Juan FOYTH used as right back in Argentina training


Juan FOYTH was used as a right back in Argentina’s latest training session.

Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI made a change to the line-up he used in training. There was no Milton CASCO or Renzo SARAVIA as right back, instead it was Tottenham’s Juan FOYTH. Herr was the eleven:



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  2. foyth was horrible against qatar! had so serious problems against qatar forwards that was laughable at best! should not play at all….let alone out of possition….he is not a rb and he will cost us the match! its not that we would have a chance against this venezuela side without him but especially foyth will cost us this match! but its better to lose against venezuela by a close margin than to get trashed by brazil in the semis! ven 2 – 0 arg

      • there is a difference between support an being deluded and illusional! they have tactics and a style of play. we dont! they have good coaches and a working federation! we dont! their players perform on par to their capabilities. ours dont! its that simple kid!

    • ————————Armani——————

      ———– OTAMENDI Pezzela ———–


      • Using Messi on any wings is a waste of time. He anyways will come inside and also with the lack of creativity in middle, Argentina needs him as a midfielder rather than striker.

  3. In football things happen very fast. It takes on victory to be on top and one defeat to be at the bottom. The German team last year is the perfect example. I hope that we can continue with a good dynamism, the same pattern with 2 strikers, a very good scheme for the WC’22. As I said the team has potential. Its like a scrambled puzzle, when all the pieces are in the right place, the team can do great things….. VAMOS

  4. Argentina has to play with 2 forward players in the box.

    Messi is untouchable to play right behind them.

    Paredes has performed. So has De Paul. The question is whether Lo Celso who hasn’t played well in an out of position role gets replaced for Acuña, or whether Argentina decides to play with a DM.

    If they reintroduce DM they could also keep Lo Celso and allow him to play a more natural role.

    The back line should be set, but I understand Foyth didn’t play well and so they want Pezella. Foyth may be marginally better than Saravía and Casco, but I don’t think it’s worth the disruption to try a third player on the flank.

    All of my musings though, wouldn’t mind being 1000 percent wrong if we win the next game.

  5. I think acuna is the weakest link in this line up. Why dont we have a proper player for that position ?
    Another thing is we should use di maria for last 15-20 when we are leading . He has speed which is important for counter attack.

    • Agree Di Maria should be used if leading.. or drawn till 80 mins.. he can maje difference.. he is one of the most vital players in last minutes if coming from bench. Argentina must use him.

      I will go for Acuna & Lo Celso in place of Lautaro. But with Lautaro Kun & Messi Attack.. I will vote for Acuna over Lo Celso.

      • ADM has been miserable in the minutes he’s played so far. I know he has potential to do something big, but is it worth the risk, given how poorly he’s combined with this team so far?

  6. I don’t understand the Scaloni bashing. He has taken some good decisions so far and the team has slowly started to “play”. Many are complaining he has got enough time and still he has no plan. But they conveniently forget he took the mantle at the worse possible time. All senior players either retired or took a sabbatical. He started with young guns, but just when we were about to reach Copa, many of his key players got injured and the senior players came back. Scaloni had a big challenge to replace some of his key players (mainly Battaglia & Palacios) and bring senior players into the team. This is not an easy task at all. Messi played just one friendly game under Scaloni while Aguero & DiMaria didn’t play at all.

    I think Scaloni has been able to read the games well. All his decisions have been logical. If we continue the improvement, Messi & co can take the revenge against Venezuela and face Brazil in the best possible frame of mind. We couldn’t have asked for more.

    This is the time to get behind our coach and players. Let’s hope all our players will be at their best against Venezuela and Scaloni continues to make good decisions. Vamos Argentina!

    • Word bro. I get it that the last time argentina played same starting 11 in back to back games was back in January 2016 and it has been 39 games since but the team is in transition. Scaloni is actually doing better than expected in tweaking the team and proactively reacting to the game. The core of the team has been set for the 2022 world cup and now finally, the starting 11 will be more or less the same in the coming years I think.

    • Against Qatar he finally gets it right, both the starting line up & subs… but in second game it was just wrong. Lo Celso as winger, Suarez & Di Maria replacing Lautaro & Kun? That just dumb.

