Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni: “We had the clearest chances”


Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni spoke at a press conference following his team’s 0-0 draw vs. Chile.

Lionel Scaloni was content with most of what he saw. He spoke about the match, the younger players and the next game which is against Mexico. Here’s what he had to say:

“At times, we did some interesting things. I liked the incorporation of the younger players. We more or less tried to do the same thing as we did at the Copa America.

“I’m happy that the weight of the shirt didn’t show on the new players.

“We did some good things in the first half, we had the clearest chances. We always want to win but the important thing was the function of the team, which at times was good.

“We wanted to give some minutes to the younger players. With the game going on, they usually get substituted much quieter. That was the idea.

“The match was locked and at times, too much. But when it gets like that, you have to play and not give in.

“Some things will chance for the next game. We will surely make two or three changes because we want to continue watching players and also because fatigue does take its toll.



  1. Finally a not biased argentina fan: “In front of a minimal crowd inside the Los Angeles Coliseum, Argentina and Chile renewed acquaintances and while some of the usual ill-feeling was present there was little quality on show in their goalless draw.
    With Lionel Messi suspended and Sergio Agüero not selected, Los Angeles decided not to show up in numbers for the visit of La Albiceleste and in truth the few that were present saw little more than a couple of half chances and ten yellow cards.
    Argentina started the brighter and Paulo Dybala drifting in off the right in that position normally occupied by Messi and combining with Lautaro Martínez did ask questions of Chile. The Juventus forward forced Claudio Bravo into one smart stop following a superb passage of play yet Argentina couldn’t sustain this.
    Charles Aránguiz went closest for Chile during the opening 45 minutes with a low shot parried by Agustín Marchesín and the midfielder was perhaps fortunate not to see red for an ugly studs-up challenge on Giovani Lo Celso.
    As the inevitable glut of substitutions followed in the second half the game lost its way even further yet both sides did come closest to breaking the deadlock. César Pinares struck the crossbar when running on to a cut back inside the penalty area and debutant Lucas Martínez Quarta did the same late on at a corner.
    Aside from Martínez Quarta, Nicolás Domínguez and Alexis Mac Allister making their debuts there was little to get excited about for Argentina and Lionel Scaloni’s side now head to San Antonio to take on Mexico on Tuesday.”

    From Golazoargentino (another oldie-lover Gonzalo? LOL…) and now read the comments here…parallel universe

    • “Finally a not biased argentina fan”

      No other man is so much credible to resolve the question who is or who is not biased as Csabalala is.

      For every negative comment you have at least 5 positive. Nothing to hype in last game but only blind man or full of ill will can’t see it’s more optimistic than pesimistic.

      Let’s see wheter next time you will hold Pedro Coates words as point of reference when he will praise some local league player, finally he live off local league events.

  2. Dybala performance against Mexico depends on his exhaustion after last game, Tyc Sportd report. If not Dybala I would like to see MacAllister or Lanzini in his place. Don’t know also wheter the formation will be with 2 strikers (Lautaro will start anyway):


    …………De Paul……………Palacios/Lo Celso


  3. Same old stuff again by some over a friendly match. Apparently it seems a World cup final was played instead of a friendly.
    @Csabalala , not a surprise you keep bringing up stats, numbers, player heights and fifa ratings instead of enjoying the game. Nice stuff man. That record against Germany in friendlies, what an achievement! Only you could say something like that.

    And finally, the “Tata come back syndrome” back again , “surprisingly”, yes over another friendly result! It’s the same cycle over and over again( conveniently forgetting what happened under his reign, nice stuff!).

  4. Those who claim apology of Martino now are funny enough. Somehow I didn’t heard them wanting Martino to stay after Copa 2016. Mundo was almost unanimous: “everyone will be better than Martino”. My opinions about him were not that harsh as others. You can still check comments.

    I just wonder what would be the feelings about him those who want to defend him now. After the event one can be wise but I’m strongly convinced that those biggest lovers of The Famous Generation would be biggest haters of Martino in that time, after Copas. Why? Because they loves the generation so much that always been putting all the blame for coaches (Bauza, Sampaoli)whenever the generation failed here or there.

