Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni: “We will wait until tomorrow to confirm the team”


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni spoke to the media ahead of the team’s semi final match on Tuesday.

The player selected to speak to the media was Rodrigo De Paul and after that came Scaloni. Speaking to the media, here is what he had to say:

“There are a few tired players with some knocks and we will wait until tomorrow to confirm the team. In any case, we will not change the idea that we have planted here.

“We want to win and get to the final. The hunger of these players is obvious. They are concentrated, they all have a great illusion.”

Regarding the possibility of the match going to a penalty shootout.

“We hope not to get to a penalty shootout tomorrow. If that happens, hopefully things go well for us.”

In regards to the team:

“This group has always taken on the matches in the best way possible. It doesn’t weigh on them. When they have to close down the matches, they do it.

“Speaking as an Argentine fan, I am convinced that these guys will give their all to reach the final.

“We don’t gift anything to anyone, the best are here. De Paul is in the Argentina national team based off os his form, he is an important player.”


  1. Argentina is huge favourites against Colombia. We have stronger team, more fire power, are on firm and then we have Messi. With Emi, our defense is stronger. It’s a pity Romero can’t play, he is our second most important player. Hope he’s fully fit for the final.

    I would like Licha replace Pezzella. I doubt it will happen though. Licha’s overall game is much superior to Pezzella. He is also pretty good with building from the back.

    I hope we score an early goal yet again.

    Prediction: 2-0

  2. The chicken-head is already talking shit, “”I want Argentina, I am cheering them on,” Neymar said with a smile. “I have friends there and in the final Brazil will win.” (ESPN).

    “Brazil will win”, he says, I hope ARG is listening……fuel to the fire I hope.

    • I saw the interview. Lol
      Btw dfox, I read one of your posts that had me dying of laughter. Try to find another way to watch futbol, a different channel than fox sports or espn. Their commentators are garbage, they have no idea what they talking about. Plus they don’t call the game, they just talk during the match about what the teams should and shouldn’t be doing and how good Brazil is. It could be Columbia vs Uruguay and they are still speaking of Brazil wearing “canary yellow”. Dick suckers!!!! The English commentators from UK are better of course, but not very exciting.
      I would recommend you watch on Univision even if you don’t know Spanish. Or get the BeIn Sports subscription which has 17 channels. Most are in Arabic but the Arab and Spanish commentators are the best in the world even if you don’t know the languages. At least you will know who is on the ball always as they do their jobs of actually calling the game. And if u don’t want to spend money you can get a fire stick. Salute.

      • You should have watched Sony Ten sports in India. The commentators are the worst. In Argentina’s first match this dude kept on referring Lautaro martinez as Licha😁

        • 😂 Sabya!
          I watched part of the Paraguay match vs Argentina on fox and the commentator said “almiron out of the Uruguay attack has a right foot like a field goal kicker” 😂

  3. The day before a matchday is absolutely hell. We turn to zombies. If we had won anyone of 14 or 15 or 16 finals we fans won’t be suffering this much. But still wonder considering the amount of money and luxury lifestyle footballers blessed, they should not be taking things too much seriously. Nervousness kills creativity. Anyhow all the best.

    • Yes, Scaloni said in the last press conference that Romero is still recovering but dont think he will be able to play the semi final. Hopefully, we win and he recovers before the final.

  4. Statistics doesn’t lie; i would prefer to start with Papu instead of Nico; Papu two games with two goals – no doubt for his contribution; he can be replace in second half with Nico or Correa after the leading; Nico can helps the defense and with fast counter but his scoring instinct level is below Papu.

    • Papu always faded in second half, that’s the problem. He’s around the same age as Messi and Aguero and couldnt run as much as Nico.

      I agree Papu should start and Nico can replace him so we could stay fresh on the attack in second half. Our first goal against Ecuador started from with Nico’s run, as he keeps pressing and eventually forcing opponent to commit a defensive error.

    • 100% agreed that Paup should start over Nico.

      > Statistics doesn’t lie

      They actually do lie…reminds me of a famous saying by Mark Twain – “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

  5. Everybody should think about our performance.
    We started low and flying high now. Match by match…we have improved. Team chemistry will be at best in final. That’s my point.
    This time we will make it.

    • yeah but 2 times we looked like unbeatable until the final where we performed the best in the semis: Copa 15 n 16 beating Paraguay 6-1 and US 4-0 only to be knocked out by Chile in the final.

      So my point is even if we win big against Colombia, we are still exactly at the same position in 2015 and 2016. Let’s not get carried away. Hope this time they will learn to deliver the final touch in the most decisive moment.

