Lautaro Martínez and Inter vs. Paulo Dybala and AS Roma in Serie A


Lautaro Martínez, Joaquín Correa and Inter host Paulo Dybala and AS Roma in Serie A on Saturday.

Martínez and Correa both played for Argentina in the most recent international break while Paulo Dybala did not enter the pitch.

Paulo Dybala was reportedly rested and not risked by Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni for the two games against Honduras and Jamaica. For Lautaro, he scored in the 3-0 win vs. Honduras last week.

The first Serie A game on Saturday sees Gio Simeone and Napoli against Torino. Nicolas Gonzalez and Fiorentina visit Atalanta, who are without Juan Musso due to surgery.

The last game on Sunday has Ángel Di María and Leandro Paredes against Bologna. Monday’s game as Roberto Pereya and Nehuén Pérez with Udinese against Verona.


    • After the world cup free kick howler, it seemed like Messi practiced obsessively and the results improved a lot. Lately his free kick form dipped, i bet he obsessed again and now he has 2 back to back

      • Yes Messi practiced a lot, but what is more important than his practice is the man who taught him how to do it, El Diego.

        “According to Fernando Signorini, who worked as a physiotherapist for the Argentinian national team, the Barcelona star owes his prowess at taking free-kicks to none other than the legend himself, Diego Armando Maradona.

        “In 2009, we were in Marseille for a friendly match,” Signorini wrote in his book ‘Fútbol, llamado a la rebelión.’

        “[After the end of the training session] Lionel placed the ball outside the area a little bit to the left and when he kicked it, his shot went wide.

        “He made a gesture of frustration and started walking to the dressing room but I stopped him and said to him ‘tell me something, a player like you is simply going to shower after this rubbish? Take another ball and try it again´.

        “Then Maradona jumped in and put his arms around Messi’s shoulders and said: ‘Come on kiddo, let’s try this again. Put the ball on this spot and listen to me well – do not pull your foot from the ball so fast because when you do that, the ball does not know what it is you want from her’.

        “Messi kicked the ball and sent it right underneath the cross bar. He was convinced he would follow this method for the rest of his career.”

  1. Dybala’s red hot form continues, very good volley goal! Scaloni has to use him as a direct replacement/sub and backup for Lautaro in no-9 position and for Dimaria on the right flank! Julian Alvarez is clinical but Dybala is in excellent goal scoring form and his playmaking is second to Messi and on par with Dimaria. With the kind of form he is in , he right now deserves to even start over Dimaria.

    Molina also is involved in a lot of attacking play for Atletico today. His crosses have been very accurate and he is showing his ability to run into assist making positions multiple times already today. Montiel meanwhile is on the bench along with Navas. Papu had lost his starting position to Isco! Sevilla has been quite poor so far.

  2. Locelso again missed a sitter today and could have won the game for villareal another mediocre performance from him. I don’t know what is so special about him that everyone here go gaga over him.

    • Locelso was good today tbh. I watching both Spurs and Villarreal matches so may be I missed the sitter but if you are talking about defender blocking his shots twice then I wouldn’t consider them misses, he was surrounded by multiple defenders and was still able to execute shots only to be blocked by opposition’s defenders. He has like fraction of a second to shoot. Locelso was able to get into goal scoring positions multiple times today only to be ignored by braindead teammates. However, his finishing hasn’t been quite impressive which is true. He is like mini-Messi smart enough to pick the right passes and get into goal scoring situations numerous times. If he could only get back into his Betis scoring form he would be top 5 midfielders in the world currently.

    • When Alvarez ( who is a striker ) misses tons of 1v1 chances then I see u defending him
      But when lo celso ( who is a midfielder) misses a chance then he is a bad player/ not special

      Why not criticize foyth for making silly errors?
      Lol you are just a guy who can’t stop hating lo celso cause he is playing over your favoured player

    • No one hate him if he plays as a DM or in a double pivot. We have Paredes and guido. So why macallister? We want midfielders who can create and control the midfield area. If guido goes out of form then yes macallister is an option.

