Lionel Messi speaks on Argentina team, semi finals, the referee


Lionel Messi spoke about the Argentina national team, the semi finals and the referee.

Messi scored and had an assist for Argentina vs. the Netherlands in the quarter finals. Being named as the Player of the Match, Messi spoke to the media about the team. Here is what he had to say:

“Argentina are among the four best in the world because we showed that we know how to play every match with the same desire and the same intensity.

“This team understands the moments of the match. When they have to play, they do. When they have to defend, they do.

“A lot of joy and relief. It wasn’t to go to penalty kicks. We suffered too much for how it all happened. But the it’s the quarter finals of the World Cup. Going through is the most beautiful and impressive thing.

Regarding the match vs. Croatia in the semi finals:

“Croatia have showed that they are a great team. At times, they played on equal footing with Brazil. It’s a team that has been working with the same coach for a long time and they know each other very well.”

He also spoke about the referee:

“I think that FIFA cannot use this referee for this type of match because he is not up to the task.”

And about the fans:

“We are really enjoying the people, going little by little. We are very happy.”


  1. Now that everything and everybody calmed down, myself included:
    ARG deserved to win and the game should have ended 2-1 a few mins into extra time and that’s it.
    Mistakes galore and they paid for them but thankfully ARGENTINA rose up and didn’t crumble like heheheheh Brazil………….arrogance NEVER PAYS…..I hope they danced their dumbasses and coach included back to their airport LMAO KEEP DANCING

    That cocksucker of a REF. has always ALWAYS AAAAALLWAAYS been the jerkoff he was tonight, dunno what it is, maybe he was a failed footballer, his wife left him, somebody kicked his dog, he always had THIS HUGE CHIP ON HIS Shoulder flashing that yellow card left and right for the most idiotic shit and just like Messi called him, NOT UP TO THE MOMENT.
    Happy with the WIN, lets get healthy and aside from Acuna, who else will Miss the next game?

  2. The way we didn’t completely breakdown after the second dutch goals speaks volume about the mental strength of this squad! Val-Gal instead of persisting with the long ball pressing after 2nd goal and going for penalty shoot-out also helped us gain our confidence back again! Every team needs some luck factor to win the world cup and so far we have that.

    Brazil getting knocked out and us beating Netherlands after throwing 2-0 lead and advancing to semis! Today was a great roller-coaster of a day!

    • We made through in the most difficult way.. Fortunately we are the winner. Now this team is getting even stronger and tougher. Vamos!

    • Van Gaal didn’t press with the long ball because it is easy to defend. Argentina was caught unaware and distracted, but once they came out in extra time, you could see that the Dutch strategy could be easily defended. Beyond desperate situations it is a pretty poor technique.

  3. this game had me on my toes

    mistakes aside it was a very entertaining game and one of the best I’ve seen in a while

    only thing ruining it was that bald fuck of a referee

  4. Now on a hypothetic world, Lets imagine that Portugal beats Morocco and then beats France/England to reach final of the WC and wait for us to reach the finals.Imagine the magnitude of that match.The biggest sporting event final and single match in the history of all time…OMG….😇😇😇

  5. Now I think Messi and Dibu may get banned, do you think? I am so worried, the coach made stupid decisions, then the players said stupid things including our captain. Emotion is high, it’s when you need to stop speaking!

  6. The player I’m most happy for today is toro Martinez my whole family chanted his name last section of the game lol – I think if he missed that penalty it could have broken him! But boom! He struck it perfectly 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

  7. Messi should act with more class. Some fiery words there that could come back to bite us. He is our captain and should set an example. No matter what the opposition does to you, we should have respect for a fallen opponent after the game. The words during the interview and the altercation with LVG and Edgar Davids was uncalled for. Lost a bit of respect for him.

    We won the game, let’s respect the effort put by the other team for making this a classic and move on.

