Argentina rumored line-up vs. Venezuela at Copa America


Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI is rumored to make changes to the team which will play Venezuela in the quarter finals of the Copa America.

There could be two changes to the team which started the 2-0 win against Qatar. German PEZZELLA is rumored to start instead of Juan FOYTH who startdd the last game. The other change is rumored to he Marcos ACUÑA for Gio LO CELSO. The attacking trio of Lionel MESSI, Sergio AGUERO and Lautaro MARTINEZ is expected to remain intact.

Per a report by TyC Sports, here’s the rumored Argentina team.



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  2. Acuna should not be Starting over lo celso.
    Lo Celso Played out of his natural Position in last two matches…. If you watch the match against Colombia he was good…. Matias Suarez Dimaria and Guido Pizarro ruined the game….. Also low workrate of players…..
    Lo Ceslo is better passer than De paul Acuna or another Mid we got except Paredes…. We need him….. If foyth comes in for saravia then lo celso should star… Last match Acuna played against tired leg…. You guys just cant tolerate one bad match from a player…. ? Cant you…. After every game you guys shout to make changes then again shout at why Scaloni is making so many changes…. Lo celso is must…. We need him…

    • He may be “better” but DePaul was mvp last game, he was more effective both defending and going forward.

      As for his playing out of position, we either change the whole team formation to suit him, mainly push messi wide and drop Lautaro (who is better player than Locelso) which is not worth doing.. or we play someone who is actually comfortable as the wide player in a 3 man mid, Acuña. If its better collectively, it better.

    • No one is debating his quality. Lo Celso has better quality than Acuna or DePaul. No doubt.
      But he’s not world-class & untouchable.
      So priority must be given to tactics..

    • He will still be useful, if De Paul, Lautaro or Aguero doesn’t perform well, he will be the 1st player to replace any of them, in case of Lautaro or Aguero, Messi will move up as half 9 and Lo Celso will take the playmaker role.

    • We are attacking wise very poor and defesnively poor as well…
      Pretty much we are poor all around LOL

      I’d say we should give a back 3 one more shot as back 4 hasn’t provided much cover.
      We look as exposed as ever.
      As least with a back 3, we can have wingbacks keep the width, and allow Messi freedom in the midfield.

      Something like:
      Casco-De Paul-Lo Celso-Acuna

      We need to score goals.

      Messi-Icardi-Dybala didn’t work.
      Maybe Messi-Aguero-Dyabal would.

      • switching to a back 3 in the middle of the knockout round sounds like a terrible idea. We even played a 3-4-2-1 against Venezuela when they beat us 3-1.

  3. Surprise on TyCsports online poll.
    Most of the fans think Otamendi-Mori will do better. Mori edging out Pazella for this position. Actually Otamendi-Mori had great partnership before.
    Another important thing is that..most of the fans think Acuna should play instead of LoCelso.
    Saravia and Casco got almost same votes. Fans also divided there. Because fans think both are equally good/bad.

    And the player who got lowest votes is none other than Dimaria. That’s bit harsh.

  4. Guys do u think venezla is an easy oppont? I think they r tough oppont arg.going to face.Reality is because they should park the bus and counter. Arg.always struggled in past that kind of games. Arg. never find a proper plan to counter opponts these planning.park and attack is defently creates problm for scaloni need to work on that…
    I think arg must try long range shots and try to win set pieces as much nearest as possible..

    • I would have agreed with you with any other version of Argentina. Yes it’s true, parking bus teams were always a challenge..but this Argentina is different. I will be happy if they do park the bus. That will certainly give confidence and superiority to our eleven. In my opinion that will be a welcome thing for us right now.

      I’m more afraid of Opposition attacking us from beginning.

    • I don’t think we can underestimate Venezuela. On paper we’re still better, but we’ve been quite poor in this tournament so far. Attacking and defending, we’re not convincing. But we should still win if we’re calm.

  5. Scaloni is not impressed with Saravia and Casco in this Copa. Maybe Saravia is still not back to his best.
    Now Scaloni planning to use Foyth in RB position. Pochettino used him 2 or three times as RB and he played right in 3 man back many times.
    If your RB not involved in much in attack…better tight the defense with other defender who can do the job. I agree. Let Foyth play as RB. Sabella used like this.

    • Its a Good idea, Saravia and Casco both are not doing great anyway, So its an option, unless Foyth don’t become a 2010 Otamendi. Foyth at RB may work. And can bring more defensive stability too, but he wont be giving too much in attack, He is tall so Ariel battles also can be won. Against Venezuela it may can try.