      Hopefully he contunie his progression, we played better against Qatar & created plenty of chances. In another day, it could have been 4 goals with better finishings.

      • @rattlehead & @Gokul, let’s have a look at Scaloni’s subs so far (let’s see if it made sense and if the result was better):

        Against Colombia:
        46′ (0:0) – DePaul for DiMaria – EXCELLENT
        67′ (0:0) – Pizarro for Rodriguez – AVERAGE (Rodriguez was static as DM, so Scaloni sent out Pizarro to be more mobile and help out in attack. But he performed poorly and ended up weakening the defense.)
        70′ (0:1) – Suarez for Aguero – POOR (I can’t see why he was subbed in, but I would give a benefit of doubt to Scaloni. He probably took a decision based on training performance similar to DePaul. While DePaul excelled, Suarez failed)

        Against Paraguay:
        46′ (0:1) – Aguero for Pereyra – VERY GOOD
        67′ (1:1) – DiMaria for Lautaro – GOOD (For stability. we needed to avoid a defeat rather than winning the game – esp Paraguay missed a chance to take the lead by missing the penalty, however DiMaria performed badly)
        87′ (1:1) – Suarez for DePaul – AVERAGE (May be Scaloni wanted Suarez to score an injury time header la Palermo, but Suarez performed poorly)

        Against Qatar:
        Acuna for LoCelso (1:0) – VERY GOOD
        Dybala for Lautaro (1:0) – VERY GOOD
        Pezzella for Foyth (2:0) – GOOD

        Just one poor decision and two average decisions out of 9. That’s quite understandable given sometimes players don’t play as good as they were during training or they just plainly bad. A good performance overall as far as substitutions are concerned. Glad to note that those who have performed poorly have received lesser time as the tournament progressed, some didn’t get further minutes at all)

  7. It is not abnormal for a coach to use a CB in RB position to strengthen the defence.
    Ramos was the RB when Spain won 2010 WC.

  8. Foyth at RB is a good choice given the circumstances as both Saravia and Casco have been poor so far for whatever reasons. Scaloni can switch the play from 4-3-1-2 to 3-4-1-2 if needed. Foyth is a good dribbler and he can carry the ball forward.

    Acuna or LoCelso is a tricky decision to make. One of the strengthens the wing and weakens the centre and vice-versa. With 3 forwards, I think both would be needed. So if I were the coach I would rather bring Acuna for Tagliafico and go for 3-1-3-1-2. (Roughly 3-5-2)

    Against Venezuela:
    Lautaro – Aguero
    ——– Messi ——-
    Acuna | LoCelso | DePaul
    ——– Paredes ——-
    Otamendi | Pezzella | Foyth

    (Hopefully, I’m pretty confident about reaching semi) Against Brazil (4-4-2):
    Aguero – Messi
    Acuna | LoCelso | DePaul
    ——– Paredes ——-
    Tagliafico | Otamendi | Pezzella | Foyth

    This will ensure a strong midfield and wing. Also when they attack, we will have 7 and a half (LoCelso) players to defend.

      • Against the park the bus team, it is necessary to have two forwards, a strong midfield and wing. Ideally, we will have a backline of 4 incl Paredes, so it shouldn’t be an issue.

      • Argentina need to mould play makers in midfield from young and train them to be skillful, can hold the ball, dribble and pass comfortably just like in the golden days of riquelme , Ortega, redondo, burruchaga, Batista, rene houseman, gallardo etc etc, that’s what argentina lacks. Messi needs to save his outbursts upfront he cannot come back to midfield dribble play make and score he is overworked like a donkey. If he had a good riquelme like style of player right now Ohhhh my God!!!!!!! You can bring any team… venezuela will cause problems with set pieces and their wingers no doubt.

    • Best out of the names:





    Atletico Madrid have launched an audacious attempt to sign James Rodriguez from city rivals Real Madrid, report Cadena Ser.

    It is claimed that Napoli are in advanced talks for the player but Atleti have not given up hope that they can trump the move.

