Lionel Messi on Argentina Copa America win: “The happiness is immense”


Lionel Messi captained Argentina to their first senior international trophy since 1993 and did it in style.

Finishing as the tournament’s top scorer with four goals and most assists with four, Messi Argentina’s star man throughout the tournament. But he, along with Angel Di Maria and Sergio Aguero are the only one’s to have taken part in Argentina’s last three finals. Messi was also there when the team lost 3-0 to Brazil back at the 2007 Copa America.

However, Messi was able to captain Argentina to glory. Speaking after the match, here is what he had to say:

“It’s crazy, the happiness I am feeling is not something that could be explained. I needed to get that thorn out regarding winning with the national team. I’ve left sad before but I knew that at one point it was going to happen.

“I had a lot of confidence in this group which got stronger since the last Copa America. It’s a group of very good people, that always pushes forward, that never complains about anything.

“It was a lot days where we were closed but the goal was clear and we were able to become champions. The happiness is immense. I’ve dreamed of this many times.

“We are still not aware that we are champions, of what we have achieved. But I think it will be a match that will last in history, not just because we are champions of America but because we beat Brazil in their country.

“We have to take advantage of this, of this new pack. I told them that they were going to be the future of the national team and I wasn’t wrong. They showed that and today we are champions.

Regarding his family:

“I thought of my family when the game ended. We have suffered many times, we we would go on vacation and spend the first few days sad. This time it’s different.”

In addition, Messi also commented on what he told Di Maria:

“I told Fideo (Angel Di Maria) that today was going to be his revenge and it was. I want to share this with the team mates I have had and got so close with and it didn’t happen. This is also for them.”


  1. Congratulations to all argentina supporters here in this group for this wonderful, wonderful victory….A long, long wait finally comes to a beautiful end for all of us….

    Gearing up for Qatar 2022 and the team looks in great shape for greatest event…Will surely be there to cheer for the albecieste and the greatest footballer of the world …

    At last, take a bow, Lionel Scaloni and Emi Martinez… you’ve both fixed the biggest problem Argentina was facing had since 2014 …the coach with a proper football senses and replacing Sergio Romero

    #Vamos Argentina

  2. Elated and a big relief. A bit of common sense from AFA and Scaloni with the player selection and the WC 22 is Argentina’s to lose.
    It is important not to rest on the laurel and more importantly don’t make the mistake of selecting players based on sentiments. The Aguero selection is a prime example of utter nonsense player selection. He had been injured the whole season, he had no business being in the squad.

    Marseille are put off by Velez’s valuation of Almada, Sampaoli now making his move on Cristian Pavon. Hopefully one of them move there and atleast another one joins too.

    Norwich seriously considering Pedro De La Vega as Buendia replacement. Would be great for De La Vega if it happens.

  3. I dislike Neymar a little less this morning than I did the day before, aside from his childish antics on the pitch, I never really hated the guy like you know “who” but watching him sitting on the steps after the game with Messi and Paredes talking like any friends would is heart warming……I like that
    Video on YouTube.

  4. In the final it was all about mental strength whoever plays.. Montiel DePaul otamendi acuna taagli Romero all showed great mental strength in defense.. For me DePaul was sensational.. This team is all young and vibrant.. We broke the curse.. Now we can challenge for wc2022.. Vamos Argentina

    • Young Team mate???

      1. Armani – 34 Years
      2. Pezella – 30 Years
      3. Aguero – 33 years
      4. Messi – 34 Years
      5. Di Maria – 33 Years
      6. Marchesin – 33 Years
      7. Otamendi – 33 Years
      8. Papu Gomez – 33 years

      Some of them are starters and some are in because of River Plate..

      • Oh an idiot hating in river? The majority of those players are bench players. Only Otamendi and Messi played consistent minutes as starters.

      • Idiot.. DePaul Paredes Guido montiel Romero nico locelso acuna Palacios foyth lisandro emi.. These are our main players.. Watch their age you pathetic guy.. Messi dimaria are our old horses they will perform whenever required.. Vamos Argentina

  5. Scaloni against Tite’s Brazil.
    Total 4 matches, won 2 and lost 2.
    Scored 2 and conceded 3.

    Last 2 games Argentina won. With a total of 2-0 goal lead(1-0 both).

    Scaloni already better than Tite.

