Nicolas Gonzalez scores for Stuttgart in 5-1 win vs. Borussia Dortmund


Nicolas Gonzalez scored for Stuttgart in their 5-1 win vs. Borussia Dortmund.

Gonzalez has been stellar this season for both club and country as he has continued his great form. Despite not starting the match, the Argentine managed to score. With Stuttgart leading 4-1, it was a through ball delivered to Gonzalez as he was one on one with the goalkeeper and would score in injury time.

The 22 year old is now on four goals in six matches for Stuttgart this season.

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  1. Cristian Romero is a big talent, but his discipline is really bad, way too agressive, 32 yellow cards in 7168 minutes so far…one in every 224 minutes, i searched for some centre backs and only found one Sergio Ramos under 300 minutes, one per 290 minutes, even Otamendi is a gentleman compared to Romero, in big tournaments he would be banned too easily.

    • Stats are good but you have analysis it in real terms. He was rash, not anymore so if you consider 7168 then you won’t get the right picture.

      He has changed this season. That’s what everyone is saying. But hopefully he carries on like this to become wc.

      • Stats this season with Atalanta:
        7 Serie A games, 5 Champion’s league games
        4 yellow cards in 12 matches of 997 minutes of play = 249 minutes per card

    • Agreed his discipline needs discipline but at only 22yrs he has tons of time improve. His reading of the game on the other hand is almost unnatural for someone his age. The kid is a big talent and I really hope he keeps improving and become world class.

  2. Again Lo celso against some unknown Europa league teams plays like prime Iniesta but against quality opponents he looks quite average and lacks confidence. He is not a big match player.

    • Quote: He is not a big match player.

      Honestly I can’t tell whether you’re serious or not sometimes because some of your posts boggle the mind! Celso had a little over 20 mins playing against a team that was sitting back and trying to hit on the counter and despite that he created just as much in 20 mins as Nodembele did in 70 and I suppose you forgot how last season in the absence of Son and Kane Celso was the only one keeping them afloat or how just alittle over a week ago he came and scored against City after only 30 secs.
      Also since when is Crystal Palace a “quality team”? They simply beat Mourinho at his own game i.e. sit back and hit on the counter
      It’s funny, when some of you on this board have a vendetta against a player you start reaching and making statements without any thought.
      Lastly that “unknown european team” beat Spurs in the first leg and handed them only their second defeat of the season, so the game against Antwerp wasn’t just another game.

  3. the important thing is that Nico suits the Scaloni’s style and game plan; no matter how great the player if he can’t adopt and adjust himself with the game plan, it can’t be optimized and contribute well to the team. Still the missing puzzle is the back side; defense and GK.

  4. Depaul scored a beautiful goal from an assist by Roberto Pereyra. Pussetto scored too. Pussetto is getting close to national team level after each match. His work rate is excellent.

      • Pussetto’s natural position is actually RW (dribbles past defenders at speed and tracks back constantly) and I don’t think he’s ever played in that position since he’s come to europe. This season though he seems to have adjusted to the forward role and I’m glad to see him doing well cos I thought he was a legit talent when he was playing in the primera.

  5. Is there any rumor regarding C. Romero to the NT, he has been playing consistently. I never have a chance to watch him. I don’t have nothing to say but for those who have been following him Do you guys think that he can play in the NT?

    • I have not seen any constructive rumors about it but I would be very disappointed and confused if he is not included in the March squad. He’s a no-brainer pick at this point.

      He is not only one of the few defenders who gets consistent game time atm, but he also consistently performs very well. Performance wise, he is currently the best defender from Argentina at 22 years of age.

      Marcos Senesi, 23, on the other hand is being watched closely by Scaloni per TyC Sports. He is also wanted by Atalanta and Sevilla among others. Voted best defender of the Dutch league.

      I think both will be picked for March games and I believe the combination of the two of them together is the best CB pair we can get.

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