  3. Probably the worst Cuti match in his EPL career. Not that he is that awful but Lloris really destroyed his confidence.

    First half, he was good all even. The Arsenal goal not his fault.

    Second goal, it was 75% Lloris fault and 25% Cuti’s fault I would say. Cuti was waiting for his goalie to get the ball but the ball slipped under Lloris and Jesus was there to tap it in.

    Then things got worse, Emerson got a red card.

    Third goal, also partly his fault too. He did not read the attack well. He went too aggressive on Martinelli and somehow the ball fell to another Arsenal player who would shoot the ball to the left corner.

    The good thing is it is the Spurs t shirt not Argentina. There is no way he would perform this way for us. Emi wouldn’t have made that silly mistake like Lloris. I would give Cuti a rating of 4.5.

    • In that start of 2nd half cuti made a nice run forward but he couldn’t cross as he expected. If he made that assist to son means the match would have turned in another way. Another problem is when he commits forward he would try to foul or physical the opponent if the opponent beats with sharp turn or pass.

  4. Man Lloris is so bad. He makes Cuti look awful. Lloris is panic under pressure. Cuti was at fault too with the clearance (he was hoping Lloris would take the ball) but mostly it is Lloris mistake. I am sure Cuti feels the difference having Emi or Lloris as the goalie.

  5. My friend Ricky villa.

    first of all THANK YOU for your kind words. i wish from my heart you and your family have health and prosperity. May God protecting you always.
    as about your kids i wish one day visit Argentina and Monumental.
    People like you make me , Argentines and River plate family members PROUD and not only.
    you give us value and make us became bigger and more important in the world of football and not only.
    One River plate or Argentina fan inside Argentina don t mean something.
    One River plate or Argentina fan from Finland or Greece means big. VERY BIG.
    make us special make us stronger make us bigger make us important make us PROUD.

    in your post you remind me my youngness. the best years of my life.
    Yes true you remember. from 1998 till 2011 i wasn t miss a single game in Monumental and i was going in all possible away games.
    the day we was relegate to 2nd division it was the end of that golden era of my life.
    some years after i return to Monumental of course but nothing was same as before.
    Plus the period was short because i left Buenos aires soon after.

    Now i am watching from far but maybe is for best. Especially as total shit has arrive to be my beloved team. i can close tv when i am angry and not look them. if i suppose to be inside Monumental it will be difficult to remain calm to those idiots shame our jersey.
    THANK YOU again for your words about me.
    God bless you and your family.

    • Cox4: “In your posts you remind me my youngness”.
      That exactly applies to me my friend when i am reading Ricky’s posts: He remins me my youth.

    • My friend, Cox4 you could not sayid everything u wrote any better to again my me and may family, specially my kids so, so happy, because i allmost read everything u wrote to us to them as well and same goes for our friend from Greece as Waweride, because now something new is staertinf grow and it has been growing since allready before the Copa Varzil or around when La Scalonetta started the new project with our loved Albiceleste etc.

      @cox4 ” in your post you remind me my youngness. the best years of my life.”
      @Waweride ” Cox4: “In your posts you remind me my youngness”.
      That exactly applies to me my friend when i am reading Ricky’s posts: He remins me my youth.”

      Well, first of i can’t never ever thank u properly neither can my kids, though we are more greatfull to be able to communicare with both of u, it is something more than special for me, but much more for my kids who are right now when i’m riding this post to both u my friends and if u may us, in the future or allready we think of both u more than friends and that has been felt like that with in our hearts allready since we started writing to each others all, so we our family think of as soul brothers or soul sisters, but we assume that both u are our soul brothers and we truly poligize if we are misstaken about that etc.

      So we just want ask both of u that, will that be Ok for both of u as friends is more than fine, too, but like u both talked about all our’s youtness or youngness and also i do it unconsciously, perhaps all the time, lol!

