Cristian Romero, Gio Lo Celso released from Argentina team


Cristian Romero and Gio Lo Celso have been released from the Argentina national team and they will not play against Bolivia in the World Cup qualifiers.

After travelling to Argentina, Romero and Lo Celso will be flying out to Croatia, similar to Emiliano Martinez and Emiliano Buendia. The four have made headlines in the past few days after Argentina’s match against Brazil was stopped by Brazilian health officials.

Romero and Lo Celso, who reportedly joined the Argentina team without the blessing of their club Tottenham, would fly to Croatia where they would spend a few days there prior to flying out to England.


  1. This whole thing is laughable. “The players lied” Like Brazil didn’t know where these guys were coming from considering they couldn’t get their players from the EPL. How is it OK for Willian to come from the UK and not quarantine but foreigners have to…This whole thing is simply political. Bolsonaro couldn’t give a shit about COVID, Brazil has been one of the worst countries for handling COVID but as soon as Argentina shows up with a clearly superior team for a competitive match this nonsense happens? Its embarrassing, They waited for the match to start to make a spectacle of the whole thing. Even if the players lied and broke the law, Fine them, Ban them, Do whatever they want. Everyone says that FIFA doesn’t rule over a countries Laws, That’s funny because alcohol is banned in Brazilian soccer stadiums yet when I was there for the world cup the govt bent to FIFA’s rule to allow them to sell beer during WC matches, I have 8 collector cups to prove it. With that being said, A countries law doesn’t dictate FIFA’s rules, The host countries government stopped the match which means Argentina should be awarded the points, Not Argentina’s fault that the CBF, FIFA and CONMEBOL all had agreements.

    • > “The players lied” Like Brazil didn’t know where these guys were coming from considering they couldn’t get their players from the EPL.

      Doesn’t matter if they’re famous and they know the whereabouts through media and Facebook posts, it’s about paperwork submitted to immigration.

      > How is it OK for Willian to come from the UK and not quarantine but foreigners have to

      Doesn’t apply to Brazilians.…

      > Its embarrassing, They waited for the match to start to make a spectacle of the whole thing.

      Yep 100% agreed

      • Cannot see Argentina losing points over this, They will both be punished equally or rewarded accordingly. Wonder what would have happened if Venezuela or Bolivia had brought a player from England to Brazil, They would have taken their beating and left Brazil. Simply political..Even their presidents idiot son is tweeting about it. My wife is Brazilian (Not an Argentina fan) and she’s embarrassed about it

    • Now , as the news are coming out, I think its quite shameful for AFA and our team management how come those four players could do this. We can point fingers here and there , but we are the one to blame for ..Lets see what our team management replies. Its hard to believe that the whole management cheated knowingly..

      • CBF, CONMEBOL and FIFA all gave their blessing for the match to go on with these players. I get that they broke the law. They allowed the game to start with these players and they stopped the match after 5 minutes, Argentina should get the points. Ban the 4 players from Brazil for the next years…Who cares

    • Yes it is more of laughable and way beyond ridicilous as it is total maddness done purposly by maniacs who have gone from crazy to complete insane state of Mind !

      Just try ignore it if u can as it is very hard also formyself to ignore it, in fact i been pissed about since the pass days of Tele Santana or even before that…well it doesn’t matter as they will allways create just problems and treat others like slaves as most of sadly are Still slaves as sadly some of their ancestors were black african slaves as the europeans or some of them did capture and bring them over sea’s to so many different parts of the world !
      But, theese MORON’s are very, very different to black africans or Jamaican’s and the black community of the West Idies ! As theese MORON’s dont respect anyone not even their own ancestors or their roots as most of heritaged black people around the world who all heritaged offcourse from Africa and from the original different native tribe’s of Africa !
      So better to forget about of such an EVILNESS ! And better try at least to concentrate on something POSITIVE as it again very easything to say than actually to do so as there are hardly any POSITIVE things left in the world ! But, at least there will allways be that great football of Arg as it has given so much to so many offcourse in the country of Argentina, but also for so many around the world ! So Arg will keep on doing what they allways been best of doing by bringing POSITIVE things to different parts of world by their way of playing football and also by their individual so, so many great football players of present and past as there also another Arg sports doing the exact same thing ! Thumbs up Arg ! Will never forget u and will allways support u no of matter of what will happen and has happened…!

