Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni on Copa America win: “These guys leave it all on the pitch”


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has done what seemed to be the impossible when he first took over as coach of the team three years ago.

Lionel Scaloni took over an aging team that was in need of a change and he did just that. His first major tournament was the 2019 Copa America where he took his team to the semi finals and lost in controversial fashion against Brazil. Two years later, he was able to coach the team to a trophy.

Scaloni is the first coach to win a trophy for Argentina since Alfio Basile did it back in 1993 where he won the Copa America. Speaking at a press conference, here is what he had to say:

“It was a very difficult Copa America. Thankfully, it was ours. I’m convinced that any coach in my position would have made the generational change. These guys leave it all on the pitch every time they go out.”

In addition, Scaloni revealed this about the captain:

“Lionel Messi played against Colombia and Brazil with hamstring problems.”

As for the Copa itself and the team:

“I would like to dedicate this win to my mother, to my entire family, to my people and not to forget the guys that tried to win the Copa. This is for them too.

“When we all move forward, it’s difficult for things not to go well. We have a footballing culture that is difficult to see in other countries. When everyone is aligned, great things can happen. You have to let things happen naturally.

“The matches are all difficult, there will be a lot of obstacles and that cannot be an excuse.

“Logically, it’s a great title, especially for the people. I hope Argentine’s can enjoy it. I think they feel an identity with this team that never gives up.”



  1. I want to congratulate all the Argentine, the players, the coaching staffs and every fans of this wonderful national team. It has been a long 28 years without any titles, especially the last 10 years, when we should have won a lot more with the amazing generation of prime Messi, Di Maria, Mascherano, Tevez, Aguero,… Many fans were too scare to believing in this team, including myself, but in the end, Argentina proved us wrong.

    • I begin seeing all the old-timers starting to post here again. Wouldn’t classify myself in the same league but for too long we have all suffered, doubted ourselves, doubted the team, screamed at the AFA and its financial situation, believeing in the dream again and again, then threatening to give up supporting the team altogether tournament final after tournament final, only to pick it again and following them again when the next tournament or qualifiers roll by…. and now the time has come. So happy for him, for the team…. mind rolls back to what if… what if Di Maria was fit in 2014 final? Sigh… never mind. For now, let’s enjoy the moment, the lifting of the cloud over the shoulder, the monkey off the backs and look forward.

  2. Scaloni did well. Starting Romero and Di Maria.
    Replacing hothead Paredes with Guido.
    When Brazil created some opportunities on the right wing, he brought on Tagliafico and moved Acuna to midfield. Excellent move.

    Well done.

  3. The two caps I saw Argentina win the 2008 Olympics and this copa both won by the underrated dimaria both chip goals it made me think what could have been in those three finals if he had played

    • He’s one of the best Argentine player. He was man of the match in champions league final. He was never underrated…We all discussed here many times…when the opposition make things difficult for Messi somebody should step up… DiMaria has speed and dribble. Chip is his trademark…He’s still in top5 footballer assisted most I’m football since 2000.

    • DiMaria is an outstanding player, probably our second best player. But the problem with him has been his poor decision making in the final third, which caused some people harshly call him headless chicken. He always puts in great efforts, sometimes don’t make the right move at the very end. Today also, in ont of the instances, where Messi tried to play 1-2 with him, he tried to shot instead of passing it back to Messi. Today, it wasn’t a problem because we were leading and DiMaria had scored a great goal.

      • I just think sometimes he puts in crosses a little late but mocking him for that is too much.

        Messi made some huge errors today inside the box but he shouldn’t get kicked for that right? Same way Di Maria shouldn’t be mocked for that.

        We improve as a team not as enemies.

      • Di Maria is one of the most talented footballer in Argentina history. Had he been able to stay at Real Madrid and didn’t make that move to Man Utd, he would have been rated much higher. His assisting record is world-class.

