Paulo Dybala could start in place of Lionel Messi for Argentina in World Cup qualifier


Paulo Dybala could start in place of Lionel Messi for Argentina as Messi is likely to start on the bench.

Dybala could be in the starting eleven for Argentina when they play Uruguay on Friday in a World Cup qualifying match. Lionel Messi is set to start the match on the bench and according to a report by AS, Dybala would start.

Argentina national team coach would not be able to count on Nicolas Gonzalez as he has tested positive for COVID-19 and with Messi out, AS are reporting that Dybala would make up the front three along with Angel Di Maria and Lautaro Martinez.


  1. Dybala needs a hattrick (one outside the box, one free-kick, and one dribbling, dummy, one-to-goal). The headlines need to praise him. Make this hard on Scaloni lol

    C’mon Gohan electrify like it’s the cell games 🙂 – this comment can get me in hall of shame lol

  2. I’m happy. Dybala would start on most national teams in the world.i still feel that he can be a starter even when Messi is healthy, Lauturo Messi and him up front with a strong midfield of Guido DePaul locelso

    • Messi and Dybala do not co exist. One thing we learned from Copa 2021 is we need solid team with less quality than superstars who do not gel. Messi Dybala is like Gerizemann, Messi, it wont work.

        • It was flopped partnership. They occupied the same space and none felt comfortable. Basically Gerizemann tried to move far away from Messi in pitch as much as he can.

      • Oh, stop it. We can such assumptions only if Messi & Dybala played together for a minimum of 3 games full 90 minutes. Until then, can’t say they can’t gel together.

    • It’s very possible, remember the copa 19 game against Chile where Lio, Kun and Joya were absolutely killing the not so red hot chile until that incident between Lio and Medel.
      I think playing the following could work:



      Basically what Sabella did but with Lautaro and Paulo instead of Pipita and Kun, however that formation cannot be used all the time, but it could be very useful against teams that park the bus or, with practice, the above formation can be a very effective counter-attacking system against big teams that come out swinging.

      • It wont work. It will 2010 world cup all over again. Too many players with similar attributes and completely destroying team balance. We need to look for 2014 or 2021 teams not 2010 or 2018.

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