Walter KANNEMANN injured and will miss Copa America for Argentina


Walter KANNEMANN suffered an injury and will miss the Copa America.

Gremio’s KANNEMANN suffered a fracture in the second vertebrae of his spine and will be out for six weeks. This would rule him out of being in Lionel SCALONI’s Argentina team.


  1. Di maria in right wing is absolutely phenomenal to watch and di maria on left wing is a headless chicken who runs here and there and end up losing possession or getting injured. 1st version is best. Hope scaloni understands this.🙏🏻

  2. We need Lo Celso’s goals as well as his playmaking. Hope he is played in an advanced position like in Betis. For all our firepower we have struggled to score goals the last 5 years. Even goals from CBs are welcome. We are not very good at set pieces. Otamendi, Rojo and Federico Fernandez have scored once in a while for us but I wish we had someone like Ayala in the current squad who could pop up and score when the team needed them.

    • We do have someone like Ayala who can pop up outta nowhere and score an important goal and his name is Mercado!! Personally I would’ve liked to see Ansaldi as Saravia’s backup but I can’t deny that Mercado has been highly reliable for the NT for years now.

  3. Agree with Little Reus. ADM at the right flank has been a revelation. Can cut inside to his favoured left foot. He has scored more goals than anyone else in Europe from outside the box this year. Our left sided attacking options are superb with J Correa, Pity and R Pereyra all capable or turning the game. I think mundo bros have been a little uncharitable to Pity. New country, new league takes some getting used to. I see him improving every game

  4. I will keep my playing 11 choice within the 40prelim players.

    Either 4-4-2
    Pererya – Palacios – LoCelso-DePaul
    Messi- Ageuro

    mid match subs can be – DiMaria ( for prerya ) ; Guido for Palacios ; ACorrea for Aguero.

    or 4-2-3-1
    Palacios – Guido
    Messi – LoCelso- DePaul

    Subs – Parades for Palacios ; ACorrea for DePaul or LoCelso ( in that case Messi plays false9 ) ;
    I like the 4-2-3-1 where LoCelso can play more advanced with Messi & there is a double pivot behind for stability

  5. Our MVP for the upcoming Copa as per the current world class club form is??? Angel Di Maria…Our secret weapon.


      • We shall see that. Hope this is the last tournament for him and he delivers a great swan song.

        Although Chances are less.

    • Anyone thought he would be more useful on the right flank and roam with Messi?

      El Fideo on the left flank is a headless chicken as he tends to run with the ball wide and deep, where his poor decision making takes over, and it ends up with poor crosses or losing the possession.

      • In Argentina if anyone who is headless chicken is none other than Scaloni, he is clueless about what is he doing so this idiot may play A di maria at LW again.
        My dream squad for copa 19 was always
        Saravi Otamendi Pezella Tagliafico
        Ascacibar Lo celso
        A dimaria Aguero Pavon

        • Agreed on Di Maria position, but I think your formation is too unbalanced. Lo Celso is no more a box to box, he’s a 10 now. We need 1 destroyer and 1 versatile CM, or a pivot who can go forward. Guido/Battaglia + Palacios/Nacho/DePaul are my choice. Lo Celso in front of the DM/CM and Messi behind Aguero

  6. on Saturday our U20 team begin our effort in world cup in Poland against South Africa.
    really i can t wait to see the team play.
    we are in hard group but i believe we can do something good in this world cup.


  7. I think Argentina should bring on a philosophy like Ajax..invest on youth..and i think Menotti and Aimar should focus more..

    We need to get back Bielsa in some major european league..

      • Yea, very overrated . Never like it when media claim how this or that manager came from “school of Bielsa” . Bielsa has very small collection of silverware , not sure how he’s being reffered alot by journalists.

        However, he did won Argentina their first Olympic, winning all games I think without even conceiding a goal. Still overrated overall compare to way he’s potrayed by media.

        • You’re just highlighting silverware when everyone knows that’s not the reason for his reverance. Among many others, both Guardiola and poch have openly highlighted Bielsas influence in their style. Same with Sampa. Not sure why that bothers you..

    • we are not a club to be able do that. we are national team. is not same.

      as about Bielsa should i remind you who was our coach in 2002 world cup?
      if you was small age in 2002 then i can understand you.

      • yes i remember well 2002 ..brazil won the world cup ..we got knocked out first round with bielsa !

        • I gave up being a diehard supporter after arg was knocked out in 2002. Going for a tournament as favourites to win it only to be knocked out in round one.

    • @petro ajax is the perfect example of combination of young and energetic players with experience
      In CB De ligt with Blind
      Midfield Schone with De jong
      Forward Zyech with Tadic.
      The main reason ajax played semifinal was Tadic without him there would be no use of playing young players.

    • And we can see what happened in with argentina in WC 2010 with young squad and all of them were 5 times more talanted than our present young players.