  4. All Keralities in group – hope you guys had a chance to enjoy Shaiju Damodaran’s malayalam commentary. First time i saw a match in malayalam commentary & Shaiju was zimbly dazzling. The Sony English commentary in India was actually pretty boring .

  5. Don Scaloni Got everything from his Team selection To Tactics to Substitutions all spot on today the man to lead us forward Along with Leo
    Vamosssss Argentinaaaa🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷Let’s just celebrate and enjoy this moment

  6. After this Copa some of our players will move to a bigger club for sure.

    My evaluation for the next 1 year and half (until the next WC):
    GK: Emi Martinez, Armani, Marchesin, Musso
    I don’t think Scaloni will change anything there unless there is a new breakthrough from someone else. Scaloni should be pretty satisfied with this group of goalie. Other candidate is Esteban Andrada.

    DR: Montiel and Molina
    Both were shining at different moments. They both deserve the spots. Foyth will surely be competing for 2 spots with these 2.

    DC: Romero, Otamendi, Pezzella, L. Martinez, LM Quarta
    The first 3 perform good overall in Copa America. Pezzella is viewed as Scaloni’s main back up here. Lisandro was good too in a limited chance. But I think only 3 spots are secured here, the 4th one will be for either Lisandro, Senesi, Nehuen Perez, or Medina for one spot (depending on their Olympic and next season performance). LM Quarta is out for sure.

    DL: Acuna and Tagliafico. Both will be in Scaloni plans for sure, bad news for other LB competitors as these 2 are untouchable.

    DM: Paredes and Guido. Both are extremely secured too, don’t think we need a reinforcement here.

    MC: De Paul, Lo Celso, Palacios, Papu, Dominguez.
    I think everyone but Dominguez has secured their spots. One name that will be a good threat for this spot: Emi Buendia. Let’s see how he will do in Aston Villa next year.

    Wingers: Messi, Di Maria, Nico Gonzales, A. Correa, Alvarez
    All 100% confirmed but Alvarez. Unless Ocampos or Dybala do great for their clubs, we don’t need anyone new here.

    Number 9: Lautaro, Aguero, J. Correa
    Lautaro is secured for sure. Aguero’s spot will depend on his Barca season. I just hope he will be at least a rotation player for Barca, not bench warmer. J. Correa not secured. So here other candidates like Alario or even Icardi has a chance to be the third striker.

    But remember this squad is 28 players. Normally we take 23 to the World Cup. So we can’t include everyone.

    • I still think this team is not complete reinforcement is needed if they want to perform well in WC in all 3 areas Defense, Midfield and attack.

    • Personally I don’t want Emi to go to a massive club. He will end up like Romero. Those shitty managers are always bad towards Argentine keepers.

      I want him to get playing time and become club legend at Aston Villa. Nothing wrong with doing that.

  7. The next time you boys and gals see our beloved team, they’ll be wearing that GOLD COPA AMERICA crest on their chests …you know, the one they ripped off the Brazilin’s tonight 😉

    I’m going to bed and for once I don’t need to dream because one of my dreams came true tonight.

    On a different note, I hope the Italian beat that arrogant Novak Djokovic tomorrow and the rest of the Italians beat the Brits COLD.

    • Bro, there is a lot of D/f b/w , arrogant & aggressive..
      Nole djoker is not an arrogant person, he is a good human being apart from sportsman..

      I stand with you,
      Tonite italy will beat england to clinch the euro title..
      Sorry english fans, cup is not coming home because Italians are taking back home..

      Cheer MALVINAS

  8. idea should be well equiped from now for the preparation 2022 worldcup .. the hunger should be no lost.. trophy comes to those who shows the character.. it is better to lowerize the grade .. to upper rise it with process of continuity.. this forum completely a circus in comparison of time … it is now argentina wins it is the things matters and pleasure

  9. Okay that’s enough for today I have been commenting, looking at highlights, the news, videos, etc for hours. Goodnight

    Coronados de gloria vivamos……

  10. This is the 3rd most important win in Argentinian football history, after 1978 and 1986 finals. If we lost today, it would destroy what’s left of the moral and strength we had. It would cause such a setback which we would probably not recover in next decade. Argentina’s reputation as a big team would be over.