      But, it truly feels that like we could have easily spend our youth’s days together and if i will be allowed to choose in theory where ? Well, i would pick MONUMENTAL or somewhere in Greece as it might have been a bit too much cold and not much day light for both of u in my country as Finland, because even us that are from the South of our country do get very limited day light during sebtemer til all the way to end of february as slowly day by day it just get’s more darjeeling than before and also it take’s more time for daylight arrive at mornings in a same pattern, but those wholive up north and some of them Still look like more native than us and in fact they do have their own Saami language and i could decide i would haven given even more right’s than they do have now some Still living traditionaly respecting their old culture as they do not only live in north of Finland though they sacred mountain ormore like tall hill a bit above 1000 m and so on is Finland, but they are much greater in their tradition and also in their Numbers also in north of Sweden and Norway too and in some parts of Siperia all the way to Mongolia itself at least before they could easily travel and wandered around Great Siperia, but offcourse now a days everything is different and also there is no more trian at least now anymore from ST. Petersburg to all the way to Mongolia as it once were called TRANS SIPERIA and actually some of my friends travelked this way yroufg Russia to Mongolia and then continued down to China and alk the all over South East Asia etc.

      But, back to to your more than wise and more than kind words from both of u as i do offcourse mean again ” Cox4: “In your posts you remind me my youngness”.
      That exactly applies to me my friend when i am reading Ricky’s posts: He remins me my youth.” From Waweride and ” in your post you remind me my youngness. the best years of my life.
      Yes true you remember. from 1998 till 2011 i wasn t miss a single game in Monumental and i was going in all possible away games.” from Cox4.

      As i said now things allready been before, but deffenetly about any single doubt that could never ever come in between, are that both u have given a great gift from both of your youth’s days to not only me, but specially to my kids, which might most possible say next time as Monday in their training sessions that now they have soul brothers from Argentina and Greece, or at least share something from both of your great youth days to other youth’s now, who are obviously some of their friends from their team that do also like Argentina, but do not maybe Still yet fully understand about THE GREAT PASSION that obviously tranfers to us firstly through ARG NT and RIVER too, but also now tranfers to us all and specially to my kids trough VIA BOT OF U our friend’s, or if u both may as we think of u like SOUL BROTHERS, well that might sound just a word forsomeone, but knowing both u since the first contact, i’m pretty sure that u do more than understand the true meaning of this word as it is more than obvious to me and to my kids that both u are truly more than great individuals as human’s and also so, so much more like truly being as truly a human and not just acting like one etc., because the way both u write us feels like that both of u could easily be our cousins from far and more greater countries with a such a beautiful culture and tradition’s also etc.

      I do notknow how to really explain all this, but again timing of both your more than kind post’s to us could have never arrived in a such a better time than fiday the 30.09.2002 !

      May the great light allways guide hoth of u and your close one’s too, families and friends for ever and give u as we wish from our hearts and soul that also both of your lifes and lifes of those who are important to both of u in your lifes will prosper and be well for til’ forever and may our blessing reach to both of you and to both of your close one’ s too and bring hopefully something good to both our lifes as u both have truly done so with so many times to us and our family !

      Stay well and TaKe care both of our friends and if u may let us…our soul bro’s forever !

      Also may this blessing reach to in such a same way to our most loved great Albiceleste and La Seleccion and hopefully give them strength to win all their opponents at WC and over become all the difficulties which are alkways as present in WC’s and just be able to give their best version ever from themselfs as the great players of our most loved Albiceleste and La Seleccion !

      Btw. I’m not sure which way it happened, but as it doesn’t truly matter at all, Still i do have feeling that both of your youth days started to bring that very much samekind spark that i had and do Still have and also now my kids have in their and our hearts towards our most loved Albiceleste and La Seleccion and to be honest with both of since the first contact i felt and suddenly remembered so clearly about my youth days and about also my dad and my granfather and how we use to sit Still and quiet allmost as states as there were hardly any time to breath, because of the great exicitement and passion our most loved Albiceleste and La Seleccion brought to us back then when they won at Monumental at first time and Cruyf’s dream team which i do also give a lot of credit and valued it very high indeed, but i just did somehow never had the passion for towards them as i did towards our most loved Albiceleste La Seleccion as it was allmost like gift given from the skies when the famous ” snow fall started to fall from all over the stands of great Monumental and this is the most topic i allways discuss with my fathers younger brothers wife as she was some year’s older back then than me, but that not much, lol, but offcourse the huge difference that she was there in Monumental and all she temembers is mostly that ” great snow fall showing down from the stands of great Monumental and also she belive’s that snow somehow brought her to Finland long and worked and stayed in Finland long very long before she actually met my uncle and lately married to him etc, lol!

