Marcos Acuña, Gonzalo Montiel suspended for Croatia match in semi finals


Marcos Acuña and Gonzalo Montiel are suspended for the Croatia match in the semi finals of the World Cup.

Acuña and Montiel both received their second yellow cards of the World Cup in Argentina’s penalty shootout win vs. Netherlands in the quarter finals. Acuña received his first yellow card against Poland while Montiel was yelloe carded against Saudi Arabia.


  1. Given the ridiculously long added time at WC, Scaloni should change the timing of full defense mode. You can go full defense at 75th minute, not 65th minute.

  2. Kudos to our team for not crumbling after blowing away the 2-0 lead! I was quite surprised Val-Gal didn’t continue the pressing when we were in a state of complete shock! This match will build our character even stronger now. When you win in these circumstances you build a never give up attitude!!!

    However there are some culprits who got us into that situation of Pandemonium. After the Australia match one would have thought that Scaloni would have prepared for the last 10-15 mins of pressing from the opposition but it didn’t look like it at all. The way the Dutch were getting the ball back we didn’t look like we prepared for the last 10 min onslaught from the opposition! The Panic in three matches means Croatia will try to exploit it. They have everything to cause the havoc Saudi, Australia and Netherlands caused by putting in long balls and pressing us non-stop!! We have to prepare for it now and not by just clearing the ball like Morocco did today or like Brazil yesterday when they were attacking instead of defending and keeping possession! I don’t know how but it’s Scaloni’s job to figure out how to close our matches!!!

    I remember long time ago in La-Liga when Barcelona were competing in all three competitions and their no-1 keeper Victor Valdes got injured and was replaced by J.Pinto. The quality in difference was such that Barca crashed out from all three competition once Pinto took over. Our subs Pezella, Tagliafico and Paredes reminds me of J.Pinto. Once these three were brought in we looked like a completely different team. Paredes was brought in to keep the possession of the ball and frustrate the Dutch but he ended up getting into unnecessary drama causing the match to go into 10mins extra time. I have said enough about Tagliafico he was always poor when attacking but now he seems a liability when defending too and now with Acuna suspended we are stuck with his poor form in a world cup semi-final!! Pezzella, what a poor game he had! How can such an experienced tall CB brought into deal with the tall Dutch player commit such stupid amateurish foul virtually in the last min of the match!! This guy shouldn’t be used if possible! We can’t have three J.Pinto as subs!!!

    Lastly I also need to call out our hero GoalKeeper! His heroics helped us advance to the Semis but those two goals aren’t to be conceded, especially the first one. A top goal keeper like him can’t afford to get beat which is supposed to be regulation save. I understand the second goal was quite sneaky, took everyone by surprise and there was too much pressure on him to anticipate that but we can’t simply concede the first one!!

  3. Anybody with any football knowledge knows that Ronaldo is not near Messi, Maradona, Cruyff, or Pele. I would say he is definitely a top 10 player in the world though, and these guys give their hearts out there, all of them. Unfortunately not every great wins a world cup, thats just the way life works. He is blessed more than 99.99 percent of all human beings that have ever lived or are living on the planet. So, yeah, sorry not winning the big one is a heartbreak for any of them including Messi but it’s just a game, not life or death.

  4. Ironically our defending are much better than Morocco’s.

    ARG 1,88 xGA vs MOR 4,73 xGA, not even close.

    Conceeding 5 goals from this is pure bad luck (elite finishing from the shooters or bad goalkeeping.

    • Its not bad luck. What happens is you cannot go into a defensive shell for 25 minutes which is what we did against a quality team. This NEVER works, and we paid the price. Hopefully we will learn that you have to play even through the match.

      • But this is in Scaloni’s DNA. He tends to try defending a 1/2 goal lead. He has been doing this since day one and doesn’t seem he learned a thing. It’s surprising that we are making the same mistake again and again and don’t know yet how to close a game.

  5. Which team do you guys support between France and England? I kind of prefer England over France, although it will be tons of pressure for a Argentina/England WC final.

  6. I don’t like to wallow in schadenfreude, but I am going to celebrate this moment. That piece of sh*t poser, even his tears do not seem genuine.

    I hope Scaloni and the rest of Arg team get their act together and help Leo seal of the deal on this faux debate once and for all.

  7. Anyway only Europeans wanted Portugal-Argentina. No Argentinian prefers Portugal over England. England is the real epic final. But step by step. I don’t care about Portugal

    • Shows how a smart coach with a unit that delivers his ideas can upset big teams. They have a lot of talented players, so not taking anything away from them. But who would have predicted such a wild E vs F

      A vs C, E/F vs M semi final…2 favourites, one pundit favourite, one bookies favourite and a dark horse..this world cup will be
      remembered for sure..

  8. Her majesty is out of the world cup……..and Diego Simione would be so bummed his favorite gay partner apple of eyes Felix is out…….that motherfucking piece of shit is crying right now I bet…….

  9. Looking for a Argentina-Morocco final.

    “I fell in love with you watching Casablanca
    Back row of the drive-in show in the flickering light
    Popcorn and cokes beneath the stars
    Became champagne and caviar
    Making love on a long hot summer’s night”

  10. This referee is a disaster. There is no better referee in the world to pick this guy. He drew a yellow card indiscriminately. I think he is the embodiment of corruption. Acuna didn’t deserve a yellow card in that situation.

    • I was just thinking about that too. I think international football is harder. Almost every week in the EPL you see long range shots yet in the World Cup with 64 matches maybe we’ve only seen 5 spectacular long distance goals.

  11. Hopefully only these 2 as fifa started an investigation into misconduct by players and coaching staff of both Argentina and Netherlands. Some players misbehaved after the match and insulted players and coach. International media point out Otamendi and Messi. Our captain said things way below his status and lost a lot of respect.

    Hot topics in the media also include
    – why did Messi not get a yellow for hand ball
    – Paredes deserved a red for the kick in the dug out

    The media in various countries also state that victory was deserved.

  12. Tagli as replacement for Acuna would be a disaster. So either Scaloni shoukd have 5 3 2 formation with enough cover for Tagli’s ugly mistakes or he should have Licha as left back in a 4 3 3 formation. Acuna is irreplaceable. Croatia has a rock solid defence and one of the best goalies in this world cup. On top of that they have Perisic and Modric, two extraordinary players. Alvarez, Enzo and MacAllister need to run the breathe out of the bit aged defence. Then pray for Scaloni not to make any outrageous substitutes.

    • Licha as left back on a 5-3-2. I’d prefer Pezzella in there in Licha’s spot with Licha taking over Tagliafico. Tag is not anything more than a spot player. Really to be honest we should have brought Medina instead of Tag.
      Either that or if DiMaria playa you need to still play a 4-3-3 with Molina Cuti Ota Licha

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