Exequiel Palacios fit, everyone available for Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has everyone fully fit for Monday’s match vs. Bolivia at the Copa America.

In addition to Nicolas Gonzalez and Gio Lo Celso being back with the team, Scaloni received some good news as Palacios trained with the rest of the squad. This means that Scaloni has everyone available.

When speaking to the media following the team’s 1-0 win vs. Paraguay, Scaloni stated that he would rotate the squad for the next match. Some of the names likely to be rotated are the six that are on yellow cards. Emiliano Martinez, Lucas Martinez Quarta, Gio Lo Celso, Leandro Paredes, Joaquin Correa and Lautaro Martinez are the six that are one yellow card away from missing the next match.

While the cards are erased after the quarter finals, a yellow for any of them vs. Bolivia would mean that they would miss the quarter final match. However, Lautaro could benefit from a goal vs. Bolivia to get him back in scoring form. It remains to be seen who Scaloni will be resting.


  1. south american football is dead. in future all the world cus are belongs to eutopeans. brazil can try for next one in futer. but rest of the south american never win in future.

    its very tough to beat european giants even small team like hungary, austria and sweden. argentina is not near untill they change their playing style and agile players.

  2. The reality is our team is a tough team to beat.
    To put it in perspective, our worst team in the last decade (2018) coupled with our worst manager (sampaoli) lost to the world champions France 4-3 who’s team is arguably better than what it is now. Our current squad is light years better than that 2018 team.

    We always play better against teams that come out to attack such in that game against France.

    Now that our defence looks pretty solid, I’m hopeful we will play even better against these attacking teams.

    • Sampaoli is NOT the worst manager! Bezo’s is the one that put us on the brink of WC elimination! Please remember facts: Sampaoli left Sevilla when they were playing the hottest/most stylish football on the planet – even rumors of Barca and bigger clubs wanting him. He foolishly left a million $ coaching job in the middle of the season and took the managing role for his country when NO OTHER MANAGER WANTED THE POSITION.

      Remember facts! He didn’t have time to build his own real team and style of play. He simply needed more time. Scaloni would have been fired too if he had taken the position with less than a year for a World Cup.

      In conclusion, Bezos is our worst coach in history because he stayed as manager too long for us to replace the coach.

      Blessings friend

  3. Eventhough we are not completely ready for WC we will still give the top European teams worth their money on the field head-to-head. The papers and field is not the same. We look stronger in Def and our attack with the right chemistry and form is a headache for any European Team. And there is always a Messi factor no matter how old he is.
    Our current team is Stronger than 2010 and 2018 and not too behind 2014.

  4. There is an astrologer greenstone Lobo who has predicted many important things in past, He has predicted that Brazil cannot win it this time, Argentina have high chances because of messi’s fabulous horoscope but Scaloni has a very average Horoscope, It is giving me a bit of stress. If Scaloni anyhow win this copa He should not coach at Wc 2022, because he does not have it in his charts to win A copa And a World Cup Back to Back.

    • Argentina very unlikely to win either of copa or wc so chill. Massive improvement needed for wc win now france, Portugal, spain, germany, Belgium, italy, England total 7 European countries are stronger than us our midfield can’t even control the possession and not even counter attack properly. When dimaria runs nobody run along with him when messi runs same happens nobody runs along with him to create effective counters 3 players should run simultaneously so that there is option to pass for the player holding the ball. I was watching some Argentina match from 1986 their passing, holding the ball, pressing all were far superior than the current team no wonder they won the wc Maradona was great bt other players were also far better than this current roaster.

      • Combebol team quality decreases apart from Brazil no out right favorite, so Argentina just need to beat Brazil to win copa which isn’t difficult but wining World Cup indeed difficult or impossible with current squad. I agree with Greenstone lobo, in 2018 he challenged Brazil and Germany not wining World Cup where they were favourite, in 2021 He challenges France and Brazil not wining Euro and Copa despite favorite under the circumstances Argentina wining copa is huge possibility as Argentina vs Brazil final happening in 2021 most probably.