    • I thiough this as well some time ago using foyth on the right as i have been allways as spurs fan since kid and specially now since pochettino at helm ! Offcourse i favor barca as well mainly because of Messi and follow other argentians in another european teams as well, but for a long while( because of how thinks been with AFA messing up basicly everything since god know’s when all this bullshit started with NT) haven’t been watching football basicly at all only following some results and reading mundo and some other web sites mainly and that is why i would like to know if he’s fast enough for example if and for sure Venezuelans will most certainly counter ? I know he’s been playing at spurs under pochettino as u mentioned, but i don’t remember seeing those games ?
      I know he will be physically most propably much stronger than saravia or casco but what about his speed i mean do u think he’s fast enough ? If u know a thing or perhaps 2 about his speed i would be gladly to hear about it ! But i think it might be worth for trying if he’s fast enough well other options are pretty limited also so i don’t think it would our major problem in the game against Venezuela instead i rather worry about our middfield and how it will be posiotined and who will play ? I would try maybe something like this only as my own conclusion though so nothing serious about it just a more of an idea of my own !
      Foyth pezzellaotamendi tagliafigo



      De Paul and acuna on the sides to give us width and because they can help very well defensively !

      Messi as number 10 role

      aguero or martinez because they have been scoring and aguero played well in the last game as well as did lautaro but i would like to see dybala brought in at some stage depending how or which way the game will be going and also lo celso as well if we are at tracking back possesion and we need to score then i will take the risk as soon as possible and put lo celso as number10 and give Messi a free role with maybe changing dybala to acuna and rodriguez to lo celso and leave paredes as DM and switched de Paul to right and put dybala on the left and go for full attack because if do need to score and break maybe that leading parked bus in front of Venezuelan goal then we need all our guns to bring that needed fire power to be able to score, but this scenario only if are down to 0-1 or in the worst case 0-2 ! That is why defending as team is there only key and even that might not be enough to give us that win we all wish for ! That is why i think we must start with de Paul and acuna as well and put rodriguez together with paredes, but in that case we must either go with only 3 at back or only 1 striker which will leave as only Messi and one of the strikers up front with support of paredes de Paul and acuna, omg this is getting so difficult to find the right line up against venuezala so better i give up and let scaloni do the work, lol ! Anyway i think he will be the one with the last word and i hope him and his staff get it right this time as Qatar no any offense but still is not comparable to Venezuela at all ! All the best for NT and al the suporters as well ! Hopefully a win eill boost our confidence, but then against brazil… well better i not say anything more because we are not yet there at all, but offcourse i wish for that game just to see one more game etc. Anyway changes will be made after this copa and if AFA play as as their uskalla game then i won’t be exepting much at all only want to NT to get better and better after all theese years of suffering, offcourse 3 time’s in the final was a great achievement, but also it hurts so much specially because in all those 3 finals we were the better side in the end ! But that is past so need to talk about it no more ! Vamos NT !

      • Casco and Saravia got better speed than Foyth. Foyth is not a slow defender. Anyway Saravia seems to lost his speed..we didn’t see that in this Copa. Foyth better than both in all the other things except speed.

        For me Foyth will work better in DM position than CB position.

    • Totally agreed. In my opinion that is no brainer.

      Foyth-Otamendi is not tight.
      Otamendi- Pezella had it’s or problem as well.. ota Pezella & Foyth all together there I believe will be much more secured backline. May be Foyth will work there and can expect him to do some runs forward as well.. but in any case at this form nothing to expect from Saravia, Casco is worse.

  6. One of the reason Lo Celso cant play his natural game is because of Messi’s existence. Now it may contradict,(It worked against Nicaragua which is not even a proper team, But come to Copa the Lo Celso – Messi combo havent worked till now) If you look closely Messi is perhaps occupying the Space where Lo Celso is natural, The reason why Lo Celso still somewhat performing is because in PSG he was deployed much deeper position which rounded of his game and he is able to play in that position too, Is he great in that position, Nope. But he is not bad either.

    I had this doubt way back, players like Lo Celso, Dybala, Nacho Fernandez, (Players who are predominantly Left Footed players who are playing on the Right side of the pitch) will find it difficult to play with Messi, Because Messi roam around a lot. Messi is everywhere. And he is the best at that(I mean Come on its Messi). De Paul is working in Right side because he is Right footed. Where as players like Di Maria and Acuna some what works because they are playing in the Left side of the Pitch where Messi is not comfortable with.

    So if we think all this scenarios, Acuna-Pareds-De Paul midfield looks good from out side. Now will they click against a tougher opponent, That’s where the Problem comes. See Paredes will be alone in the Middle so its easier for the opponents to cut him out. Which directly effects our Midfield. The Connection between the Defense and attack is lost, Now also Paredes is not doing perfect either, Otamendi is always passing the Ball long from the back, Completely ignoring our Midfield. And it lands in No mans land sometimes, Which inturn hands the ball to the opponent.

