Argentine players in Champions League Round of 16 preview, Lionel Messi, Angel Di Maria, more


With the Round of 16 of the Champions League beginning on Tuesday, there’s a total of 16 Argentine players left and six could take part in this week’s matches.

One coach in Diego Simeone that is left as his Atletico Madrid are playing champions Liverpool. Here are the Argentine players left in the Champions League:

Atletico Madrid
Coach: Diego Simeone
Angel Correa

Angel Di Maria
Mauro Icardi
Leandro Paredes

Alejandro Gomez
Jose Luis Palomino

Ezequiel Garay

Tottenham Hotspur:
Erik Lamela
Giovani Lo Celso
Juan Foyth
Paulo Gazzaniga

FC Barcelona:
Lionel Messi

Paulo Dybala
Gonzalo Higuain

Manchester City:
Sergio Aguero
Nicolas Otamendi

The Champions League matches for the Round of 16 are the following:

Atletico Madrid (Angel Correa) vs. Liverpool

Borussia Dortmind vs. PSG (Angel Di Maria, Mauro Icardi, Leandro Paredes)

Atalanta (Alejandro Gomez, Jose Luis Palomino) vs. Valencia (Ezequiel Garay)

Tottenham Hotspurt (Erik Lamela, Giovani Lo Celso, Juan Foyth, Paulo Gazzaniga)

Next week:
Chelsea vs. Bayern

Napoli vs. FC Barcelona (Lionel Messi)

Lyon vs. Juventus (Paulo Dybala, Gonzalo Higuain)

Real Madrid vs. Manchester City (Sergio Aguero, Nicolas Otamendi)


  1. Where are those who has been critic
    To gio lo celso.
    Again he was the only bright spot spurs had
    Tonight. if he was Brazilian some
    Will claim we need this kind midfielder
    Thanks god he is Argentine.
    Pick up one more time gio real baller lo celso.

    • For sure….Lo Celso was awesome. Needs to work on his corners though.

      Lamela replacing Delli was also significant. I love the grit and energy he ads to the midfield. i actually really liked Lamela and Lo Celso playing together, they should start more often. Lloris was also great.

      • Scaloni should and must call Lamela for RM back up and Papu Gomez for LW position. We lack good players at LW while we have a fantastic player-Alejandro Gomez

  2. Lo Celso starting for Tottenham against Leipzig in CL. Lamela and Gazzaniga on the bench. Lo Celso is being played as RW in a 4-2-3-1 formation

  3. Haaland is away more talented than anyone else, only 19 and sure he will rule in Europe just like Cristiano did.

  4. This Dortmund-PSG was a very good tactical example. 343 is definitely a very complex formation for any team usually play with 4 men defense. When a coach like Tuchel doesn’t understand that and we see how it was easy for a team like PSG to turn to be very vulnerable in defense and in attack. Just like what Sampaoli did in the past with Argentina against Croatia.

  5. AFA should convince Giovanni Reyna of Dortmund. What an attacking prospect. Playing in top level with super quality. We actually don’t have such talent of that age. We may argue a lot but truth is Haaland, Sancho, Reyna, Mbappe are young and superstars. Reyna is only 17, playing in UCL knock out match and performing.

    • It would indeed be a shame to lose him to England/Portugal/USA only to see him turn in to a phenomenal player. Problem is that CAM/Wing spot is heavily contested… Will be interesting to see what happens

    • very low probability. less than 1%. he’s born in england, his father born in usa and possibly greatest US player ever, his mother is US, the family moved out of argentina more than 50 years ago. this is just a dream for AFA.

      • as mongol said due to the family lineage he is highly unlikely to join argentina besides no one wud ditch the quality living of america n europe also he wud earn higher wages there. and the US NT have a talented group of players coming up with pulisic n sergino dest leading the way

        • An Argentina shirt has a more value than the entire USA football. If he is invited to the team properly I don’t think he will have any reason to refuse that offer. I have more faith on Reyna than AFA in regard to playing for us.

    • He must choose USA because his father played for them, If he choose Argentina then surely to win the World Cup. Messi rejected Spain for Argentina otherwise 2 World Cup and 3 Euros in his kitty.

  6. This season La liga mid table and low table teams are playing very good so that is why La liga’s champion league teams are playing so good in champion league because they were forced to raise their level by those underdog teams of La liga.Barcelona Atletico and Valancia will surely shine

  7. anyone noticed liverpool vs atletico there were 5 brazilians on the pitch fabinho,alisson,firmino,renan lodi n almeida all of their positions different compared to one argentine attacker correa

  8. Credit to El Cholo Simeone for being bad all season but stepping up when things matters. The best Liverpool in decades facing the worst Atletico in years. Knows how to handle Reds with his parking bus.

    Unfortunately, this mark that Simeone is not the right candidate for Albiceleste manager ! Not suitable for Tango style play

  9. Dybla is also a good free kick taker.So Dybla should take all close range or short range free kick while Messi should take all long range and medium range free kick.Argentina has all in their team.There are best free kick or dead ball taker.Pezella, Otamendiand Aguero are great in header.So Argentina also have skilled player other than open play.They just need to convert their chances.

  10. On paper PSG looks very strong team but i do not like their 4 2 2 2 formation.It is impossible for Paredes to replace Verrati there.4 2 2 2 formation is preety predictable for opposition teams.

  11. My current 23 squad for Copa America

    GK: Andrada, Benitez, Romero
    RB: Montiel, C Romero (?)
    LB: Tagliafico, Acuña
    CB: Pezzella, Quarta, Licha Martinez, C Romero
    DM: Paredes, Ascacibar, Licha
    CM: Palacios, De Paul, Lo Celso, Dominguez
    RM, RWF: Ocampos, Buendia, Messi
    LM, LWF: De Paul, Ocampos, Buendia, Acuña
    CF, SS: Messi, Lautaro, Dybala, Aguero, Alario

    • I haven’t seen C Romero play as RB, but Transfermarkt says it’s his secondary position and I can imagine him being decent as a backup there, since Foyth and Saravia aren’t playing anymore..
      Pezzella, Dominguez and Alario could be changed but the rest should unquestionably be part of the 23 for Copa

      • nice lineup u cud add otamendi maybe since he is getting game time n also the u23 kids nehuen, medina n valenti. for right back its montiel or if not him we shud look into the superliga talent pool surely there must be bright talented right backs

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