Argentina vs. Guatemala world wide kick off times


Argentina will play Guatemala on Friday and we have the world wide kick off times!

The reigning World Cup champions will play Guatemala on Friday in Washington, D.C. in their final match before they defend their Copa America title. Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has already confirmed that Lionel Messi will start the match.

It was also reported that Nicolás González and Alexis Mac Allister will start the game. The match kicks off at 8:00 pm Eastern, 5:00 pm Pacific in North America. Here are the world wide kick off times.

USA, Canada: 5:00 pm Pacific
USA, Canada: 8:00 pm Eastern
Argentina: 9:00 pm

Ghana: 12:00 am
UK, Nigeria, Scotland: 󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 1:00 am
Spain, France, South Africa: 2:00 am
Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Qatar: 3:00 am
United Arab Emirates, Oman: 4:00 am
Afghanistan: 4:30 am
Pakistan: 5:00 am
India, Sri Lanka: 5:30 am
Nepal: 5:45 am
Bangladesh: 6:00 am
Indonesia, Vietnam: 7:00 am
Malaysia, Singapore: 8:00 am
South Korea, Japan: 9:00 am
Australia: 10:00 am
New Zealand 12:00 pm


  1. The captain of the German team is a fucking Turkish guy. Absolutely hilarious. I don’t give a flying shit where you are born, or your race or any of that shit but if your entire family is Turkish you should play for Turkish team not the German team. Same for you, you dumb motherfucker Mbappe. Got news for you, represent your own country, not the country that bought and paid for you.

    • Dude, I think they both were born and raised in their respective countries. Isn’t Argentina a country of immigrants with loads of Italians, Spaniards, Germans, Poles, Syrians, Ukrainians, Jews, etc, etc. Somehow your comment comes across as borderline problematic…

      • Problematic how? Second and third generation Argentines are from Argentina. Say they migrated in 1940. Not somebody that’s been there for a cup of coffee and importer solely for labor and football. Don’t kid yourself, the Euros are bringing in Africans and Asians because of a labor shortage and birth rate declines, not for any other altruistic reasons.

        • Yes on second thought it is problematic. Exploiting Africa and Asia for European gain has been centuries long issue. They just call it opportunity now instead of indentured workers or slavery. It’s nothing new. Whether it’s to be a welder, service worker, or a football player it’s all the same. We have a football tournament already that includes the best of the world; it’s called the UEFA champions league where any team can buy any player if they can afford them. What countries like Germany and France are doing is purely buying labor to represent them. Frankly, it’s nothing other than exploitation of poor people from African and Asian countries to fortify their own ranks. Frankly it’s repugnant and despicable.

      • It can come off as problematic but I agree.
        If the family has been in country for multiple generations like Messi or like zannetti or cambiasso or Crespo then understood. All of the above are originally Italian by the way. But Gundogan was the first of his family born in Germany. Turkey could use an attacking forward, why couldn’t he go help them?
        But at the same time if a player was born in Scotland and his parents from Argentina and hes not good enough to be called to Argentina national team then he should be able to play for Scotland.

        • Hell, I’m with you all the way, how many players on that French team are originally French, AKA AFRICA UNITED. The French are notorious for exploiting other nation’s resources and others like Germany Dutchy…etc, are catching on.

  2. Nico Gonzalez reminds me of Rashford! He always likes to take a shot at the goal even if there are players in a better position to score. However unlike Rashford this season, Nico’s finisihing has been a lot better but not good enough to ignore world class national team mates. Hopefully Scaloni has made it claer to him that playing selfish is a Big NO in this team!

    • Nico is the new headless chicken. We need them for their attributes. Their heads will come right with at some point with experience. Remember Fideo being the headless chicken??? Ok, personally, I was always a fan Di Maria since 2007 U/20 World Cup. But I remember a few moments of stupidity from him too.

  3. Valentín Carboni may replace de Paul and part of midfield three for tonight’s match. The midfield three may look like this , enzo , macca and Carboni

  4. With Nico and Toro, Scaloni can plan to have an Inter Milan style of attack from the left. While Messi and Di Maria can take care of the right. Then Nico has to play in the midfield rather than as a scorer.

  5. So NICO starts today next to Messi, this should be interesting providing the 2 missed passes, especially the 2nd.
    Imagine if him and Martinez get it going, presence and speed!

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