Rodrigo De Paul speaks on his injury, the Argentina team, the World Cup


Rodrigo De Paul spoke about his injury, the Argentina national team and the World Cup.

De Paul had not trained with the team on Wednesday but did play for Argentina in the penalty shootout win vs. Netherlands. Speaking to TyC Sports after the match, here is what he had to say:

“The emotion is for what we have achieved, for what my team mates did and above all, for the support I have received these three days to be able to be here. The truth is that it angers us that this information leaks because we want to manage it very cautiously.

“Some had me out of the World Cup, saying I was out. Not only do you have to bear the anger of having something there but also to reassure the family. I did a big job with the physiotherapists and doctors.

“It was consensual and always being asked. I knew that once I would be in, I couldn’t leave after 10 minutes. There was a lot of pressure on me. Thank God the work that was done made everything go well.”

In regards to the World Cup:

“Our goal was to be in the top four. To arrive on the first day and to leave the last. We were champions at the Maracana, we had an incredible qualifiers, we broke the record for undefeated matches and today we are in the semi final. I think what we have achieved is impressive and I am very grateful to be part of all this.”


  1. Croatia had a huge advantage against Brazil which hasn’t been talked about. The Luka Modric Real-Madrid factor. He knew quite a bit about these four players V.Junior, Casemiro, Rogrigo and Militao and which is why all four had a bad day today which led to Brazil failing to dominate the match like they had done until today. Against us Croatia will not have that advantage. Yes, Acuna will be missing but Dimaria and DePaul will be back and we beat Netherlands without our 2nd most important player today!!

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