    Its a tricky option to replace Lo Celso with Acuna. Scalonis call. Its an opinion, I may be wrong too.

    • I totally agree with you.
      I’ve watch the game against Qatar again yesterday focusing on Lo Celso.

      He played really good in the first half even had some ball recovery..

      I would not replace him with Acuña..
      Yes I know he brought width to the game and some good crosses but as you mentioned it is gonna be a huge hole in the middle of the pitch.

      Paredes did pretty good so far but against strong opponents his defensive play isn’t good enough.

      I liked Rodriguez in the Colombia game actually, we conceded the goals after he got subbed.

      No matter what I will always support Argentina vamos

    • The main reason may be as othes have pointed out, its because Paredes isn’t a workhouse and Lo Celso has to compensate for him. If we had a much better 5, that would relieve Lo Celso right away.

      • Valid argument, Something like Lo Celso-Ascacbiar-Paredes. Could have relieved Lo Celso more, He could have participated more in attack. I still don’t know why Ascacibar was not taken considering Battaglia was injured. He is our future Number 5. Could have been taken in place of Pizzaro too.

        • i agree but ascaibar brought it him upon himself be getting himself disqualified for last 6 games of bundesliga season and there are many hotheads like him inCopa 2019 NT squad like otamendi and foyth but still ascaibar would bave been better option than guido pizzaro

    • “One of the reason Lo Celso cant play his natural game is because of Messi’s existence. ” I dont understand what messi has to do he lo celso is not delivering a single correct pass and shooting from impossible angle where passing was correct option. I am heavily surprised by i had lot of expectation from him in copa may be best yet to come.

  7. Guys, I watched again the game against Colombia. in the second half, we played a very good second half, Colombia had two shots on goal and the scored in both occasions. We did not have to change the team that much in the second and third game. I realize that Locelso has difficulty to play alongside Messi because the both occupy the same area. I also realize that Guido R. and Paredes are two slow to play together. If Argentina wants to play with two forwards, they need to put real 5. I remain skeptical putting Acuna. Although the left flank would be exposed but I do believe that we would be better with Guido R and Paredes with Messi in front of them and two strikers in front.

    • I agree with above comment. Lo Celso and Acuña in as subs if needed in MF. But in terms of function and balance this might be the best configuration with this list. I think Lo Celso lost his spot to De Paul somewhat unfairly because he was kinda deployed wrong in game 1 and asked to defend too much in games 2 and 3 without benefit of a no. 5



      Paredes_____________De Paul

      ________Guido Rod.________

      • Depaul was brought in for Dimaria, a left winger, his natural position. He did well, he then also did well as a left mid in a 3 man midfield, and then on the right. Depaul is very flexible and beyond his decent abilities, runs his ass off. He defended better, made forward runs better, even had the decisive passes better. Depaul outperformed locelso in almost every way.. and i like locelso.

      • For my point of view that is ideal to assure balance and offensive threats….! By the way, Foyth as a right back is an excellent idea…..

  8. Let’s stop think about Brazil
    One game at the time
    Venezuela won’t be easy
    They re very compact time
    With quick contra attack.

  9. Hope the same players start, I enjoyed Acuna’s performance, Dybala had some nice touches. These guys can help change a match and utilizing them as super subs ina second half equates to fresh legs that will break through the defense. Keep the same squad, perhaps rotate Lo Celso to center.

    Venezuela is a great test for Argentina before being thrown in to a match with Either Brazil, Uruguay and Chile. Honestly after yesterday’s Chile / Uruguay game.. they both don’t look that intinidating, i get that neither team lost much as both were basically already in to the next round…but they both look sluggish and bound to the same style of play, I’d give Chile an upper hand on attack as they kick from outside the box.

    I was starting to second guess AFA’s new approach of young players integration to the squad, but then I look at Chile, Uruguay, and Brazil…. those guys are going to be at a loss of speed within 3 years… way too many vets…

    • I see your point but Uruguay has a great youth to senior team process set in place by Oscar tabarez. With their limited selection out of their puny population they are still year in and out title contenders for any cup. If you look at their team it has been a mix of veterans and youth since 2004. I agree, alot of old faces, but they are a solid team every year. I would t be worried about them producing players out of their small population (how do they do it lol)
      With Chile I agree with you, but time will tell. Can they replace their key players?— will be the question of time for them.

    • i think uruguay transitioned well . Very good balance of youth & experience. The current midfield is real young – Bentancur , Torriera , Valverede , Nandez . the oldest guy seems Lodeiro whc is 30.
      replacing cavani, suarez ,godin is not at all easy . Its kind of the same problem we have replacing messi or even otamendi for that matter.