    • You’re so right about the Martino stuff. Almost everyone was against him at that time, even during and after the 2015 Copa( not sure about 2016). Left, right and centre he was lambasted here(including myself).
      If you look right now, all of that “didn’t happen” and some want him back apparently(over Mexico’s friendly results and MLS success). It’s exasperating tbh.

      Also most conveniently forgets what happened during the qualifiers under him.Like that never happened.

      PS: I wonder Tata’s hailed for his MLS stint, but nobody here gives any mention of Almeyda.

      • @batigol_gaucho “what happened during the qualifiers under him.Like that never happened” you dont know what are you talkng about or you are a liar in qualifiers we played 6 games under martino and lost only one game was against Ecuador due to garay’s blunder although we faced all the big teams Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Chile .Argentina was 2nd on the table just behind Uruguay. Brazil was behind us and it was the best stats under any argentine manger in WC 2018 qualifications . Sorry to say lasttime Argentina played like argentina( fearless) was under Tata Martino. he resigned because AFA didnt pay him for last 2 years, he was never forced to resign or else we would have played a different WC in 2018.

      • of course Almeyda is future No.10 for arg NT. no doubt.
        i wish, he should play in Elite europe clubs like MANC or Atletico madrid to get more exposure.

        already many big clubs started scouting him.

  5. Quarta, Paredes, Lautaro, De Paul starts again against Mexico. Andrada in place of Marchesin.

    Mexico is strong so Scaloni needs to use more of the names that played before together to keep basic chemistry.

      • Csabalal,

        that’s not really about coaches (however Scaloni is doing good job for now, far from perfect still but good job)

        that’s about potentiall of Argentina talents: you may say a lot but you are compromised anyway because this group of players currently called up has a future, unlike you predicted. You use all possible psychological defense mechanisms not to acknowledge that but deep inside you know you were wrong. Completely wrong.

        Scaloni might or might not succeed in future (so far no reasons to fire him) but this upcoming generation will be competitive to best NTs in the world, as always was in Argentina. So you are already loser.

        • “So you are already loser.” What? So cute, dont defend yourself, be a man this more than one year with Scaloni convinced my prediction, we are not competitive…a la prophecia…and we will hopeless in Copa too, zero chance to win Copa at home…maybe i am wrong this time finally? Or will you be the looser again?

          • “this more than one year with Scaloni”

            More than one year? As always you bend reality to made yourself more convincing for others. O thought first Scaloni’s game was in Sptember one year ago.

            We are not competitive? Really? We got bronze coin and we are not competitive. We looked dangerous and bad luck against Brazil on their home soil and we are not competitive?! Yes we are and the progress is likely to continue.

  6. Well played Argentina… Yesterday i was very happy to see Arg NT playing as collectively. There is some part to improve in front line & defensive line, but totally it was a good show…

    i can see a good transition in Midfield position.. Scaloni should stick with these midfielders for another few more years.(Lo celso, Lanzini, de paul, parades, palacios , ascacibar(DMF), lamela)
    Arg midfield position is bright for future

  7. We must sort out our goalkeeping issue Armani is not an answer.Why they are not calling Sergio Romero he is way better than Armani.Armani is a complete idiot he should be fired.I do not know what they see in Armani?
    Armani ,Tagliafico,M.Acuna and Roberto Pereya are useless player we should get rid of them.A strong team and a strong bench should be our aim.Scaloni please get rid of them

  8. Brazil always play with their best player even in friendlies i think they have done their preparation and now just focussing on team chemistry or tacnical formation whereas in case of Argentina we always have new faces our reconstruction phase is quite long.But these things can be positive or negative for a team it all depends on players and coaching staff.But i am satisfied with Scaloni till now new faces create new energy or environment in team.

  9. Either way we all have to move on and support Scaloni and co. He will improve thats for sure. He has to. His player selection is excellent to say. But we cant be hallucinated by the Copa fluke result. lets face it, We were lucky to be 3rd. Only good team we won against is Chile. That too in a non pressurized game. So thats that.

