Lionel Messi speaks on his debut match with Argentina, the team and Michael Jordan


Lionel Messi spoke about his debut with the Argentina national team, the current team and Michael Jordan.

Messi spoke in an interview with JP Varsky of Clank Media where he commented on his style of playing, why he walks on the pitch during a match, going to the Olympics with Argentina and Pep Guardiola telling him he will play as a false number nine. In the same interview, he spoke about his debut with Argentina. Here is what he had to say:

“I cried a lot the day of my debut in the national team. In the locker room, Kily González consoled me by telling me that the same thing had happened to him.”

He also spoke about being with the Argentina national team:

“These moments of enclosure in the training camp, when a group is good and you get along well, it’s good. You spend a lot of time with your teammates and it goes by fast. Time flies.

“In 2014, I felt that I had to make a change, that I didn’t feel good and that I could get much more out of my physique and Martín Demichelis made me meet a doctor that I went to for several years and learned a lot from him.

“The 2016 locker room was the saddest of all. It was the third (final lost) in a row, we had done a very good Copa América. As a result of that I gave the statements I did.

“It was very difficult for me to return to the national team. They were all new guys and I didn’t know any of them personally, and it’s very difficult for me to get into groups.

“And Rodrigo helped me a lot, because of the way he is, when I met him he reminded me a lot of Pocho Lavezzi.

“He approached me, we talked, and he made me join the group much faster. He helped me a lot.”

About Michael Jordan:

“The Last Dance’ is impressive. That brought me much closer to living what he is. I would have loved to have lived through that era.

“I don’t know much about basketball, but he was someone different than everyone else.”