    We could not loose today, so we won.

    I woke up in the morning just before the game, saw the lineup and I was relieved. Finals are not played, finals are won. I knew we are here to win. Team was ready for the win. And win they did.

    I celebrated with my father. He has been an Argentina fan since Diego scored two goals against England. Argentina fandom is family thing for me. We are in festive mood today.

    I have been in this site for 11 years now. I remember and thank every member of this community. I also remember Maxi Lopez ‘the broken’ from Argentina world cup blog. Thank you all 🙂

    • “If we lost today, it would destroy what’s left of the moral and strength we had. It would cause such a setback which we would probably not recover in next decade. Argentina’s reputation as a big team would be over”
      So true.
      I too was going to quit watching or following football if Argentina had lost today.

  11. After all of the comments here I am sad to see that our great commenter “undisputed” is not here ): Where did he go? is he okay?

  12. Christina playing FIFA as we speak and talking to himself, “I JUST PLAYED WITH BRAZIL VS ARGENTINA AND BEAT THEM 7-0 ON THE EASY LEVEL…………….. Brazil,WHY COULDN’T YOU DO THE SAME TONIGHT”


  13. Many people are saying Messi wasn’t brilliant tonight there are two reasons to it.
    1. Argentina played ultra defensive in second half and if you look carefully Messi had very less touches in second half.
    2. Messi is suffering from hanstring injury. He didn’t announce it because that would wreak havoc and he wanted to play all games, He is tired to he has played all 9 matches.
    3. He was brilliant in the whole tournament, Most goals, Most assists, Best player and Golden boot winner.
    We must now solely focus on WC 2022.

  14. “LIONEL MESSI PLAYED AGAINST COLOMBIA AND BRAZIL WITH HAMSTRING PROBLEMS”.Experience is the damn thing that comes from failure. Toxic people are always there because they want us to lose.

  15. Seeing everyone automatically sprint towards Messi as the whistle blew highlights his leadership and shows how important it was for them to not only win for NT but to help and be apart of Messi’s legacy. There was a symbolic moment that caught my attention as they celebrated with the victorious “player tossing” Messi up and down. Messi has spent so long carrying the NT on his shoulders, even in this tournament, Messi was an absolute BEAST………except in the final, where the team rose up and finally carried Messi. Beautiful moment. So great for the oldies and newbies to finally win.

    • Brazil did their best to nullify Messi which is why he didn’t turn up, but player of the tournament undisputedly. Guess they didn’t expect that behind the face of Messi there is a legitimate TEAM. When they ran to Messi that was one of the best moments I’ve experienced in football.

    • “Beautiful moment. So great for the oldies and newbies to finally win.” Amigo football is funny people like cuti Romero and emi martinez have 11 caps combine together and they copa champion already .

      • But none carried Argentina like Messi did. Messi has been single handedly carrying this team for the past 12 years while our team was left with too many problems such as corrupted AFA, poor coaches, terrible team selection, lack of a proper system etc.

  16. I wanted to call out all the Scaloni naysayers..but didn’t want to spoil the ecstacy. A day to celebrate for all my Arg. fanatics bretheren…

    Truly no words i.type will describe my feelings… but to me Argentina football is not a thing,, it is a that feeling reached its highest point… no words…but Vamos!