      • IMHO, 2010 was the most talented young squad. Problems were:
        – Diego’s ego caused wrong selection. I didn’t mind including Palermo but leaving Cambiasso and Zanetti out were criminal.
        – Riquelme’s ego. After the deadly combination with the younger generation in Olympic 2008, all of the suddens, he retired from the NT. What the heck!
        – Poor tactical decision. Diego’s illustrative tactics were simply outplayed by Loew.
        If it was just me, we would have won it, lol

        On the bench: Di Maria, Aguero, Diego Milito, Gaby Milito, Gago, Banega, Maxi Rodriguez, Pastore, Otamendi

        How deadly would it have been!

  8. Oh nooooo………. So, in my opinion, he should be replaced by Funes Mori.

    My Dream Team :

    GK : 1. Armani 2. Marchesin 3. Andrada

    RB : 1. Saravia 2. Mercado

    RCB : 1. Pezzella 2. Sigali

    LCB : 1. Otamendi 2. Funes Mori

    LB : 1. Tagliafico 2. Acuna

    DM : 1. Guido 2. Marcone

    RCM : 1. Paredes 2. Lanzini

    LCM : 1. Lo Celso 2. Pereyra

    RCF : 1. Messi 2. Dybala

    ST : 1. Aguero 2. Icardi

    LCF : 1. Di Maria 2. De Paul

    Yeahhh…. Vamos Argentina! Go Tango! Be the winner! Be the champion!

    God bless everyone…..

    • Such a classy player, his touches, passes will remind you Messi. His development will be the key for Argentina’s success in next decade. Will love him to play under those coaches who can develop ball players, coaches like Bielsa, Pep or pochettino.

  9. Di maria has become best longshot scorer in the world. His shooting accuracy is something else scaloni should play him at RW , playing him at LW is a waste.

      • Can you tell what is DiMaria’s Position in PSG? and for NT?
        He is good player; No doubt about that; But only for his club; Not for NT; For NT he plays only 1 good match out of 5;

        • Because he is cheered everytime not cursed and given death threats everytime he plays for NT. And this is the case for all players not only for di maria , tell me an argentine player who plays better for NT than club , yes mascherano was the exception. So we will have to change our attitude towards our player to get take their full adavantage.

          • Romero, Biglia until Copa 2016, Zabaleta, Augusto, Garay, Lavezzi; There are other players who performed well but hardly they do get more chances;
            Lavezzi & Gaitan performed better than Dimaria in the limited chances they got for NT;

  10. Regardless of if we like Mercado or not I think he will be selected (I hate Mercado personally). Scaloni is going for 2 LB (Tagliafico and Acuna), 3 CB (Otamendi, Pezzela, Funes Mori) and 2 RB (Saravia and Mercado). Now, the reason I think Scaloni will select Mercado because he can be backup for both roles of RB and CB. He can backup Saravia in RB and also can be a option in CB roles.

      • We can debate all day on who can be selected and who will be a better option. But I am giving here Scaloni’ point of view why he will choose Mercado. Ansaldi is a good option for RB or LB. But he won’t be able to backup the position for CB. Scaloni will be selecting 3CBs so he will be selecting someone who can backup both RB and CB position. As I said I hate Mercado coz he is useless, but I think the coach will select him. Just trying to predict.

      • You are right mate he offers much more than mercado. Lb,rb,cb,wb. He is also of same age as mercado i.e 32. So why not go for better player like him who can defend as well as attack. I don’t like mercado. He is not pacey and neither athletic and can’t defend to. Game against Venezuela proved this. Alas but sampa 2.O will select him over ansanladi 😑😖

    • I think this is the final team that Scaloni will select for Copa:

      GK: Armani, Andrada, Musso (I hope Scaloni chooses him over Merchesin)

      DEF: Pezzela, Otamendi, Funes Mori (we will miss kanneman), Saravia, Mercado, Tagliafico, Acuna

      MID: Paredes, Guido, Lo Celso, Palacios, Pereyra, De Paul, Zaracho (If he is not fit then Lanzini will get selected)

      FD: Messi, Aguero, Dybala, Lautaro, Correa, Di Maria

      • Dimaria will be selected as midfielder and Foyth should be selected ahead of Mori

        • What does it matter if Di Maria’ name is in the Midfielder section or Forward section!!!! The point is he will be there in the final list.

          And Foyth over Mori.. well tell that to Scaloni. I am not the coach, I m just trying to predict what the coach will do.

