCHERANO and Lionel MESSI) vs. Real Betis (German PEZZELLA)
Deportivo La Coruña (Federico CARTABIA) vs. Real Madrid

Levante vs. Villarreal (Leonardo SUAREZ and Mariano BARBOSA)
Malaga vs. Eibar (Gonzalo ESCALANTE)

Every match this weekend involves at least one Argentinian in the team. This season, it’s Sevilla who have the most representatives of the sky blue and white with six on the team.


  1. Watching Sevilla again this year is going to be exciting with all the argentinos around, I especially want to see Pizarro and Montoya’s progress because they’re both talented midfielders that could help the albicelestes.

    Sporting is another exciting club with Acuna, Battaglia and Silva so I might keep an eye on them, hopefully they’ll make it to the CL because it would be a great experience for those players.

    Zenit could also be very important for Argentina with it’s glut of potential future players but i honestly don’t think I can bring myself to watch the Russian league.

    At the end of the day Sevilla and Barca (for Lio only) will probably be the only teams I watch regularly this season otherwise I will dedicate more time to the primera like I have last season cos IMO it’s alot more exciting than europe.

  2. Suarez is out, and boy does Barcelona look bad. Basically, Messi is now playing on Basile’s or Paton’s NT. This team has no defense (Masche is old and Pique sucks. Alba is decent), a 34 year old Iniesta, and nobody in support of Messi up front with Neymar and Suarez gone. They are going to overpay for Coutinho and Dembele, and still be years behind what they once were. Good news for the NT as Messi should be well rested. La Liga should be with RM in 3 months and they will be knocked out of UCL. And I like Barca. Why waste all this money on these players when they could have bought all the Zenit players, DiMaria, Aguero, Icardi and more….Crazy stupid money they are spending. And the Argentina players would have kept Messi happy.

  3. Im watching new teams this year.. I like to watch Zenit, i still feel Rigoni would be the key player theu are missing for attack..

    I saw Sevilla play with pizzaro, banega, and correa… pretty exciting, but i feel as though correa has to show up or he will be replaced by Navas.

    Looking forward to wathing Fiorentina, las palmas, and west ham..

    2 weeks from today we play Uruguay, idk why i am so nervous

  4. Brian Fernandez – who is unwanted by Racing because of former drugs problems – to Metz is for me exciting transfer. Personally I always considered the player (category ’94) and one of most talented forwards in Primera (only Benedetto better for me). Both Geronimo Poblete and Brian Fernandez are players to watch and possibly good deal for French side.

  5. looks like Calleri and Araujo are the only strikers of Las Palmas to be called up for Valencia. In few preseason matches the two formed attack formation. After Sevilla Las Palmas is most interesting in the league. Araujo is still outstanding talent, Hernan Toledo the more.

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