  2. For the next game, I guess Scaloni will keep his 442 with Di Maria on the right(shame that Buendia is off, his profile is more compatible) and probably Papu on the left. I hope to see either Joaquin or Angel Correa in attack. Even though I am a huge fan of offensive 343, I think 442 may be the most suitable formation with the current team. Scaloni has already found his team A and B for this formation, it’s important to keep and stay at the same formation before WC.

    We see that recently the fall of those big football nations(France, Portugal) because they chose to play safe and send long ball to their world class strikers, instead of playing collectively. Having super stars in attack is not enough anymore, the team need to play good football in order to win. Now with the recent victory of Copa, we need to develop a playing style and try to play better. As we saw recently at Euro, even the Italians try to play a very pleasant and generous football. Few years back, they were the most conservative.

  3. I am very disappointed with this stand from AFA. Why release these players if they are not guilty? You have done the paperwork, the agreement was in place from CONMEBOL and FIFA even CBF..EPL were forced to release these players, they have been tested regularly, they are well within the confines of bubble management protocols, the quarantine exemptions were also in agreement then why release them now? I mean what sort of message are we sending to VARZIL and the world? That these 4 players were guilty for having boarded the plane in the first place? I mean these 4 players literally stood up to the club management and were raring to go for the South American qualifiers, without much of an approval from their managers, let alone the entire management. What sort of impact can this have on their playing careers? Come to think of it, Romero and GLC do not feature for the playing XI in EPL games anyway, Emi Buendia is already playing out of position for AVL to accomodate Ashley Young, Dibu is always known to speak his mind. I hope they are not left to warm the bench because of this. And now they can’t even perform for their national team against Bolivia.

    They should have been allowed to compete against Bolivia and then discuss whatever needs to be done or could have been done in the backend. I mean this does not help the morale of the players.

    • > Why release these players if they are not guilty?

      You may be mixing up issues. They’re not returning because of the mess in Brazil. They’re returning because AFA or Prem players had an agreement with clubs prior to being released for international duty. Prem Players would only play first 2 games and then return to Croatia to quarantine in private sports facility.

  4. Don’t know much on politics – but it was inappropriate to come and stop the match. Not professional at all..Are they checking every individual landing in Brazil if they follow Quarantine rules?

    AFA – Should have been more careful about individvual Country rules..When there was an issue related to releasing players in EPL and Quaranting in Croatia, they should have checked South America country rules as well..

    Scaloni – You need to grow and have a plan B action always..Now none of the EPL players had a game…absolute shambolic…

  5. Suddenly the team seems to be running out of luck or you may call it suffering from poor management. We would surely be penalized for whatever happened in Brazil. Fifa can never rule against Brazil. So we lost 3 points. And now we are 4 key players down before the match with Bolivia. It’s not the question of losing 4 key players because there are other able players in the team too. But how the last few days have evolved that creates the concern. It would impact the concentration of the players on the pitch. Other teams are fast catching up with our team as far as the standings in the table are concerned. We are ourselves to blame. The 3 disastrous draws and now the situation we are demand a lot of character from Scaloni to make a turn around happen.

    • “surely be penalized”? “so we lost 3 points”?…….Lets slow down here, while many aspects of this fiasco remain unclear, one thing we can be sure of is that there are multiple parties involved and so I personally don’t see one of Argentina or Brazil being penalized, either they both lose points or they replay the game.

    • Sometimes being treated unfairly will only wakes the beast inside. Brazil bought the ref in Copa 2019, Messi was banned for criticize them but Argentina came back swinging and beat them at Maracana.

      Mind you, Italy won WC in the wakes of Calciopoly.

      • Yes, u are absotlutly right of every word u said and i do remember very well that Calviopoly !

        Calciopoli Scandal 2006

        Big teams in Italy punished to varying degrees for their involvement in this match-fixing scandal in 2006.

