Roberto Pereyra scores, Rodrigo de Paul assists for Udinese in 2-0 win vs. Sassuolo


Roberto Pereyra scored through a Rodrigo de Paul assist as Udinese would get the 2-0 win vs. Sassuolo.

In a match which could have ended in a draw, Pereyra would confirm the victory for Udinese with the help of de Paul. With Udinese leading 1-0, de Paul would receive the ball inside the penalty area as he would pass it to Pereyra and the Argentine would score in injury time to give Udinese the 2-0 win.

Pereyra is now on three goals and five assists in the league while de Paul has five goals and six assists.

Juan Musso would get his clean sheet win and Nahuel Molina would attribute to that as all four Argentine players took part in the entire match.


  1. Some good news, Ocampos is back, Maria came in as a sub for PSG at the coup d’france and Nico Dominguez played almost the entire 2nd half for Bologna, all that’s left are Celso and N.Gonzalez.
    Since there are no WCQ this month maybe the AFA should take the opportunity and set up a friendly or 2 and not waste the chance like last time, I mean they could set up friendlies with Brazil and Uruguay and play the matches as friendlies instead of WCQ, it would still be very beneficial to give the team some practice before copa.

    • The problem with this is Messis age, even if the club begins to turn things around and Laporta is good, results will not come instantly and Messi will be waiting around for things to happen and by then he will be a few years older. In my opinion it’s too late and he should still leave, would like to see him at PSG with Poch and maybe win the CL

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