    RiP Maradona

  17. Imagine if he didn’t play…………………………….the sky would have fallen and he would have been called every name in the book……………..he was on a mission and luckily enough it wasn’t too bad and there was NO Barcelona to tell him, “NO”

  18. messi plays with hamstring semifinal and final this is why we don’t see goals from him he was little less involed in the frequent movement otherwise he exceeds than di maria.. it is good a team has primary and secondary shining equipment in the team.. this team should not be lost in achievment they should focus on their lackings and improvment.. depaul locelso acuna or in mid they lost some ball and wrong passes they shouldn’t ignore those .. and the squad should improve more.. there is mundoers who talk shits before but after the win they are so lost that argentina earn its last tittle.. like there is no more title after that.. this is the same people who could talk shits if argentina loss that game without delivering rightful words

  19. Isn’t it ironic that Scaloni who is a rookie coach with near zero experience did something which all his legendary predecessors couldn’t do for past 28 years. The Team played a Near perfect in defense, Special mention to Montiel even with his injured legs with blood he still played full 90 minutes (The Injury happened during the Start of the match its really commendable hope he develops more, He has the heart if he develops more than our RB Spot problem can have solved) De Paul, Emiliano, Romero each of them are a blessing for us in their respective positions. All team played well…Only thing which I didn’t like was Messi should have scored that chance which would have been the icing on the cake for him.

    But we have to feel for Messi man with all the things he has gone through in his Football journey even after Retiring once. No One deserves it more than him. No One playing a team game in any sport deserved it more than him, We all know he is the best since Diego. But Can he do it for the NT question always remained. It was such a joy to see him achieve his goal, now only 1 thing remains for him to achieve. The Penultimate World Cup. But finally the burden is off his Shoulders, a relived Messi will be even more dangerous. He has the supporting cast now, in this Team and Coach we can believe. We can start our next journey towards the WC.

    Above all it’s a great to finally the Dream is achieved for each of us fans. Its near 3 decades that’s a long wait. We have been frustrated and tired, sometimes we thought this dream may not be achieved during our lifetime. I for one had thought about that, this was the first time me seeing Argentina NT lifting a trophy. It’s something special when we wait for long long time and finally achieve the goal it feels even sweeter. Again Congrats to all here. But in Sports or in Life we have to be patient. If we sincerely work hard towards the goal the hard work won’t be wasted. God will find a way to help us achieve our goals that’s what this win by the Argentina NT and Messi can teach all of us. During a time like this where the Pandemic is creating so much stress and tensions, this is such a huge relief. Finally, we couldn’t have had given a better tribute to Maradona. Wish he had been alive to watch this magic.

    • That first sentence is what hit me the second the whistle blew and the game ended.
      This 43 year old man who looks as if he walked off the street put a 17 or 18 game (I lost count) winning streak that ended with a COPA AMERICA WIN vs Brazil in Brazil……speechless and elated.

      “Its not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog”

  20. Guys guys …………………………he said she said, forget about it. Celebrate and enjoy the win and let the bickering for some other day

  21. In a sense – it was even match, with enough fouls, yellow cards.

    GK’s of both teams were great, midfield and forwards were similar…technically Brazil Defense was bit more matured – except for that Lodi mistake..

  22. The curse is finally broken. We are the Champions at last 🇦🇷
    No one suffered more than Argentine fans over the last 30 years.

    Loss in WC 1990 Final
    Loss in Confederations Cup 1995 Final
    Loss in Copa 2004 Final
    Loss in Confederations Cup 2005 Final
    Loss in Copa 2007 Final
    Loss in WC 2014 Final
    Loss in Copa 2015 Final
    Loss in Copa 2016 Final

    Finally, Redemption at Maracana against the biggest Rival, Brazil.
    Congratulations friends.. 🥳🤩 Now let’s go for the biggest one 🥇

    Very very very happy today. I am on cloud 9 🤩🤩🤩

    • Yes, cloud 9 it deffinetly is ! After 28 year’s of suffer and funnily afterall the suffer and sorrow don’t bother me at all, not a single bit!