        • Great we need to win wc 2022.but the squad has many loopholes and scaloni not even playing the best defender of Argentina lisandro Martinez for an unknown reason. We don’t have World class fullbacks, dm and even we don’t have a world class striker. We can’t counter attack properly whenever someone runs and in space nobody else runs or take good position thats why maximum time the move doesn’t become dangerous one. Looking at these things im not much hopeful 1 yr left let’s see how our squad turns out

      • > When dimaria runs nobody run along with him when messi runs same happens

        Excellent observation. Kidadulthood and Ebo made similar observations

        Thats part of the reason why he “appears” to be so much better in league with PSG because he has attackers with him, getting behind, making runs. On many occasions, its not him performing worse, its his teammates that aren’t supporting. For NT, he’s usually the most advanced guy and runs into walls and isn’t able to make those amazing forward passes. He’s so great at counter attacking but this team is anything but right now.

    • >Argentina have high chances because of messi’s fabulous horoscope but Scaloni has a very average Horoscope, It is giving me a bit of stress.

      I am dying laughing right now 😂😂 This is a certainly a very unique comment but may I ask what is Neymar’s horoscope is he going to get injured anytime soon? Also how many shots is Lautaro going to miss this tournament? How many penalties will Otamendi concede? When will Chilean fans realized Ben Brereton is not Gabriel Batistuta? Since you know about astrology what planet is Messi from? Any recommended crystals I should buy so that Argentina wins?

  5. @Roy Nemer It was a nice Video. Your team selection is spot on. But I would like to change one person in your eleven is Cuti Romero as I don’t want my best defender to participate in this game as Argentina already qualified and Argentina should deal Bolivia without him. Others are fine.

    • “Las amonestaciones aplicadas por el árbitro serán registradas y el jugador u oficial que recibiera un total de dos (2) tarjetas amarillas de manera consecutiva o alternada quedará suspendido automáticamente para el siguiente partido. Las amonestaciones implicarán además una sanción de una multa de USD. 400 (CUATROCIENTOS DÓLARES) por cada una de ellas. El valor da multa aplicada a un jugador será debitado automáticamente del valor que los equipos deban recibir por parte de la CONMEBOL por participación y/o premios. La acumulación de tarjetas amarillas en la Fase de Grupos queda sin efecto a partir del inicio de Cuartos de Final. No obstante, un jugador u oficial que, durante el último partido de la Fase de Grupos, reciba una amonestación que por acumulación suponga su suspensión automática para el siguiente partido, deberá cumplir la suspensión en el primer partido de Cuartos de Final.

      A partir de la fase de Cuartos de Final, se reiniciará el cómputo de amonestaciones a efectos de las suspensiones por acumulación de dos tarjetas amarillas hasta el partido Final. Por consiguiente, el jugador y/u oficial que recibiera un total de dos (2) tarjetas amarillas de manera consecutiva o alternada desde el inicio de la fase de Cuartos de Final hasta la Final, quedará suspendido automáticamente para el siguiente partido.”

      The yellow card count will start from zero from QF. But if you get two by the last group game you will miss QF.

      • Thanks for you quick response but I just want to let you know that I don’t speak Spanish and that is why this forum is very important for Argentina fans like me who don’t understand the Argentine medias.

  6. One of our most important player right now is Cristian Romero. I can’t tell if Emi Martinez has a part of it as well but the influence of Cuti is huge. The team looks more comfortable, more secure and more confident. It’s very important that Scaloni protects him to avoid any unnecessary injury or red card. Players like Quatra can play although Id love to see Cuti and Licha together again. We are putting the pieces together, let’s hope our players improve and not picking bad and lengthy injuries for next year

  7. They say that the ones rested against Paraguay such as Acuna and De Paul would return against Bolivia with the exception of those with yellow cards. The reason is they don’t want too many days without activity for those players.

    The probable starting line up before this afternoon’s training reported by TYC:
    Emi Martinez/Armani; Molina/Montiel, Nico Otamendi, Licha Martinez/Pezzella; Marcos Acuna; Guido, De Paul, Palacios; Messi, Aguero, Nico Gonzales/Di Maria.