      Life is life and truly it is as right now my son and daughter are desperate to go watch some old videos and documentarys from EL DIEGO as he is my SON’s favourite ever and my daughter’s favorite ever is offcourse La Pulga AKA Messi ! So i have quot now writing and obey to their orders, lol !

      See u soon again here at Mundo !

  6. Today it’s cuti vs Jesus. Its going to be a crack of a match. Also both teams need victory to top the table. And tomorrow it’s lisandro vs haaland. I expect lisandro may force pep to make Julian play as soon as possible. Pep still starting grealish and in my opinion only thing grealish is ahead of Julian may be step over move.

  7. Joachim Clement, the London stock market analyst who correctly predicted 2014 and 2018 FIFA World Cup using proprietary econometric model , says Qatar 2022 , Messi 🇦🇷will lift the cup 👍💪🏾🇦🇷 Vamos

  8. Anyone remember Outlaw? You guys call him Gonzalo.. but he is originally Outlaw. I used to quit this site for 3-4 years because that dude was here and he was just extremely toxic and spread the toxic everywhere. I never read his posts ever since. But today while waiting for the weekends club futbol, I decided to check out what he actually posted. Here are some that he posted:

    July 31, 2016 At 11:33 am
    Barcelona won last 3 Champions league title mostly because of golden Spain generation and not Messi or any single player. They won World Cup and 2 Euros without Messi too so stop talking that the 3 titles were only by Messi. It’s mostly Spanish factor.

    July 31, 2016 At 11:41 am
    guled, any reason for these words to Saugata?
    “ troll spewing none sense at argentine blog GTFO”.
    Then as well I may name you TROLL because I see we don’t need a reason to use such words.

    July 31, 2016 At 2:16 pm
    You said the same about Di Maria in NT. “No Di Maria, no show”. And then was the Copa 2016 with his showy performances… Don’t be ridiculous.
    So who scored against Chelsea in semi of Chmpions League? Iniesta. Where was Messi then?
    Nooooo. The titles of Barcelona were mostly because of gold Spanich generation.

    — And this kinda player he promoted. Along with a bunch of nobodies (our future left wnger, our future striker, our future right back and so on) 6 years after in 2022.

    August 1, 2016 At 11:02 am
    Julian Illanes from Instituto Cordoba (contracted by Inter) looks like our future centerback.

    Don’t blame me if I say he is toxic. Glad that dude is never around no more.

      • “Messi hater” that word is just a myth. No one will hate Messi in regards to his beautiful playing style. For Brazilians it’s due to the reason that he is Argentine. For others it’s due to Ronaldo factor that they just forcing their mind to hate Messi by simply putting the goal scoring stats and other things. And a beauty of a player like Messi is not in the stats.

    • He is disapear suddenly in pandemic when he was posting every day.
      this means that maybe he had health issue and maybe he is not among us anymore.
      So is better to forget him and not bring him here anymore especially for negative because you only take sins and make heavy your soul.

      • @cox4

        You dunno the guy well. In your understanding he cares about local futbol so you think he has something in common with you. The dude is nasty man. And NO he is still here but using another account. I am not kidding with u. I can guarantee u that.

        Outlaw also disappeared for like 2 years or so before reappeared with the name Gonzalo..

        In 2015 or so, here there was a “like” button if you like a comment, you can hit “like”. Then the moderator decided to count the top 5 of the most liked poster. The number 1 and 2 happened to be Kidulthood (before he became strange, he was good), and Pablo_D a cool dude too.

        Kid was always against Outlaw because of his outrageous comments that never made sense, and Outlaw was a friend of Pablo D. You know what happened? This Outlaw made maybe hundreds or thousands of new ID’s and used all those ID’s to put like on every Pablo D comment (because every ID can press just 1 like). So in 48 hours Pablo D became number 1. I mean who in the right mind would do that?