  6. Great
    Memories of 2004/07 again
    Confederation 2005

    I really hope if we get to final we break our curse but we have psychological problems in finals as seen in our last 6 finals

    And scores 0 in last 4

    • In 2004, we scored twice, but we conceided late goal then lost the shootout. In that case I think its down to bad luck. We didnt get outplayed and its actually last time Argentina actually scored in final.

      I didnt count Confederation since its basically minor tournament for FIFA to make even more money. We even brought Figueroa as forward instead of Crespo. In fact Argentina technically shouldnt even be there, since we’re runner up of Copa 2004 not winner. Because there’s already two European nations there (one as a host), they decided to picked Copa runner up to fill the competition.

      It should be noted that since 2004, almost every teams that beat Argentina ended up winning the tournament. Brazil 2004, 2007, 2019, Germany 2014, France 2018, Uruguay 2011, Chile 2015 & 2016. It’s like, if you beat Argentina, you’ve past the ultimate test.

      Last year Simeone made a comment on Argentina chance of winning this Copa and next WC, he basically says Argentina always lose to Germany and Brazil because they’re are simply stronger mentally.

  7. Regarding Colombia, some of their players are in bad form in this Copa. Zapata hasn’t scored any goal and missed easy chances. Muriel is worse. He has not gotten many goal scoring chances. Borre might start ahead of Muriel.

    If we take away Cuadrado, they don’t have much sparks in attack. Handle Zapata and Cuadrado, they don’t have much threat.

    • I think another battle will be getting the better of Barrios, Mina, Sanchez and Ospina. Kind of like a grand rehearsal to dealing with Casemiro, Marquinhos, Silva and Ederson.

      Barrios in particular is a pitbull of a DM. But their fullbacks are not that great defensively I think.

  8. It seems like Scaloni does not think that Romero is healthy enough to play. He said in his interview, “Romero still in recovering process so Pezzella probably will play.”

    Expect the same starting line up as the one against Ecuador although last minute change might occur: Tagliafico replacing Acuna if he sees Acuna that exhausted. Scaloni thinks Tagliafico can counter Cuadrado.

    I hope it is Acuna, though.

    • Better to have Romero in final 100% rather risking him. We should be able to beat Colombia without Romero.

      Colombia’s last 3 matches have been 2 defeats and 1 draw. They have scored 3 goals and conceded 4 goals in 5 matches. Their goals scorers are Cardona, Diaz and Borja. One is penalty.

      Their CB pair is Mina and Sanchez. Ask any Spurs fan how much they trust Sanchez. Suarez and Cavani has been superflop in this Copa. Uruguay’s inability to score is not reflection on Colombia’s defensive solidity.

      Neither Barranquilla is equivalent of Brasilia. Barranquilla is hot and humid, difficult for the away team. Without mistake from Foyth, we would have won. At that point, our team was not as sharp as it is today. At that time, we were cursing Di Maria for Chile game.

      Respect aside let’s keep things in perspective.

      • yeah Colombia always rely heavily on James Rodriguez. Now they are without him is the same as Argentina without Messi. I am not worried about Colombia.

        We were better than 3 weeks ago when we faced them at their home. No Foyth, Di Maria and Guido super sub role were not unleashed yet, better Lautaro, sharper Messi, and a healthy Emi Martinez this time instead of Marchesin.

        My prediction 2-0

        • Don’t under estimate Columbia. They nearly beat Brazil without cheating they would have done that. Romero is not playing. Paredes also playing. Nicolas Gonzalez starting plus Molina is not good in defending foyth may made a mistake bt he is defensively far more solid than Molina. Its not as easy as it looks. This will be a difficult game no doubt about that

          • Hello Anuparno,
            Brazil’s struggle against Colombia tells more about Brazil than Colombia. We beat Ecuador 3-0. Why Brazil was held 1-1?

            Brazil is not the reference point of football. They have their strengths and weaknesses.

        • @el_principe,

          Footystats xG based prediction was that Argentina has good chance of scoring while Ecuador has medium chances. Ecuador created some chances but could not score. We scored. Result was 3-0.

          For next match, they predicted that Argentina has medium chances of scoring while Colombia is uncertain. In my opinion, we will score goals but we won’t get as many chances. Remember Messi and Lautaro missed two goal bound chances early. We won’t get such easy chances but we can do a 1-0 or 2-0.

          • @Mafioso this match will not be that easy as you think. It will be tricky. As Brazil is the defending champion and probably still stronger than us yes they can be referred. We may have won 3-0 against equador bt we didn’t dominate that game any other day it would have been 1-0 or 2-1 scoreline. Plus Brazil was Neymar less 2nd string team that drew with equador and already secured 1st place so that result points to nothing. As we see Brazil beat 4-0 peru and group league bt won 1-0 yesterday. Columbia uses wing play and crosses both are our weaknesses so there is no surity we will win. We have to play out of our skin to win comfortably.

