Argentina likely to play Ecuador or Mexico in quarter finals of Copa America


Argentina are likely to play either Ecuador or Mexico in the quarter finals of the Copa America.

The Argentina national team were the first team to secure a quarter final spot at the 2024 Copa America in the United States. A goal by Lautaro Martínez and a 1-0 win vs. Chile secured Argentina a spot and a 1-0 win for Venezuela vs. Mexico in Group B also secured them a spot.

Venezuela are presently on six points and will play the quarter finals with one match left against Jamaica. Venezuela need a draw in that match to secure to place in the group.

Ecuador will play Mexico and should Venezuela get a draw or a win against Jamaica, Argentina will play the winner of Ecuador and Mexico in the quarter finals.


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  2. Whoever plays against us would go with similar strategies like Chile and Canada. Penalties are always dicey. So we need to be more accurate in front of the goals.

  3. It’s COPA America AKA a championship and ARG should and will be ready to play whoever comes along and it’s never easy. Look at who they played in WC and COPA before the last game and who they played at the final.

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  5. I only hope they play against us similar way they played anga each other ! Like open game with attacking and play for win. Not like how team play against us. For example chile.

  6. I prefer Venezuela. Though temporary forms of both Mexico and Ecuador shows inconsistency, few teams have been giving us tough games than the 02 teams. .

  7. unlike Euro, Copa 24 has extra time only in final. So QF & SF, in case of a deadlock ,we will goto penalties post 90minutes.

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