Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero, Papu Gomez starting for Argentina


Argentina nationa team coach Lionel Scaloni has made several changes to the eleven for Monday’s Copa America match.

Lionel Scaloni has made six changes in total from the elven which started the 1-0 win vs. Uruguay. Two changes in the back line, two in midfield and two in attack. It’s a 4-3-3 by Scaloni as German Pezzella comes in for Nicolas Otamendi and Nicolas Tagliafico is on for Marcos Acuna.

In midfield, Guido Rodriguez maintains his spot while Leandro Paredes is back and Alejandro Papu Gomez gets his first start. Up front, Lionel Messi starts alongside veterans Sergio Aguero and Angel Di Maria. This is the eleven:

Martínez; Molina, Romero, Pezzella, Tagliafico; Paredes, Guido Rodríguez, Papu Gómez; Messi, Di María; Agüero

With the start, Messi will now be on 147 matches, tying Javier Mascherano for the most matches ever in an Argentina shirt.


  1. I have always said Latauro is so important to this team cos what he does is not visible to the naked eye. He is out form in finishing but not unfit or slow. He is always attacking the ball and run off the ball to create the spaces and opportunities. He will eventually get back in form to put those behind the net and I pray its in the knock out games.

  2. It looks like Lautaro Martinez is needed in this team however he is a bad finisher but at least he provides mobility and there is no other striker except Aguero. I think Scaloni is killing this team’s offensive display after scoring goal you can not sit back,defence should not be exposed that much, zero offensive display after first 15 minutes. Some player like Lo celso and De Paul have become too much important without them Argentina’s attacking display lacks life. What if they got injured or suspended in KO games.
    Scaloni is not a creative coach he still could not find a way for team to prepare a proper build up and finishing touch, lack of experience is shown here.If you want to win tournaments you have to attack well and defense well you always need both.Some work need to be done by Scaloni

    • This is what we comment here. And you oppose every time.
      Lautaro is needed for this team. Alario also an option.

      When you take out Depaul, LoCelso and Lautaro..the fluidity has been lost…this team become two unit…a defensive and an offensive unit.

      DePaul, LoCelso and Lautaro makes this team more fluid. Nico also important with his speed and stamina.

      • But today midfield was not complete so there was less mobility.I think with Lo celso,De Paul and N. Gonzalez in midfield Aguero can be influential.

    • Well Kevin, at least you are willing to give up your stubbornness on this one and learn.

      If only Lautaro began scoring goals though…

  3. Please don’t blame the players when a coach tells you play for ten minutes then stop playing what can u do I have never seen a team like this in my life .players rift and stop playing for a coach like what happened with sampaoli but playing like this when your players still believes in you is mind blowing does he hold a press conference for this match I will hide if I was him I don’t know why he make changes because the player coming in is not gone touch the ball. When Argentina scored the first goal you can see there is a difference in class four world class players up front I am sure Paraguay were scared then u stop playing and defend wow just wow. In the second half Molina was the only player doing well because he was up against the only good Paraguayan player and he had to react Romero was good too. Think how frustrating this kind of game must be for the strikers they are used to touching the ball 80 90 time u come to Argentina and u touch the ball 8 times I don’t think Joaquin even touched it once he plays for one of the most attacking couches the only reason angel was running around was because he is used to it.the other thing I noticed was just by watching u know depaul plays for a small team he was brought in to bring calmness in to the team instead of papu but he reacts not dictate matches he was running around clearing the ball he has small player mentality I hope that changes in atleti the way I see it he is going to be the worst atleti signing let’s hope almendra Medina and especially varela grows to be excellent midfielders

    • > u know depaul plays for a small team he was brought in to bring calmness in to the team instead of papu but he reacts not dictate matches he was running around clearing the ball he has small player mentality I hope that changes in atleti the way I see it he is going to be the worst atleti signing

      What? If de Paul played like that it is because he was told by Scaloni and because he came on fairly late and there is no point in trying to go against the plan and attack. No reason to believe he is going to be the worst Atleti signing whatsoever

  4. I have to assume THIS is how Scaloni wants them to play, lack of creativity, experience, tactics….etc call it whatever you like but this is how things are with this coach.
    NOW, remember how things were in 2014 WC, they struggled to score and Messi came to the rescue and then it was 1-zero games until the Dutch that went to PKs……..they dominated with defense.

