Argentina’s goals at the 2024 Copa America against Canada and Chile


The Argentina national team has scored three goals at the 2024 Copa America, with two against Canada and one against Chile.

Lautaro Martínez leads the Copa America with the most goals, scoring two at the Copa America. Argentina’s two strikers, Julián Álvarez and Lautaro Martínez have scored Argentina’s three goals.

Julián Álvarez and Lautaro Martínez both scored for Argentina in their 2-0 win vs. Canada and it was Lautaro Martínez who was substituted in for Argentina vs. Chile who scored the only goal of the match.


  1. Valentin Carboni will join the Inter Milan squad this season though his brother, left back Franco Carboni will play River on loan.
    Juventus have decided not to sell Matias Soule and will retain him at Juve for the upcoming season.

  2. Uruguay is looking extremely dangerous under Bielsa and with a bunch of top class players. Solid defense, solid forward line and a very energetic pressing midfield. Scaloni needs to be really smart to counter Uruguay whenever they meet next whether in Copa or in the reverse qualifier fixture. Else Messi needs to go back to his 2012-16 form. Likes of Nico, LoCelso would not be ideal. We need to have likes of Garnacho and Palacios who have the speed and who are playing for the top tier teams. Then only Scaloni would be able to counter Uruguay. But at present Uruguay is definitely looking the best in Conmebol.

      • Spot on Csabalala. He is one of the biggest losser in the history of football. I never pardoned him for 2002 argentina 🇦🇷 world cup performance…Argentina will beat this Uruguay team…

    • I suppose you didn’t witness our 2002 team and what he won with them!!!! You can check on YouTube also do some research the players he had in his disposal and he didn’t win shit. Loco is great mentor and half of the coaches at the moment probably his students but his ego and stubbornness comes always way. Maybe Uruguay will be hard but not unbeatable. We shall see

  3. Marcelo Bielsa masterclass! Impressive play, speed and control
    He always deliver fresh and new ideas only sometime the timing is not on his side.

  4. Ayoooo. I know it’s vs Bolivia… But Uruguay look scary. They made mass subs at the end and those subs look scary. They are looking like one of the best teams in the world right now.

  5. Why does it always look like Bielsa is one word away from killing somebody LOL and Mr. CONMEBOL AKA President Domínguez is having the time of his life, going from one game to another each night…..homie slimed down and always looking dapper now!

  6. Panama beat USA.. in last match panama vs Bolivia and Uruguay vs USA. I don’t see USA going to next round.. both maxico and USA and will go at Group stage ?

    • Mexico is just not good period, no ifs or buts about it while the U.S. has talent but as always when it comes to FOOTBALL, way ahead of themselves….remember 2016? And 2022 and even 2010!

    • We can still rotate against Peru. Go with 343 …
      LMQ otamendi pezzela
      Palacious Guido Enzo lo celso
      Dimaria lautaro garnacho.

    • Damn injuries, i do still hope LICHA andCUTI will be rested as TAGLI too, but obviously after TAGLI and LICHA , well not many optiona as left back as i quess Nico.G Could play as left wingback, but ARG will need him fresh too and he also been kind of injury prone or at least not having the best of luck in terms of injuries….

  7. 🇦🇷 Eagle Group, set to close the deal for Thiago Almada as there’s an agreement on personal terms and project.

    Club-to-club talks today with Atlanta Utd to agree on terms and get deal done.

    Initial step will be Botafogo ⚪️⚫️🇧🇷
    Next step will be OL in 2025
    Fabrizio Romano
    It’s look like thiago almada is coming to Europe finally

    • A move to Lyon in Ligue-1 is a huge step forward for his european career. He will gain more attention from european media, clubs and their scouts. And if he performs for the national team then offers from clubs from tier-1 leagues will come pouring in.

      • It’s a great step, but I prefer him to go to a small club in English premier or even la Liga or series A. French league is like their hygiene….stinks.

        • This is no good. We can forget about this player. It’s two steps to a proper big club in a top league. 1-2 years in. Brazil and then 1-2 years in Lyon. Then someone may or may not be interested. It can easily be 4-5 years before a mid table club comes in. Too many steps to establish himself. It’s not like going to Brighton now.

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