Argentina extends deal with Adidas until 2038


The Argentina national team have extended their deal with Adidas until 2038.

Argentina will remain with Adidas for the next 14 years. The extension was announced on Tuesday.

Adidas has been producing Argentina merchandise since 2001, after Argentina signed with them from Reebok.


  1. BREAKING: Thiago Almada has been sold to Eagle Football Group for $20M. The Argentine player will play for Botafogo until December and then will move to Lyon. @CLMerlo 🇧🇷🇫🇷

    • Finally seems happening for Almada, very good news indeed as I hope TAGLI will be there still, when he arrive’s and will not experience Lyon and France as young Argentine by himself though obviously he has go trough this new experience and chapter in his life by himself ultimately, but with help of TAGLI hopefully, it will be guaranteed more easier !

  2. Thank God. Although I would like to see how a Nike Argentina jersey would look like… I would be afraid that our corrupt federation would give a deal to some small group like Marathon so they can skim off the froth

    • Adidas have lost Germany to Nike from 2027 onwards so they had to fight to keep Argentina as thier main supplier Argentina will be Adidas’s number 1 nt from now on plus it sponsors most our players from messi di maria, de Paul, MacAllister, lo celso, Palacios, Alvarez,
      Cuti Romero, lmq , emi martinez and licha martinez

      • Yep, we are Adidas for life.
        Adidas losing Germany is like Germany losing Mercedes. I don’t know how that deal fell thru…. I can’t imagine Germany in a non Adidas kit

        • Maybe German’s will opt for UHL SPORT, LOL !though they don’t or have never produced everything in terms of football as more of for goalkeeping departments etc…

          It will be as u said as them not opting to drive anymore with “ Mercedes “

          Time’s are deffenetly changing as it is strange to seem play in that other shirt as I quess it is their’ “ away shirt…”

      • The whole planet supports the anti christ my brother. If we stop buying from who supports you know what then we will be sitting in a desert looking for water wells, hunting our own food and stitching our own clothes.
        Btw, I never liked Starbucks anyways, I can’t stand being in line and listening to some lady order a soy milk latter grande and coffee drinks for her kids and spending 100 beans a day on it. I havnt been a Starbucks shopper for ages.
        F the anti Christ

          • Whether it Starbucks or any big Company or corporate, well I think most of them all will die for anti christ, as those richer just getting more richer and vice versus indeed, though nothing new as, that is how they set up allready age’s ago, though back then some were still able to search for their own water food and stitch their own clothes, but now only those poor one’s who might not have any other option or those who really going for the effort, as they say in India “very much quantity, but very little quality” anyhow nowdays for those who want live as more alternative way as there is obviously many, many levels of it as in everything in general, but it has come obviously more of perhaps a rich man’s dream, as those willing go for it need have money to buy them some land and with fresh water source, well that I quess cost’s a lot, though depends how far those are willing search….

            Hopefully all the rich people who are more interested living as more alternative way will not only live by this way, but even more to share it with those who can’t afford it or can’t make it for a reason or another as now I quess land with pure or fresh water source and fertile ground is rare and expensive, but as said there might still some places left, where with the kind of right effort of those Rich people who might be interested could be turned in a very fertile and clean environment or so i have allways hoped for since, when I was young and able and very lucky with hardly any money to visit and experience many beautiful different cultures on this planet and now I wonder why did I not opted first for SA instead of Asia and Africa, Australia and U.S as never made it to Canada, which I dreamt of constantly, when I was a kid and I had planned with my dad to go Argentina, but he passed away and my kid’s are half Asian and half European and therefore for family matters obviously travelled a lot in Asia, but now if I could choose from the beginning as the goal was to visit every continent of this world, well I would had taken ARG and SA, but as it was planned ahead with my dad, well I kind of trusted and wanted to do it with him as he thought so much of football and made me fell in love with ARG when I was so young and, well here are still loyal as one and only to THE ONE AND OLY TEAM FOR ME PERSONALLY AS ARGENTINA ! VAMOS ALBICELESTE Y LA SELECCION !

      • Dfox,
        I truly hope so too as I have hoped for this since at very young age as most of my friends were from all over the continent and the more I travelled, well more people and friends I made with…

        as back in the 90’ s in Europe hitchhiking was so easy as getting picked by some super sport Mercedes and also driven by quite fascinating lady, though French, lol,

        but anyhow she was very nice and very kind for a I assume as very rich person and I just sitted next to her hardly daring even looked at her as she driving super fast too as in that car there were only 2 seats and obviously could not spoke French neither did she english also my english was like it did not exist at all, lol !
        So she picked me from somewhere near Paris and suddenly in matter few hours we were allready near Montpellier as approaching the beginning of French pyrenee’s mountains and if Menotti was called a chain smoker, well so was she as I quess all she had in the car was just cigarettes, lol! Back then I still smoked and, when she headed I quess to French Riviera or to one those richer french places, well she left me with so many cartoons of cigarettes as some I had throw away as I did not have place to store them, lol !

        Mad French lady, indeed and a chain smoker,as it so unreal like being in one those David Lynch’s films, lol!

        In the end I quess all we did was just smoked cigarettes, lol and hardly any words were exchanged due to language barrier, but back then I allways travelled free as 12 000 km or more back and forth to Southern Spain, Andalucia or Alpujarras as cerca Granada, Cordoba etc…

        When I brought my kids there and to Cerca Cadiz to the Atlantic Ocean side, their eyes were like reflection of my own as shining as I first got know Andalucia and Spain and I wished I could had crossed with them over Africa as I once did, but didn’t have time for it neither the money, lol ! and all they were saying to me, that how can I not bring to Africa, besides having not enough money as I once did and tried to tell them, but I saved my money in Europe before crossing over to Africa as I knew I could survive without money in Europe, but not in Africa, but suddenly they did not believe me, that I had been in Africa and travelled a bit there too as they said if u could once u do it, then why not wit us now, lol! As they made Avery valid point indeed, lol !

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