      I knew i would be able to see this day again and celebrate it and what is most beautiful thing after Argentina won finally again for me is to be able to watch this incredible, mememorable win and a moment, experience of life to see via TV Argentina to lift trophy of Copa and specially at Maracana with my 8 year old son and 10 year old girl who exuse my family were cursing and bitching during the game against the whole Brazilian team like myself since 1978 when I was lucky enough to watch Argentina first time to win with my passed oldman when Argentina beat the Dutch on threir homesoil and i just wish my dad who has passed away that he would have been able to watch this game and this great Victory, (a moment when Argentina finally did lift that trophy again !) with me and with his grandchild and to be able to celebrate with us this very magickal moment again which will stay in history of Football or history of humankind forever !

      But i know that he is as happy as the whole country of Argentina is today like a all the present and old players who have presented the Jersey of Albiceleste whether they are Still alive or allready past on with their great life’s and specially Diego Armando Maradona literally blessed our team as the true god of football down from the heaven’s and stars and from all the universum that exist’s and will allways exist !

      This game reminded me a bit of semi’s against Italy when Diego gave that great pass to Caniggia and when Angel scored from (and i actually thought of that Canigia’s celebration and wished for a split second that he would recelebrated it as Caniggia once did from that great pass Diego himself!) that very great pass from Rodrigo De Paul who for me was the MOM today even though Angel finished that pass so greatly with one touch down and chipping beautifully over with his second touch, wow what a great goal ! But, luckily Angel celebrated with his own style rather than my wish of an split second to do that Caniggia’s famous celebration !

      All this is such great feeling touching me and my kids so deeply that i can’t explained more even i would love to, but i just can’t, because like all Argentina country of Argentina and all the people of Argentina whether they are players from past or present or just all beautifull people from the whole country of Argentina! I kind of feel that i’m very priviliged to be able to see this great moment of life experience once again even it is been of 28 year’s of constant tears saddness which todays Albiceleste’s whole team and i do mean everyone involded in this project have changed my tears of sadness to tears of pure joy and blissness! And i know that there are so many more people than me in this world who have been waiting for this to happen for so long and all of what the Country of Argentina has been suffering from for so long as 28 year’s i feel so privilegded to be able to once more after 1978, 1986, 1991 and specially after that last Copa trophy from 1993 or any trophy since 1993 and because of how many times we were so close like MustB-Albiceleste said in his great post !

      I allways felt like an privelegded to be an and only an Albiceleste fan and nothing else matters to me more than besides of my family and world peace and healthy citizens and living brings of all the world and all existing universum !

      I also want to give thanx to our great team who won and brought Copa back for Argentina once again, but also for all the people in country of Argentina and in also around the world who have been waiting for so long to this great, great day to hapopen for Argentina and Albiceleste once again ! Also i would like to give thanx to all members of this site who also been waiting whether it is 28 year’s or just 1-3 year’s for this great day to happen again for Argentina and forAlbiceleste ! Thank u all for your passion and love for Argentina and Albiceleste and gongratulations to everyone and the whole country of Argentina and for Albiceleste and for all the people around the world who are enjoying and celebrating this great memorable day for Argentina and for Albiceleste ! Love u all ! And specially thanx to the god of football and how he laid his blessing hand Upon our beloved Albiceleste blessed our beloved Albiceleste and gave us a great, great victory and to win a Copa at Maracana, R.I.P Diego Armando Maradona ! Btw, one day for sure again Messsi will be able to bless from heaven’s as Diego did today, but hopefully for a not very, very long time! Thank u so much Leo for what u have contributed for Albiceleste and thank u for all the players who have ever been able to present a Jersey of Albiceleste which must be a great honour and very privilidge thing that one can only, maybe try to imagine of…Thank u Angel to give us that goal u truly deserved it as did the whole and coaching staff and crew etc… of Albiceleste who were presenting us in this Copa in a way or another !