  6. It may not be Messi greatest performance on the Final…but it was absolute team who gave everything..the defense gave their life..Montiel, Romero, Otamendi, Taglifico, Acuna, Pezzela – they played like a wall..there could be some cracks, but they remained intact, bruised and bloodied..Emi Martinez just proved that as well with a solid performance..

    • I guess it was a well planned strategy that once they score, you’ll start playing defensive…if opposition gets on level terms again, only then the team would switch gears.. this strategy was executed brilliantly throughout the tournament

      One good thing observed is, even when the team is defending , they are creating chances…only if Lautaro Martinez took his chances, it’d become more easier

  7. One of Scaloni’s main contributions was asking De Paul to play in central midfield. Before that De Paul played primarily on the left wing for Udinese. That turned out to be a masterstroke. De Paul blossomed into a world class midfielder.

  8. that is just the start! the momentum will become stronger and argentina will win the world cup next year in Qatar:

    2008 Olympic game final 1-0 vs Nigeria, Di Maria’s goal
    2021 copa final 1-0 vs Brazil, Di Maria’s similar style of goal
    2022 world cup final 1-0 again vs an European giant and same kind of goal from Di Maria. that was supposed to happen in 2014 but angel was injured. so it will happen in 2022.

    messi and di maria have beaten an African giant and then now the iconic country from South America, next one should be from Europe, it has to be a big one like France, England, Germany, Portugal or Italy. it’s like written in advance.

    actually angel has always been the key on all victories of major competition ! things that have happened twice will always happen for the 3nd time, let’s have faith!

    • Actually I believe still long way to go to win world Cup next year. We need to fix and add our squad. Our coaching staff did a brilliant job. They should now concentrate on Qatar and get squad more stronger

      • We’d need Dybala to be there in the bench…I expect by end months of 2022, Lionel Messi might need some substitute moments or he may not be able to play the role of creator and goal scorer both as he’ll already be crossing 35 by then… That’s at least what the law of nature is, but equally true, Messi has defied it always, so we never know.
        Dybala’s presence in the bench would mean there’s no shortage of creativity in the attack. Lo celso , Dybala , Di Maria, De paul in the attacking midfield means Messi can just focus on scoring.

  9. I had been hurt for so many years. I have supported Argentina with all my heart for 41 years and the heartache was becoming unbearable. Yesterday my 4 year old boy who shares my name played his first soccer game yesterday and scored his first ever goal then my night ended with my beloved lions winning it all against Brazil in the Maracaná…A lot of memories flooded back and I thought of my grandparents in their tombs in Rosario and Diego in the sky…the emotions were very intense and I couldn’t help but cry a little. I had a shot with my dad…maybe more then one while watching the trophy celebration and post game sports news and footage from Buenos Aires. No one deserves this more than Messi, His tears of joy were genuine and the emotion on DePauls face just goes to show the master class that he had put on…I had low expectations It’s true, I was proven wrong and am happy about that. The drought is over and Messi has his cup..The pressure is gone and now onto the WC…Scaloni…You saved it all for the final!!! Perfect tactics from Scaloni!

  10. what a day yesterday it was.
    historical day. now it is written in the book of history.
    10 July of 2021 the day we lift the Copa inside Maracana.
    the day our curse end. i thank the God that give us this day. i thank God that make me live in this day. it was very long long and painful time the wait. very sad that DIEGO wasn t here. i am sure he make upside down everything up to heaven ha ha 🙂
    from yesterday morning in the air in Argentina was exist one strange good feeling. the BELIEVE was something painted in the faces of everybody. in the eyes of all people you could see that nothing could stop us this time. the BELIEVE was so so strong beyond football logic.i can t find words to explain it guys. the same was and inside our locker room.
    See the eyes of our players and everybody insidr our staff. the determination. the devotion. the BELIEVE. You could read “i will f..k spit my blood out from my mouth but this time i will succeed”. Sometimes football logic goes to garbage when you have to face occations like yesterday.
    Mundo forum is completely different picture than the real life picture that exists in streets and neibourhoods in Argentina. Anyhow no desire for critics. today is one happy day.
    i want to say to all real fans of Argentina national team. Congratulations to all of us my brothers. ENJOY the DAY. this is OUR DAY. we waited so long. it is OUR TIME.