  9. Here we go again, Don’t think about the Finals yet, Colombia are a solid opponent, lets win it. Whoever Scaloni feels confident in should start, Either X or Y Doesn’t matter as long as we win and qualify to the Finals, Brazil with all the tricks in their sleeve have reached the Finals. Let’s see.

    Wont it have been nice to have Euro and Copa in different months, On an ideal world. Today Italy vs Spain Semifinal is there which will start late in Night where I am in. Argentina vs Colombia will be early in the Morning for which have to wake up with Alarm. Cant lose Sleep too, have to go work tomorrow.I Miss those days when I used to sit in the couch whole night watching football. There is something cool in watching the game in the night in TV. Watching in Mobile dont give that excitement, What to do, sometimes wish I hadn’t grown older.

  10. Did a silly exercise of giving scores to players based on class and more importantly form. Just wanted to know myself if we are that bad on paper as many fears compared to Brazil.
    (Of course it’s all about Columbia now. We will beat them convincingly)

    Goal keeper:
    Brazil :8
    Argentina: 7


    Danilo: 7.5
    Molina : 7

    Marquinhos : 9
    Romero : 8

    Silva : 7.5
    Otemdi : 7

    Lodi : 8
    Acuna : 7

    Casemiro : 8.5
    Guido : 7.5
    Fred : 7
    RDP : 8.5

    Paqueta : 8
    Lo celso : 8

    Everton : 7
    Papu/Maria : 8

    Neymar :9
    Messi : 9.5

    Richarlison : 7
    Lautaro: 7.5

    Brazil : 86.5/100
    Argentina: 87/100

    • I like your evaluation. It is pretty fair but I would revise some of them.

      Brazil’s Allison/Ederson 8.5
      Argentina Emi 8.5

      Why? all play in the same league which is EPL, but who won the goalkeeper of the year? So it is equal. Performance wise in this Copa, Emi plays as good as eveyome else.

      Also Neymar 9
      Messi is 10.

      Neymar is not 0.5 point worse than Messi, at least 1 point. If you are talking about Mbappe/Lewandowski then maybe Mbappe 9.5, Messi 10.

    • Emi Martinez selected as the best goalkeeper in epl.. That also playing for Aston villa.. Much weaker team than Liverpool and mancity.. And you rate those two above Emi.. You must be crazy.. Other rating might be justified but Emi is slightly better than those two.. Vamos Argentina

    • @gokul nice rating, but i will rate martinez as good a brazilian goalkeepers
      Martinez showing great form and class with a ordinary defence of westham
      Were as for tge brazilians they have quality back 4 to help in liverpool and city

  11. Can anyone provide valid links for the match for live streaming! I will be in an office and have to view it under the table 🙁 and as a result won’t have time to search for valid links!

    Thank you

  12. There is a lot of positivity in media outlets about argentina team and messi is having his best tournament in an argentina shirt, Some space in my heart is saying that these two matches for glory will see messi performing at GOD level and he will be considered a hero just like Maradona. He will finally end his career with a trophy with argentina.

    • Copa America is not world cup. Every trophy is important but this is very lower in esteem compared to world cup. U can’t catch Maradona’s craze with a continental tournament. If messi wants to match maradona thn he needs to win wc 2022 simple as that.

      • @ Anuparno If you have so much craze about Maradona why don’t you go to meet him in skies?? We love Maradona and we love Messi too.. Both have done exceptional jobs for their countries..yes Messi has been unlucky in finals.. Never ever compare two of them.. Both are gods.. Hope Messi and Argentina will finally lay their hands on international trophy and pay perfect tribute to Maradona..

  13. The important role again is Acuna in that left side. That will be the busy side of defending. I’m hoping he is fit and ready as Columbia’s ball flows thru that right side with cuadrado but he has been floating at times. This should be a good time to start Guido. I’m not concerned with di maria or papu or should it be Nico again… Our attack is beautiful, we just need to allow our boys up front to feel comfortable and have fun.

  14. The real test for Scaloni as a Manager starts tomorrow;
    He got enough time & core group of players to get a result against any team;
    ARG got the right balance of young & experienced players to win this COPA.
    8 to 9 good to very good players are available to start that can perform & win against any top team with the right tactics & game plan; So, no excuses for Scaloni

  15. In the name of Jesus Christ I revoke every person that lowers mentality talking about the argentinian National team either you said something positive or don’t talk is football any team can win stop comenting bad on argentina we have to a strong mentality argentina is a football team the same ways all footballs teams win championship argentina could stop complaining that our defense is weak that brasil will beat Us just said something positive I believe by the power God argentina will bring the trophies home

    • Don’t use the Lord’s Name in vain bro, but we can pray for Argentina.