          • If Dimaria selected as Midfielder then there is chance to add another forward and Foyth performed better than Mori under scaloni, Foyth was given 2 MOTM award that’s why i assuming Foyth is picked and between Rulli and Musso one will be selected ahead of maschrin

      • This is not a bad team (Personally I would make a few changes) but we need coherence and rhythm among the players to succeed. Players like Pezzela, Tag, Lo Celso, Palacios and Correa should step up for the NT coz I think our players lack that motivation, grit and fire for the NT. And for God’ sake, Mr. Scaloni plz finalize the suitable formation, develop a style of play and get Ur tactics right, else the team will suffer again, no matter how good Ur players are.

  11. Everyplayer needs to be given enough chances to prove themselves.

    Considering most of the previous generation has given ample chances to show what they can bring to the table. Same rule should be applied now too.

    How many matches has Paredes, Icardi, Dybala etc etc has started for us? Less than 5.that itself is the answer.

    • You right pal that should applies
      the new generation
      We must give them chance but
      If they re not performing well
      We should move to the inform players
      As Argentina always has top players
      Available we shouldn’t repeat the
      Same mistake like before because
      The last generation overstayed

    • Mbappe is headless chicken. Run and run. He will be no better than Henry, let alone as good as CR7. His best weapon is his pace that unfortunately was extremely useful against our slow and old defense. Against more physical and disciplined sides, he would be just a good player, not as superb as he was against us

  12. Tigre which eliminated Racing and Atletico Tucuman (eliminated River) playing semi. Such a shame Lucass Menossi finally was not picked to be one of over 23 players in our team for Panamerican Games (instead of Mascherano). No doubt one of best No.5 in league for years.

    BTW his today’s goal shows the people that are not following Argentina clubs anyway but throws a lot of shit in last days about how much the local football is chaotic and ugly to watch (hence not worth of call ups) should not decept theirselves that they know the local football. Really a lot of exagerration and prejudice:

      • Tigre is one of 3 best teams currently in Argentina. Great win 5:0 against Atletico Tucuman.

      • All the Tigre goals are team football. Most incredible: Tigre is RELEGATED team and next season will play in second league while they are close to qualify to COpa Libertadores 2020 thanks to this Copa de La Superliga. Second division and CL at the same time?

  13. PSG – Dijon 4:0
    – Since PSG is considered a 1 player team (Paredes) in here and loses and draws are blamed on Paredes then we must apply the same standard and credit the wins to him, too.

    – Selection of the team: I hope Pezzella recovers and Foyth, Dybala make it.
    I don’t like Mercado, and Matias Suarez, and hope Funes Mori is discarded.
    I also hope Andrada starts.
    I am not going to complain though and support whoever represents and plays for the team.

    – I think Scaloni plans to play 4-4-2.

    • Oh if you read the french news you’d think that Paredes is the cause for the common cold!!! Everything bad that happens to PSG is because of him, but atleast that 47 mill they spent on him isn’t going to waste since now they have a convenient scapegoat.
      Leandro is hella talented but he’s not a no.5 and was never meant to be but he is more than capable of pushing himself physically as we saw in the Brazil game where he, Celso and Battaglia ran their butts off, Argentina needs THAT Paredes in copa.

      • of course, football is a team sport.
        I also agree that he is not a 5 and also should not play with a slow 5, needs a runner next to him. Let’s see how he fairs next season because making the move in winter is bad-timing.

    • No he is a 5, but more as a regista like Pjanic and Jorginho who need 2 powerful and defensive box to box next to him. I simply don’t like this kind of midfielder, you got to play in 433 and others run for him. I don’t think Paredes is as talented as Pirlo and Xabi Alonso to make the team do so much sacrifice. He will be happier in a small club

        • C.royal in case if you don’t know pirlo
          Wasn’t that good either when he was
          Same age as paredes so there still
          Time mate for alonso case he was
          Lucky he had mascherano who made Him looked so good plus he played Spanish nt who had dominated possessions
          It’s way to early to be so critical the play Who is just settling new club moving Mid season is the most difficult in football .In all honesty 10 caps he played for nt He did more than alright.

      • Well a Regista is not a 5 technically, it’s a deep lying playmaker (think an enganche but deeper in the midfield).
        I still believe in Leandro, he’s had a rough time in PSG and to be honest I was never happy seeing him go to such a club but I believe he has the skill and mentality to make it in the big leagues. Hopefully he can do well in copa and get his confidence back.

  14. Our U-20 boys beat Honduras 3:1. Goals of Alvarez, Ferreira and Almendra.

    Manuel Roffo, Marcelo Weigandt, Nehuén Pérez, Facundo Medina, Francisco Ortega, Fausto Vera, Santiago Sosa, Cristian Ferreira, Ezequiel Barco, Julián Álvarez, Pedro De La Vega.

  15. Off topic (1): Considering the fact that we have not Alario in our Squad list for Copa, he did a hat-trick for Leverkusen and becomes the first Argentinian to ever scored 3 goals in German Bundesliga! I wouldn’t mind if he gets called up if injury happens to anyone.