    I am not defending Scaloni, BUT look at it this way, ARG has NOT lost a game since that BS loss to Brazil in COPA, for somebody who looks like he walked off the street to coach one of the biggest teams in history and Messi……he’s doing ok.
    I would love to get a proper coach to lead this team and get the most of them but its not up to me or you and harping on it is not going to get us anywhere.

    • Gallardo with this team will be World beater…!

      Need to win…
      Scaloni…is…don’t lose…! In KO..we may suffer with this mentality…! Even against small team..!

      • Man I would love to see Gallardo with Argentina. River play in a way that even when they are 4-0 up they ALWAYS want more goals and never stop attacking.

  5. Positives:
    -First Half
    -Happy with the result.
    -Still no goals against us in consecutive games.
    -Still Unbeaten
    -Learning how to not conceding goals in the second half.
    -Succesfully holding on to the lead for the second time in successive games.

    -Second Half
    -Losing balls too many times
    -Less intensity in Second Half
    -Not happy with the way we played in second half (But we got the result)

    Argentina learning how to win again. Not great to the eyes but got better in defense in the box. And no penalties given out.

  6. Wow, so much criticism fore Molina. But imho, before criticising Molina, we need to know what Almiron did to us last time. I still remember how he tormented us. Today, all of Paraguay attack came through their left flank because of Almiron. That’s true. But how many times it was really threatening? How many times did Almiron pass the ball back because of Molina? Almiron was literally frustrated by Molina. In the first half, I remember Almiron getting fouled by Molina. He was playing through the middle during last minutes of second half just to avoid Molina. Was Molina perfect?No. Is there any improvement? Of course yes. Once Messi and co completely understand his forward runs, it’s going to be even better. Chill guys

  7. 1)Argentina needs to play possessional football. So many miss passes so much of loosing possession.
    2)Tagliafico worst LB ever played in NT. Looks like a unfit player. Same as Pezzella.
    3)Argentina lacks a proper DM. Paredes and guido both are slow. Midfield is the weakness.
    4) di maria and Molina combination is must
    5)Scaloni Should build a proper system. Its like players don’t know his strategy

  8. Just like Armani, Paredes too should be out of starting X1. We have better players. Paredes breaking the fluidity in our midfield. And he doesn’t shield the defense too. Then why he’s playing..?
    2 man mid with Guido-DePaul or 3 man mid by adding LoCelso.

  9. One thing I noticed about some of the players in this tournament is that they are slacking really bad but on contrary they also arrived here having a fantastic club season.

    Paredes, lautaro and foyth are the clear evidences of this trend. Foyth was kicked out a bit harshly for his two mistakes but Paredes has been totally inactive this time. Although I won’t blame lautaro, he is just going through a draught that every striker does but at least he produces threats. He doesn’t sit and hopes that someone will lay it for himand he’ll score, he runs, works and forces opposition for clinical errors. And that’s commendable.

    Molina was fantastic today, he suffered a bit in the first half against pacy chicken head almiron but in the second half, that was a very convincing performance.
    The boy blocked and pocketed everything. He literally silenced almiron without much pressure.

    I don’t know why guys are whining about him, for me he should start every match.

  10. Argentina played such a boring football easily getting dispossed every single time against Brazil if they play same way they can not contain them.
    Tagliafico worst, Aguero did not look loke Aguero. For the first 15 minutes Argentina plays like a powerhouse after that they look like average team

  11. My analysis on the game
    Positives were that we kept two back to back clean sheets and won the game. The introduction of Cristian Romero to the backline has totally reinforced the defence and the calm yet commanding presence of emi Martinez in goal adds to the solidity of the backline .
    We also managed to win despite us playing a tough fixture against Uruguay only two or three days back . Players like messi were totally exhausted and were playing like a headless chicken. The midfield and attack just didn’t seem to be in sync but it’s understandable since there were 4 major changes to the attack and midfield .
    It was good to see scaloni finally give papu Gomez the chance and boy did he make it count.
    Anyways it’s good that we got the three points and we could rest players like messi and Romero against Bolivia and give players like lisandro and angel correa the chance to start.

