Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni speaks on team making Copa America final


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni spoke about the team making the 2024 Copa America final.

Lionel Scaloni has now made three consecutive finals with the Argentina national team, winning the first two. Scaloni spoke to the media after Argentina’s 2-0 win vs. Canada. Here is what he had to say:

“This is something to be proud of. My gratitude is all for the players. We have been praised, we have been successful. And to get here after that costs twice as much.

“The bar is very high. Everyone thought it was going to be a bed of roses and it wasn’t like that at all. Canada proved it today by being a very difficult opponent”.

“We have a few days to rest. We will try to play a great game on Sunday.

“I think the team has done good things every game. It’s impossible to be disappointed with these guys.

Scaloni also commented on Ángel Di María:

“We have to let Fideo play, enjoy him”.


    • Would give us a chance to beat them in the finalissima. How perfect would it be, 1) Brazil in last Copa, 2) France in WC, and now 3) Uruguay (because it’s another Clasico) and finally 4) England.

      Still, despite that my visceral reaction is that I want them to lose against Spain. I don’t know if it’s worth it to have England win anything

  1. What worries me the most in the final is the fact that our best player for the finals would be going into the final with an emotional baggage. Di Maria should not have linked his retirement to a tournament. Instead he could have chosen one of the qualifiers in September. I think his performance in this edition of the cup has been impacted by his retirement decision. Scaloni should have talked to him. Paredes is also in some mental turmoil being torn between Serie A and Saudi League. Messi should also not start talking about his retirement etc. The entire focus should be on the final now and nothing else. Scaloni might be quite unimpressed about all these aspects which can seriously impact what we do in the final.

    • True. What matters now isn’t saying goodbye to anyone, it’s the final and only the final. History is winning the final, we remember that much better than retirements. We won’t remember Di Maria for his retirement but rather for the goals he scored in finals. Still, I have faith that it might not affect them too much because after all, they played a WC final and won it, after the whole 36 years of waiting and the Messi legacy thing. How much more emotional baggage can come from this? Since the WC must have been so much more to handle and yet they handled it fine, I think logically that everyone should handle this. Still, I agree it’s preferable to do a goodbye to Di Maria in qualifiers on Argentine soil to not only celebrate the Cup without the pressure but also do it at home in the monumental for example.

  2. We need lo celso in the midfield … It is crystal clear. Our midfield don’t have any rythm to be honest. De Paul was excellent but still I want more and i think lo celso is upgrade version that we need in our midfield, this guy can literally move the ball as quickly as anyone in the world.

  3. I understand the real grass pitch was recently laid on top of an artificial turf. However I am curious about the reason for watering it so heavily that every time the ball bounced a huge splash of water was visible. I wonder if the abysmal pitch condition played a part in our team misplacing so many passes in the last two matches. Do we have any pitch expert here to provide some insight on why the hell the pitch was watered down so heavily?

    • My guess would be to keep the pitch from cutting up easy when dry and to improve ball movement. They need to do some serious work on these fields for the WC and I bet some will still not be up to par!
      Widening the playing pitch would also be needed since many in this COPA were not up to FIFA regulations.
      Thankfully, the final is on real grass.

    • Hard to say as i’m not an expert as only so surprised to see such pitches used in the COPA,,,, way too bizarre and will they be the same for the WC too as, that will be vrazy if they don’t do or learn anything about this matter as allready should had been fixed for good for this COPA and no any turf’s at all ! As i only know normally theese turf’s for football are used in more colder climates, where real grass pitches are way too difficult to TaKe care as forexample etc….

    • I know that the commentators on the stream I was watching currently into the game commented on this too, so it is something that was noticeable by many people. I hope there isn’t a similar situation in the final, and I hope that the awful ball possession and many misplaced passes is down to this and not down to our player’s form, because we have to be on our A game, no exceptions in the final. Whether it’s Colombia or Uruguay they will be out for blood to beat the WC champion and get a trophy, and I fear we may get complacent since we’ve won so much these past few years. For them, it’ll be like us in Copa 2021 final where we HAD to win. That’s how Uruguay or Colombia fans and players will approach the game.

      It’s a shame to see these field problems though because this is supposedly a prelude to the World Cup in North America and you’d think will all the money going into this we would just get a normal, professionally kept field like in Europe

  4. Hi every one of my Mundo family.congratulation every one that we r in the final again.this is the last match of our beloved legend hope he retired as a winner again and insha Allah this Sunday we are all celebrate our copa victory again insha Allah

  5. It feels so good that we are at final again, I disliked Canadian and thier coach as they were trash talking I’m convince we will bring our A game in the final and we will be champion again God willing, It don’t matter weather is Uruguay or Colombia

  6. Glad to get that done with. Messi looked fit and the results show for Argentina. But still, he could’ve passed to his teammates on a couple of occasion instead of holding on to it for that Long. The pitch had so much water.
    Di Zerbi is now the coach of Olympique Marseille and he had 2 Argentines as TOP targets but both turned down by their clubs. He had Valentín Carboni as his priority signing to play as the no.10. OM wanted a loan deal as they can’t meet Inter’s asking price but Javier Zanetti turns it down. Inter want to sell him but putting a high price on his head.
    The second player was Ezequiel Fernandez but Boca turned down the offer.