  11. Dybala, Alario, Foyth and Mascherano (the hero who lost 4 Copa finals, but won 2 olympics) posted winner pictures on instagram, they are very glad and proud except the exclusion, Icardi, Ocampos, Buendia and Tevez not, dont surprised on Icardi…

    • Little bit surprised at Buendia, OK he is very disappointed, but Dybala, Alario, Foyth and Ocampos should be more, they were part of the team since much longer. Buendia time will come, next two macthes vs Venezuela and Bolivia without the monkey on our shoulders and pressure will be exciting.

  12. MC Hammer’s song, ‘2 legit 2 quit’ should be the theme song for this team.

    Now I get to enjoy watching tennis with my morning coffee, I hope Djokovic loses for a change and later the “AZZURRI” stomp the red coats.

    WE ARE CHAMPS, Messi got his trophy, WE beat Brazil IN BRAZIL, Christina is probably still crying like the little bitch he is, and ALL THE HATERS CAN SUCK IT

  13. I was pessimistic one but glad I am proved wrong. Defense was immense and Messi didn’t have top game but team won. Messi used to have top games and Argentina used to lose. Neymar tried everything on his own like Messi does.

    • Actually Italy is the favorite is int it? Italy has the pedigree and they know how to win big tournaments that helps in decisive moments, somehow its always the Super powers who keeps on coming to the Finals in Big tournaments, even though Croatia came to final it was France who is a Super power won the World Cup.

      England is the Underdog here. That Means this year which is literally the year of underdogs, Inter, Atletico, Chelsea, Lille, Argentina etc etc. If we look like that England are going to win it. I don’t like England at all. But I have a gut feeling they are gonna win it this time. When something too happy happens God balances it with something Bad too. Argentina winning an International trophy after 28 years is an unexplainable joy. At the same time slight sadness also comes along like England wining, Djokovic winning the Wimbledon. SMH… I hope I am wrong.

      • Inter isnt exactly an underdog historically. They won tons of serie A title . Underdog last season yea, but not in terms of their overall achievement . England in contrary, literally an underdog without any silverwere outside 66. Atletico also won the league 7 or 8 years ago in the middle of Barca dominance.

  14. To be Fair, like we all feared nothing did happen. The Refereeing was fair and square. Kudos to the Referee. In fact we were fouling more during the later stages.

    The team which Scaloni created may not look nice while playing, There are not much one touch passing’s, Counter attacking etc, but something is clicking which makes us win matches, which is what matters. Winning is everything. And as long as we keep on producing naturally talented players like Messi, Dybala, Di Maria etc etc. We can always expect Individual Magic from them. I am sure in time Scaloni will polish the team and will find the missing backup and young players in some positions. It will happen for sure.

    Now let’s qualify for the WC without being over confident. But this victory is too sweet to be moved on from. It will take some time to move on to the World Cup Qualifiers. Right now let’s live in the moment. The Camouflage Jersey which looked bad in the beginning is now started to look beautiful. It has brought us the luck which we needed badly to win a Tournament. Can we keep it for the WC 2022.

  15. Scaloni’s selections made the difference in this tournament. The biggest 5 inclusions on the starting line up in this tournament… and they all were defensive!!!!

    1- Emiliano Martinez finally a goal keeper that I felt confidence with. A true #1. Takes pressure off of everyone having a security blank between the posts!!

    2- C. Romero- defender of the year in Serie A and simply put a “difference makers!” His presence exudes confidence throughout the whole team!!! Huge upgrade from pezella

    3- Acuña- secured the left side which tagliafico left open too frequently; tagliafico better as a sub to reinforce when winning.
    Made HUGE defensive stops in the quarterfinals and final!!!! Frankly we would not of been champions without him.

    4- Guido Rodriquez securing a vulnerable defensive position with Parcedes. Not Mascherano but SOLID and made a huge contribution. Organized the midfield.

    5- Molina – finding a replacement for clumsy foyth … second fastest player on the team to fideo; needed to keep on with fast wing players defensively. Even montiel showed his worth in the Final. But Molina’s potential is undeniable.