  12. Everyone were bashing lautaro and they were critical about nico too.. See how much nico and locelso are so much important in the forward play.. Lautaro is needed in the team especially his work rate in the up front .. Yes his finishing is not that good at the moment but see the condition of aguero.. Aguero is not fit for international games right now.. We need nico Gonzalez badly.. We are not tested that much
    Maybe tough games will bring the best out of the team.. Otherwise they seems to be so much happy with their one goal lead.. Argentina should improve.. Vamos Argentina

  13. Happy with the win; a week off to make a good plan. WINNING that’s all we want in every game in life not just football. Enjoy the top!

    Anyhow don’t know the game plan of Scaloni; as today he is very kind hearted, played all his players; Papu and Kun got the chance as Angel Correa also. Romero and Molina just excellent Vamos Arg

  14. If people remember or know Argentina’s history. They have traditionally been a hard nosed team. Argentina has succeeded playing nasty and ugly. That beautiful football from the 2002 team? First round exit the 2006 team? Quarter final exit. Maradonas brilliance in 86 is just a historic one off by a football god. But Italia 90 they marched to the final winning 1-0 or penalties, 2014…all 1 goal wins or penalties with pure defence. If your waiting for this Argentina to win 4 or 5 nothing…don’t hold your breath. They will be hard to break down but don’t expect Messi to score 2 or 3 goals every game…that isn’t their game plan this tournament and I bet they’ll be in the final and be villains doing it. Brazil will be the darlings who dance and score, Argentina will be the rugby tacklers that scrape out wins. Better to win ugly than lose pretty

  15. Mollina showed great defensive traits in 2nd half once again Argentina’s ass is saved by C. Romero that guy is the reason Argentina does not concede goal. Tagliafico worst player he is not consistent Acuna far better. Wants to see Otamendi at least he is entertaining in the pitch.

  16. The moment de Paul came Argentina began to have more possession. Just sums up the difference de Paul and lo celso brings to this team.

    Anyway a win is a win, so I’ll take it. And I also hope Messi will be rested next match. He cannot play all the games as Argentina had to find ways to do without him.

    • I watch football because its a beautiful game… The result is important but what i watched today wasnt Football.

      We cant accept 90 minutes like this , even for a win, game after game. THis team dont deserve anything right now.

  17. Back-to-back wins that matter most. Not a lot of complaints except taglificao and paredes. Oh man, both should never play for Argentina. Pezzella was also bad. Lisandro martinez should have played.
    Molina, Dimaria, Gomez, and Romero are heroes today.
    Messi should take a rest against bolivia.

  18. People here need to stfu. Yes, we are winning ugly but we are winning. We are in process of finding a team and it wasnt going to be pretty. And why is nobody here celebrating 2 clean sheets in a row. Uruguay and Paraguay, from 10th minute on, never looked like they would score. Because we are being set up to defend. And who cares if we dont play pretty as long as we win. Cheers on the 3 points. On to the next one.

  19. Again we missed Nico Gonzalez runs and lo celso’s creativity.
    And I think scaloni was just giving chance to bench warmers. So don’t judge him for this match.

  20. Just funny how people once said that they are happy to win with sloppy play rather than lose with attractive football play. Now everyone is not satisfied.

    Dont get me wrong, we are Argentina. We have identity. We must play good attacking football whether we win or lose.

    Most importantly, the liability is on Scaloni. He has no identity or game plan. He just switching formation and player every game. That is not how it work in modern football. The goal itself come from experience of our oldie player. The team completely vanish after that goal.

    Most saddest thing is that players dont even know how to play around each other. They just running around with the ball. Team chemistry is zero to be honest.

  21. Horrendous pathetic horrible show….nobody their to snatch a ball from opponent,and what tactics scaloni implement in today’s match?no buildup play,no fast passing football,no distribution… If this team face germany france italy netherland then what we expect from our team?i really Don’t know that what scaloni doing from 3years,still the team building is going on?and how many years to take to complete the build up?