    As of now the next Copa too looks like a difficult barrier to cross.its gonna be a same old story again, We r not gonna win it. Lets qualify for the WC somehow. I hope the next match against Mexico we do get a decent result. Tata is a brilliant coach (now i said it, I never liked him but he would have taken us to a far better position than now we are in)

  10. I don’t get the complaints regarding new coach. There is literally not a lot of options.
    pochettino, simeone, gallardo – these are just dreams.
    martino – disagreements with AFA so was never happening.
    gareca – how many months he waited between jobs hoping for a phone call from AFA yet they couldn’t agree.
    coudet, heinze,beccacecce – if you think these are unquestionably better options you need to watch primera some more. they are quite inconsistent at best.

    I would love to hear a name that is a viable option. if scaloni is fired i would place highest bet that the next name might just be batista.

    • I don’t think even gareca will do better job
      Then scaloni.. the reason been arg nt.
      Comes with huge pressure we all saw
      What happened to sampoali and had
      beccacecce as his assistant..
      People just only looking scaloni but
      look his coaching staff ayala
      Samuel and aimar trust me it doesn’t
      Get better than that even if simeone
      Poch and Gallardo come they will struggle first few Months before they impeliment thier stlye.
      This coaching staff need time.
      I’m sure they will get a lot of things right.If given time.

  11. I dont post much nowadays but I must admit I am both sad and humoured at the same time seeing some people talk like results are the only thing that matters in friendlies. It really shows a lack of deep rooted support for the team.

    Anyone with even moderate passion for Argentine soccer success will see friendlies as an opportunity for trying out tactics and formations that would otherwise cost a team dearly. I am not a scaloni fan but I think he’s doing what the reasonable person would expect. I even noticed the team transitioning from 442 to 3421 to 4321 as the game moved on.
    Besides how else would the likes of zaracho, Quetta and Gaich get to deal with the pressure of first class international football? Even if it is against a Chile ‘B’ midfield as someone put it?

    I would relax, pay close attention to individual performances and transitional gameplay and watch a team blossom out of the ashes of 2018 WC. Some of these kids are going to carry the weight of your expectations in 3 years !

  12. A look at the almost empty stadium makes you wonder why Argentina keeps playing friendlies in other countries. There is hardly any interest in the team without Messi. Sure, we need to test new players before the qualifiers start, but why not at home? AFA can use the money from local ticket sales.

    • Argentina usually gets 1 million per game when playing in USA. Which is much more than playing at home and hosting games when tickets are not that much and expenses are high for field maintaince, stadium workers, security, stadium cost…etc

      • With the current rate of the peso it seems logical. However, the organisers did not earn 1 million in ticket sales considering the low attendance. If the money comes from TV rights and ads it does not matter where they play and start at prime time.

  13. I have taken a break from this site after the Copa America disappointment….
    and haven’t even bothered to see the friendly last night…

    But from what I here…
    it wasn’t convincing at all.

    For the past couple of months I’ve been saying Scaloni shouldn’t be in charge:
    Our record against other South American teams
    ARG 0-0 COL
    ARG 0-1 BRA
    ARG 1-3 VEN
    ARG 0-2 COL
    ARG 1-1 PAR
    ARG 2-0 VEN
    ARG 0-2 BRA
    ARG 2-1 CHI
    ARG 0-0 CHI

    We have a record of 2W, 4L, 3D against south American teams.
    And our ONLY TWO wins we had Messi in the team.
    The future doesn’t look bright.

    Scaloni Out! Been saying it since 2018!

    • Go home with your facts oldie lover buddy, the essence: “I like what I saw in first half. Group of even players: you never know whch one will dribble, which one will pass, shoot and so on. We are more unpredictable.” And: “This is the best I have seen nt play since 2014.
      Collective, organised, good defense and movement off the ball.” This forum for childrens…and ofc our results against european sides would be even more worse, but Scaloni didnt play against single one LOL but Germany match is coming…

      • Argentina won the last 7 !!!friendly matches against Germany, the last two with 3:1 and 4:2 in Germany…but we play the best collective football now since 2014 LOL

          • Martino did nothing to set off the generational change while it was hight time. He is part of of the stalemate, even if good coach (I think he is).

            Scaloni goes in right direction: core of Copa players still is there while introducing best of new ones (to change those who failed on Copa) that clearly have something to offer.