  16. Strongest WC squad period: Emi Martinez, Musso, Rulli…..Acuna, Tagliafico, Romero, Lisandro Martinez, Pezzella, Otamendi, Montiel, Foyth…Paredes, Guido Rodriguez, De Paul, Palacios, Lo Celso, Buendia, Messi, Dybala, Lautaro, Alario, Di Maria, Angel Correa…if more than 23 players would be availaible some from Facundo Medina, Senesi, Molina, Nicolas Dominguez, Papu Gomez, Joaquin Correa, Ocampos, Aguero, Thiago Almada.

  17. sub lautaro and dimaria at the 79 minutes it was too early to go bcs they both taking the ball forward smothly without error and less sign of fatique also both are contributing on the defense .. it would be more good if they get more minute i was feeling nervous bcs 10 to 15 minutes enough to change the direction of the game luckily there is no unexpectation happens..
    but he done the other sub like tagliafico is pretty well

      • still argentina needs to improve.. i feel argentina has plenty of things to do or to improve in counter attacking football…. it doesn’t feels like perfection as equal to sabella time of the things… 2014 world cup argentina was superior than germany only the lucks didn’t favor .. players like higuen, palacios choked in the final moment.. germany gets only one chance and they capitalize that… while argentina got the three …

  18. I just woke up and had to lookup this site real quick to make sure it wasn’t a dream, ARGENTINA ARE COPA AMERICA CHAMPS.

    Anybody remembers Scaloni’s reaction to Fred getting the Yellow card 2 mins into the game…..that I believe calmed him down and gave him hope that MAYBE THIS GAME is going to be managed fairly.
    How often did you see the look of doubt on his face through out the tournament when it came to questionable Ref. Calls and the fear of getting cheated like last Copa.
    Heck even Aimar smiled and looked over at Sammy aka the Wall and said something when you never see him talk.

  19. Messi on Scaloni:

    It’s to the merit of [Scaloni] because of everything he’s done and what he’s built,” the forward added. “The process with him started three years ago and it’s been constant growth.

    “He knew how to build a spectacular group, a winning group. He deserves the recognition. It’s been a long time since Argentina were champions of South America and we’ve won it again under him.”

  20. Lionel Scaloni has transformed this team.
    He has been divided into two. Scaloni until Copa SF lose to Brazil and a Scaloni after that.
    1: Until last copa SF. He was an inexperienced coach who doesn’t have much ideas.
    Played 14, Won 8, Lost 4, drew 2. All of the win were against small teams.
    2: Since the defeat against Brazil in last Copa SF, he has improved in all areas. Thanks to supporting team as well.
    Played 20, Won 13 & drew 7. With no lose..! With 2 out of 2 win against Brazil.
    We have to believe in Scaloni and co. Pray. Let them continue until WC 2022. Aimar, Ayala, Samuel.. everyone. We are on right path. Some more young and inform bodies…we are ready to fight. Much confidence than 2014 and 2018.

    If we have enough luck we will have an easy path to WC final 2022.

    We need to play Italy, Spain and France before WC. Just to test our vulnerability and to make the team more stronger. Please AFA… arrange some big friendlies….

    • I agree with u. Scaloni coaching gets better and better.

      What I like about his coaching today:
      1. Good line up introducing 2 qualities over 2 players whom he always trusts (in Di Maria and Romero inetead of Nico Gonzales and Pezzella) although originally I would have preferred Molina than Montiel but Montiel played his best game in his life at a perfect moment.

      2. Good subs! I said to myself that Paredes needed a sub, too risky to get the second yellow and Neymar was amazing today. He subbed Paredes with the best one, Guido

      3. Third subs! I said to the forum the left side had a hole, Lo Celso did not cover it up enough and was yellow carded. I was thinking of Nico Tagli instead of Lo Celso because Acuna can move up as a left midfielder. And Scaloni did just that!

      4. Keeping Di Maria as long as possible on the pitch. He was only substituted in the 80th minute when we were ready to go ultra defensive. If Di Maria was substituted earlier, it would have been dangerous for us because he kept Lodi in the back at all times.

      5. Sub Lautaro not with Aguero who is not known for being a good defender but with a young man who is among the fastest on the team, Nico Gonzales who can defend too.

      That was all world class coaching. It reminds me of Sabella. When Sabella saw a hole, he immediately did a good sub mostly.

      Also I applause players like Messi too, never known to drop deep and defend but for his first title ever, he would do it. Today whenever he saw Di Maria advancing too deep, Messi covered up Di Maria right spot and took care of Lodi.