  10. I also have a question??
    How do you play against much faster and physically stronger teams? Do you allow them running lanes and a lot of space or you cloture the midfield and tighten the lines and play as a compact unit. ( Brazil, Columbia, Chili, Uruguay) all physically stronger and faster than us. I hope Mr. scaloni realizes that. We have to make it as harder as hell for the Brazilians no gifts and no humiliation on their hands.

    • I have been asking myself the same question for years. Why don’t Argentina football produce fast/physical players anymore.

      In my memory, Claudio El Piojo Lopez used to beat Barcelona defense to hell with his pace. In his prime time at Real Madrid, Di Maria was also a nightmare to all the defense in Europe because of his speed. Farther to the past, Canniggia was once fastest forward in the world. Why all of the sudden that kind of players went extinction?

      We also have had physically strong players, such as Palermo, Crespo, Batistuta, Almeyda, Samuel, etc. Our recent generation are filled with weak and slow players. Have everyone wanted to be Messi so the academies only focus on that kind of build? That’s completely wrong. We need fast wingers and fullback. We also need tall and strong strikers and monster midfielders. Other than that, we would never been a complete team.

  11. Many arguing about lo celso dropping for acuna should remember that both Aguero and Lautaro playing together not as substitute and for this messi playing behind two forward in midfield who isn’t participate in defense. Depending paredes solely as no5 is knocking a disaster and lo celso isn’t defensively good either. With all this circumstances Acuna is the best choice to play for Venezuela where Rodriguez must play against Brazil. There will be the place for Lo celso in playing 11 if one of Aguero/lautaro played not both.

  12. While I admit that a) one can only play as well as the opponent allows you to and that b) Qatar is not the highest quality opposition that we will have, I noticed that I) there was far more hunger, II) both Aguero and Messi pressed much more than they usually do III) Paredes has grown as the tournament has progressed iv) Acuna and Dybala impressed and they give it all that they had v) the bad quality of the pitch impacts the best players more than the others (the pitch was awful) v) De Paul looks very good on both the left and right side of midfield

  13. If we want to go through the semis.
    We ought to sacrifice either lautaro or aguero an plan with an extra man in midfield to break the counters….. Otherwise Venezuela will sit back and catch us defending with 5 men behind…

  14. Acuna should definetly get the start.

    I am very asahamed at the fact funes mori has not had a minute on the pitch. He should def be playing although it may be too late in the tournament now to put him on.

    Which means foyth or pezella? Although i hate the guy we might have to go to pezella. Foyth is a lot more active and into the game physically, my only concern is the nerves he may get in a quarter final match. Pezella has more experience as a player and can pin point startegies to negate the venezuela attack. However his stamina and physicality is a concern

    What do you guys think?

  15. Anyone who calls paredes bad has no idea what they are talking about, he is arguably our best passer in the midfield where he played his club football has nothing to do with it.

    Would we rather biglia? This is what annoys me about our fans

    He played two champions league matches last year and went for 147 touches per game with 92% pass completion. He is a game player and will step up when his number is called.

    Til now he has hardly put a foot wrong so lets not put the blame on him.

    I agree that his relationship with lo celso has been forced and they dont have the greatest chemistry. In theory paredes, lo celso and pereyra should work. But as weve seen it doesnt work on the pitch. Out of all 3 hands down i would keep paredes in the team 9/10 matches

    • Agree. His only negative is low work rate, which is partly why locelso is underforming, and why Acuña and Depaul look good at his flanks.

  16. Armani/Musso


    Lo Celso
    De Paul


    Same as last time but I think that Dybala and Acuña should be subbed in after half time. Also MUSSO should get playing time.

  17. Our problem is not the midfield as most of us think. The main problem is that we have 5 offensive player and 5 defensiv player.

    With Messi Aguero Lautaro de Paul and Lo Celso, they all play offensiv in their clubs. Messi and de Paul are wingers Augero and Lautaro forwards and Lo Celso plays in Betis as Winger, Attacking Midfielder or as forward.

    And let’s be honest Messi and Aguero don’t do anything in the defense. We could see several times, when de Paul and Lo Celso or one of those came forward and didn’t get back in time we were literally fucked…

    We have to work something our for the now… But I also think we should stick to those players from the last match..

    • This is it, I don’t say Argentina are a bad team or there are bad coaches if the team had a slice of luck we’d be talking different, to me Argentina always have the potential to be great, but they don’t move as a unit very good, sabella went more on the defensive side and the team defended good but didn’t create, sampaoli went the opposite and went attack with no defence. If Argentina played like sampaoli’s chile they would be the greatest Argentina of all time 🇦🇷

      • yes that’s true he pressed the opposite defense that’s not the problem
        the problem is Aguero and Messi don’t come back at all… they try to press but no one presses with them.. Either the whole team should press or come back and defend…

        we don’t have the players to press that is why every one is supposed to help the defense…

  18. Modern football demands the midfield to work as a unit. I don’t think it’s fair to judge Lo Celso on individual basis only. Parades, de Paul and Lo Celso should be working together especially when the ball is lost, I feel this is where Argentina lost too many battles in the past. The midfield and defence should be treated as one unit. Lo Celso and de Paul should be basinf their game on Xavi and Iniesta and learn how to press.