    The report adds that it would be a ‘complicated operation’ which is dependent upon a number of factors, including Los Rojiblancos selling Vitolo and Angel Correa – who both may move on this summer.

  10. Venezuela GK Wuilker Farinez is a china wall , his positioning and agility is excellent. Kun and Lautaro need to work and kick the ball harder.

  11. Whatever happens it happens. I hope the new manager (or Scaloni) won’t change the squad drastically (except a few changes like at RB) after Copa America.

    If Argentina is serious about Qualifications & Qatar, they should start to stick the players together at least from now. That’s the only way ahead. Almost all players of our current squad deserves the place. They may not have the weight of previous Albiceleste Generations… But they are good enough to play in any top table teams in Europe. They are good enough.
    Look at Liverpool. How many World beaters they have ? Inspite of some visible disadvantages at RB, GK this team (like any other team with enough quality) can go much higher. Only thing missing is Chemistry.
    Chemistry & Speed is all. Some of them lack speed. But even with that, the team can play fast solid football if they play together for long.
    That’s the only solution & is a no brainier. Hope whoever take charge won’t miss it. Even if Argentina fail to make any mark, one has to respect the team selection of Scaloni. He made that easier for his potential successor. First & most important thing the next guy must do is to start using a regular Eleven, (not just squad)squad) with Maximum 1_2 changes between matches..

  12. And people… foyth played two games at RB position this season with the Spurs… TWO GAMES @right back!!! It is not his natural or primary position … not up for debate! Hopefully, he plays soo well that it becomes his primary position with la Selección… vamos a ver

  13. Saravia disappointed so far, casco selection completely wasted could have been Mercado or ansaldi even montiel could be better option. Foyth already played as RB for spurs more than playing as CB this season so looking at the options good move

    • I agree about Montiel, but not the rest of the players. It’s true Saravia is not fit and we missed a golden opportunity to call up Montiel, but now, anything is better than Casco. Also, Ansaldi is basically just like Casco, and Mercado is playing in Asia, so he will be bad.

      • I don’t agree with… Ansaldi played brilliant in series a and he played consistently.. and in my opinion he is defend well and as well as attack well..his dribble crosses passes are incredible…I will choose him as a 2nd right back.. and advantage is he played also as a DM..

  14. I think Scaloni is trying to use Foyth as a 3rd CB and not as an out and out RB, like Pekermen used Collicini against Germany in 2006.(Did He drop Scaolini and play Collicini in that game??? LMAO). So, Foyth might stay back and not press forward and help out the midfield and defense. If that’s the case , I would say a good move. Additionally, Foyth is a ball playing defender and if I am not mistaken he has already been played in the RB position by Pochettino.

    This team is high in confidence after defeating Qatar and Venezuela is going to play against a totally different team from their last friendly against us. A smart coach will usually capitalize on a good victory and builds on it . Lets see if Scaloni can carry on the momentum to the next match. Furthermore, our best player Messi hasn’t had a good game yet and he will be desperately trying to come back to much needed form. Anyways, With all these changes in team lineup, formation and tactics, after this competition who ever takes over Scaloni will have a rough idea about our best starting xi , the strength and weakness of this team.

    • You made some good points but I find it funny when Argentina win friendlies, people would be like… “its meaningless game” but when we’re about to play a team that beat us on friendly, these people goes ” they beat us in friendly recently ” LOL . Talk about loser mentallity.

      • It’s called being pessimistic or careful. Not gloating about our teams Friendly victories. Being we careful of a level below team, which showed us their might before, even if it’s a friendly (btb, Venezuela had beaten Argentina in last Qualifiers as well, I think)

        • Well, if you want to bring qualifier games from 2 years ago, Argentina beat Colombia 3-0 , Uruguay 1-0 , Chile 1-0 (cost them the WC spot at the end) . Messi scored in all thoSe games aswell