      Thank u so much Rodrigo De Paul for that great pass of your’s to Angel to be able to score and also FR your neverending fighting spirit for me u we’re our MOM , but i know it doesn’t matter to u a single bit as the same goes for all those individual trophys that different players like Angel, Emi, and Leo deservedly got, but i know or i will try imagine as hard as i can not as player of great Albiceleste instead of just an ordinary, but forever and only supporting Argentina and Albiceleste fan that those individual trophys are offcourse nice to be awarded, but they stand as nothing against of the great, great victory of this Copa at Maracana from all of our beloved Albiceleste who were present and also in the past ! GONGRATULATION’S TO OUR PRESENT AND FROM PAST BELOVED ALBICELESTE AND TO WHOLE NATION OF ARGENTINA AND FOR EVERY MEMBER ON THIS WEBSITE AND EVERYONE ELSE AROUND THE WORLD WHO IS SUPPORTING OUR BELOVED ALBICELESTE !

  23. Let me tell you a comedy….
    Some of the members here doesn’t wanted Di Maria in team…I supported him always…I wanted him playing final…I said…this is intelligence strategy from Scaloni….some mundoes here…also wanted Di Maria…
    Who can hate this Di Maria….!

    • Dimaria is too old !! Otamendi is garbage!! We need younger players … yes heard all this … but in the end … what a great team victory!! 28 years I have waited …

      I must say… montiel played a hell of a game as well… he and DePaul teamed up well to hold down that right side …

      But really… the man of the match was scaloni!!!
      I am NOT a big fan of his but the substitutions he made were spot on!! Rodriguez first for parcedes (with a yellow) clutch!!!!
      But bring in Tagliafico for (locelso with a yellow) and leaving in acuna … brilliant… secure the left side that was showing holes !!!
      Then The three way with Nico Gonzalez for lautaro , palacios for dimaria and pezella for romero (whom was not fully fit) proved to be championship winning coaching moves!!

      Salud to scaloni !!

      Going to bed with a smile on my face as it has only been 14,716,800 minutes since our last championship!!! Hopefully we have another one coming in 18 months!!

      • substitutes has been Scaloni’s weakest aspect but today he did them PERFECTLY and timed them well. Don’t care how long it took, it happened in the final and we won it

      • > Dimaria is too old !!

        The gif of the guy repeatedly banging his head on the desk comes to mind. Age is irrelevant to decide whether or not someone should play for the NT. Form and contribution are all the matters.

      • Yes, spot on! Scaloni finally got it right and RDP&montiel on the right were absolutly brilliant as offcourse also our whole team including everyone involded in this project! First i was a bit scared when i saw instead of Nico that Tagliafigo was coming in first for Lo Celso, but i quite quickly realized that was a very necessary move even we were only winning by a single goal as we did and that was enough even Messi slipped when he should have gave us the second it really didn’t bother me because we were able to block and defend in way or another allmost every single attack from Brazil which was luckily not a Varzil today thanx to the great refereree’s from Uruguay !

        Cuti also was so good even coming back from a injury and which eventually was a right move from Scaloni to TaKe him of just before the end with that Scaloni’s great trible sub, but like u said he took of Paredes who also had a good game on the right time and brought Guido in and same for Tagliafigo for Lo Celso who also fought like hell as all our players did on the pitch and i quess also beside the pitch…

        That move helped Acuna who also had a great game and pretty much secured our left side! I must give so much of a great credit to everyone involded to bring Copa back to Argentina once again and specially at Maracana or in Brazilian soil where in 109 year’s we have won only 3 times before this great, great victory of football history made by our beloved Albiceleste !

        And lime u said looking really forward and also this will give us that very needed confidence that was somehow lacking also because of so bad luck that felt like someone had a put on spell on our beloved Albiceleste!

        And like Messi told the rest of players that he is so proud of them and proud of the coming future of our beloved Albiceleste ! Hope to see him also for at least in 18 month’s time and also maybe one more Copa…GONGRATLULATIONS TO OUR BELOVED ALBICELESTE AND EVERYONE WHO HAS BEEN SUPPORTING OUR BELOD ALBICELESTE ALSO ANY NEW FANS ARE MOST WELCOME!

  24. Congrats to all of us! But we need work on defense for WC. Both left and right, last match is on the right, the final was totally exposed on the left. We also need a replacement for Otamendi, he’s too old now. Three big Brazil chances came from the right!

