Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni on Lautaro Martínez replacement, Paulo Dybala absence


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni spoke about Lautaro Martínez’s replacement and the absence of Paulo Dybala.

Lionel Scaloni held a press conference on Thursday where he spoke about several topics. One of which was Lionel Messi, Franco Armani and the youth players being called to the national team.

Scaloni also commented on Lautaro Martínez who will not play against Venezuela on Friday due to COVID. Here is what he had to say:

“Statistically speaking, Lautaro is up there because he is our number nine, it’s normal that he is the team’s top goal scorer and the second and the other striker. I see it normal.

“In terms of goals, the team is good, not bad statistically speaking. And as for his replacement, we have no problems because we know we have different options. Some may be more wingers than forwards and that depends on what we want in each match. It’s not something that worries us because Lautaro is fine. So we are fine and with the replacements too. There is nothing to worry about.

In terms of Paulo Dybala being absent:

“I spoke with Dybala because he was recovering before and after the preliminary list. We wouldn’t be doing him a favor if we call him while he is without any rhythm. He knows it very well and he understands it.

“For whatever reason, he couldn’t be at his best and in the end, that affects both him and the team. He is valued by the coaching staff and his team mates. He has the opportunity to be there but we need him to be well. Otherwise, it gives an advantage and the others who are there have the bonus of being available to give it their all. Something that he could not do when he was here. The important thing is that he recovers and plays for his club and then show that here.”


  1. This is the world cup, only every four years… I know that many here that have hate and insecurities, but when it comes to this tournament I want the best teams to participate. That means both Italy and Portugal.
    If somehow Macedonia qualifies, you will see them play three games in the cup and go home.
    I want Argentina to win, but there should be the best teams competing against them. This is why I am not a fan of the north American concacaf table, all below average teams that easily qualify every four years. Asia is also very easy to come out of. But then for Africa, south america, and sometimes Europe(like this year) it can be very hard. Tomorrow Senegal plays vs Egypt. only one can enter?;!!;!!! Also Ghana vs Nigeria, both teams better than any team in north America, but only one can enter. Chile and Columbia will both probably sit out this cup. I mean really ?????
    I am an Argentina fan, but I would rather see both Portugal and Italy this world cup then see Wales and Macedonia .
    Speaking of Cristiano, you can hate all you want, but he is one of the greatest ever, and off the playing field he is one of the most generous athletes in the history of the sport. He has given millions to refugees and poor people’s. Now u can say what u want about him, but unfortunately we don’t have any players from south america or Europe being that generous with their lavish bank accounts.
    Thanks, and try to enjoy yourselves.

    • i respect your opinion my friend but i am thinking totally different way.
      our chances to win world cup incresed tonight. that is the only i care. i am happy.
      second if Argentina was in that place the reaction against us would be same and worse from our enemies. like now i remember the 2018 qualifiers when we was in very difficult position how our enemies behave to us before they even confirm that we are out !!! they eat shit in end. very similar things in 2010 campaign before Peru game and before the last in Uruguay.
      i hate Chile. i want them out too. as about Colombia i prefer them out and Uruguay in together with Ecuador and Peru.

    • I can agree with Cristiano being one of the best goal scorers of all time but most generous? He gives money but at the same time, he ensures his marketing team properly advertises to make his image look good.

      Where should I start with his faults? Raping someone and settling things behind the scenes, not celebrating when your own team mate scores, goes to social media and likes the fan made post to drag mud on the other player,go directly inside the dressing room post match if you don’t score, score a useless goal and show to the world that you are the reason behind the victory.
      No one is angel in this world but I have never seen anyone so self obsessed.

      • + At Real, i forget names but he was visibly upset, threw a fit multiple times when a teammate scored instead of passing to him.

        CR7 gives off Patrick Bateman vibes.

    • > but there should be the best teams competing against them.

      I generally agree as an objective fan of the sport. But when emotions are involved and on a personal level, i say “screw Italia!”. I’m so glad they’re out :). i haven’t met a single Italian that doesn’t talk smack about Arg. Now i can go back and poke fun at how salty them must feel.
      *My example is anecdotal, could be a poor sample for all i know.

      For CR7 – yes, absolute monster and it’s amazing him and Messi have dominated for so long. Easily up there amongst all time best. For personal stuff, he has done a ton of great things but he also has that shady af rape case happening. Time will define his legacy.

  2. Turkey missed a penalty. And its a shame for Italians. There were documentaries of Italian football disastrous wc 2018 exit and come back of them in euros. And now it’s another one again. I think Portugal are just a team with good individual players. North Macedonia can surely beat Portugal if they defend properly.

  3. Italy winning the EURO perfectly describes how much the teams from Europe are overrated. In Last world cup only if Sampa had played according to the strength of the team instead of pressing high even after leading 2-1, we could have beaten France and posed a serious threat! Nevertheless, we have a thinking coach this time and the team that can deliver!!

    • Out from WC twice in a row and first round exit before that.

      Spain also had first round exit in 2014 and second round exit in 2018 despite playing Russia .

      Most European top teams are overrated lol

      They have more thropies because there’s 50 footballing countries there, thus they get plenty of slots while there’s only 4-5 spots for South American sides.

    • Historically, Italy would be tougher opponents for other powerhouse like Argentina, Germany, Brazil at WC knockout stage.

      This actually increases our winning chance.

      • Also in WC, tradition matter just like CL, and Portugal has none of that. Italy has been in 6 finals compare to portugal 0, so Italy will always be more feared if they make it to KO stage.

        One thing for sure, these days you cant completely write out smaller teams, especially when teams like Switzerland could held Brazil & France (win on penal) to a draw in last 2 major tournsments.

        • Good point, Italy is a tournament team. Italy in the knockout rounds know how to win especially in a grind. Cannot see Portugal beating all of the top teams, Turkey and Macedonia are not Argentina, Brazil, Germany, England and France.

  4. I hope Scaloni turn Alexis Mac Allister into a great warrior like DePaul. Interestingly, Mac Allister started only 3 matches for Brighton in LMF position and he scored 2 goals in those.

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