  19. Everything is good but dropping Lo Celso will not be good idea but this is what Argentina and people here do. when anyone played better for couple of minutes than a proven player, you r dropping proven/talented one who spent just couple of minutes of worst time!! I would love to see same eleven twice, which has not been seen for years!!!

      • So I agree with this generally, in a normal situation I’d agree, but these ain’t normal times. For this reason though I would limit the changes from last game and only drop Lo Celso, but keep everything else the same. Especially Foyth.

    • Except Lo Celso hasn’t played well this tourney so he’s far from “proven”.

      The midfield is a sieve and has to stabilize defensively or we are courting disaster.

      • Paredes can do the job to help defense as he does not do run or dribble. he can follow the busquet. then De paul…then Lo celso for defense…We need to keep good players in the field. Also Lo Celso far proven than Acuna!!!

    • I generally agree. But Lo Celso hasn’t looked good so far. Not entirely his fault, if you want the best from him you need to lessen his defensive load.

  20. I watched the 2016 Copa game between Argentina and Venezuela, which Argentina won 4-1, even in that game Messi was dropping deep to create chances for others. Higuin was on fire, he was coming down and holding the ball. Aguero and/or Martinez will have to do the same. Otamendi was good in that game and so was Mercado but we won with players like Gaitan and Fernandez. I think this team has more energy than that one, the only thing is that they need to move the ball quickly rather than passing it behind all the time. I am sure Messi will be surrounded by 3-4 players but that’s usual. Armani will have to be on his A+ game and Lautaro and Kun needs to drop a bit when Messi has the ball. Need to start the same team except for Foyth, Venezuela is fast from the left flank so Saravia will have to have a great game.

  21. Calling lo celso overrated
    Is really joke I’m telling now
    Arg now getting the midfielder
    That Can compete with anyone
    Mascherano was orphan if he had
    Those midfielders would win
    World cup.

    • Lo Celso is not overrated. But they are asking too much from him. Without a full-time No. 5, they are asking him to play like a number 8 AND provide a shield to the CBs.

      The best they can do is with this list play 3 Box to Box Midfielders and make defending a team effort.

      I think that means Huevo Acuña Paredes and DePaul but they haven’t had enough time to really work on syncing pressure as a team. (Assuming the DMs are a wash)

      Scaloni’s biggest flaw is with his list. Specifically his failure in getting a No. 5 that he can rely on. Presumably this should have been the Guidos, but he’s given up on them.

  22. As its already been discussed, the media stating Venezuela first and Brazil 2nd doesn’t help the cause of the team as things have gone, why the added pressure on already a heated situation!!??

    Van Gaal said that Messi is not a team player? NOT A TEAM PLAYER?? if not who the hell is??

    I am banking on the fact that the team has played 3 games already in this short period of time will only help chemistry = more goals = wins , lets hope.

  23. I’ve already said many times Lo Celso is overrated.
    We don’t have a workhorse like Carvalho or a controller like Guardado as Real Betis that gives Lo Celso attacking freedom. Without a midfield, he’s nothing as well.

    Paredes I don’t like either, but our options are so limited it’s ridiculous.

    And remember when Scaloni said he picked the strongest Argentine team possible?
    Boy he is eating his words right now. LOL

    Let Messi drift into the midfield, we have no-one else to create but him.
    Hopefully Aguero and Lauturo can keep the defense occupied enough to give Messi freedom to roam on the midfield at least.

    • Lo Celso didn’t play well but don’t be so harsh. He’s super talented and we’ve badly needed his profile for the NT for years now.

      The only problem I have with Paredes are the one dimensional passes. I see mostly backwards and sideways passing. He has the most accurate passes but I’m not seeing nearly enough Arial long balls or driven vertical passes, etc.

      • “He has the most accurate passes but I’m not seeing nearly enough Arial long balls or driven vertical passes, etc”.

        Because French or Russian league is not Copa America.

          • Some passes are impossible to happen if there’s very little space or if your opponents quality is comparable to your’s unilke between PSG and the rest of French league or even Zenit and most of the Russian teams.

            What differ internationl tournament games and league matches is the space you are given by opponents.

          • If i understood you correctly, you’re basically saying Paredes is able to provide driven vertical passes and arial balls in league because PSG and Zenit are far greater than opponents. While in copa, space is much tighter and NT quality similar to opponents so he’s unable to create.

