Franco Armani tests positive for COVID, Argentina travel on Sunday to Bilbao, Spain


Franco Armani has tested positive for COVID as Argentina players will travel to Bilbao, Spain on Sunday.

Armani along with Javier Pinola and Tomas Pochettino will not play for River Plate after testing positive for COVID. The club reported on Wednesday.

Argentina national team players will begin to fly out to Bilbao, Spain on Sunday. As we reported earlier this week, the team’s training camp will be held in Spain. It remains to be seen if Armani will be able to fly out on Sunday, if he will fly out another day or if Scaloni selects a replacement.


    • But scaloni doesn’t select him. That cocky guy in this forum i forgot his name was right. Scaloni was lucky that armani got injured and emi got the chance otamendi and pezella was unavailable and Romero got the chance. Mayb another set of injuries will force him to call enzo and realize his worth. He called some mediocre river plate players before bt not enzo thats a shame. Even he would not have called senesi if not this italy callup saga happened

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  2. No hate for Franco, Get better bestia! Someone’s attitude on the bench and Locker room leadership is just as critical as the guy scoring the goal.

  3. I guess with positive comments on Armani’s health, I have restored my faith on this site. Hopefully, we stay away from negativity.
    Constructive criticism is always welcome. Do not forget whether it’s Armani, Lautaro or Foyth, they all represent our beloved Albiceleste.

      • I dont think there is, it is a disease that only worsens. I feel really bad, I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Unfortunate

        • Alzheimer’s disease can be improved when you know its real cause. On the contrary, that disease will be aggravated when you put your trust in the wrong place. Naturally, all elderly people develop Alzheimer’s disease due to a decreased ability to absorb nutrients. In younger people it has the same cause. You have to be very careful when taking medicines even if it is on the advice of doctors because they are not gods, they have errors and lack of understanding.

  4. Olive tonight we will play with Ezequiel Centurión at GK. the other starters will be possibly Herrera, Paulo Díaz, David Martínez, Casco, Zuculini, Simón, Enzo Fernández, De La Cruz, Barco and Álvarez.

      • maybe he will play tonight even as sub. Gallardo didn t use him because in trainnings didn t look in standards Marcelo want for use 1 player.
        i will not be surpriced if he use him tonight.

    • Yep, luckily it’s not as serious as last year and the only real change is that we don’t have Armani. I hope we finish the libertadores strong after the huge and almost embarrassing disappointment of last week. Today is also one year since that beautiful and incredible match of Enzo as a keeper. Lets commemorate it with a win

      About Mammana his career sadly fell of a cliff, so I assume Gallardo is just trying to be patient with him and work with him as a project to see if he gets to that level we all knew he had. It is slow but I think it is gradual, though I can’t at all predict how it will go. Kind of a “wait and see”

  5. Attention Mundo Friends!!! Please do not wish bad health to anyone. Let it be our players or even anybody. We just recovered from a pandemic and lost many dear ones.

    About Armani. I wish him quick recovery whether he makes it or dont make it to our squad. Just remember 1 thing. Even if Armani is in the squad it wont make any difference to our playing XI but it will definitely make impact to our morale. Neither Emi, Mussi, Rulli, Ledesma nor Benitez has any World Cup experience what so ever. I wouldnt mind Armani as the 3rd keeper. It could be a blessing.

    • to wish to 1 human to have bad health is actually one curse.
      i advice to those that curse other humans to be careful because almost always curses return back to those that make them and to their love ones.

      And believe me it will not save them even if they are other religion or declare atheists.
      the bad is bad and always it return back to the bad souls.

      it is serious and beyond football.
      who want to hear me may he hear me.
      who want to receive it joke he can make fun or speak rude.
      may God show mercy to them.

    • Olive, i wish we have a clean and fair wc without any favors. The fact that no Brazilians will not working with var doesn’t really mean something to me.