  15. Well,we get an idea hiw Scaloni is thinking by the players he chose.They are expected do these types of roles
    1.Armani-Give your best man.Clear the ball and don’t let Venezuela press high and win ball at the D-Box area.
    2.Foyth-Scaloni will use him as a conservative fullback.It will turn out like a back 3 if he stays down.If Tagliafico also holds on a defensive role I won’t mind.Is Saravia injured?
    3.Tagliafico-Maybe a both fullbacks will have a conservative fullback role given Venezuela are highly praised for sprint and counter attacks even long passing football. (Venezuela do park the bus)
    4.Pezzella – don’t know about this guy.Maybe good or bad.Needs to regain form.
    5.Otamendi- All He is asked to do is distribute the ball properly.And do simple job clear and tackle the balls.Of course I like him his Aerial Strength is great.But not in proper hands.
    6.Paredes-Doing quite well assisted De Paul and Sarva even sometimes Tagliafico to win back balls.Pass the ball better and find Messi and front 2 on good spaces
    7.De Paul- Arguably one of our best performing midfielders.Has been better than Lo Celso so far.I am not sure if he is playing like Box To Box midfielder? is he?
    8.Acuna-I wouldn’t pick him generally.Lo Celso and Messi occupy same space that’s the problem yet,if Acuna can do some good defensive work he can be great asset
    9.Aguero-Ppl said he Doesn’t ” press high” or does and defensive work.He has shown that.He can do them if you give him the role maybe not the best doing it but He loves to play for the National team and do anything for the team.Scaloni will tell him to do the same .
    10.Messi-Well He missed easy chances against Qatar.Still picked up balls in good areas also created a great chance for Aguero.Messi has his role. no change.I would ask him to stay cool like always pick those passes and score
    11.Lautaro-A gem!!He is surely our future star!!Hold the ball stay in good postion for crosses and keep up the pressing.

    Dybala should get More time and chances

    Overall-If The Defense stays solid to deal with Venezuelan counter attacks with same type of attack minded approach in the team. We have a great chance to progress but never write off Venezuela.

    Can’t predict.
    all that will matter is the will and the performance from the players

  16. Honestly..

    I think critics are overreacting a bit to Argentina again. I remember when Pep was appointed Barca coach, so many critics were after him before he started, after 2 matches critics said he’s not the man for Barca. The rest is history 😊

    • Ummm….
      Scaloni has had 12 matches.
      9 friendlies.
      3 cup matches.

      PLENTY of time to get his team together.

      Guardiola already had an idea in mind his first day, and ten plus years later, his plan has not changed.
      granted he’s had to adapt to the players he had, like playing in Barca, with players like Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets, Fabregas, he attacked 35% through the middle of the pitch.
      In Bayern, to adapt to players like Lewandoski and Muller, he had the fullbacks inverted to midfielders and have conventional wingers to keep the width.
      In Man City, he has Aguero dropping deep as a false 9 to support build up, as he is not as a threat Ariely as Muller or Lewandoski.
      But the foundations stayed the same on all teams.

      Bottom line, managers come in with a plan.

      Samploli had a great plan on paper, which was unleashing the best attack in the world, of Messi Icardi and Dybala.
      The problem is that after two matches, he completely ditched his plan and never found a stable plan after, going from 3-4-3 to 4-2-3-1 to 3-3-3-1 to his stupid 2-3-3-2 idea, to 3-4-3 against Croatia, to finally a 4-3-3 in his final two games.

      What bugs me about Scaloni is that he has NO PLAN.
      Since day one, he has yet to play the same lineup for two games in a row.
      He has no plan, no idea, no philosophy, nothing.

      Tite took control of Brazil team on June 2016 and they transformed immediantely.
      And it wasn’t with experimenting 100+ players like Sampaoli and Scaloni.
      It was having an idea of how they were going to play.
      And ever since he took over, he has only lost twice.
      Against Argentina in a friendly (Sampaoli’s first match might i add) and against Belgium in the WC

      You see the difference between having a plan vs. experimentation.
      That’s why they are where they are and we are where we are at.

      If a new manager would just play the same team at least 3 times, you’d see a big change!

        • Maybe because he’s the captain and he loves playing for his country?

          When had he put his neck on the line for Barcelona, after the loss to Roma?

          But he does it for Argentina. Simple, bc e loves this team, and came out of retirement to play for his beloved country again.

          And he even said, he won’t stop until he wins something for his country.

