Cristian Romero speaks on Argentina’s 1-0 win vs. Chile at Copa America


Cristian Romero spoke about Argentina’s 1-0 win vs. Chile at the Copa America.

Romero was one of Argentina’s best players in their 1-0 win vs. Chile. Speaking to the media after the match, here is what he had to say:

“It was a tough match. In the Copa America it seems that all the teams play us the same.

“We are happy because we played a good game, we showed that we are doing very well and that we are still hungry to achieve things.”


  1. Scaloni must focus on improving conversion rate for the knock-out stages which won’t have extra times. Clever set-pieces should be strategized. Messi is not in his groove in the Copa as far as freekicks and accuracy are concerned. So some freekick strategies like the one we had against England decades back or the one that Netherlands had against us in the recent past should be worked out.

  2. Nico Gonzalez was absolutely sensational, probably his best match for Argentina. Once he was subbed off Chile were pressing and threatening to score for about 10 minutes despite introduction of Dimaria. Bringing on Acuna & Montiel was the turning point. Montiel though not great offensively provided better defensive cover easing pressure on Dimaria

  3. England is luckiest nt ever since Southgate took over. They had always a easy route from 2018 world cup this Euro 2024 they are in the easy bracket compare likes Belgium, France, Portugal, Spain and Germany are all in same bracket while will play against Slovakia, than one of Swiss or Italy but I fancy Swiss to beat both Italy and England, Swiss is seriously dark horse

    • Yes, indeed English are lucky again with favorable draw, but no Wembley this time and I reckon’ it ain’t coming home this time either….

      Swiss are definitely a dark horse as so is Austria and it could be a very likely scenario, that those will meet each other in the other semi’s in this Euro, though I’m rooting for Italians and Turkey and Spain and Denmark from the other side of the bracket, though I don’t think Dane’s will make it….Spain Could make it, but that side of the bracket is difficult one, just please no France nor Portugal as i would rather let the German’s win it, than those 2, but i truly hope neither Spain or Denmark will be in the final and hopefully against Italian’s as, then i would not also care if it does not Rome this year as i would be happy with all 3 or Turkey…

        • So were Jamaican’s a better team in this game or Ecuador playing really bad, or perhaps both…?

          I would had not mind Jamaica to win, but wasn’t able watch match as just saw the result as well that Venezuela won against Mexico….

          So i quess ARG will be playing Ecuador in their first knock out match….and hopefully after winning against Venezuela…


  4. I know scaloni will few changes…
    Montiel otamendi LMQ Acuna
    Palacious Parades
    Di maria/carboni locelso garnacho

      • Dfox, only few people or fans would identify who her highness is, and ever will be. I have never seen an envying person as much as her. Cr7 is obessessed with Leo. All of his remarks and ill intentions confirms these allegations. With all due respect to thier legends like Dico and Euusebio,
        I still want to suffer her highness while trying to shield herself under NT success.

        • I personally have nothing against Portugal except for one small but seismic problem LOL, the very last thing I ever want to see is the ultimate prima donna anywhere near that EURO trophy or his mindless clueless from LaLa Land fans and their batshit nonsense.
          For example, Messi never won the EUROS
          The CL is bigger than the WC.
          FIFA rigged the games so Messi could win the WC and COPA before,
          or how HER majesty is a superior footballer because he worked hard on his game and body unlike Messi whose talent is GOD given.
          Just few examples.
          I wanna see him down on his knees crying his eyes out worse than after the WC or most recently after losing at the camel league. 🙂 🙂 🙂
          The Golden boy initially disliked Messi but fell in love with him AFTER losing the WC and always spoke highly of him, unlike Ronaldita who is always ready to belittle Messi’s accomplishments every chance he gets.

          Like the very famous saying goes, “the enemy of my enemy, is my friend”.

      • Dude for real what is your fu*kin problem… Please leave this forum. Why is there so much hate for one of our players??????
        And by the way the two you always mentioned, GLC and Nico did both great yesterday…
        Seems like you have absolutely no clue about soccer

  5. Georgia beating Portugal 1-0 , Ronaldita with a yellow card, yelling, screaming, mad at the REF, her teammates and the world……I LOVE IT hehehe Let’s GO GEORGIA hehehe

    According to social media, FIFA Rigged the REF. to rig her highness for Messi LMAO

  6. I would like to see Garnacho on left and di maria on right with Alvarez or eltoro up top with a mid field consisting of paredes palacios and Macca.

    Also, it’s going to be lamb this Saturday as we already punched thru to knockouts. Come thru, lamb chops and shoulder on deck…..

      • No I did beef against Canada. I think Godin gave me a hard time for trying to cook lamb. But lamb Saturday.
        Beef vs Canada
        Beef vs Chile
        Lamb vs Peru

        Btw did u see the Canadian fans holding the sign: “poutine is better than ceviche”

    • Good line up SorinXCrespo as.may, well have a wish for change ADM as coming in as Sub for Carboni on the right or either way or perhaps Nico.G also for the right with ADM as i just don’t want ADM to get injured by any Peru’s player and i have feeling , that ADM will be making, well i save it for later on…., but i think u get it and enjoy lamb and hopefully ADM will feature, whether as starter or sub all will be fine as he has given a more than his heart on so many important moments of ARG’s entire football history and truly want to see his heart celebration to continue !

  7. I wish an easy path for Argentina to the final…

    Chile to lose or draw against Canada..!
    Ecuador, somehow out from the group stage..!

    I think, these two teams can go physically and trouble us…so it’s best if they are out from the group…

  8. The game vs Chile felt like a CONMEBOL qualifying game, with tension, duels, passion, etc. These types of games are never easy, especially if the rival wants blood and if they have a good coach from Argentina like Gareca, it’s especially tough. We met the challenge, we have lots of flair and creativity but also tons of grit, fight, stamina, courage in us, la garra and we can go toe to toe with any physical opponent. In the end the quality of our bench, our depth also is a big advantage. Having Lautaro, Di Maria, Lo Celso and many others ready to step in is a huge blessing. All in all, good, hard fought win and on to the next round.

    Nico Gonzalez had a great game, Lo Celso proved his worth with his involvement in Lautaro’s goal. We continue to be vulnerable in fullback areas defensively but I think many of our rivals have more weaknesses than we do.

    • Totally I agree with you, nico gonzalez will be much better if he plays right side to cut inside where he plays for his club plus he is deadly aerial duels both ends on the field

    • whats up Engache!

      The midfield and fullbacks had a rough day. Brick feet 1st touches, tons of missed passes. The game felt like it CBs and forwards with even Messi and ADM off a bit too.

  9. I know that I will get a lot of criticism for this but some people are saying that ARG and Messi were off offensively yesterday…..I kinda agree with them, specially in the final third area where Messi is the best, he got dispossessed quite a few times…….

    • He has been losing posession of the ball quite frequenly over the past few years, largely due to his decline in pace and reflexes. When you lose significant pace your dribbling isn’t as effective as it used to be before. However, his pace is still good enough to cause serious trouble. Additionally, young attacking players like Mbappe, V.Junior, Bellingham often lose posession when trying to create chances and which is normal.

      Hopefully, Scaloni won’t start Messi in the next game, he needs rest and save his energy for the knockouts. If it were up to me, regardless of Messi’s zero goals in this competition so far, I wouldn’t even bring him off the bench. Instead, I would give opportunities to Garnacho, Palacios, Carboni, Otamendi and rest Licah, Romero, Depaul, Macallister along with Messi.

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