            I don’t believe Paredes isn’t capable in Copa. I know the dude is talented, but i just don’t know if its Scaloni and tactics or if its because of his current form.

    • “And remember when Scaloni said he picked the strongest Argentine team possible?
      Boy he is eating his words right now. LOL”

      What did he say now…?

      • “We believe that these are the best players we have at this moment…”

        “We want people to identify with all these guys. We are convinced that they are the best for the moment. We are clear about what we want and we know what our idea is.”

        Remember that press conference?
        He’s eating THOSE words!

        Stop trying to defend the indefensible. Scaloni is just the worst!

        • I know his previous words… what he did say now..?
          How did he eat those words.
          I have a feeling that he didn’t bring some players…but did he agree that..?

  24. Kun and Lautaro were the goal scorers for the last match.
    And against Paraguay, the penalty was again from Kun and Lautaro combination.
    So Scaloni should not think of any formation by excluding any of these two.

    Scaloni knows Venezuela already. Hope it helps him.

      • Those 3 got all 3 goals we scored at group stage, no need to change them. Also, Dybala did play well as a sub against Qatar so I’d stick to the same plan on the attacking line up. Messi-Aguero-Lautaro and then Dybala as super sub.

  25. I think despite rumors Lo Celso will still start. Even though he struggled in the last game, he’s been very important in our build-up play in the opening games and I think it would throw us off to lose him suddenly. That said, I trust Acuna too.

  26. Even though I don’t like to replace Lo Celso but I agree with Scaloni for once. He is obviously unhappy with Guido Rodriguez and Pizarro and Acuna is almost the only option for defensive task. Between De Paul and Lo Celso, De Paul can attack on either side and as we know, Lo Celso plays more in the middle and there are already bunch of players. Lautaro can bring that dynamic to the attack, something that Kun and Messi need. So yes, if we need to sacrifice someone, that has to be Lo Celso unfortunately. But I think if Kun, Lautaro or De Paul doesn’t perform well, he will be the 1st player to substitute any of them.

    I always have high opinions on Acuna, as a fullback he is vulnerable defensively, as a winger he is average too. But as a box to box, his weakness in creativity and tactics is not seen anymore. It’s very similar to Matuidi. During the last world cup, if he was used as this left CM/DM position, it would have changed so much.

    • I agree. Locelso wont shine unless he is the enganche.. a role Messi has.

      In a 3 man mid we need box to box players, especially since paredes is not a destroyer. Depaul and paredes have the work rate and balance to do it, more than locelso who is offensively biased.

  27. Before talking about Brazil, we need to win this game against Venezuela, it’s been a while we haven’t beaten any South American team. The last time was against Ecuador during wc qualification and they were already eliminated. As I said previously, no matter what is the outcome, even after our qualification for semi, we need to have a different coach.

  28. it says Argentina rumored line-up vs. Venezuela at Copa America ..yes rumored and most of you are going on about why the starting 11 has been revealed? once again (RUMORED) TRUTH BEING argentina has been crap in this copa so far .. no structure and no plan ..we beat Qatar and now all of a sudden we are high flying again ..i do hope somehow we win this copa there again i hope we do not get a very embarrassing smacked silly exit !

  29. Agree this is too early to announce the starting XI. And no need to do experimental game plan over.

    Looking at the idea of line up, Lo Celso has to be sacrifice as he was not in excellent shape to take the play maker role, playing out his regular position or not fit. Bring Messi in the CF to avoid the big gap and cover the midfield. De Paul combination with Messi will flow the ball to the forwarder. Trust that Kun and Lautaro are our leathal weapon

  30. Armani ;

    Foyth Otamendi Pezella Tagliafico ;

    Peredes—Guido ;

    De Paul—- Messi— Acuna ;


    I won’t risk Peredes alone at mid, even against Venezuela.. the will be literally open to all kind of counter attacks in that scenario..

    De Paul & Acuna will help Peredes.. but that won’t be enough I’m afraid.. more over, Peredes is doing really well with the ball lately.. he can very well compensate Lo Celse kind of a player with a destroyer around..

    3 men attack would work only if team is all ready for a total assault in early quarter… But that aggressiveness & speed was missed even against Qatar.. so I am not sure if it brings anything.!