        • The same reason which drives him into the team again & again, inspite of all the abuses he faced.
          Scaloni has nothing to do there.

      • “Tite took control of Brazil team on June 2016 and they transformed immediantely.”

        Scolari did well prior to WC 2014, but during the WC itself, his team is the worst team to ever reach WC semifinal. They conceided 14 goals despite having a good run prior to that.

        Tite’s team led WC 2018 qualifier but how good they’re in WC itself? They couldnt beat Belgium and Switzerland, and they had Neymar playing every matches.

  17. We experiment with a new position in a major tournament when we have had foyth for a year now! All those friendlies that we could have tried him there! Boludoooo scaloni!! I hope it works out but this is an example of his inexperience and stupidity

    • He has already played as a right back for tottenham.

      Casco brought 0 to the table. Saravia is struggling with fitness. I don”t see the issue at all with this choice.

      • Have you seen how undiscipline foyth is…. he makes a lot of poor passes and challenges… and playing him out on the flank reminds me when Maradona played Otamendi on RB against Germany with little to no experience in 2010…

        • dude have you seen Foyth play in Tottenham. He stopped all attacks on the right flank himself in the match against man city. I think he is better off in the right flank bcoz he is less likely to concede a penalty and he can tackle more. He has a lot of pace too.
          I think it will be a wise decision given, Saravia isn’t match fit

        • It’s better to play an aggressive, undisciplined young defender out on the flank where his fouls will cause less direct damage to the team.

          I disagree that he makes many poor passes. He has the best vision and dribbling of any of our defenders right now.

  18. I agree we shouldn’t be changing formation/11 in a tournament, but it’s tweaks like these that need to be done in order for team to look like a team. I think the Attack is set with Martinez, AGÜERO, and Messi..

    Midfield is shaky for me… paredes is playing well but can’t be sole DM. ACUÑA and de Paul did well last game, but again we will see versus Venezuela. Qatar were organized but were awful finishers…

    Defense is another story.. since sebella left, it has been the same…I just don’t see we have a really leader in the back. Some can argue OTAMENDI, but I don’t feel comfortable with back 11…

    Either way, I hope to see a win on Friday!! If we win, I hope we beat Brazil or at least give them a hell of a match!


  19. i observe after the win against Qatar which make us all very happy our coach to continue make changes every game. new game new line up.
    so officially for me he is Sampaoli no2.

    i have brain and eyes and nobody can convince me that our team problem from begin of tournament is the RB position mostly and after Lo celso.

    i will close my mouth as i did last days and i will speak again after Copa.
    i don t want to destroy the atmosphere in this forum this days which we should all be beside the team.

    But the only sure for me is that Sampaoli …sorry Scaloni i wanted to say is not capable to be national team coach and after Copa he should be fired the sooner.

    • I think we should actually keep the coach for once. Here me out:

      First off, changing the coach, means changing balance of team. If players and coach stay together longer, they soon start to understand each other’s style of gameplay.

      Second, player rosters will get changed up and will ruin overall chemistry and playing styles of the team.

      Finally, this whole drama will start again. I remember when people were screaming their heads off here to get Sampaoli. Look what happened. Rather than keep changing coaches, we should try to FIX what we have.

      Right now, Scaloni is learning more and more from mistakes, and improving every game. That is what we were aiming for. Now there seems to be more communication between players and coaches. HE GOT A LOT OF BACKFIRE after Paraguay and he probably LEARNED HIS LESSON. He now knows and will not repeat it again.

    • Hermano, the best RB we have in the team is SARAVIA, actually the ONLY one RB we have. we have a problem in the RB but it is not the biggest problem in the team. Our main problem is the support from the midfield when we play high, Saravia gets exposed, actually the whole defense gets exposed.

    • Whats so buffling? Saravia is hurt, not that he did that well anyways when fit, his replacement Casco sucks equally in different ways, most our goals against have come from the Right Back section of the field, its obviously a problem area.

      Fyoth is young, decent with his feet, has experience playing in that position, is tall which we lack in set pieces, and he will most likely be a conservative full back which should strengthen our back line, give Paredes more support and balance out the fact that we are playing 3 forwards and 3 offensive midfielders.