      The 1994 Brazil team has a documentary of how God helped them win that World Cup.
      Let’s also pray that we break the spirit of idolatry in the team (worshipping Maradona, Messi).

      People name playing Messi as “messiah” doesn’t help in the prayer department as someone said in another post, Argentina has lacked “luck”.

      Once we do that, we can have the real hand of God over Argentina.

  16. I say let’s focus on Colombia first, then talk about an Argentina vs Brazil final.

    I think Messi has to shine again to best Colombia. I see Colombia’s weakest area there outside defenders and their biggest threat is cuadrado. If we man mark Cuadrado, we should look decent. I hope papu starts who knows how to break defenses.

    Nervous, yet excited for tomorrow’s match. I’ll sleep better tomorrow night knowing we’re in the final.

  17. Brazil Argentina final, Brazil champions – likely already bought and paid for. No matter how good Argentina plays there is noway…no…way that CONMEBOL would allow Argentina to win in their stadium. Hurts to say it but it’s true. Hope for best like a fool but expect the worst like logic would dictate

    • We can beat them — That is with a margin of victory that does not allow for the referee to be a decider. We will obviously not do a goleada but if we defend only a one goal lead and miss our chances than a Ney”var” dive or two and it is over. I also think that our defense and Emi Martinez can play a very big part.

      • 2 goals is the minimum. If we could lead by 2, then Brazil will be given a gift goal probably late in the game as consolation or to give them some chance to pull late equalizer, but it has to be 2 goals at minimum.

  18. Brazil is beatable bt our first target should be Columbia which will be very tough match. Brazil is strong defensively. Our fullbacks will struggle against their wingers specially Neymar. This match was ideal for a right back like foyth Molina will be destroyed against Brazil. I can see Brazil attack us with both the wings and creating havoc. Our main weakness is our fullbacks and thats what brazil’s strength lies in wing play

  19. Welp Brazil in the final. They got their by diving every five seconds like toddlers while Peru actually fought like men. Shameful

  20. This Brazil team has NOT BEEN TESTED THUS FAR not even close, all the teams they played against were ravaged by injuries and main players missing due to COVID, GOD WILLING we make it to the final and GIVE THEM HELL

  21. Game is almost over and MIGHTY Brazil is winning 1/0 vs a Peruvian team decimated by injuries and COVID you friggin kidding me…………LETS GO ARGENTINA LETS GO!! these SOBs ain’t SHIT

  22. brazil shouldn’t be underestimate no matter how bad peru play.. peru is not able to pressurizing which is bad.. brazil may win 1 goal margin but they are winning comfortably. brazil has pace and they are trying to improve there shoots

  23. Peru trying to make a match of this in 2nd half. But i guess tite is comfortable & confident that they will go through with a solitary goal.

  24. Quality of south american football is nowhere near european team. Even fitness level is very low. I don’t know how peru reached semi. First goal brazil scored against Peru is very silly. Its like they are tired and can not compete against fast brazilian team. Its not only with peru most of the south American teams have the same problem. Fitness level is low. Brazil and Argentina is still ok. But players like Pezzella, Acuna,Montiel need to upgrade their fitness.

    • Totally agree, SA need to improved and upgrade their fitness level; players that can and ready to play for 120 minutes as individual talent is just not enough; not much acrobatic show nowadays. Look at Denmark, Swiss, Ukraine and other teams as comparison, they are building up their team with more physical strength and fast transition flow play.

    • Like what? Uruguay beat Portugal in last WC. Colombia lost to England only on shootout. We scored most goals against France. Croatia lost by bigger margin to them.

      Didnt Chile beat Spain 2-0 last time they played them in WC? Uruguay also beat England 2-1 in 2014.

      Just to refresh your memory.

      There’s only 10 footballing country in South America but there’s like 100 countries in Europe lol

      4 great teams out of 10 is better than 6 great teams out of 50.

  25. Peru is garbage…can’t even complete three passes!!! it is the perfect opponent for Brasil!!! Let them be over confident. Assuming we play to our strength vs Colombia …. Brazil will be facing a different type of animal come Saturday!!! 🐺 🇦🇷 🐺 🇦🇷🐺

    • None of the teams Brazil played against in this COPA posed any threat except for Colombia who were cheated……………players are either out because of Covid or not included because of injuries …………….smooth sailing from the get go

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