    • I saw it on Diario Ole, so if their reporting is reliable I’d think so. It doesn’t mention referees so I assume there will be Brazilians there, but what I think is most damaging is the VAR. Really good news for the same reasons you all think

      • There are lots of Brazilian referees and assistant referees for the wc list. Bt yes no var official from Brazil. Doesn’t matter. If Brazil referees officiate our matches they will not even go to var for many decisions and any normal tackle will draw cards and many fouls will be unpunished

  6. I hope if Armani can’t travel then scaloni should pick enzo in place if Armani. There is 4 goalkeepers already so don’t need another gk

  7. Not a fan of Armani but people please, don’t rejoice or wish him injuries, these things have a tendency to boomerang and bite one in the butt.

  8. I hope he can’t fly finally. A very good & blessful news indeed!! 👌👌😍🙃
    I wish if same happen before wc! 💪💪
    Anyway, pls call Ledesma & remove Rulli.
    Emi, Musso, Ledesma should be our 3 gks without any doubt.

    • Blessful news for you is nothing changing? He wasn’t going to play anyway, you wouldn’t have noticed a difference if you hadn’t seen this article

    • Ayon… I have seen you comment here quite a few times, but to my memory, every single one of those times have been hating on Armani and talking about GK position.
      Now you wish COVID upon him… Are you morally bankrupt?

      Don’t wish injuries or diseases on other people please guys…

      • Calm down man! Take it easy. I just made a fun. Armani’s selection is really irritating & biasful, right?? 95% of this forum will agree with it.
        We r the Copa champion because of Armani’s covid, right? So, pls give covid a thanks! 🙃
        Not I m, who again & again select an old fool without any performance & instead of inform players are really morally corrupt, ok man??
        Bcz at the end of the day, we don’t need Armani, we need Argentina as a Champ! & surely Armani can’t fullfil the need.

        • I’m very calm. But wishing disease & bad health upon anyone is not okay, whether it’s a joke or not, and as you can see most people agree with this. Here you should accept you made a mistake and learn from it.

          As for Armani’s selection… Again… WHO CARES? Why waste your energy on this? He will not play and his eventual replacement will not play either.
          No, nobody here thinks he is top3 Arg GK. Not even Scaloni thinks that, because he isn’t. He is 3rd choice GK and for that role he is perfect. He is the only GK with WC experience, has been part of Scaloni’s project since day 1 and is important for the locker room. He brings international tournament experience (1 WC & 2 Copa, 3 times Libertadores finalist) and leadership (captain of River for years) which none of our other GKs can offer, and this is important for a relatively young and internationally inexperienced Emi Martinez to learn from.

          Once you realize that these qualities are more important in a THIRD choice GK, rather than simply picking the 3rd best, you will see that Armani is the one that makes the most sense for this role and deserves this inclusion. And this is coming from a Boca fan.

          The fact that Scaloni keeps selecting him shows that he is doing the right and most logical thing possible for the role of THIRD choice GK.

          After WC he is gone and Musso, Benitez, Ledesma etc will fight for 2nd and 3rd. Until then, I recommend you to not waste your energy or thoughts on Armani.

          • Ok dear..I surrender, specially I shouldn’t argue with someone like u who is a very regular member of Scaloni’s locker room! 🙃 I appreciate it!
            & my one small request to u & coaching stuff..pls don’t eat any bamboo by selecting Lord Armani as 2nd gk if Emi injured/unavailable somehow!

          • & one point I want to say a tournament like WC, u r selecting someone who not gonna play & u know it! How darely u r spoiling a WC spot! Great!! 👌👌🤭🤣
            Experience??!! Such kind of experience won’t bring anyting for sure who even has not the energy in his leg to stand strongly between the goal bars!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Seclect Romero in this point! It will be more logical according to ur logic! Just for this kind of selection people like u always say “After this WC XYZ will get chance..blablabla..”. Its modern football man..there no word like ‘AFTER’ now! Do it now or never!
            & for these reasons we won WC many times after ’86, right????

  9. I wish Armani get injured before WC. The Only thing that can ruled him out from Scaloni’s Squad. I don’t hate him but We have better options than him..

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