    • What you sow is what you reap my friend… Messi did nothing wrong, the referee was a pathetic imbecile and lost control of the game which is true and nothing to hide… And van gaal though some folks hail him as a good tactician is one narrow deep minded arrogant coach…. Look at the way he was talking before the game… They deserve that fully from the goat and rest of the Argentina team

    • Be ready to get some stick if you speak bad about others…nobody is entitled to stay calm while others insult you…if van gaal has something to say about the team and Messi has to be ready to back it up…if not it’s better to shut up.

    • It’s not about reacting. It’s about how we react. The Dutch played mind games and we did fall for it. The words that Messi and Dibu said and our team’s antics could have repercussions. We need to be smart about avoiding such situations. There are two more matches and we need all our players especially considering Acuna and Montiel will miss the next game.

  8. Why would Messi say things about the refreeing now?Let the WC be over otherwise those clowns may ban him for the next 2 matches. Why taking unwanted risk till we win it all. Our personal suggestions and egos are not important than dreams of billions around the world who support Argentina blindly.

    Argentina football National team like winning such matches by creating unwanted mess for ourselves for no reason. This was such an easy match to win on normal time. But no. Due to the arrogancy of some our players we was about to get knocked out.

    Next up an opponent who has abundance of luck with them in the world cups since 2018 WC. From 2018 onwards Croatia is riding on dream luck vehicle. They are hunting in packs and hunting down bigger opponents too. And that list of opponents which they have hunted down includes our name too. So beware and lets keep our head and heart in ground.

    First win the damn WC final after playing all the 100 minutes of the final. Then if you still wanna be arrogant, show it. Karma will wait and hit back later. Remember Germans were mocking us after winning 2014 WC final. What did karma do. Hit them hard and took them to the bottom for next 2 WCs.Sooner or later Karma will hit back.

    Anyone have any doubts on Scalonis tactics and team selections? Any suggestions or complainsts.?Guys this is Scalonis way of winning. Better we adapt and get used to it. Otherwise we will keep complaining and frustrated always.Anyway thats for another day, For now Congacts to all us for our win. Our dream prevails. We are Argentina. We are the team of players assembeled by God. Captained by the Messiah. Lets win it and show the world who The real dragon warriors are.

    • Scaloni’s initial tactics were perfect.
      5-3-2 completely stifled Netherlands and the goal came from the free fullback.
      Subs were questionable. I assume RDP and Di Maria and Cuti were not 100% so not much choice.

    • Prob put pressure on refrees…bad decisions need to spoken about…adding 10 mins and giving.away soft free kicks near the edge of the penalty area is not right refreeing…also hea from Europe he should’ve handed out yellow cards responsibly.

  9. Very bad referring. Can some one tell us how the yellow cards works in semis or in the final. I m nourvous. Many of our player got yellow including messi

  10. I’m so happy, you guys deserve these victories! For your love of the albiceleste game! You guys analyse the games so well understand this team like a coach! That is only possible with pure dedication lol! VAMOS!

  11. Paredes was brought on to calm down the game but he let Van Gaal and the Dutch players get into his head. Kicking the ball into the Dutch dugout was uncalled for, it disrupted the game and had a negative impact on the Argentina players on the pitch…Otherwise Paredes did pretty well, he should stay as the closing midfielder player for the rest of the tournament.

    Best moment during the PK was when Montiel walked up to take his penalty kick, the Dutch player who had just taken his, was looking at Montiel as he walked by and his expression was like, who is this? The Dutch player even turned his head to look at Montiel jersey number..

    The Netherlands needed to show more humility, all the pregame antics were not necessary.. It’s funny how Molina, the “weak link,” scored on them..

  12. It’s just funny for Argentina opponent from game to game with their home jersey color…first yellow then orange then red…maybe next dark red…who knows

  13. We huff and puff, we stumble, we stutter but in the end we still find a way to progress, better than obliterating all previous opponents and lose and go home

  14. At last someone says something about the referee and the insane extra ten minutes, Surely that’s also a new recorded in this World Cup.

    • yah! 10 freaking minutes! he put up both hands at the 90th min and I thought he meant something else… record added minutes and record yellow cards on WC matches….

    • It is just crazy yellow for any slight challenge all in total of 16. He added 10 minutes as if that is not crazy enough he stopped the time at 13minutes. Lahou is a crazy man

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