Barcelona reportedly pushing for Lionel MESSI not to play for Argentina due to fitness


A report coming from Argentina states that Barcelona are pushing for Lionel MESSI not to play in the two friendly matches for his country due to fitness problems.

Lionel MESSI’s return to the Argentina national team could be delayed if reports are to be believed. Per Superclasico, Barcelona are negotiating that MESSI doesn’t play any of the two matches.

The original idea appears to be that MESSI would have played the first match against Venezuela which is going to be played in Spain and have him leave the team for the second match. However, it appears the Catalan club are pushing that he doesn’t play at all.


  1. Hi frnds
    I think Messis presence is imp for arg. NT. bcz team need chemistry with messi. So he need to play some matches with youngsters. Our coach must watch how he plays with his newmts.Before announcing sqd for copa scaloni must setup ateam that improves messis confidnc..

  2. As long as that p***y Valverde is at Barcelona, expect Messi to play every single second for Barcelona, and not playing for Argentina!

    Not because he doesn’t want to play for his Nation, but that P***y Valverde and the Idiot Bartomeu are overly dependent on him, and wouldn’t allow it, as they are s*** without him.

  3. scaloni had not had any conversation with messi for several months which is abnormal . messi had not openly stated returning to national team.aguero is reportedly having conflict with scaloni.

    actually i suggest messi not to come back or even copa america. simply because scaloni is not that impressive at all ,any below standard performance in NT ,all people will only focus on how bad messi is ,not the manager.

  4. i think messi actually dont want to come back .fitness problem is an excuse. that is simply because scaloni is not messi’s cup of tea .dont forget what happen during world cup. scaloni as an assistant during world cup now becomes NT manager without previous experience to lead any former team.if you are messi ,will you come back?

    i think messi will come back but only if national team recruits a proper manager.

  5. Argentina needs him this time for the team chemistry. Hope he presents this month with Argentina and gets some rest in some La Liga matches

    • Because Barcelona has become more depended on messi than we ever were! Take messi out of this Barcelona team and they are done, despite that media are attacking us in every single opportunity while they literally avoid to do the same regarding Barcelona! I hope they have a quick exit from cl!

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