Hernan CRESPO and Lionel MESSI, Argentina statistics

Hernan CRESPO and Lionel MESSI are the subject of this topic. As it stands, Hernan CRESPO is the ALL-TIME top goal scorer in South American World Cup Qualifiers among all...
Edgardo Bauza

Poll: How has Edgardo BAUZA done so far?

With two matches under his belt, Edgardo BAUZA has picked up 4 points out of a possible 6 in Qualifiers. It's still early days but how would you rate him...
Edgardo Bauza Press Conference

Edgardo BAUZA: “There are things to correct”

Edgardo BAUZA held a press conference following the team's 2-2 draw against Venezuela. Edgardo BAUZA, Lucas PRATTO and Javier MASCHERANO all spoke to the media following the match. BAUZA stressed...
Argentina Goal Celebration

Match highlights: Argentina fight for a draw in Venezuela

Things didn't go as planned and it could have been much worse for Argentina against Venezuela. No Lionel MESSI and Paulo DYBALA (also, no AGUERO and HIGUAIN although if you...
Emmanuel Mas Uruguay

Argentina vs. Venezuela – Kickoff delayed

Argentina vs. Venezuela has been delayed by 30 minutes. In typical CONMEBOL fashion, Tuesday night's World Cup Qualifier between Argentina and Venezuela has been delayed by 30 minutes. The match...