    Off topic (2): Just like the first topic, as Walter Kannerman is injured and won’t able to play Copa19, why we are not considering E.Garay’s return to NT? In my opinion, Garay is still the best defender Argentina have. Even as a backup, Garay will add some leadership and calmness to our defense.

    • C Romero deserve more than anyone but scaloni will not try new names in copa, He will be picked who already part of his squad before.

  16. Most Probable 23rd squad:
    Gk: Armani, Andrada, Rulli/Musso
    DF: Tagliafico, Acuna, Foyth, Pazella, otamendi, marcado, saravia
    MF: Paredes, Lo Celso, Gluido, Palacios, De Paul, Pareyra, Dimaria and Meza
    FW: Messi, Aguero, A Corera, Lautaro, Dybala, Suarez

  17. Mrinal, special or not Pereyra is a very useful player for our team. He is very physical and fast, he runs all the time and he has skills. He had a good season indeed and is one of Wattford’s best players.

    Kannemann’s injury is a big loss. This guy has all the prospects to be a world class defender and he reminds me the grit that our fefenders used to have in the past. I really like this guy but i guess that the injury circus has already started!

      • Ame, sometimes defenders are getting better like good old wine. A defender still can be world class at an age of 34, there are numrous examples of this and yes the guy still has time to be world class.

        Mrinal, i have to admit that you are pretty good in both being sarcastic as well as in depending on stats but let me give you an advise, if want think about it if you don’t throw it out of the window: Sometimes stats don’t say the whole story. You should also watch how a player is playing, his positioning his overall contribute to the team, his attributtes, his skills, his decision making and taking also into account how his teammates are also paying and the state that his team is too, instead of depending only on numbers especially when wattford was not that good.
        And speaking about numbers, the current season does not include 2019 only if i am not mistaken.

    • See this the problem mate
      Pereyra has been good whole the
      Season no shame on having off day
      Against man city I’m sure if you were following
      The premier league whole season
      You won’t say that against him
      Pereyra is very useful player can play
      Different positions

  18. From the very beginning I told that de Paul is must starter..he performed well and consistently… In my opinion de Paul must be starter….de paul-lanzini-paredes-celso would be the midfield..

  19. Foyth should be selected ahead of F.Mori, both Foyth and Romero will be the main CB in 2022 WC and Foyth should be given big tournament experience with NT, this season Foyth already got Champion league experience as well as in Final.

  20. De Paul is hardworking player, If messi aguero are there then Agentina don’t need show model anymore, De Paul is must no matter one of Dybala/icardi selected or not.

  21. It’s a big loss.
    But don’t forget Otamendi and Mori had a good partnership before…!
    I am confident Otamendi-Pazella, Otamendi-Mori, Pazella-Mori will work for Argentina. I suspect Mercado currently. I wish Foyth gets chance ahead of Mercado..!

      • Funes Mori was a decent player but since he got injured he looses confidence. A second season with villareal may really help him. Guys I think to preverse the immense talent of Foyth, he should be playing as a 5. I haven’t seen a talent like that since Diego Milito. When you are that talented in a league like premiership where mistakes are deadly Its difficult for him to be confident and show his talent. If he plays in the middle he would be able to express himself better

      • Foyth should ahead of funes mori
        You may say foyth is not ready but
        The kid play UEFA champions league
        And performed well plus he is much
        Talent than mori trust me mori Is
        Suicidal he is no way near nt player
        He is mistake carrier.

    • I personally have no confidence in Funes Mori. He’s not a world class defender by any stretch of imagination, not even a half decent player.

      • He doesn’t need to be world class. All he has to do is repeat what he has done in last Copa. He was solid CB for us. Otamendi-Mori was scary due for opposition CF. But injury and Everton move was bad for him. Since he has plenty playing time in Villarreal I hope he gets back his Mojo.

  22. Depaul with 3 assists in 1st half. Has to be in final 23. We need a player like him to shoulder the responsibility of playmaking along with messi from the left side and he can very well do it. He is also better defensively than dybala. Nacho and DePaul should be in final 23.😀

    • Agree, DePaul should start.

      ……….. Kun…………….
      Four defensively conservative players to balance paredes non destroyer position (a la pirlo) and the random deep run of tagalfico, like messi does with Alba.

      The team has plenty of talent. Youth. A smart coach that keeps the lines close and tight, sits deep and counters with messi and kun can beat amyone. Our 4 midfield players need to run and hustle 90mins. Lamela, dimaria, etc we have a deep bench that can.

    • Taking the current form I’d like to see De Paul and Nacho too. The assists however are from corners and freekicks.

      • Yeah today but I have watched him after Feb this season and he is fantastic creatively, his passing is nice, long passes are awesome can change ball to other flanks accurately , atleast good than di Maria defensively on left Flank. Mark my words he will move to a good club next season

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