      Makes total sense.

      Now, had we brought Anasaldi, etc to begin with, that would make more sense.

      • You are correct. As Mercado lost his prime and Saravia not fully fit..I didn’t understand why he picked Casco. If it was Montiel it would have make sense that he’s giving opportunity for a future RB. But Casco..! If you call a 30+ average player why didn’t you cal Ansaldi he was playing good all season…?

      • Mind buffoling because I don’t think given only two match experience in EPL count as experience. Plus I am 100% sure Venezuela will attack from right as soon as match start. Has he had played one or two game in group stages as RB I would say YES . But at knockout game playing Foyth is kinda Risky. He is young and he is Clumsy too. However I hope he proves me wrong also I see the logic that he trying to stop counter attack from Venezuela. About Saravia not fit I just realized few hours ago.

  20. LoCelso should play against Venezuela and not Acuna..!
    When Foyth used as RB.. probably he’s going to stay at back that will create a back 3……when we attack.
    Tagliafico will join on the left and DePaul on the right when attacking. Paredes at the center alone. Messi little up and Aguero & Lautaro near penalty box. That makes room for LoCelso to play together with Paredes and join with Messi.

    When attacking; 3412.
    Aguero Lautaro

    When defending; 442

    Messi Aguero/Lautaro

    One of Aguero and Lautaro should defend left side. Lautaro can do this most of the time as he may be substituted for Dybala in second half.
    When Dybala join Messi can play more higher the pitch with one of Aguero/Lautaro, probably Aguero. Dybala will defend at the center and will help Paredes. That will create another issue. Messi, Dybala, and Locelso together..it may not work..! When Dybala coming IN we will need Acuna. So that for me in second half…it’s double substitution..Acuna for LoCelso and Dybala for one Aguero/Lautaro.

    So when attacking; 4312.
    Messi Aguero/Lautaro

    When defending; 442.
    Messi Aguero/Lautaro

      • Don’t conclude like this so easily.
        First goal was a long ball to CF…. whether you use four or three at the back.. that was a goal. Wonderful ball and wonderful finish.
        Third goal was a penalty. It would still be same if we used four or Three back. That was soft penalty.
        Only second goal was you can argue because of back 3. But if you watched Colombia and Paraguay goals…all same type. We used 4 at the back. But still same type of goals.

        As Foyth won’t go higher up the pitch..it will end up in 3 man back line. Except that penalty Foyth was good that day.. better than Mrcado and Lisandro Martinez. Otamendi and Pazella will surely be better here.
        Aguero and Lautaro double 9 and Messi behind will make any team at backfoot. Against Venezuela Argentina had many chances than Venezuela. But they scored more.
        Don’t compare this Argentina with that testing team

      • With Acuna, Paredes will be left alone at the middle unless Messi defending as Acuna play wide. IMO when Acuna playing Dybala should be there so that he can help Paredes in the middle. In this case one of Aguero or Lautaro has to be out….!

    • So in other words, all our attack will come from the left flank?
      Messi staying in the right is a joke. He’ll only drift there every now and then. And when he will drift there, hell be surrounded by three Venezuelan players, like Machis, Rosales, and Rincon… and maybe even Moreno as well.
      Too predictable and easy to defend against.

      He’ll mostlike play in the center, and since most likey Tagliafico will provide width on the left, the venezuelan defense just need to be narrow to prevent anything from the middle.
      No width = no penetration. Simple!

      We need a RB to stretch the defense, something Saravia failed to do and so would Foyth.
      Just another Sampoli-esque decision by Scaloni.

      • The only way what you said would work is if we have a winger on the right keeping width.

        For example, something like:
        Lo Celso-Paredes-De Paul
        Di Maria/Acuna-Messi-Aguero

        That way in possession, 5 will awlays be defending and 5 attacking.
        Either Di Maria or Acuna keeping width on one flank, and Tagliafico on the other, with Messi given freedom to roam, and Aguero occupying the CB’s

        In other words, in POSSESSION, it would look as such:
        Lo Celso-De Paul
        Di Maria-Aguero-Tagliafico
        A 3-4-3 midfield diamond. Classic Cruyff Barcelona.