  31. Whatever the line up is I think whoever scores the first goal will win this game.
    If either team ends up chasing the game they will be opened up to conceeding more goals.
    If Venezuela plays for a draw (and penalties) that may even favour us for penalties

  32. Some says Messi is not good in defending but i have seen no one better than him on recovering ball from opponent player without fouling or fouling him.He is very good in recovering the ball in midfield.
    Foyth should start as right back.Sarvia does not show any charactistics of Right back.Acuna over Lo celso.Pardes’s passing accuracy is getting better match after match.Rodriguez can be started over Lo celso(if we want to be defensively good)

      • Because he doesn’t want to do it Barca winning ball back wasn’t his duty because there are so many players in the squad who can do it.. from Xavi Busi Iniesta to now they have midfielders who can do it..even in Argentina before we had players who can do it Mascherano,Biglia,Banega,Augusta and etc so messi doesn’t has to do it until now if scaloni say to messi to do it well he will do it

    • I’m sceptical about Acuna replacing Lo Celso… Acuna is pure left Sider. He can’t do much in centre.. Rodriguez for Lautaro, I would choose if Acuna starts.

    • kavindrs

      “Some says Messi is not good in defending but i have seen no one better than him on recovering ball from opponent player without fouling or fouling him.He is very good in recovering the ball in midfield”.

      Yes, he is very good on this. This is true but he is doing this so rarely that whenever does you notice that immediately.

      He could do that but his strategy always was to save energy for driblings. Understandable with his attacking dominance but at some cost, especially if he is getting older and cracking driblings are becoming more rare.

    • Messi tries to recover the ball when he is the one losing it in dribble…does not run when other players lose it, stopping the counter attack is the responsibility of the midfield and defense

  33. It’s way to early for that line up

    But I have to say I’m not happy with Acuña for Lo Celso..
    Yes Acuña play good but we need Lo Celso he does a lot for this Team…
    He stables the midfield…

    But let’s wait and see

    • La celso holds ball too long instead of passing.
      Venezuela will definitely press hard on players to close the gaps l if passing not done immediately by Celso.

  34. First of all Knock out round is different from the group league . Playing with this attacking strategy can be very risky. We have seen Alejandro Sabella also played with defensive strategy in KO round in world cup 2014. In last world cup we saw how France played . In think playing with two forward is ok. But you need to be strong in defence . Two defensive midfielder can be used . One should be Paredes another should be Pizarro .De paul and messi is ok behind Aguero and lautaro . If we are leading di maria can come in place of a lautaro in last 20 minute for counter attack .

    Foyth/saravia pezzella Otamendi tagliafico
    de paul paredes
    lautaro aguero messi

    Sub : Di maria for lautaro

      • Agree. Especially when our forwards are all short. So whenever it’s a goal kick or when our goalkeeper starts the ball, fortunately or unfortunately, it’s always likely a short pass to our defenders. Passes within the defence is quite nerve wrecking and when the ball is passed back to our goalkeeper and if the other team’s forward closes in and pressurises our goalkeeper, I now always find myself involuntarily taking a sharp deep breathe in and my balls dip a little. Scarred.

  35. It is a bit early to announce the line-up for a game that will be played on Friday. What’s the rush? And why give away clues to your opponent who can prepare for such a line-up and look for weak spots?
    Hopefully the quartet of Scaloni, Samuel, Ayala and Aimar will study the Venezuela games and come up with a strategic plan. Given the fact that the Qatari could cross the pitch in the 1st half like we had no midfield means that we need to strengthen our midfield. Acuna for LoCelso is a wise decision. Rodriguez for Parades might also be necessary if we start with 3 upfront of which two hardly defend or press.

    Venezuela will put the defender with the best passing and build-up capabilities on Messi because he will be free to start the attack as Messi does not defend.

    • “It is a bit early to announce the line-up for a game that will be played on Friday. What’s the rush?”


  36. For this match that lineup is suitable but if Argentina qualify fo SF and face brazil I think it should be

    Saravia Foyth Otamendi Tagliofico
    Paredes De Paul
    Messi Aguero Lautaro

    Dybala should be sub and come on around 60-70 mins Acuna should also come on and do the Vidal role if needed. And Lo Celso has been useless so has Di Maria but u never know with Lo Celso. Gudo has to play agaisnt brazil if Arg qualify Paredes will be overun with out a doubt but so far he has been Args best player. The subs should come on and the squad should look like this.

    Saravia Foyth Otamendi Tagliofico
    Paredes Guido
    Messi Dybala Acuna

  37. i will start with foyth over pezella….the reason being he has more pace and saravia looks more compatible with him rather than pezella and he can start a attack from the deep very well……yea i know he has mistakes in him but we hv to take chance….
    lo celso and acuna swap is the tricky one…..i think in this tournament lo celso hasn’t been physically strong enough to get pass any oppostion player but lo celso is a good passer of the ball and he can create and score…we haven’t seen best of him yet in the final third
    …on the other hand we know acuna won’t be bullied by anyone physically and he brings more directness in the attack that would be great for our 2 strikers and messi…..i think it is a flip a coin situation i’ll go with anyone lo celso or acuna.
    i m hving a great feeling about this…..this is the first time in this tournament we are arguing places of players on the basis of good performances …that’s a really good sign.
    i think we are going to win the whole damn thing…..but one match at a time….we hv to see through venezuela first.