          • “Martino did nothing to set off the generational change while it was hight time.” We were a feared WC-finalist, and the oldies were much much much better players than non existence big talents in that time. Vietto, Kranevitter or who? LOL Every half serious coach wouldnt have weakened his team with much worse (young) players…

          • “the oldies were much much much better players than non existence big talents in that time”

            Argentina and non-existent talents? That is excluding behind each other.

            The propaganda of “we have not other options” is biggest lie that group of people like KidultHood, you and some others wanted to insinuate for years. Now we clearly see: if only there’s a good will to find new options, the options will emerge one by one. Now we see group of talented midfielders is here “from nowhere”.

          • @Godin11, Netherlands overrated? With players like Van Dijk, De Jong and many young talents they are a contender for the WC. I do not fancy our chances against them. In fact Argentina has always struggled with that team.

        • you are right about Martino…he played the best players (which must were “older” players but did call young players that deserved a spot at the time…Lamela, Gaitan and kranevitter.

      • “Scaloni didnt play against single one LOL but Germany match is coming…”

        he did’t played against your big clubs’ favourites

        Say what you want. But you have not really do more to be Persona Non Grata in here

    • Don’tbethatguy,

      “I have taken a break from this site after the Copa America disappointment….
      and haven’t even bothered to see the friendly last night…”

      LOL Everyone knows the only reason of your break after Copa was disappointement with Scaloni reaching bronze coin and lack of guts to eat your own shit (just like other KidultHood-like members which always disappoint when things goes wrong for them).

      Now you at least admit, you even didn’t watched the game against CHile. Oh, I know: you are watiting to see The Famous Generation taking over NT once again. Without them it’s all ended for you. So many ignorants that think Argentina NT started and ended with this generation.

      • Zero counterargument only personal insults a la Gonzalo…when will you grow up SMALL CHILD? Ok i understand you are very frustrated cause Scaloni shit results and playing style

        • I bet Csabalala also didn’t even watched the game. 0 comments during game. No wonder if only numbers matters for him.

          While everyone who watched was rather positive about playing style.

          • And? I saw the game later, and we very shit, couldnt dominate against a trash Chile B midfield laughable, zero attacking power, I have never seen such impotent Argentina..never

          • “midfield laughable, zero atatcking power, a have never seen such impotent Argentina..never”

            Never after qualifiers? (when only Messi made difference)

            You just proved that didn’t watched the game. With more luck we could have been win that.

  14. For u23 friendly I want claudio bravo to start next match too, to see how he perform against tough team. Also we have seen plenty of matches from Ortega.
    My line up..

  15. Next match I would like to see following line-up irrespective of any formation:-

    …….MacAllister…………..Lanzini …………………….Gaich

    • this is almost same as mine, however maybe your positioning of midfielders is better:




      • whole team changed and useless Tagliafico still there? imo even Rojo with his timing in attack and runs would show much more offensively than him, better crosser too

        • Rojo better than Tagliafico? On which planet? Rojo was never a proper, natural left-back to begin with, simply a left-footed centre-back who was asked to play as a left-back by Sabellal but his contribution in 2014 was largely in defense not in offence. Yes, he scored a goal vs Nigeria in 2018 but since then hardly featured for his club, something that even he acknowledges.

        • Might be. This is more like projection of players I’d like to see in second game. Probably only part of them will start

  16. Scaloni team against good teams: 0 goal vs Columbia, 0 vs Brazil, 0 vs Columbia, 0 vs Brazil, 2 vs Chile in a meaningless match and 0 vs Chile…zero attacking concept

  17. These friendlies are literally useless considering there is no pressure to perform some may thrive in friendlies. But coming to vital tournaments the same old choke will repeat.

    Like the Europeans did instead of these useless friendliness south Americans also have to do something meaningful of these matches. Like a longer duration tournament along with North American teams. Its literally boring too to watch these meaningless matches.

    Can’t find any positives from these matches. Don’t know why at least Andrada didn’t start. We have to sort out our GK position. Which is a must.

  18. “Por momentos hicimos cosas interesantes, por momentos no pero es propio del cansancio, los chicos vienen con una paliza bastante importante de viajes. Y cuando refrescamos en el segundo tiempo me gustaron los que entraron, sobre todo los más jóvenes”

    Scaloni is aware of that it is not perfect still but this is too positive points to be moaner like some here.

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