        There you have width, stretching the defense, creating gaps between the fullbacks and Centerbacks, space for Messi and De Paul to expose, while at the same time Aguero keeping the CB’s occupied.
        Back 3 to keep the ball circulating freely, along with Paredes and Lo Celso pulling the strings.
        All this in possession.

        • Good lineup. If Dimaria in good form it will work. But we have to sacrifice Lautaro…! That’s huge. It won’t happen at least against Venezuela. Also I think Dimaria, Messi and Lautaro..all at left may not work. LoCelso as LCM will be good. He can work with DePaul at one end. And Messi and Dimaria can combine at other side. Messi and Locelso can help Aguero through middle as well.

  21. Against Venezuela, even if Acuna and de Paul are more wide than center mids usually are I’m not sure it will be a problem. Venezuela lacks to attack on the wings and get the ball to Salomon Rondon. they dont attack though the middle. their best midfielder is Rincon who Is more of a DM. and if we stretch their defense more room for Messi Aguero and Lautaro.

  22. I think with Foyth as RB we can survive with 3 man midfield without a DM. We will have cover on the left and right and Paredes has been good about never going in front of the ball so he is never caught way out of position on defense. I would still be hesitant on starting acuña but I think he should come on 60th minute for Lo Celso. De Paul was amazing and I think with foyth covering him he can keep pushing forward and pressing. Shoutout Scaloni for even attempting this change in training. He has identified a weakness and finding a solution.

  23. Although I Would love to see Foyth as a real 5 for his technical abilities, penetration and passing but putting him on the right side is not bad at all. Despite the fact that Scaloni is a rookie and makes a lot of mistakes but I have a feeling that he starts putting the players in the right position. Players like Depaul, Martinez and Paredes show confidence and are now playing to their abilities. My only concern now is the fact that Guido R doesn’t play. He is the only 5 we have in the team and against big oppositions his absence will be seen.

    • IMO the starting line up against Venezeula should more or less stay they same but the SF and F if Arg make it there should be.

      Saravia Otamendi Foyth Tagliofico
      Paredes De Paul/Lo Celso
      Messi Aguero Lautaro

      I think Dybala from now on should be used as an impact sub coming on from 60-75th Minute. Acuna should also definently be used as a sub due to his energy and the fact that he can go up and down the pitch. Like a Matuidi/Vidal type role. Rodriguez HAS to play in the latter stages as Paredes is not enough to be the anchor in midfield. It will also give Paredes license to be little bit further up the pitch as he can be the link. After the subs the shape should look like this.

      Saravia Otamendi Foyth Tagliofico
      Rodriguez Paredes
      Messi Dybala Acuna

      Also the third substitute could be anyone but IMO that is a balanced team with 3 attacker 3 midfielders and the defence obviously. Matias Suarez should be shipped off and Pizzaro the most useless players when Argentina have a decent pool. They should never get a sniff of the national team again; they could have brought Asciabar or Correra I cannot stand the selections remember god awful Meza in 2018. Di Maria and Lo Celso have also been non-existant but they still have quality you never know. With the second and shape Messi won’t have to drop deep because Dybala can do that.

  24. We have to use 2 CF.
    We don’t have proper DM.
    Our RB not performing..or not adding anything the other end.

    Scaloni comes up with one solution…Foyth as RB.

    I know what’s the last minute change coming…can you predict…?

    LoCelso for Acuna….I am waiting.

  25. If Foyth will be used as RB (big yes!) then surely Lo Celso should get his spot back in midfield over Auña and worry slightly less in defensive duties for a more controlling/creative role; otherwise this lineup is too defensive

    • I have just rewatched the match against Nigeria. Mercado did play very well. His cross that Rojo converted was just perfect. I still believe he would be much better call up than Casco as a backup RB, given Funes Mori can play as LB.

  26. Scaloni must be reading Mundo! This is just about the best lineup we have available. I look forward to the game. Tbh, after the first 2 games, my hope was way down, but out of desolation, hope remains!!

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