Copa America could be hosted in United States, not Argentina


Argentina could lose out on hosting the Copa America as there’s a possibility that it could be moved to the United States.

A report on Monday coming out of Colombia that the entire competition could change continents. Per a report by BluRadio Colombia, there has been talk about the tournament.

While the United States are hosting the Gold Cup in July, the idea would be to host the Copa America in the United States in cities that are not hosting the Gold Cup. Here are the stadiums hosting the Gold Cup:
Dallas, Texas: Cotton Bowl
Arlington, Texas: AT&T Stadium
Houston, Texas: NRG Stadium
Houston, Texas: BBVA Stadium
Austin, Texas: Q2 Stadium
Frisco, Texas: Toyota Stadium
Glendale, Arizona: State Farm Stadium
Las Vegas, Nevada: Allegiant Stadium
Orlando, Florida: Exploria Stadium
Kansas City, Kansas: Children’s Mercy Park

The current COVID situation in Argentina has meant that football matches were suspended last week and the country itself is in a lockdown. Javier Hernández Bonnet, of Blog Deportivo on Blu Radio had this to say:

“The phone has shook in the last 72 hours. The crisis that the public order has generated in Colombia and the pandemic in Argentina is making it that it’s being looked at elsewhere, some approaches have already been made. The Copa America outside of the South American football confederation: The United States.

“They are trying to establish a circuit of cities where there’s no Gold Cup to be able to have a Copa America with people in attendance.”

In addition, Argentina are looking into potentially postponing the Copa America by a few days in order to advance the vaccination in the country.

Those who were in that meeting were Matías Daniel Lammens Nuñez, minister of Tourism and Sports of Argentina and Claudio Tapia, AFA president.


  1. Hopefully, this gets resolved quickly – if it’s up to AFA then nothing happens.

    You would think it would take one call to Adidas and other corporate sponsors to help make this a reality. Book soccer arenas in PA & NJ, NYC, and Hartford/Boston. They would sellout in a few hours assuming they put ARG/BRA in enough different venues.

    I focused on the upper Northeast simply because of the cooler weather and urban populations. They could do the same in Miami/Tampa/JAX/ATL but the temps would be brutal.

    • I have been in Texas before at an airport connecting to go to Argentina… it was 100 degrees at midnight (212 F). Horrible idea to play them in an oven

  2. True. Some goalies has positive impact on defense. Emi Martinez is of that nature. Hopefully, he will be starting. Thanks to Armani, but we need to move on…

  3. I don’t understand why Scaloni doesn’t clear his stand about Armani. On basis of what he always selects Armani and neglects an inform Emi Martinez. He has chosen an unfit Aguero who has hardly played but ignored dybala. In 2018 world cup we suffered because of goal keeper. Scaloni should have dropped Armani just after the world cup. World Cup is much more important to us than Copa America.

  4. today it is 25 of May and Copa suppose begin in 13 June and we are still speaking which place it will take place and IF.

    Conmebol is the most shitty and corrupted confederation in the world but every time that i say that they arrive to bottom they do something that show that exist more low.

  5. At this stage the venues for the Copa America wont be getting finalized even by the day before the start of tournament.

    It looks like a jigsaw puzzle or a treasure hunt map searching.SMH..🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    • Feliz cumpleaños River Plate !! Abrazo grande a todos los millonarios en este día tan importante !! Salud River Plate por muchos años más de gloria institucional y deportiva !!


  6. AFA forced River to play with 15 unvaccinated footballers that had covid and many that were contracting it (As Montiel, Vigo did after) and now they can’t do this?

    • it was Conmebol fault my friend. not AFA to be fair.
      Sometimes i really wonder who hates us more. Bosteros or Conmebol.

  7. Would fans be allowed if they get vaccinated in the US? I would love to try to go since I live in the US but sadly its not happening in my state. Although outside of my situation I would prefer it to be in Argentina if possible for footballing reasons

    • Arg should host because the tournament belongs in South American but I would love see the game’s live so selfishly, Im kinda hoping it’s moved to the US 🙂 Partial fans are also allowed back into stadiums.

    • If it goes to the US, Florida, Texas, etc are having FULL attendance, no vaccine requierement. They take freedom seriously.

      In the north east, NYC, NJ, etc there would be incredible demand, but there is no way they will open it to full admissions, we are lucky it would be 30% if any.

      The solution is keep it in Argentina, and do what the NBA did, test everyone, then put all the players in lockdown while in the country, no visitors. We have testing, there is zero excuse to not be able to keep players safe. Keep stadiums empty.

  8. At this point, just hoping copa america happens. Too many fluctuations & its a possibility that copa can get postponed or maybe even cancelled.

    • Doesn’t matter if it takes place in US or Argentina or Colombia…. We just don’t wanna see this tournament getting cancelled or even postponed…. It will create a huge harm in our progress

  9. This is actually good news. Here is USA things are relatively better. Its better to plan and move it to USA, than canceling it altogether. I have a feeling if it stays in Latam, it might get canceled.

  10. Goalkeeping legend Peter Cech congratulated Emi Martinez for his performance this season even ex Aston Villa star player said Emi Martinez is in Juan Oblak level as Atletico Madrid wants Emi in case Juan Oblak leaves.
    There is so much praise for Emi Martinez so he deserves to be starting goalkeeper.

    • I have seen many MANY english pundits and football fans consider him in the PL team of the season and call him one of the best in Europe based on stats

  11. I think this time Emi Martinez is guaranteed starter he will definitely play in Qualifiers and automatically our backline will become two time solid as Emi Martinez has positive influence in his defenders just like Aston Villa defenders.

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