  22. ok OKAy, so we’re Italians now………score one and stout defense galore!
    Look, I’ll take the win anytime and every time, Paraguay played well, well coached and drilled by an ARGENTINE.
    Messi looked tired and now has a week to rest.

  23. This is what happens when you field a bunch of oldies in attack.

    Except from Messi and papu, no one actually cared to run and charge for the ball. In that way I think Lautaro is real beast, cause he runs and forces opposition to committ mistakes. Which means more chances.

    • true . thats the strategy & not a bad strategy for a tournament. Jus that while defending – i felt we easily let go possession many times. But overall once the ideal starting 11 come in , we should be good. Hoping to see all key subs get good minutes vs Bolivia.

    • Jajajaja.. scaloni mentality is not to lose a match either playing technically.. our defenders hitting the ball to sky..
      Scaloni team selection + Gallardo technical aspects = Argentina NT trophy,🏆

  24. Even amator football players can realise more consecutive pass than Argentinian players.

    I didnt have big expectations but it was even worst !

    it wasnt football. It was ridiculous

  25. Might not be the prettiest but in the last 180 minutes both Uruguay and Paraguay had 0 shot on goal and 0 chance against us, that is not bad at all. Plus, it should have been 2-0 today.

      • Argentine players should stop dribbling too much. Release the ball early…that’s the main issue.
        Lo celso – Guido. – de Paul …. should be the midfield.

        • Yes there were many moment that our players had the ball at their feet and a Paraguayan is pressuring from behind and they either get fouled or lose it – instead of releasing the ball

    • If we play Like that vs Brazil or any other top Nations we will lose

      We defend too deep We alow the Opponent to dominate us, also we are not great at Counter attack

      You are telling us tha Scaloni is new Sabella

      Scaloni is not Sabella

      With Sabella we were a well coached defensive team with a great counter attacks,now we need 20 chances to score a goal

  26. Man! you guys are pathetic!
    This team is now 16 game unbeaten!
    No one will tell Paraguay is a bad team, Win against them is always great. We had no win against Paraguay in last 4 matches!

  27. Look at the proud face of Scaloni.
    The guy is enjoying the most successful time his “managerial career” can ever bring. Back to back victories against 2 mighty opponents, 2 of the finest teams he can ever face in his “managerial career”.
    Everything is fine from his perspective , only problem the fact, that Argentina is going through the worst time and they have a manager who actually shouldn’t be even the 20 member staffs of any NT Managers.

  28. Imagine Brazil coming at us with waves after waves and we just sit there watching them.
    We need to play futbal.
    If Mourinho is watching tonight he would be very happy.
    1 nil.

  29. Tell me a better RB performance in recent Argentina history. Not that Molina is great defensively but who else we have?! Some are still unhappy with him for nothing actually.
    However, what tactics was that? 4 veterans up front, Super static Paredas in the middile. Paraguay mediocre players were passing the ball arround for fun between these all european Argentina players. It was like we were a man down in the middile. Messi was sloppy too… Sorry to say that but… Hope we will play better in next match (As always especially for some years now)

    • Agree. I think Molina was beat player in second half with Romero.

      Argentina looked lost the last 20 minutes. It hurts my eyes watching this kind of soccer.

      At least I get to watch Orlando City play tomorrow . Watch some real soccer (jk jk) .. kinda

    • Yea man Nahuel Molina man of the match for me …guy was a beast very declining skill of defenders these days is blocking crosses..he blocked everything from almiron…Molina Romero and acuna should be definite starters going into the knockout rounds

        • Play Montiel against Neymar then. For God sake believe me… We just dont have a player in our squad other than him to contain atleast a no name. Then for your information Miguel Almiron is not at all a no name. He is $22M valued Newcastle player whose sprints down the flank are famous for speed. And please understand that I am not saying that Molina would be super special against heavy weights…but he is the best available for us.