    If Messi took his chance today at 88min, it would be a perfect match!

  25. De Paul is like, “what PK miss?” ” I hope I made it for that miss tonight”

    YES YOU DID, yessss you did with interest too

    what a night, WHAT A NIGHT

  26. Depaul loses the ball sometimes, misplaces passes sometimes, but at these moments when the pass counts, he delivers
    it looks as we were playing with 12 players because he was everywhere what an energy this guy has
    he bossed the midfield and won the battle today

  27. Argentina Won, and Messi finally got his trophy, But not because Messi was brilliant tonight. Rather, because he wasn’t. But this time, at the 10th attempt, his supporting cast — the one that had so often failed him — delivered.
    Messi was used as a decoy and that was brilliant

  28. Otamendi legend, Di Maria legend aguaro legend I will never ever say anything bad about them.
    Montiel was monster, cuti Romero and emi martinez took Argentina next level
    The triangle thrio parades de pual and lo celso Worked so hard for each other.

  29. Was Tata Martino ejected from the game? hehehhee i saw him sitting in the stands , How funny on this particular day, ARGENTINA WINNING AND Celebrating minutes before Mexico game started hehehe.

    Say it ain’t so joe, MIGHTY BRAZIL failed to score 1 goal vs poor ARGENTINA ?????? In Brazil!!

    HOW THE MIGHTY HAVE FALLEN…..what did their president say???? Brazil will win 5-zero…….KISS MY ASS


    1) Argentina – A tournament win after 28 years. Beating Brazil in a competitive match for first time since 2005 . Beating Brazil in a final for the first time ever . We finally let go of the eternal bridesmaid podium.
    2) Montiel – He never had any supporter & even his dad & mom would not have been supporting him post Colombia semis goal😊. In final he emulated Saravia’s 2019 Brazil friendly performance & maybe jus played the match of his life
    3) Otamendi – Everyone’s all time favorite dartboard. After the Colombia WCQ penalty goal , he looked buried & out. But if tenacity has a synonym its Otamendi . Salute to the General.
    4) Dimaria – From the eternal headless chicken , he showed he has the biggest balls with the winner/ MOM in final & crucial supersub performances in this Copa .
    5) Scaloni – from a tactically naïve coach or clown to being able to provide us the joy which Bielsa, Sabella , Martino , Sampaoli , Pasarella etc failed to reach & forever he will be remembered as the coach who got Messi at his best in NT jersey. Maybe experience dosent matter & its belief which won today!! We march on being unbeaten in 21 games.
    6) DePaul – after the penalty miss in semis to the final winner assist which Riquelme & Banega would have been proud of. Almost got his 2nd assist in final till Messi blinked at 92min
    7) Romero – from being dubbed as the next Walter Samuels to be questioned on club loyalty & backing away from NT , Romero forced himself into playing 11 for the all important final. His 70mins+ gave us the much needed tranquility at back.
    8) Messiah – what to say on the SAINT. The best solo impact performance in a tournament post Maradona 1986. After being a NT success castaway , Fifth time was the destined one ( 2007,2014,2015,2016) for GOAT with Maradona watching from heaven.

      • No . There were no final matches then . It was like a league format & we topped the league & Brazil came 2nd in league & hence runner ups in 1991 . Same was case for 1959/57 . I believe even most of the old years were in similar league based format . 1993 was when knockouts came & we lost 2004/7 to them in FINALS & also that horrible 2005 Confederations Cup.

        • i rechecked. 1937 was the only previous one which had a final match. So our first final win against Brazil post 1937. Massive for sure.

      • Today sets the centennial anniversary of Argentina beating Brazil in the final. I like this tradition. Wish it was more like quadrennial though.

  31. Singing and dancing…………..MC Hammer,,,,, 2 Legit 2 quit hehehehehehehheehehe

    what is wrong with me,…………………..NOT A DAMN THING LOLOLOL

  32. Thank you Scaloni and Argentina – In the end, Brazil’s dependence on Neymar was more than Argentina on Messi – which is a good sign….