        After some police investigation uncovered some scheming between various club officials and refereeing institutions. Clubs involved included Milan, Fiorentina, Reggina, Lazio and Juventus.

        Juventus came off the worse as the club was stripped of two Serie A titles, kicked out of the Champions League for the following season and relegated to Serie B. There were also fines and a lifetime ban as well as a jail sentence for then Juventus managing director, Luciano Moggi.

        Even after this huge scandal they won the 2006 WC in Germany and if Arg with bit of more luck against the German’s who lossed to Italy after that unlucky Arg-Germany game, well who know’s what would have happened Arg playing Italy who beat Zidane’s ” headbutt France” in the Final so once again Arg was so close with very good team too !

  6. Argentina probable line up from TYC:

    Musso; Montiel, Pezzella, Otamendi, Acuna; Paredes, De Paul; Di Maria, Messi, Nico Gonzales; Lautaro.

    4-2-3-1 Di Maria right and Nico left

    Nico will replace Lo Celso.

  7. Ok I just had a listen to the gab and juls podcast at ESPN, here the is the link:

    Marcotti and Laurens speak to a Brazilian journalist and they go into detail trying to break down what exactly happened and it sounds like EVERYBODY (the AFA, CBF, COMNBOL and ANVISA) is culpable to a degree, with the biggest blame being on the AFA and the ANVISA.

    Do note everybody, that as of right now, there is A LOT that is unknown and won’t be known until FIFA does it’s investigation.
    I do predict that the game will have to be replayed at a later date (there is no time) or both Argentina and Brazil will get sanctioned (either they both get 1 point or get zero). Honestly though, this whole thing is farcical.

    • Hopefully Fifa is not stupid enough. Brazil police is investigating the case, likely our four players will be guilty, can they arrest the players outside of Brazil?

      Such a disgrace by Brazil politics!

      • No i don’t think they can arrest them unless they will travel back to VarzilBol’s ! But, who the fuck want’s to travel there anyway if it not a necessary thing as something to with work of an individual or family tie’s…?

        As long as they can’t handle their own ”Covidator” as Mr. Bollshit A Nero !
        Better to just forget about this Country if it is possible thing to do as for every individual it will not offcourse be so, but the more we think or the more we talk about ir, which in way it is necessary also to find the truth and offcourse there are several things in this case that is completly fucked up as the whole thing itself, but i think we all know what happened and why as they who are responsible were literally shitting and yellow shit to their expensive pants !
        But, it was not wise from AFA or whoever it was to not fill those forms of immigration properly if that is the case and instead if possible they should have done all this paper work of theese immigration forms in advance, Yes offcourse it is an easy thing to say asti allready happen, Yes offcourse know that it is not to pretend that instead of this they should done this, but as Godin said for example :
        Godin September 7, 2021 At 2:01 am
        To be honest AFA should done better, Argentina could easily play the match without playing those players.
        I think Argentina knew what they were doing. More information will come out in next few days,

        Well, Yes offcourse they knew if they did not fill those forms of immigration properly as they did it on purpose or did not care as they had been guaranteed by CBF,CONMEBOL AND FIFA THAT AFA CAN BRING THEESE 4 EPL PLAYERS WITH THEM AND PLAY THEM ALSO IN THE MATCH !
        Well, did they brought any formal or offical document about this with them and did they showed that document Upon arrival to this Country run by that Yellow Covidator Mr. Bollshit A Nero
        and if they did they hopefully also documentaded this as it can be used as evidence in this case as for pretty much of an any court system which is not bribed offcourse !, they will only look for fact’s and nothing else as their job is to rule the case by fact’s and hopefully Arg do have enough documentations and also document’s of what literally happen from the first day of arrival til’ they were deported by the those idiot federals working for Mr. ” Covidator” Bollshit A Nero or where there even deported and did they just decided to leave by their own ?
        no idon’t think so at least they waited for the confirmstion that game was off and could not been played at this time and it did look like to me that they literally forced out of this country as those federal’s clearly wanted to capture those 4 epl players so Arg had to defend them and here we come to main point again as THEY WERE LEFT IN TO COUNTRY by immigration federals as AFA did not fill those form’s properly or they had a piece of an Document which i hope they had that there was no need to fill those form’s properly in first place, but i do not know which one is the case as idiot federals are saying that those players or AFA or whoever it was who did that paperwork and filled those forms or did every indiual player had to do fill those forms by themself travelling as a team with an agreement of CBF,AFA,CONMEBOL AND FIFA ! i don’t how this really works, but i assure that the players did not fill those forms as if this is the case then how can u blame as guilty for someting they did not do ? So if they are looking for a cullprit for who was the one filling those form’s then if they were not the players then they AIM their blame’s to that who ever it was who filled those forms and was it done purposly as lie ? Well, hard to say really as not being there !