    • Well..Was a good defensive performance…less defensive errors in defense now compared to those WCQ we played before Copa..but why have we become so defensive minded team..we should have played out from the back more..instead defenders and Martinez went for a lot of long balls which were useless..Messi really should have been rested today..
      He played 3high intense WCQ and Copa games ..looked tired today..but showed his greatness in the goal we scored..di Maria also played well..but happened to that attacking intensity we had in the Chile to Eduardo for building a good Paraguay side..I didn’t expect they’ll open up and take the game one ..but we can’t play in possession like this against Brasil or colombia..players need a good rest and hopefully can get some goals against Bolivia to build the confidence up

  30. We always talk about how we are unlucky and how everybody is against us. If this teams results are not luck I don’t know what luck is

  31. We all love Messi but he’s been so Selfish,on couple of occasions he could of easily release the ball but he’s looking to score all the time

    That doesn’t help the team

  32. Poor Scaloni it seems, dragging down Argentina into his standards.
    For a very very low class Manager like him, a 1-0 lead against teams like Guatemala or Trinidad n Tobago is of course a great achievement. .. so he will ask his team to Defend the lead tooth and nail. And will of course leave rest to the God, we are talking about very low standard managers.

    Think this way, that dudes team got a lead over mighty Paraguay. No force in the world can stop the dude’s team from having the attitude to defend that lead.. it’s all pretty understandable now.
    Only thing bothers me is to see Lionel Messi, who used to play under Guardiola, Sabella & even Tata, is now playing under the Scaloni.

    Marcos Acuna is clear of him on LB, this guy is in shambles .. 0 passing gets megged every 5 minutes commits stupid fouls.. absolute garbage

  34. Is this is worst Argentina team ever? I am not talking winning or losing, just ability to play football. This is perhaps the worst

  35. Anybody that thinks we deserve a win is crazy. This is not Argentina football. This is the kind of garbage you’d expect in high school games

    • if this team won then it would be fluke win. this team is not deserved to win. if messi keep on playing garbage coach he might forget football

    • Because We have a cheap manager, who should be actually coaching the U19 team of Honduraz ot Guatemala.
      A 1-0 against Paraguay might be one of the career achievements for him.
      He will defend it with all the power

  36. Wodering, Even after this match, if the shitty manager has some supporters left. ?
    What a sad situation, I guy who don’t know even the basics, and who got nothing to contribute into the team, still shamelessly holding on to the job.

    If AFA don’t have any shame left, I atleast hope the guy n his staff will feel that way and resign from doing this shity job anymore

  37. scaloni and his coaching staffs are shit. paraguay players ball movement and their movements are very fast. their 1v1 in touchline to carry the ball forward but argentine players are missing that…parades is not nationals material.

    almiron is better than messi.
    scaloni supposed to replace paradoes instead of papu. he is bullshit.

  38. People here blaming players, I’m astonished, only hole who should be blamed now is the useless piece of shite Scaloni

  39. aemi.martinez ball distribution is worst. he is fearing of his defensive linen.parades must be replaced immediately. argentina is in defensive mode.

  40. Aguero, well shit I guess Barca signed him to carry Leo’s luggage on the away games. First, the guy looks fat, out of shape, and slow. He is not an option. Time for Gaich

  41. It’s hard to be too hard on Argentina as defensively they haven’t conceded a shot on goal yet. Paredes should be subbed off to protect against a second yellow.

  42. as always our first half is working good; scoring; the changes brings more fluidity with Papu inclusion. Need to bring Acuna and De Paul for Pezella or Parades in second half to hold the mid and defense. A Correa can be used

  43. Tagliafico – worst player of first half. No offensive play , getting dribbled past and committing unnecessary fouls.

    Pezzella – Not fairing much better.

    Paredes – adding nothing.

    Overall 4-2-3-1 does not work for us. We look disjoined when we try it. The distance between attackers are big and double pivot is too static to offer any support. Add tagliafico on left, we are toothless in attack.

  44. Guys remember this is the rotation team.
    Arguero just coming back,molina needs help
    Guido is trying but there’s a hole behind him that
    Paredes cannot plug…papu stays too wide at times,dimaria is having a good game offensively
    But his defending is kinda late.
    We missed depaul intensity in the midfield
    We should score 2 more goals
    With a lil bit of adjustment.

