Lionel Messi, Angel Di Maria, Leandro Paredes join Argentina national team


Lionel Messi, Angel Di Maria and Leandro Paredes has all joined the Argentina national team.

Messi along with Di Maria and Paredes are among the first to join the Argentina national team for the matches in November. The rumors are reports are that despite not being fully fit, Messi would play a bit against Uruguay but is expected to play the 90 minutes against Brazil.

Angel Di Maria is fit and Leandro Paredes is still recovering.


  1. My fear that River youngsters couldnt fullify their potentials, Mascherano and Higuain were the last ones, since then Mammana, LMQ, Palacios, Lanzini, Lamela, Ocampos, Driussi, Alario, Simeone not to mention Kranevitter all were described as quasi close to world class potentials or at least regular NT players and neirly all became solid footballers in Europe, but nothing more, way under the expectations, neither are even NT starter material.

    • I wouldn’t be afraid about that. Just because a player played for a certain club does not mean they are doomed to fail. Every one of the players is an individual human being that was at River at different times (in some cases very different times) and went to different places. Lanzini, Mammana, Lamela, and to an extent Alario were badly affected by injuries. Driussi made terrible career decisions. Ocampos did not fully fulfill the potential that some people gave him but is by no means a failure. Palacios is not a finished product and only 23, no player fulfills their potential by that age and he is currently getting more minutes and playing well (if you still consider him to be a failure then that is 90% Bayer Leverkusen and 10% injuries fault), LMQ is still a work in progress, a verdict on Simeone depends on how he carries the rest of his season out. Kranevitter is the only inexcusable one. Whatever happens to the next line of talent does not depend on what happened to the last one

    • I get what you’re saying but when it comes to expectations, Argentina is a bit like England, a player does well for a few games and they declared as the “next best thing”. It’s not that these players don’t meet expectation but rather the expectations themselves are unrealistic.

      Looking at the players you mentioned:

      – Mammana, this one is easy, the poor kid got ravaged by injuries, very sad.

      – LMQ, no 1 expected him to be world class but he’s playing really well and is getting better.

      – Palacios, only 23 and playing regularly with NeverKusen. Hasn’t reached his prime age yet but needs to work on his fitness if he wants to go to the next level.

      – Lanzini has overperformed not under! Stupidly went to the middle-east but then got a life line from EPL and he took it and was fantastic for Westham until injuries took their toll.

      – Lamela, yeah this one I agree with you, he was expected to be a world beater and he was when he went to Roma but then he went a dead end club. Still, he’s had a decent career and is doing well with Sevilla.

      – Ocampos, like Lamela, a LOT more was expected of him (he was the runner up in ‘golden boy’ ranking) but he has fought his way back and his story ain’t done yet.

      – Driussi, went to Russia, full stop.

      – Alario, zero ambition, was content to stay at neverkusen, playing as a sub even though his goal/game ratio indicated that he should’ve gone somewhere else, it’s all one him.

      -Simeone, one of the most inform players in europe right now, let’s hope he keeps it up and fullfill the vacant place of Alario.

      -Kranevitter, abject failure and a huge surprise because he looked like a world beater.

      Looking at the list, most of ’em have done well, showing resolve and talent, which is all one could ask for, and one cannot fault most of them for not living up to unrealistic expectations.
      The list also highlights how important it is to go to a proper league (Druissi), a proper team (Lamela) and have ambition (Alario), because talent and hard work alone aren’t enough when it comes to having success in the biggest sport in the world.

      • Well said both Mamoun and olive ,
        I must admit I don’t like Argentina media at all. It’s local media Who overhype and spoiling the players Rather than players themselves. I just want to add it’s massive gab now between South America and European football In terms everything weather training methods and tactics so on so forth. Just look nicolas Burdisso recent interview he talks in details the deference btw South America and Europe, it’s

  2. What I like about Alvarez is his ability to score many kinds of goals. He scores many easy tap ins because of his great positioning, he scores from tight angles, he scores wonder goals (like against Santa Fe of Colombia, San Lorenzo, Boca, Aldosivi), he scores as a product of his own recovery and pressing (such as against Central Cordoba, another of the goals from San Lorenzo where he sprints to beat the keeper, or one of yesterdays goals), he is able to angle the ball away from the keeper in one on ones (unlike some players who shoot straight at the keepers), and while he doesn’t score many headers due to his height he is capable of scoring the occasional good header like another goal against Boca. His sprinting and pressing is crazy, even at the end of games you still see him making full sprints to press keepers. He makes many opposition players look childish from his ability to take the ball. His dribbling is also decent, with the standout trait being his ability to keep the ball. Nothing fancy. His passing is also great or productive, he never gets selfish and sets up his teammates if they can have an open goal instead of shooting for himself.