        Anyhow the way of another FIFA will rule about this and theese idiot federals can also rule what ever they want against those players, but only if those players did fill those form’s bybthemself as if someone else did that then they can’t simply blame theese 4 players of Arg !

        And even theese federal idiots will rule against theese 4 players of Arg, well no way they can go after them to another country and capture them and bring to the court of theese federal idiots run by that moron ” Covidator ” Mr. Bollshit A Nero ! Why ? Well, how on earth theese federal idiots who now and also then when the yellow sit hit the fan led those 4 players to leave even they wanted to capture them by that time allready and Still want to capture them and bring them to their idiotic court run by that SHIT HEAD MR. BOLLSHIT A NERO !
        Are theese federal idiots accusing those 4 epl players of Arg entering to their country ? Ok, maybe with an falsly written form of arrival by those players themself’s or maybe more leikelty done and filled by some one else from AFA or whoever ir was…
        And then they stopped the game, because of this and wanted to capture those 4 epl players, but did not ! Instead they led them to leave as they led them to pass in to their idiotic country !
        And now are they really seriously Still so stupid that they want to capture theese 4 epl players of Arg and bring to their idiotic court so that they can rule against !
        No way ! But, though i won’t surprised if they will have a case of their own in theirvidiotic court that will rule offcourse against those 4 Arg players as this will not be any headlines really after what they been up to for allready quite some long time in fact as this was, though even new as for everyone did clearly expect them to behave like this, but seriously theese idiots have been behaving like this allready since past the days of Tele Santana or even before that with their mighty Pele, who is not even their greatest player of all time as Carringha was way more better and there many others from the past too, as this clownnof Pelé have just been their doll and their face to the world and to worldfootball !

        What we need is stop to talk about them as we can’t stop them at the moment behaving like they prefer to do…as fucking woih everyone and with evryone’s life too !

        If they want to continue with this such humiliating others path as they been up to for god knows how long, then just forget them and completly ignore them as they would not even exist, as i know it is much more easy to say than actually do it, but at least we can try to concentrate on other matters which are very important for Arg ! As i understand and also feel that solve this shit is as important thing too, but with that we unfortunatly just have to wait for FIFA AND WISH THAT TERE WERE NOT MANY STUPID THINGS DONE BY AFA IN THIS MATTER AS THEY CAN USE THOSE THINGS AS FACTS AGAINST US…SO FINGERS CROSSED THIS IS NOT THE CASE, BUT IN THE OTHER IT WON’T BE ANYTHING NEW TO ARG ! AS ARG BEEN TREATED LIKE THIS FOR DECADES OR EVEN MORE…

    • To be honest AFA should done better, Argentina could easily play the match without playing those players.
      I think Argentina knew what they were doing. More information will come out in next few days,

  8. We should be focusing on getting 3 points at home and we should be qualify comfortably regardless the verdict of the Varzil circus.

    It would be first home game since becoming Copa champion ,so it should be great.
    Messi, ADM and others has posted some recent pics on social media and they all look in great spirit. Im sure they’re not worrying much about yesterday fiasco.

      • Will always taste worst on them since they cant change the fact that their perfect Copa home record has been broken by Argentina.

        The more they cheat the more obvious how hurt & insecure they are after losing at Maracana.

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