  7. We made it to the finals again boys. High fives and hugs … And maybe some ass slaps!
    Here’s my take.
    Not complaining, but out defense needs to tighten up on discipline, we’ve done well enough but we need to be better against Uruguay or Columbia.
    I’m my honest opinion Columbia is the best team right now. They have skill, height, physicality, discipline, a good coach and are not afraid to send players forward.

    I am happy Enzo had an improved night, and I also think we should stick to this format… Same setup.
    Next game is for Fideo… Lord willing he has his glorious confidence in full spirit for his last match.

    Also We need to hold the ball more and frustrate the opposition… And be ready to jump on top of the ball when we are dispossessed like we were doing in the world cup.
    Congrats everyone.

    • Let’s hope ARG will be playing Uruguay in the final instead of Colombia as i also reckon Colombia being exactly as u described and therefore i prefer Uruguay, though ain’t gonna be much easier opponent in the end, but somehow i feel Uruguay will suit ARG better than Colombia, well we will see…who it will be and anyhow ARG just need to very tight defenssively and try to counter or score from setpiece etc…

      As long as ARG will not let any goals scored by opponent, well it may frustratw them and open up some space for ARG to exploit as hopefully so…

      Can’t belive, that this will be Fideo’s last game so god willingly indeed ANGEL as forever gratefull what ADM truly have delivered over theese years as he has given ARG everything possible there is to give and so much more than his heart, but hopefully we will get see his famous heart celebration for one last time….

        • Yes as allways u were right about Colombia as allways you seem to get your predictions right and hopefully so in the final as i’m not quessing. that u will obviously as true FAN OF ARG predict ARG to win and, yes so will i also, just keep putting on those shirts u wear during ARG’s game and keep on cooking ASADO MASTER SORINXCRESPO !

          Any sort of magic whether it is black or not doesn’t matter as all will do for me just to get the win over Columbia !

          VAMOS ARGENTINA Y FIDEO ! BTW I LIKED CRESPO A LOT TOO and had a chance once seeing him live at Stamford and just wished i Could has been able to see more ARG players as once saw Garay too, but not so many unfortunatly live…

  8. Colombia/ Uruguay both look the strongest opponent we play in Copa24. But we need to also note that both these team who are playing brilliant football could not beat Brazil in 90minutes. If beyond extra time & game goes to penalties, statistically we have an edge with Dibu. In 2016 we played eye pleasing football. We defeated Chile in group stage & a physical Chile restrained us in the final which we lost in penalties. So i wld tend to ignore the brilliant vs boring football & think we have equal chance in the final as our opponents .Surely the team will galvanize & find the much required momentum for Dimaria’s final game.
    For now i am wishing for a full 120 minutes of bloody action in the Colombia Uruguay match with cards & suspension.

  9. Sit, relax and literally watch Uruguay and Colombia kill each other tonight especially if the REF. let’s ’em.
    I personally do not like how Uruguay plays, Bielsa thinks the Stadium is the Italian Colosseum & players are Gladiators killing each other!! I get the high press and speed but dirty ugly football is exactly not!
    The final will be called differently since FIFA president will be watching and the crowd will be overwhelmingly Argentine!

  10. Something isn’t right
    The team is off, we are too slow, and we can’t even build up properly/creat chances anymore (Forget dominating teams).
    I just hope the team pulls it off Sunday, the only reason we made it this far is because we haven’t faced a strong opponent with critical finishers. This team has more to offer, it’s perhaps the Messi affect, he hasn’t been the same, today there some good sings but he vanished in the 2nd 1/2, he seems exhausted always.

    • Yes, it is so odd to see ARG play in this way as u pointed something just not right and they are off and way too slow + not connecting with each other and therefore hardly can create nor dominate with ball and so far the draw been more than favourable….

      MESSI obviusly with his age can’t be as he used to, though agree today was his best so far, but those are just some moments of the game and obviusly he can’t pull them out as before nor for entire match, which is understandable due to his age….

      The team has so more to offer and one more game to pull it off, though opponent will be out of different dimension and very difficult, but one good and solid game will do and will be needed from ARG, but i don’t know how they will be able, but hopefully they will !

      I’m not sure if the middfield combo suffers from the lack of fullbacks or is it just, that they can’t find good chemistry or don’t have right condition and lacking in fitness wise…? It is clearly weard with middfield indeed as one Could had ecpect , that to be where ARG would had more than enough options, but even not all, but many have been tried together and still zero affect as this make’s me wonder if they all are instructed in the same way as when on and of the pitch as subs or changing starters or their positions…, still nothing not really word’s nor make any impact or what so ever…?

      Truly mind boggling it has been ?

      Well, one last game and as being a COPA final, still and even expecting supwrior opponent, well all is allways possible and hopefully so for ARG to win this COPA once more !

