Argentina to play friendly match vs. Ecuador this month


Argentina will reportedly play a friendly match vs. Ecuador later this month.

With the South American World Cup qualifiers cancelled for the month of March because of COVID travel restrictions, it appears as if Lionel Scaloni’s team will still play a match vs. a South American nation. Per a report by Ole, Argentina will play on March 25 or March 26 at Santiago del Estero vs. Ecuador.

In addition, Diario AS are reporting that Barcelona are aware that the AFA are organizing the friendly match and regarding Lionel Messi, the Argentine’s decision at the moment is not known.


  1. Kevin

    my friend olive_majestic answer you correct so no reason to repeat myself.

    Maradona era is not connected with our subject but since you mention him i will say to you yes. i love Diego and that era and i clearly miss that era because football back then was much more pure and emotional than the modern cold era of football “machines”.
    i miss the romantic football of the past but i don t have any illusions about my life in present.

    something last without offend. you don t have so big knowledge about Argentina culture and people. this is not bad. you don t have to know in same time.
    just your love for Europe and anything related with Europe football sometimes makes you look arrogant. you remind me the arrogance of Europeans in every aspect not only in football that saying “we are superior and we rule the world. the rest continent people are shit and low level “.

    i am not saying that you are this kind of person kevin. i am just saying that you remind me those kind of people with your words sometimes. i don t like it but anyway nobody cares.
    just i am one Argentinian and i am South american and i am damn proud for it.


    • I am Greek and i love Argentina national team more than any other team including the national team of my own country and i am also proud about that!

      Cox4 my friend, purity about football and all the rest you have mentioned are precious beliefs for romantic fools like you, me and others in here and i am sure we are all proud of our beliefs!


  2. C. Romero and Medina or C. Romero and LMQ should be starting CB.Pezella should be back up. Otamendi has become very slow player in Benfica.I am concerned for Argentina defence other teams have great defence
    Brazil (T. Silva, Marquinose)
    Uruguay (Arjuro, J. Gimnez)
    Netherland (VVD,S de vrij)
    France Varane,Kimpemble,Kounde,Upamecano,Laporte

    England (Maguire, Mings,E. Dier,J.Stones)
    Portugal (Ruben Dias, Pepe)
    Germany (Boatang, Hummels,)
    Spain (Sergio Ramos, Erik Garcia,Pau Torres)
    Columbia (Y. Mina, D. Sanchez)

    • Loew doesnt call Boateng and Hummels in anymore, btw they are old too, german defense is weak (Spain-Germany 6:1) Maguire? Overrated english players.

      • Ginter is excellent, if Sule back to his best then huge plus for Germany, Rudiger finding his form under Tuchel.

        • Raj, if you know all of the specifics about German center backs but you think that Foyth plays for Fiorentina, why are you on this forum? You have confused me since I first began reading comments here

      • Low going to step down as coach. Germany going to call new defended. Hancy Flick is on the cards for German coach

    • Kevin, with all due respect amigo but you have to be kidding me!

      Do you know how old T. Silva is? Besides, i can’t really see a reason to call him a world class defender anymore.

      Pepe?? Really? Come on, this guy never was a world class defender, not even mention speaking currently.

      Colombia?? I can’t really see the strong defence you are seeing and the same goes for Uruguay as well but traditionally Uruguay’s tactics are based on tough and tight defending.

      About Germany and England, i couldn’t have said it any better than Csabalala while i agree with you about Netherlands though.

      Finally about Argentina, i agree about Otamendi that he has passed his prime and that someone else has to take his place, but actually we already have many promising prospects coming on, such as Romero who has already shown world class apearances against world class players, LMQ who slowly shows that he has all it takes to become world class, Pezzela who is a good defender, Medina, Senesi and Tagliafico.

      Actually, Argentina currently has all it takes to possess world class players in almost every position, from goalkeeper to attack, except the rb position.

      • Pepe vs Juventus was phenomenal, T. Silva is one of the best in Premiere League,Uruguay does not have defence have you forgotten about Gimnez what a kind of player he is, in 2018 WC Gimnez and Godin was best CB pair,Barcelona’s Arajuo never got dribbled past since he started. these all player plays for top 6 team in their respective club not in mid table team. England have J. Gomez, Maguire and other they plays for top clubs.

        • The problem with many of your examples is that they are too old. Pepe will not last until the next world cup and Thiago Silva will not be used as well, Godin is 35. Using the dribbled stat only in no way encompasses all of Araujo’s ability. He is not better than Romero. And there is a reason people (usually English people) call Maguire a “fridge”.

          • Arajuo is better than C. Romero, Arajuo stabled that leaking Barcelona defence. T. Silva is old but he will play in copa which is three month away.

  3. I dont care who are our opponents, just play two friendly matches in europe, as long as Scaloni can try out Emiliano Martinez, Christian Romero, Marcos Senesi, etc, then I will be very happy.

    If these players perform well, likely they will be used for both the qualifiers and copa, then we will have a very promising team!

    • from you i was expected you understand us better my friend. anyway i will tell you because i have respect for you. We are not Europeans. Argentina is far from Europe too. So nobody give a damn about clubs of Europe and much more for English clubs. As much cares one person that live in London about River or Boca as same i care about Aston villa or Liverpool.
      i am learning the news about my countrymen in Europe and i am happy if they are doing well there. i wish them be healthy and personal success because that will benefits our national team too but i don t give a f…k for Aston villa.

      • If you do not give damn about European clubs then you are going to be a loser for all your life.Argentina’s best talent are in European club and we have to respect that but you want to live in Maradona era. You are living a lie that Maradona single handedly won World Cup. No one can win anything single handedly.

        • He literally specifically said that he cares about the talent just not the clubs themselves. And the loser thing makes no sense because Argentinian clubs are in their own leagues where they can win at their own level, he’s a river fan and River has won lots of trophies. That is also completely unrelated to Maradona

          • In home,home team is bound to be winner If River Plate wins Club World Cup then they would be competitive spirits.

      • I get that part. I don’t care about Aston Villa either. I watch them now because of Emi. You don’t have to care about Europe but he is one of our own. He is our guy. Shouldn’t you care about him?

        • yes he is one of our own and i want for him personal success and health. that can be benefit for our national team too as i said.
          what i am trying to say to you is to give answers to your question in begining. i will try explain as simple i can.For Argentine media and Argentine fans doesn t mean so much how good is Emi play for Aston villa. it is not one subject that we care to speak in one coffee place for example. for us means that he perform well in England so we should use him in national team to see if he is truly as good as in England saying. if he will perform well for us and he prove he worth play for us then be sure he will have the Argentine media and fans attention. till then he is just one of many Argentine players that make their living far from home.

    • So true . that is the best solution. Finally if Ecuador game is going to local league based players bcos of travel restrictions & also considering one set of potential players already will be in Japan – it could be a real waste of an opportunity. AFA continues to disappoint

  4. Yesss!! We get to watch a game finally. I guess that because it’s a friendly match it does not entirely matter that some clubs won’t release players because it won’t go against us if we don’t win. Usually I would see this issue as an opportunity to try new youngsters or give players new chances but because of the U23 friendlies a lot of those filler options will be unavailable. If I see Romero and Martinez I will be more than content though. I am guessing they will use the new stadium “Estadio Único Madres de Cuidades”. It may only be a game against Ecuador and we might not see all of our players at least it’s something

  5. The location seems tricky. Finally if match is in south america & that too friendly, i guess most europe based players will struggle to get released by clubs. AFA should try for a europe location

  6. Friendly with Brazil would have been much better if European WC qualifiers are off then European team should be considered by AFA.

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