Ángel Di María comments on Argentina 2-1 win in World Cup qualifiers


Angel Di Maria scored a great goal for Argentina and spoke to the media after the match.

Di Maria was the captain for Argentina and once more, he scored a great goal. The hero of the Copa America curled the ball into the corner of the goal with three Chilean players in front of him. Speaking to the media after the match, here is what he had to say:

“We played a good match. We knew it was going to cost us, for the altitude and the travel. The important thing is we got the win.”

The Argentine also spoke about not having Lionel Messi and coach Lionel Scaoni there for the win:

“The team continues to grow. Today, we were missing the best player in the world and also our coach but we continued with the win and this is also for them. When Leo (Messi) is there, everything is always much easier.”

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  1. How can you not play Dybala
    Currently the best Argentine Player on Club Level… He is being praised by all Media in Europe😳😳😳
    I feel really sorry for Paulo… Now would be the right time for Dybala… I really hope he plays against Colombia and performs well…

    As for the Chile Game I’m very happy for the 3 Points and for a great Game even without Messi.

    Was not the best game of RDP but he still got an Assist… I’m still not a big fan of Papu Gomez…

    Di Maria plays always awesome when Messi is not on the pitch. Lautaro was good too

    • Dybala has never taken his chances with the NT. He isnt any better than Lautaro as a #9, Lautaros best quality is his fighting big game attitude which Dybala lacks.

      He isn’t any bette than Dimaria.

      He isnt any better than Messi.

      He isnt a midfielder.

      He is competing with Nico, who hustles more.
      He is competing with Correa and here I would give Dybala the nod.
      Alvarez is young, ill leave him out of this.

  2. Still thinking about many experts here…were saying..Di Maria should not be called back to NT….look guys…just think about quality…don’t overthink…

  3. Great performance from the boys under difficult circumstances especially papu, tagliafico and lich martinez I think lich give scaloni and co some serious thinking. paredes and de Paul were surpeb As usual
    Otamendi and di maria are really motivated I thought both of them played good otamendi is becoming the one I know him at valencia in 2015 and his earlier days at man City.

    • Ya Licha takes A LOT of pressure off Depaul and Paredes from having to receive the ball under pressure and turn around to put a through ball. Lichas gives us a playmaker behind our playmakers.

      Id be curious to see this 532 formation:

      ….. Romero… Ota…. Licha……..
      Molina……. Paredes……. Acuña
      …….. Dimaria………..Depaul……..

  4. Good performance and a solid win. Lots of room for improvement. I hope we can try 4-4-2 with Buendia Papu MF combo with LP and RDP playing more of a holding role…with Alvarez (Lautaro is getting too comfortable I think) upfront with Messi… so:

    Molina/Foyth, CR, Ota, Acuna/Tag
    Buendia/ADM, GLC/RDP, Parades, Papu/Nico
    Leo, Alvarez/Lautaro

  5. Hahaha Chilenos!!
    I am so happy we got the win, I really didn’t expect a win because of all of the conditions. I’ll name them all to add some weight to this victory before the yellow fans come crying:
    -playing in the altitude
    -playing away with a stadium filled of almost all Chileans
    -No Messi
    -No Scaloni or Aimar
    -A Brazilian referee that had a terrible game
    -Spending three hours in the airport when landing even having their bags sniffed for drugs (ridiculously enough)
    -Sirens during the night at the hotel preventing them from sleep
    -Extreme temperatures at the hotel with the air conditioning disabled
    -water cut off at the hotel in the morning
    -the fact that we are already qualified which has effects mentally and usually makes players put in less effort or care less (we showed the opposite)
    The lack of professionalism and hospitality from the Chileans is disgraceful and to me almost infuriating. I am so glad we beat them because they did everything they possibly could to prevent it (except they forgot to do it on the pitch). Not to mention they played their horrible game of fouls every two minutes looking for our legs rather than the ball. Lucky that none of us were badly injured.

    It is also good to see that we are able to perform so well and win these types of games without Messi, it is bad to be dependent on a single player. We also were able to play without a 10 at all (no Dybala).

    I am very worried about the next game. These are the players that are missing:
    -Messi, Romero, J Correa, Dominguez, Palacios, Foyth (not called up to begin with)
    -Otamendi, Tagliafico, De Paul, Paredes (suspension)
    -Buendia, Mac Allister, Rodriguez (covid)
    We have almost no midfield for Colombia. Not only are our substitutes missing (Dominguez, Palacios, Rodriguez) but the substitutes to them are (Buendia, Mac Allister). Lisandro will have to move up to midfield yet there is no Romero or Otamendi behind him so we may have to revert back to the MQ-Pezzella. Acuna is unable to move up to cover the midfield because Tagliafico (who had a solid game) is suspended. We will have to hope that Mac Allister and Buendia show negatives. It will be a puzzle for Scaloni to assemble.

    • I was super impressed, I can admit I thought tonight was going to be a tie or worse. Argentina had the deck stacked against them after all. The Colombia game is going to be a mountain to climb, I am not confident for any other reason Than the fact that we really don’t have players due to suspensions and COVID. The game is at home which is a plus. Just hold Colombia and hit them on the counter. They are desperate we are not.


    What a GOAL by DiMaria, I forgot who in here once said, “why can’t he just score a normal goal, a tap in or a boring goal” LOL
    No Messi, No coach NO problem, SUCK it Chile…..dirty motherF****ers
    Sweet 3 points in the bag BUT WHERE ARE THE 3 POINTS FROM The Banana Yellow game, ARG would be ahead of them as we speak with ’em points!

  7. Argentina is playing as a team. All credit goes to Scaloni. But this is high time Scaloni should look for alternative. Mainly CB position. Except Otamendi and Romero all the other CBs are below average. Mediocre. Full backs are still of ok. But Scaloni should think about alternatives. One more position is CDM. Guido, de paul Paredes is not available for match. Now where is alternatives? So many attacking players but no defensive option.

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