Argentine Champions League preview: Lionel Messi, Leandro Paredes, Enzo Fernández


The Champions League group stage kicks off on Tuesday and there are 13 players, one of which is injured, which could start the matches.

European football’s biggest club competition starts on Tuesday and for some Argentine players, it could be a debut in the competition. A total of 25 Argentine players are in the competition this season as matches start on Tuesday.

Lionel Messi is now flying solo at PSG as the only Argentine representative in the Champions League. He will be up against Ángel Di María, who is injured, Leandro Paredes and Matías Soulé of Juventus. For Paredes, it’s a game against his former club.

In the same group, Nicolás Otamendi and Enzo Fernández are against Maccabi Haifa. Otamendi and Enzo’s Benfica are heavy favorites to win the game.

It could be a Champions League debut for Julián Álvarez as Manchester City are away to Sevilla on Tuesday. For Sevilla, they have four Argentine players in Marcos Acuña, Gonzalo Montiel, Erik Lamela and Papu Gómez.

Nicolás Capaldo and RB Salzburg host Milan in their group. Capaldo is the only Argentine of the four teams in Group E this season.

Alexandro Bernabei and Celtic host the reigning European champions Real Madrid. Bernabei joined Celtic during the transfer window from Lanús and this would be a Champions League debut for him.

Here are the matches involving Argentine players in the Champions League on Tuesday:

PSG (Lionel Messi) vs. Juventus (Ángel Di María, Leandro Paredes, Matías Soulé)

Benfica (Nicolás Otamendi, Enzo Fernández) vs. Maccabi Haifa

Sevilla (Marcos Acuña, Gonzalo Montiel, Erik Lamela, Papu Gómez) vs. Manchester City (Julián Álvarez)

RB Salzburg (Nicolás Capaldo) vs. AC Milan

Celtic (Alexandro Bernabei) vs. Real Madrid


  1. This PSG will perform worst in UCL this year than the last year. First reason is they do not have D Maria who can substitute any front three. They do not have quality midfield. For defense! When they have 70% possession and opposite have 30%, still opposition can make more on target shots than PSG. This demonstrates their defense simply. Their main strength is front three but they do not have team spirit from heart. Messi and Neymar are acting as happy when inferior to MBappe!

  2. Guys I am Messi’s biggest fan but I have to realize that he is not the same player. Although going to Paris doesn’t really fit him as the team wants to build around someone else but he is getting old and lack the speed and the explosiveness that made him Messi. It’s hard to accept but I don’t wanna to fool myself either. Let’s hope that the love, the belive, the enthusiasm and the will that characterize the NT give him an extra boost so he can deliver in Qatar…..
    Vamos Argentina, Vamos Messi…..

      • This Chintu paul is always feels happy whenever someone say messi is not good…are u feeling happy now son?….u still have lots to learn son…the fans like me who is following messi closely from childhood knows very well why he has played like this…and we are not worried at all…there is no need to show him much dedication now to play for PSG as the players don’t play like a team, they don’t pass him…so it’s better for him to stay injured free before the WC and ignore PSG 🖕🏽

    • Messi used to be as explosive as Mbappe today. He is a different player now, but can still make those clever passes and put a striker one on one with a keeper. His football brain and insight into the game is still top notch, but his body is aging. His fitness level looks way lower. Not sure if that is caused by players not giving him passes or him not making runs and therefore not getting passes.

      Hopefully he can rise to the occasion and lift the WC. It will be his last chance. He will not be at WC 2026 when he is 39. Without a tournament in 2023 and the Copa still 2 years away, it is likely he will step down from the team just like Di Maria.

  3. Messi looks sad. Toxic club toxic environment. Noone passes to messi. He doesn’t take 90% of free kicks. He doesn’t take penalties. Noone passes to him. Coach substitute him first. Im concerned. He used to take penalties and free kicks at Barcelona bt not anymore this way in wc he will not be in top form in set pieces which is a matter of concern

    • Messi will be fine.

      Regarding your comment from prior post

      “Anuparno September 6, 2022 At 9:28 am
      > Papu cant play against tough team as his defensive output is not great plus doesn’t have height”

      He’s played against many tough teams and does well so your comment is wrong.

