Former Manchester United goalkeeper Sergio Romero to join La Liga club Granada


Sergio Romero is set to join La Liga club Granada.

Romero, who has been out of the club since not continuing with Manchester United, is close to joining his first La Liga team. As we reported last week, Sergio Romero has been linked with a move to Granada.

Reports are intensifying as it does look like it will happen. The 34 year old is going to put pen to paper as talks are in the final stages.


  1. River will have to overturn the 1-0 deficit against Mineiro to reach the semifinals. Good news is that Fernandez will not be able to play for them.

    • Enzo perez also out for 2nd leg with yellow suspension. So advantage squared off. Angileri crosses were good. He needs to get a chance sometime in NT.

    • i don t have illusions my friend. we are out. the team is poor. D Onofrio cares for his political career only anymore after River presidency over and after elections we will see where we will go for future. River is enter in one uncertain future. New era which is not clear if can be better. Everything is uncertain. Gallardo s contract ending and very difficult he will renew it. So everything will start from beginning in new year. So nobody exept fans cares about the fact that our team is shit after beginning from the Copa america break.

      • Nacho is terrific – Lucky for River Plate in the next leg – but River’s midfield is no longer a force it used to be..the only good is their forwards..

      • The reason I think it is possible is because of what we did to Palmeiras that time. In my eyes we scored 4 goals that game. But of course we were much better 7 months ago. Gallardo’s era masked Donofrio’s incompetence bn in my opinion. Of course our players are not what they were a couple of years ago but it’s not like the quality of them is bad. The quality of players we have is a lot better than some of the teams we lose against. Somethings not clicking and I don’t know what it is

  2. Fabrizio Romano has just had this interview a few minutes ago about the very current transfer market. Here is some of his interesting points:

    1. Harry Kane still wants to leave the club and has been very direct about that. Spurs are holding firm to their valuation and will not sanction a move unless Manchester City meets it.
    Spurs are NOT interested in any players-plus-cash deals, it’s straight-cash-homie or go pound sand.

    If an acceptable City bid does not come through, Kane’s camp could consider the idea of a new contract at Tottenham.

    2. Spurs are very interested in Lautaro Martinez. They think Lautaro is a perfect player for them. Inter at the moment saying that they will not sell Lautaro after they sell Lukaku, but never say never because a while ago they also said that they would not sell Lukaku.

    Other than Hotspur, Atletico Madrid is also very interested in Lautaro. Inter is supposedly now demanding €90m.


    I heard that Lautaro is not to be prepared to replace Harry Kane but the Spurs want Lautaro to partner Kane instead of replacing him (just like the way it was in Inter with Lukaku). It seems to me like they try to make the Spurs as competitive as possible to retain Harry Kane. By adding Romero and Lautaro will surely make Harry Kane think twice about leaving the club.

    Also it is believed now that Lautaro is tempted to go to the Spurs due to the “agent” Lo Celso who was the one telling all the positive things about the Spurs to make Romero come. He is now doing the same to Lautaro.

    • When monchi spot you and likes you indeed you are talented exactly that is what gonzalo montiel is.
      I’m so happy he is moving To seville and hope he settles quick. Montiel proved he is good right bk vs Brazil but some people in here they don’t have patient, now you will see same people who critisise him will praising him
      Because he will eventually play seville not River.

      • Right. Imagine how this site would be if Molina had the same final performance as him. Some people try to swipe it under the rug. If he can get used to European football at Sevilla and play more consistently at the level of the final it would be great

        • Seville will be challenging for la liga this season and probably will reach quarterfinals for champions league depending who they face a long the way. For that reason it’s great move for montiel and many sources are saying the deal is done pending for medical.

      • He was decent defensively in final bt offered nothing going forward plus Brazil played neymar centrally that made his job easier. And i don’t rate a player only single game its the consistency that matters he was absolutely destroyed by Columbia in semis. Remember Brazil didn’t have fullbacks like marcelo or dani alves so its not a big deal i still prefer foyth over montiel or molina.

        • You guys still find excuses to down the Argentine players. We beat you lot in your backyard who cares who wasn’t playing or not,who cares what position Neymar played or not. Keep butt hurt Brazilians shit

          • If you want to succeed u need to be self critical. I am pointing out our deficiencies doesn’t mean im a Brazilian supporter im talking about world Cup and foyth right now is a better option. Montiel can improve and change my mind bt until he improve drastically i rate foyth higher he is the future of Argentina right back position. He played great even against Chelsea yesterday

    • True good move for an argentine player . Montiel will get time to settle in with jesus navas. Overall a good transfer season & now hoping to see senesi & gaich getting some upward moves while alvarez, de la vega & almada ( if the jan MLS move is stalled) managing a europe top league break in.

  3. After Sergio left AZ in the Netherlands his wallet grew and his reputation shrunk. He spend so much time on the bench. What a waste.

    • I get what you’re saying but the French team with Benzema have always been chokers. Without him, they were world champions (ironically cause Benzema is without a doubt world-class). Icardi needs a REAL opportunity (full 90 minutes in two games w/ NT).

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