        Secondly that dude has a bunch of ID’s. I can tell easily which one is him. He is still around us and he just chose not to comment . Maybe he is waiting for Argentina to lose in the World Cup (and his nemesis like Messi or Di Maria missed a penalty) and then he would appear again. He could not appear after Copa America 2021 because we won it and DI MARIA, one of his enemies scored the only goal.

        I am not that mean wishing someone die or anything. I am saying this place is a better place without him. For example if I don’t like MacAllister doesn’t mean I want him die. I just think the team is better without him, that’s all.

        • you are much older in mundo than me and you know better.
          i only saying what i know. i start to be here from May of 2018 and i know from then till now.
          i don t have reason to don t believe you. just i hope this guy is healthy only. that s all.
          Last i want to admit that while i wasn t agree with him in almost everything you are right and truly make me feel he had something in common. Specific the fact that he had respect for Argentine football unlike the majority of people that consider us garbage and that Europe matters only.
          the last is the only thing that make me feel close to him. Nothing more.

    • I do remember Outlaw vs Kidulthood arguments. Outlaw would make outrageous claims like the local league players are head and shoulders above European league players and trigger everyone. He went to even say that we needed European based players replaced and he wasn’t a big fan of Messi either. However after 2018 fiasco, he did try to keep the morale of this site up and positive by telling us about new upcoming talents in the local league and some of them almost made it to the team. Hopefully he is okay!!

  9. for god’s sake can’t Bankruptlona just shut up. Every time Messi this, Messi that as if he is their crazy ex. Now they want him back after the public humiliation. I just hope Leo won’t go back there. Finally he is happy and enjoying himself again. Please don’t go back to that toxic club

    • don t consider me as Barcelona fan but if you say toxic club Barca then PSG what exactly is it?
      they are definition of toxic club.
      anyway whatever Leo wants he will do but just to know whatever happened Barcelona is his home and his family love the city and the club too. they want to return. (especially his children).

      • Yes, II is very important for his family specially for his kids like u said my friend and for sure nothing is more important for him than his family and specially his kids as true parent or a true father he truly is !

        Also a great role model for so many kids and youth’s around the world and why not also for grown up’s/ as adults too!

        • my friend people think (i don t blame them) that Leo cares mostly for money. i am able to know that this is not true. His family is first than everything. Let the people believe what they want. they will be surprised probably in end.

      • I understand your point I just don’t want him to go as back as a player instead as sporting director I think he mentioned something like this before that will be in the future. I also about know how important his family is to him. I just don’t want to see him hurt, back then you know Barca are just draining the life out of him. He is always looking tired, frustrated,…

        • i understand you. you are right. Just i guess if Leo decide to return there he will firstly take some guarantees. Else he will not.
          Anyhow he have many things and factors to think before he decide his future but the only sure is that this will happened after world cup.
          Now Leo has only that in his brain something which is very very good for us Argentina national team fans.

    • PSG made €600 million euros due to Messi transfer and Leo made €60 million after bonuses. PSG is funded by Qatar state and they have unlimited supply of money , which is why Icardi was sent out for loan for basically free. Out of his €6.75 million salary Galatasaray is only paying €750,000 to him rest is PSG. That should give an idea that PSG Qatari owners want their club to be as big as Madrid or United and only after Messi’s transfer they were finally able to get that kind of public and media attention. Not just PSG but farmer’s league aka Ligue 1 fans quadrupled. Ligue 1 itself would not want to lose its star. PSG already offered to extend Messi’s contract by another year which was already included in the contract but to keep him they will not hesitate to even offer him 2 more years as espn french futbal analyst Julian Laurens mentioned.

      Bankruptilona mean while is struggling pay their players current salary and trying to get rid of the trio of Pique, Busqets and Alba, they will never be able to afford Messi’s €43 million salary. Again, money is nothing for the oil funded club and to maintain the public and media attention they will offer Messi a new contract which he can’t refuse!! Barcelona chapter is closed!!!

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