    There needs some refinements in the team…but that’s for the future posts..Vamos Argentina!

    Best of Luck to Italy!

  33. 2011,2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019………………………..are all the times that I took my vacation for the tournaments, usually for the whole duration and to come back on the Monday after the final game…………………how I dreaded that day, coming back heart broken, frustrated, angry, cheated, blindsided …………………………….I GO BACK TO WORK on Monday after being off the whole month JUST FOR COPA AMERICA……….I’m have a smile bigger than a 1950s Cadillac grille and NOBODY will dare say something smart to me…….BECAUSE WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS hehehehehhe

  34. Congrats everyone. After so many years we finally did it. Thanks specially to scaloni and otamendi. I often criticized both of them and in todays match everything went our way and lady fortune was on our side finally after so many unlucky defeats. Otamendi fought like a warrior with a knife between his teeth. Big up to Martinez for his performance full of confidence and De Paul for his magic pass. I always believed that a fit angel dimaria is a game changer. Thanks to the Team for a solid performance and for bringing such a joy into our lives after so many disappointments. Let’s rock the Worldcup in Qatar next year and continue the glorious way we stepped in to.

  35. You smell that?? do you?

    Christina sticking his fingers in the power outlet and getting electrocuted ………can you say Ballon d’Or BITCH, can you eheheheheheheh

  36. Messi is voted: the best player of Copa America
    Emi Martinez is voted: the best goalkeeper of Copa America
    Di Maria is voted: The best player of the final

    Renan Lodi is voted: The worst player in the final.

  37. Goalkeeper : Emi is over of the best in the world. Musso is a decent backup. We are all set with GK for 2022 WC.

    Defense: Romero is a surprise discovery. One of the top 5 defenders in the world.

    Otamedi is a warrior, he has always been. Very much suitable for deep lying defense. But in a game you’re chasing and have to put a high defense line, Otamedi may invite trouble.

    Montiel was outstanding and didn’t surprise me at all. Got good support from De Paul and Maria, and was never outnumbered. Arg did homework to control right side of defense. He is usually very good in defense but loses positioning sense when he commits forward run. He isn’t an attacking wingback, we don’t have any for that matter.

    Acuna did okay job. Lost tracking of Richardlison couple of times in second half and Scaloni immediately brought in Taglifico. This was a good move from the coach. Tagli did a better job.

    Overall, we need good backups in defense. At least one attacking wingback and a backup for Otamedi.

    Paredes showed some commitment and was better than previous matches. But still he couldn’t spray out passes that was expected out of him.

    De Paul was a monster and MOM for me. He was everywhere, did everything right. He dominated the midfield and was the only Argentine to be visible and noticed in the midfield.

    Lo Celco: poor game for his standard. Was out of energy in the second half and could not track back Danilo and Richardlison in the beginning of second half which put Acuna in 1 vs 2 situation and could have cost us a goal.

    Overall, we need couple of midfielders who have better control over ball and can keep possession or make pass under stress.

    Messi choked; not unexpected.

    Maria is always a big match player.

    Martinez: Ran a lot.

    Our attackers have to do so much defense work that they soon become exhausted and can’t concrete on attack. You need that spur or surge of energy to beat a defender or make yourself available for a pass when in counter attack. When Messi got that ball in final moment, he was already exhausted and struggling to control the ball.

    Maria and Messi will probably stay around next year. But we need a backup for Martinez – specially someone who is good in air.

    Finally Scaloni: His substitutions came out good but were very risky. Had Argentina concede a goal, they were in no position to return that back and would have only played for penalty shoot-out. Not sure why he brought in Pezzela for Romero, maybe he thought the former is better in air and closed space. Scaloni is very defensive minded which I don’t mind though this can cost us big time, but he needs to learn how to counter attack and keep possession under stress.

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