  21. Di Maria major contributions in his career.

    u20 World cup 2007 = Scored the equalizer in round 16 against Poland, scored the opening goal against Chile in semi final

    Olympics 2008 final = Scored the winner

    Copa del rey 2011 final = Assisted CR late winner against Barcelona

    CL 2014 final = Assisted Bale’s late winner after beating 3 defenders

    WC 2014 = Scored the winner in round 16

    Copa America 2016 = Scored 1 goal + 2 assists in first two games when Messi didnt play

    WC 2018 = Scored superb goal against eventual champion in round 16

    Copa America 2021 = Winning goal against Brazil at Maracana!

    Overall, he has scored 21 goals for Argentina senior team and more than half of those in competitive games!

    • Copa del Rey final goal in 14 without CR against Barcelona, late winner goal vs Netherlands in 2008 quarter after a Messi assist. Btw Messi played 27 KO matches (Copa, WC, Olympics) and assisted 18 times, unbelievable. Most goal contribution in knock out stages of international tournaments ever (WC, Euro, Copa): 1. Messi 21 without a single one penalty 2. R9 17 3. Griezmann 13 4. Klose 11 5. Pelé 9.

      • Unless u are a hater of Di Maria or/and completely biased fans, Di Maria is someone who plays better when having chip on his shoulder.

        He wants to start but Scaloni almost always make him a super sub, that gives him something to prove… This guy would play amazing when having something to prove.

        Other examples:
        1. His game against Real Madrid when wearing PSG jersey in a CL elimination round. He was the man of the match in that game. He played as if he took revenge on Real Madrid. We are talking about around 20 world class players who played in that game from both sides and Di Maria was the best among all of them.

        2. His game against MU when MU kicked him out after one season. He also was among the best on the pitch.

        3. His game vs Germany at Germany as Argentina first friendly after the WC loss to Germany. He was out there to prove that Germany WC trophy was a fluke because Di Maria was absent in the geme. That friendly ended 1-3 but Di Maria played his best game for Argentina ever.

        4. Di Maria best season as a club player was when Bale joined Madrid and threatened his spot. Thats where he developed his versatility as a left sided central midfielder, something that Sabella copied in the WC 2014 qualifier and tournament.

        5. His final game today! Out of 4 finals, the previous 3 he was either injured or DNP (did not play). So he took revenge today by being the MOM.

        This guy loves to prove people wrong. I said it right in WC 2018, this guy is a legend to me and a lot of haters mocked me.

        Now eat your shoot… he is just a perfect “Robin” to Messi.

        • The friendly against Germany after the WC ended 4-2 with ADM scoring 1 + 2 assists. The 3-1 victory was friendly in 2012 which he scored with 35 yard rocket.

          Sadly, he couldnt play against them when it matter the most for Argentina :\

  22. Can anyone explain me what messi has posted on his facebook account? I am bit schocked to see this, “La Concha De Su Madree , Vamos Carajoo” . It sounds like a slang. I don’t know whom he is saying this?

    • it seems more shocking but it is Argentinian slang, to direct that at Brazil is pretty normal. Not something you want your kids saying but I hear it all the time

  23. Before I am a scaloni hater, Before the tournament
    I think if argentina didn’t win ,he must go .But finally argentina win comfortably, I think scaloni did improve himself or his manager team . It may not be scaloni team ,it is a group of managers ,aimar, ayala,Samuel, they improve the team match by match .

    Still there is a few problems we need to address.
    1,RB Montiel is not good enough , Molina is just OK but not good .
    2, No.9 Lautaro martinez may not be the best as a no.9 we need someone like lukaku or crespo. I think lautaro is weaker version of top fit aguero
    3,.DM Paredes didn’t impress me anymore ,Guido Rodriguez is OK but definitely not top class .

    Afterwards some positions are confirmed

    Emi martinez ,Romero ,Acuna ,De paul ,Lo celso ,messi ,Di maria .

    CB : I prefer Romero plus Balerdi or Perez .
    RB : Not too much players ,Foyth is better than montiel ,hopefully molina can improve .
    LB :tagliafico didn’t impress me anymore perhaps we can promote Claudio bravo or Ortega from u23 to support acuna .

    wingers: Di maria , gonzalez ,ocampos, may be we can consider Benjamin Garre and Martin payero

    central midfield : depaul, lo celso ,Buendia, Rodriguez, Palacios

    FW : I think we need Gaich or Alario with Lautaro ,Two Correas.