    • my friend it is because of our system in River. All team running from begin till end like they running for their lives. this is Gallardo way of playing. i am not sure if Alvarez can shine same level for our national team because the others can t press same level.
      the big difference is River make the opponents can t breath from so much running. in the national team they can t do that. But despite that the sure is that Alvarez can be more than useful in many different situations inside the game for our national team.

        • i didn t say that in national team we don t press. i said that it is not in same level like River. in River everybody running almost 90 minutes like their lifes depend on that. it is our system. our way of play.if you see River games you will understand what i am talking about.

          • Yes in River many players are expected to press with intensity, and that of course includes Alvarez. Gallardo would probably get mad if he didn’t make the effort to rob the ball in the examples I mentioned. My main point though is that Alvarez, whether he’s asked to press a lot or not, is good at pressing. He is very very fast at sprinting to do this pressing and has a lot of energy. It is one of his strengths. Of course though, I am not sure if he would do it in the same way with Argentina, but if asked to press even a little bit for Argentina I think he is good enough to be successful in some occasions

    • I was curious to know his heading ability, if he was good at that also then he could be a complete player.but who is the best header in the legue under the age of 23🤔

      • A good player in the Argentina league with the profile you mentioned would be Luciano Gondou. You should look at his goals, almost all of them are headers. I think he also spent some time with the River reserves. But I wouldn’t get too hyped up about him because he has only just gotten onto the scene and hasn’t been playing as long and consistently as Alvarez

  3. Would be nice to give Messi a break against Uruguay in the second half… Would be even nicer if we saw a an attack force led by dybala and Alvarez.
    Is nicer a word? It is when u have dybala ready to come off the bench

  4. Impressed with J. Alvarez,he can score and assist and also has good positioning sense. He plays like smaller Haaland.For me he is a kind of mix of Luis Suarez and Haaland.
    Good competitor for Lautaro Martinez. Lautaro Martinez, Alaverez, Aguero or Alario looking good for no. 9 role.

    • Kun is out man. He is gonna be sitting 3 months. Even if he is lucky and his heart issues are minor, he will be out of form and match fitness. It will take him 6 months to be able to fight for a NT slot. I am not optimistic.

      Add Simeone to the list. If he keeps scoring, his hustle is very similar to Lautaro.

      • I am talking about WC which is one year away. Kun can still make it.There going to be 28 man roster for WC not 23 man squad. Do not know about Simione but different kind of no. 9 would be better for a team.

        • There’s always a chance for Kun to make it, but I would suspect that it is highly doubtful. I wouldnt be surprised if he retires. You do not mess with heart ailments. Argentina is not short on #9’s, and Kun looked bad in the Copa. All this is not to mention he’s constant injuries over the past two years

    • If only Alvarez was allowed to participate in Olympics , we wld have ended in a much better position. He shld make this golden run count & crack into a Top 5 club in Spain or Italy by next transfer window.
      But just cant get over Gio Simeone not being picked this time. 9 goals/ 2 assists in 11 games & not even as a sub to Lautaro sounds very unfair. Just watch his 2 right footed gems against Juve & Lazio & Cholo Jr is in red hot form. With Kun almost gone, Icardi being a perennial personal embarrassment , Alario struggling after last injury , we badly need that back up striker to Lautaro. Interestingly Scaloni only debuted Gio in 2018 & even had him in the squad for first 2 WCQs last year. Maybe he gets the nod in next rounds & he keeps up this form.

  5. PSG’s Leonardo super pissed with Messi travelling for WCQ. He says this situation of player unfit for club & playing for NT should be discussed with FIFA😁. Brazilian is hurt even before the super classico. That clown Richalison is missing in action this time.

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