  45. I like di Maria and Molina combination on right side. Molina is the fastest player in this squad. Even faster than di maria But he needs to work on defense.

  46. Papu gomez looks sharp on the ball and his off the ball movements are good too….Aguero is rusty.
    Guido Rodriguez can’t release the ball quickly since that is not his game and I m tired of emi martinez below average distribution.

  47. Okay well this half so far great goal by Gomez and again an player that deserves to play more (like Guido last game) scoring a goal. I thought Di Maria was going to play badly but he has been great. Lots of last ditch defending. Next half Argentina had to go overkill on these bastards and CONMEBOL puppets we can not let a robbery decide a paraguay game for the second time and have to make the margin HUGE. NO DEFENDING

  48. Not sure what the call was for the goal but Argentina is hard to watch.

    Aguero and Messi together there’s not enough pressure. Sorry gang, but I want to see Lao back on.

    Paredes and guido don’t mesh well.. we def see the whole without lo ceso or de Paul.

    I hope to see Lisandro M in back line tonight.

    Tiaglofico – no bueno. Please do not experiment any more lol

  49. Disorganised play by Argentina there is problem in build up.Mollina is defensive liability but he is good offensively.

    • Is that so? I am not challenging you but which player was attempting to touch it because I can not see any replays right now

  50. We are playing as sloppy as Costa Rica and Honduras. We need an entire European coaching team to lead our rebuild. South American football is dead since 2010.

    • exactly. entire coaching staffs must be replaced. but european football do not suitable for argentine team because of their health, stamina. again afa must start their rebuilding processing from U17 level when appointing european coaching staffs.

    • Don’t you remember the qualifier against Paraguay when Argentina scored the go ahead goal and they erased the goal for a foul a minute and half before the goal was scored…they went to VAR right away to look for any way to erase the goal…this time they don’t even go to VAR 😂

  51. I just curious how can they find all of these stupid asshole referees in South America???? Did they even go to high school??? Looks like a bunch of uneducated criminals.

  52. Defense is exposed. Molina having a torrid time controlling Almiron on the left. He is having a good game offensively though. Needed De Paul instead of Parades. Aguero is off touch and mostly walking, as expected. Lautaro in the second half.

  53. emi all the time kicking the ball on the air. there is no ball play from backline. so backline is weak as per emi.

    parades is useless. he is destroying the game.. while playing slow pass and back passes

  54. still parades and pazella is creating paressure in midfielder and backline. front linen aguero is woest. this is first match after longtime

  55. man i really like tagli i wish he was in form. he seems to be holding left side for now i see paraguay going mid and left to almiron most of the time.

  56. Thats how you score a goal from open play guyzz. The name is Papu Gomez. Its a crime he is not starting for us regularly. He already have 2 shoats at goal. Looking great till now.

  57. I don’t like this line up one bit to be honest.
    Pezzella instead of Licha isn’t very smart, especially if anyone has watched Pezzella this season. I guess Scaloni wants him for his aerial game but Licha is very good in the air despite the fact that he isn’t that tall.
    Putting Tagliafico instead of Acuna isn’t wise considering that Papu is playing left midfield (like in Sevilla) and so he and Acuna already have established chemistry (like in Sevilla).
    Adding Papu to the midfield next to Guido is a fantastic idea, because the latter will allow the former more freedom to venture forward but having Guido and Paredes in the same line up is over kill, De Paul should’ve stayed.
    Dimaria should never play on the left for Argentina, it didn’t work in 2018, didn’t work in 2019 (Dimaria got benched on both occasions) and it’s unlikely to work now and trying the same thing and expecting different results is what Einstein defined as insanity.

    I hate to post a negative post like this but I honestly don’t think this is gonna be a good game for Argentina and I hope with all my heart that I’m dead wrong and that Scaloni will shut me up.
    On a positive note, Chile and Uruguay just drew so as long as Argentina don’t lose this match they can still have a chance to top the group.