    So the main problems are RB and FW

  24. Scaloni…finally a guy win this for Argentina after 28 years….he deserves an applause. Nobody expected him that. But he improved this team match by match.
    He has done the generation change superbly. Analysed players tested and integrated them into NT.
    We have found one of the world’s best in many positions.
    Front 3, middle DePaul and LoCelso, Back Romero and an iron strong GK. Paredes and Otamendi are good even though they have flaws.
    SB position is still not world class but okay. We need main change or improvements in RB position. And backup players should be equally good to the starters.
    We are almost there to fight for next WC.
    Vamos Argentina…we are coming for 2022 WC…🔥

  25. Dear Argentina Fans please stop talking negative about our players. Those who are in the team or those who r not in the team. At least don’t talk before our next match. We have won an international trophy after 28 years. Let’s enjoy it first.

  26. Emi Martinez was the missing piece of this Argentina.Now Emiliano Buendai,Foyth,Dybla and may be Icardi are needed for this Argentina team. It looks like J. Correa,N.Dominiguez have to go.

  27. This victory is everyone who believed in the team regardless of the defeats the downs and everything…
    Just like Messi said, “I don’t give a f , We’ve won Copa America, couldn’t care less about anything”

  28. Today was a great effort from our boys. Although DiMaria stood out with the goal and Emi with the saves, my MOTM is DePaul. He played the best match of his life.

    A confident and talented goalie, fast and intelligent defender and a skillful and tireless box to box midfielder were the three positions we lacked quality in the Messi era. Scaloni brought Emi, Romero and Depaul in and we have won our first of the many trophies.

  29. Where’s all the people that were talking trash about river plate players or homegrown players not playing in Europe? Oh yeah they are praising MONTIEL!!!!!! The monster that shut them up. VAMOS CARAJO

    • Based on one match can not pass a judgement. It was 442 formation and Montiel got help from De Paul and Di Maria. Montiel played good defensively but I prefer Mollina and Foyth in 433 formation.

    • Bro, no one wants any player playing for Argentina to have a bad game. We dont have any agenda against river plate in fact I like the club. Montiel was very good today that doesn’t take away his poor games from the book. Still, I would say scaloni has few holes to fill before the next world cup. RB is not our fortress, need 2 more solid CB, one more solid DM.
      Hope scaloni soon integrates following players with the team.
      1. Lisadnro martinez
      2. Emi buendia
      3. Facunda medina
      4. Dybala
      5. Sensei
      6. Foyth

      • Can they try a 3 man with Romero in the middle with LMQ and Lisandro being the side CBs ???
        Not a Otamendi hater BTW, just thinking of how they can use Lisandro Martinez
        Being Short in stature he may be not looked as a 2 man CB pairing option

        • better with 4 man defense ,acuna is really good ,Guido rodriguez can drop back as a Central defender so RB ,LB must be able to attack .Obviously montiel failed .

          • Theres definitely people that have an agenda against Montiel and players playing in the Argentina the couple of idiots that replied to my post should be enough proof.

  30. Messi, you have become complete now. You were always a great player, great professional and great human being, but now you have also become a leader both on and off the pitch.

    In Finals, it’s clear that Messi will be closed down by 2 or 3 players, so some other forwards had to rise to the occassion and utilize the opportunity.

    Messi knew this too and he wanted others to shine. DiMaria doesn’t need any more motivation than you telling him “Fideo, this is going to be your revenge”.

  31. Messi is not just a great player (the best player alive), but he is also such a nice human being.

    I was feeling bad when Neymar was crying like a child.
    Messi went to him, hugged him and said something to him, and right after that Neymar tears were gone and he congratulated Argentina players with a smile. I wonder what he said, but it was such a nice gesture.

  32. “Hay que alentar hasta la muerte porque a Argentina la quiero para mí es un sentimiento, la llevo en el corazón. Y no me importa lo que digan esos p… periodistas,
    la p.. que los parió. ¡Ohh ohh ohh ohh, hay que alentar a la Selección ohh ohh ohh ohh, hay que alentar a la Selección!”

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