      Your height criticism deserves a trophy for most absurd. His height has never been an issue and probably gives him an attacking advantage because of his agility, low center of gravity, dribbling, shielding, etc. He’s been world class for many years and i’ve never heard 1 person critic his height.

      • Argentina’s fullbacks r quite short if foyth doesn’t play if lisandro plays that’s 3 short players in the backline messi lautaro both r relatively short so so that’s 5 players short in a starting eleven that’s why we don’t need short players in midfield. Its not always about creativity ,chance creation, moving ball forward. If we play short players in midfield as well the tall European sides will just kill us in set pieces like freekicks or corners for set pieces not only defenders midfielders also need to contribute and surely papu can’t do that so i will only prefer papu against a weaker opponents plus he is also old he may not sustain the pressing needed for longer duration

  4. I don’t watch PSG games. After some noise about Leo’s form. Now I understand why people who haven’t played the game on this platform are complaining about his scoring form. For me, Messi’s body language looks like a seasoned warrior preserving himself for the Great 7 Battles to come. I think his focus is on the 7 games in 🇶🇦. Only giving 70% for PSG. His 70% = 110% for average players. At 35, I assume he understands that that playing explosively can cause injuries. So for me, he’s sacrificing statistics for the WC.

    • I was gonna say the same thing. He doesn’t put the extra effort to dribble or do everything himself because of the injury risk and because he doesn’t have to. All he has to do is hold the ball for a few seconds and then make a simple pass into space that automatically opens up because he always has an extra man on him. He knows that PSG can win comfortably without him giving his all and there’s always a simple pass to Mbappe in space that can win you the game. No need to risk anything or stress. It’s just Ligue 1 and CL group state which they’ll easily be topping by November with or without him. He doesn’t have to tire himself out for no reason.

    • Absolutely true…and I don’t mind him to play like this…this psg team is a shit and not even messi neither I care about how he plays for the team…he is saving his energy for the WC 🔥🔥

  5. Leicester and Sevilla are interested in Pochettino. Both teams have struggling since the start of the season. Hope he joins Sevilla and signs with more Argentines.

    • Mauricio Pochettino next club odds
      Betfair odds
      Leicester City 5/1
      Aston Villa 6/1
      Man Utd 7/1
      Sevilla 7/1
      Real Madrid 10/1

      His stock is highly demanding unfortunately some pple of here thinks he is shitty coach well it’s opposite

    • Sevilla fans are all calling for Lopetegui out and they really play awful, I think it’s a perfect opportunity especially since Poch will work well with the Argentines and probably bring more in as time goes on. A much better club for him than PSG, no stars and a club he can bring up rather than one which threatens collapse and has no patience.

    • Mbappe and Hakimi wants to go to Real. So they are very close to Ramos since day 1. Today also there were moments..Mbappe passed to Hakimi and vise versa..when Messi was there. They are not real team players.
      I really wish Messi leave this club after the WC or after the season. Toxic situation. Messi also not caring that much. When he joined he was frustrated as he was not getting pass…now he’s used to that. Just playing…

      • I think he has made up his mind too. He is not going to fight toxic and man child Mbappe and his buddies just to score goals. I was kind of worried that Juve might go hard on him but glad he was smart enough to not push himself for this ungrateful club and teammates. Hopefully he will find a club that can afford him and needs him, which is only Juventus right now. Didn’t even bother to watch the 2nd half, as like Messi I almost done with PSG and Mbappe too. 🤣😂

  6. Enzo Fernandez is going to be some player , I already like him what a player, he is always depending the ball and controlling the rhythm of game, good passer aswell he has ability to hold the ball when he needs to. I watched palacios and I love him but I do think enzo Fernandez is better footballer than him

    • Note palacios is good player who has many good attributes which most our midfielder lacks Palacios is dynamic, quick thinking quick passer player plus he has good stamina and energy which will be crucial In later stages of the world cup , my point is Palacios must go world Cup .

  7. Eric Bailly: “The club [#mufc] should avoid favoring English players and give everyone a chance. The club should encourage competition in the dressing room. I always had the impression that the English players were favoured.” [@TimesSport

    Eric Bailly: “That [favouring English players] doesn’t happen at Chelsea or other big Premier League clubs. Some people take it for granted that they are going to start, and that weakens the team.” [@TimesSport]

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