  38. For me, another clue that we must consider is what Venezuela did in their group stage shows. They only conceded 1 goal and more than their defense, they have solid triangle in midfield between Junior Moreno – Tomas Rincon – Yangel Herrera. If you watch Venezuela’s replay, you would see their distance are never separated too much far. And when under enemies attack, they will surround them inside the triangle sistem, and since all three of them have good ball-winning abilities, they succeeded to overwhelm enemies attack.
    For example, Coutinho and Cueva (Peru) when get underpressured by this triangle, rarely possess the ball longer, and makes the ball track into forwards get limited, so Brazil needed to use width option to send the ball to penalty box.

    Moreno-Rincon-Herrera are not as marvelous as Bayern triangle; (Martinez-Thiago-James) because the more defensive-minded they are, more their team lacked to score. So, Paredes and De Paul have a task to dismantle Venezuela midfield and make some huge gap on their midfield. Paredes should distribute the ball sporadically, atleast do the most passes to get more chances. Hope his long balls work more often and effective.

    • Yes I agree with your suggestion, They are very tight in the middle of the fields with full defensive minded players when they are defences but when attacking most of them come from their wings and full back, sometimes they use the long ball straight away to Rondon then the side players comes to support the attack, I don’t think Messi will have more space and times to create because their player will surrounded him, we have to use our wings and full backs to support him as they will pack tightly in the middle of the field that maybe the reason Scaloni plays Acuna instead of Lo Celso, I think their counter attack is very dangerous as their wings will cut inside and shooting like they did last game with us and last match against Bolivia because they also got the goal by cut inside and shot, I think our only concern is we lacking in confidence but after I saw our last game with Qatar our players looks relaxed and confident with the ball, that’s why I think our players believe is very high now, that the main reason we will do well and have a good game against Venezuela. VAMOS ARGENTINA

  39. It is a bit early to announce the line-up for a game that will be played on Friday. What’s the rush? And why give away clues to your opponent who can prepare for such a line-up and look for weak spots?
    Hopefully the quartet of Scaloni, Samuel, Ayala and Aimar will study the Venezuela games and come up with a strategic plan. Given the fact that the Qatari could cross the pitch in the 1st half like we had no midfield means that we need to strengthen our midfield. Acuna for LoCelso is a wise decision. Rodriguez for Parades might also be necessary if we start with 3 upfront of which two hardly defend or press.

    Venezuela will put the defender with the best passing and build-up capabilities on Messi because he will be free to start the attack as Messi does not defend.

    Interesting article in Marca on Messi. He is considered the best individual player, but lacks a lot as teamplayer.
    English summary:

  40. LoCelso- An attacking minded midfielder who can recover the ball, start the attack and finish.
    Acuna- A defensive-minded midfielder who can recover the ball better than LoCelso, hard working and can cross the ball to the penalty box.
    Totally different players. The outcome will also be different. This is a choice of coach. He must balance our midfield. That’s what he is trying to do.

    Playing 3 strikers are okay. But you need a proper DM who can recover the ball well. Paredes is not the man. But he really deserves to start as he has been one of our best player in this Copa. When you play someone to support Paredes you have to sacrifice one striker. This is a dilemma.

    When Messi dropping a little bit and LoCelso & DePaul playing, Paredes can control the midfield. But defensively it weakens. When Acuna play he gives more strength in defense at least on paper. But he and Tagliafico can work in the same way LoCelso and Tagliafico works?. Paredes will get support from Acuna..? I doubt it.

    The weird part is we are experimenting in a cup…and now in KO too…!!

    • Why this experimenting always happens in the Tournaments?? Scaloni don’t have a tactic at all. He chipping and chopping the formation and players every game. Sighss. At least hope he learns something for the next match. It is what it is. This was expected.

      I think Paredes will be over run in the Middle if he is started alone, But the problem is Lo Celso haven’t shown a spark either,Where as Acuna has been bright in few minutes he got, But question is will he show that spark against a better opponent like Venezuela.

  41. At last a coach who learned his lesson. Bravo Scaloni !! It will be a tough match but we will come on top in the end.

  42. Sounds about right… I would start casco instead of saravia as well…. and dybala needs to come off the bench at some point
    .. if you have sub as dybala for Martinez , locelso for acuña and depending on the score; either a defensive midfielder like Rodrigues for parcedes if we are winning or dimaria for parcedes if we are losing ….

    • I think that’s the smartest way to approach it. Leave the team how it has been but have those options ready depending on what happens in the game.
      I’m expecting a nice goal from one of those impact subs, Lo Celso, Dybala or Di Maria

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