    • I guess the match happening in 3 daya flat is causing so many changes. Most players wont have recovered. Finally a half fit ideal player is being replaced by a fully fit less than ideal player. So it would square off. With the 5 subs i think correas, RDP, even lautaro may get some minutes.

    • Like Mamoun El Pipita said very well indeed in his post from where i copy pasted on this post for to make his point even stronger and to support his football wise wisdom so here are Mamoun’s wise words to which i totally agree with him!
      Mamoun’s wise words:
      I don’t like this line up one bit to be honest.
      Pezzella instead of Licha isn’t very smart, especially if anyone has watched Pezzella this season. I guess Scaloni wants him for his aerial game but Licha is very good in the air despite the fact that he isn’t that tall.
      Putting Tagliafico instead of Acuna isn’t wise considering that Papu is playing left midfield (like in Sevilla) and so he and Acuna already have established chemistry (like in Sevilla).
      Adding Papu to the midfield next to Guido is a fantastic idea, because the latter will allow the former more freedom to venture forward but having Guido and Paredes in the same line up is over kill, De Paul should’ve stayed.
      Dimaria should never play on the left for Argentina, it didn’t work in 2018, didn’t work in 2019 (Dimaria got benched on both occasions) and it’s unlikely to work now and trying the same thing and expecting different results is what Einstein defined as insanity.

      Yes, completly and very correctly said and like i said i totally agree with his words!

  58. I’m interested in how well these older players do in attack. I hope well but I have a feeling that the first changes are going to be to sub out Aguero and Di Maria. (And I’m a huge fan of both, I’m wearing a Di Maria shirt right now.)
    And I’m glad that we have so many midfielders that we can change them in and out. I hope that all of them get to keep playing this Copa.

  59. The Armani vs Emi debate and dislike for Armani and River was generated by TyC for last several weeks with false informations. Armani was never going to start, but they made it look otherwise.

    Fake formation and XI is another tool in their arsenal.

    Never believe anything coming out of them. Don’t post distasteful comment after reading their speculation.

    I hope Roy and co. will stop them as a source for their posts. TyC is not reliable and stirs controversy.

  60. I hope we also go very attacking against Bolivia. One of their starters in another game was a SPAL player — second division of Italy — and not a regular SPAL player but SPAL U19. That is their level. Hope the goals come freely these games which will make us feel better after recent difficulties, and to clinch top spot

  61. I like this line up!
    I don’t want to see two DM anymore. Our CBs (Lisandro and Romero) are very solid now. We played two DMs in 2014 because of our CBs have weakness.
    We need to attack and make quicker passes. Papu can bring this to the team.

  62. Well changes from last game are that Gomez, Di Maria, Paredes, Tagliafico, Pezzella, and Aguero are starting. That is a lot of changes. Chori, you were right about the untouchable thing because even after Guido has proven he should be started Paredes still has to start somehow, but I will try not to prematurely complain and let’s see how he does. Pretty unrecognizable midfield overall. I guess Messi starting means that he will be rested against Bolivia (hopefully). I am a bit bummed to see Pezzella starting because it looks like even after Romero and Martinez be came starters there always has to be a weak point. Hope to see Lisandro maybe come off the bench. Also Alvarez and Dominguez are on the bench. Paraguay is playing those puto Romero brothers. Their best player on the field remains being Almiron. Overall I am interesting to see how this team functions without De Paul and with Paredes and Guido playing at the same time. Let’s see if Aguero corrects the lack of goalscoring from a striker. Vamos Argentina!

  63. I have said that formation and XI posted earlier was fake.

    TyC’s gaston adul tweeted we will play with back 5. Where is back 5?

    They reported a back 5 and XI without Messi. There is no sane person in the world who will go such defensive against Paraguay when a win will give you first position.

    So what these journalists are really doing? They are doing speculation based on hearsay.

      • Nowadays, only TyC reports formation and XI. Many Messi/Barca fans will sleep today knowing Messi won’t start, as Roy followed TyC. I am not sure whether to be happy or annoyed about it.

        • Yep I was also entirely tricked into believing Messi was not going to start. But I guess this is good that the lineups are unpredictable when taking into account the opponent’s knowledge

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