  11. Not a convincing win. Ecuador and Canada were not clinical Infront of goal, that’s why we are in final. We are giving too much opportunities. Loosing ball in crucial area. We are giving too much space to attack. Something wrong with the team. Far away from that WC winning team.

    Some points..
    1. Messi and Di Maria are not at their best
    2.. Missing champion’s spirit.
    3. Opponent started to understand our weakness.
    4. We are being a slow team.
    5. Climate and Pitch are not in our favor.
    6. Sloppy play/passes from some players.

  12. We won – expected result. My only complaint again is DePaul. There was a moment in the game where we had a counter and he held the ball too long. Me and my neighbor screamed, “Pass the through ball to Alvarez!” However, DePaul dribbled down the field and got fouled. When we saw the replay, he was barely touched, if even and he just fell on the ground for a foul. Had he released the ball, Alvarez would have been through on goal.

    At the 62nd minute of the game (5:30 of the video): h t t p s: //

    DePaul has taken the crown from Neymar and Lebron as the flopper.

    • A decent win, not the most attractive play style but it’s a win and they’re in the FINAL, plain and simple.
      Messi played better than his last game, should have scored on that shot that wizzed by the post but didn’t and then scored an easy goal that solidified the win.
      Alvarez chasing down every loose ball and scoring was great to watch, De Paul was up to his antics but worked in our favor for the most part. Canada’s coach, how can I put it nicely, a douchebag who was brought back to earth and Canada won’t win shit in the future.
      ONE more game to go and yes both Uruguay and Colombia have looked better but so what, anything is possible in that final and they’re in for a fight.
      Finally, Scaloni’s style have won ARGENTINA 3 trophies thus far, a man simply walking off the Street managed what no other Argentinian manager have since 1993 and 1986.
      One could argue a case for a new coach with more coaching experience and I guess that is always on the table for the future.
      Some have criticized Messi and it’s fair but none of the 3 trophies would have been remotely possible had it not been for him. There was one shot in the 80th min showing the turf with a big piece missing and thankfully the last game will be played on GRASS.
      If i had to guess, Messi didn’t want to press the issue because of his responsibilities after COPA but if something is going to light some fire under him is playing in the final on grass and at home.

  13. I hope Hard Rock Stadium is in a better condition.

    Scaloni changed to 3 CBs too early.. It’s better to add one more midfielder like Lo Celso or Paredes to play double DM than 3 CBs…

    We simply lost control with 3 CBs under pressure.

  14. Indeed, Canada is a difficult team to play against. They are not inferior to any team in Europe with good physical strength, good technique and a good coach. However, they do not have players with good finishing skills. There were a few bad moments in midfield today but overall it was good.

  15. Folks here are complaining about how Messi still wasn’t convincing today & about Depaul theatrics, time wasting ! Messi was very good today. Whatever chances he got he made good use of it. Dropped deep to move ball forward only for Tagliafico going for goal from an impossible angle instead of cutting back to Messi who again positioned himself perfectly. He wasn’t given much space but still managed to take two shots at the goal. Additionally, Enzo’s shot was straight at the keeper and if Messi hadn’t redirected it would have been saved. Post Copa Scaloni has to address our fullbacks issue. Both flanks are aging and struggling!

    Depaul had a great game! A very good assist to Julian who scored an absolutely beautiful goal with great first touch. He could have scored second from Dimaria’s pass where once again amazing first touch but the finishing let him down. Going back to Depaul, his theatrics absolutely unsettled Canada. He got under their skin and his time wasting just mentally defeated Canada.

    However, misplaced passes still continued from last match. Losing possession is bad but misplacing passes in dangerous area is crime! Our midfielders were again not upto the mark. They have to play compact and have to be sharp. Lack of chemistry and cohesion were seen multiple times today. These kind of poor passes will be punished by Columbia or Uruguayan players. Scaloni has to address this problem! Defense covered our midfielders mistakes multiple times but then our defenders started misplacing passes near the box later in the game. The team that makes fewer mistakes and capitalizes on opponent errors will win the final! Remember there will be extra time before penalties next game!

    • I like your assessment partly. You always give good analysis and give to see things from your perspective. However, Messi missed two chances. But he played above level 3 which is okay. DePaul with ton of missed passes. His assist to Alvarez is due mostly because Canada gave him time and space to drink Mate. We also got most calls today (possibly due to no respect for Concacaf). Canada is also too nice and timid. What happens when Colombia or Uruguay want to play a rugby match in the final and the refs let them play with no fouls?

      Would this be okay from DePaul? In the following DePaul has the option to pass to Messi on his right or release a through ball to what may have been Alvarez on his left.

      At the 62nd minute of the game (5:30 of the video): h t t p s: //

      Does that foul get called on Colombia or Uruguay in a final given the way this Copa has gone?

      You’re right about the multiple missed passes. I hope and believe we’ll play our best football in the final. Just like the last Copa, Finalissima, and the 1st 70 minutes of the World Cup final.

  16. We already know di maria is retiring in the nt after Sunday, definitely will be last game for the nt likes pezzella, Armani, acuna otamendi, Guido and there is a chance maybe both scaloni and messi walk away from the nt after Sunday