    I hope it’s true as we will field a very strong starting line up instead of resting all of them.

    • yeah, and he doesn’t defend much. Some mundoers incorrectly ragging on Aguero cause “strikers sole purpose is to defend” but even then, i didnt see J Correa pressing or chasing.

      i know they are not the same but A should 100% go ahead of J but Scaloni seems to prefer the latter.

  8. This would be my XI vs Bolivia:

    Musso; Montiel (rest Molina), Pezzella, Licha, Tagliafico; Dominguez, Guido, Palacios; A.Correa, Alvarez, Papu.

    Subs: Molina for Montiel, Lo Celso for Palacios around 70 min, Kun or Lautaro for Alvarez at some point.

  9. I was hoping for a draw last night between Paraguay and Chile. Anyhow, the point is we should go out and win. We should be able to beat this Bolivia with or without Messi or some other others.

    Also, we must try to win more than 1-0. Every team is beating them, so we should also aim to do that. I hope we don’t play Armani. Good opportunity to play Musso (he is one of the 4, right?). We should plan for Emi as number one and Musso as number two for next few years.

  10. Now the match has become important. The draw against Bolivia may lose us the first spot if Paraguay can pull a win against Uruguay.

    So going with completely new team will not be a good idea. We need to make sure we win it.

    • Agree especially if we finish second in the group somehow, there is a bigger chance meeting Colombia who likely finish third in group B instead of Peru/Ecuador/Venezuela.

      The lesson of Copa America 1995. We won our first 2 matches easily and then we rested every key player for the third match against US because we just needed one point. In the end US won that match and we ended up finish second in the group and met Brazil as a result in the second round.

      Then Brazil won due to Tulio’s hand goal against us.

      Please don’t do that again; It is Bolivia I know but we need 3 points here not 1.

  11. Play the regular team as it need the rythm and harmony; so far the week off is more than enough for the players. 2-3 changes is okay, with the inclusion of Palacios. Messi can be used as a subs on second half, Papu should be the starter. ADM will be the playmaker. Give another chance to Lautoro instead of Kun Aquero

  12. Chile beaten badly by bootleg Argentina . Awesome stuff.

    Hopefully they pull all their tricks (whining & time wasting) if they end up facing Brazil in next round. Two annoying teams going at it

  13. If keeping yellow card risk out & GOAT getting some additional rest , below cld be the playing 11 vs Bolivia
    Papu – Aguero – A Correa
    Palacios – Guido – Dominguez
    Acuna – Lisandro – Romero – Molina

    Subs can be
    Alvarez , DiMaria, Nico G ( maybe some 20mins in end ) , Tagli , Montiel.
    Unless we are losing Messi shld sit in bench.

  14. This Paraguayan team press is actually quite nice, especially against an old team like chile. Probably the best team in our half (other than us of course 🙂 ). Who knows they might even challenge brazil in an open game but I would rather see chile and uruguay team go to the other half and have them physically beat up on the brazilian squad even if they lose in the end.

    • It looks like Uruguay & Chile will be in Brazil draw ( assuming Paraguay dont lose to Uruguay in last game – even a draw is good ) . Colombia is surely coming to our draw.

    • Agreed. prefer Brazil against Uruguay and Chile. Not only is it entertaining for us but to your point, its good for the ARG NT for Vidal, bowling ball Medel, and Jara the anus bandit to rough ’em up.

      • The only permutation NOT possible is Brazil meeting Equador in KO🤣. Group B Winner ( ie Brazil ) will meet 4th placed team in Group A . Equador is first of all in Group B !! Only possible Brazil opponent in QF is Uruguay or Chile . It all now depends on Uruguay – Paraguay last match. If Paraguay wins – it is Uruguay which meets Brazil in quarters . If its a draw or Uruguay win , Chile will end up meeting Brazil.

    • Yes they should face each other because i think they kind of deserve to face each other and the sooner the better it will be, but if not that day will come one day for sure for them to face their undoings or their actions of their own consequences!

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