Barcelona reportedly targeting Lisandro Martinez of Ajax


Barcelona are reportedly targeting Lisandro Martinez of Ajax.

Lisandro Martinez has done well since making the switch over to the Netherlands. While Barcelona have continuously been linked with Eric Garcia of Manchester City, it appears as though they would be looking for an alternative.

Per a report by Sport in Spain, the 22 year old Argentine has emerged as possible reinforcement.

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  1. Great game from DePaul, Pussetto and surprisingly Pereyrra, although Musso has had better days.
    Nico and Klimowich also had good games but I still don’t understand why Klimowich is playing as a forward when his best performances thus far were as a midfielder. In any case the kid is only 20yrs and is getting some valuable playing time so he’s one to look out for.

    Regarding Licha Martinez, I still maintain that, next to C.Romero, he is the best defender Argentina has right now, excellent with the ball, versatile and excellent at reading the game and if you don’t believe me then watch the CL matches against Liverpool and Atalanta.
    I truly doubt this report by Sport because the magazine it self is only semi reliable and more importantly Barca is broke and I mean B.R.O.K.E, to the point that the best they can hope for is to do really well this season and sell all the players that have done well just to stop from going bankrupt (read the excellent article by Sid Lowe on If Licha were to go to Barca he’d be lost in the shuffle of incompetence, I would rather he’d go to a tactically versatile club like Atalanta or maybe Lazio. ManCity would also be a good destination for someone as versatile as Licha where Pep would take him to the next level.

  2. Lisandro Martinez is not for Barça, Barça is going mad they do not have revenues,Bartomou has destroyed Barcelona now they are going for Lisandro Martinez. Lisandro Martinez should be back up or starter on Left Back for Barça but not Central Defender.Lisandro Martinez is good passer and crosser nothing more than that

  3. After watching the Cadiz game and being aware of the fact that Umtiti is always injured and Pique is our for the season, I definitely support this move. He will get game time. Sadly though, it seems that Mingo has trickled down to Barca B and is not on the bench anymore. Koeman should have learned something from watching Lenglet and Mingueza play. They need to give Mingo a chance and see if he is better than them.

  4. Martinez is highly rated by some. IMO he is technically great for a defender, good passer but average defensive skills. If you watch a Romero match comps, you will see that he is intercepting, heading, tackling and fighting with the forward he is marking. In case of Martinez, it’s just passing. Same can be said about Senesi.

    Despite Otamendi’s lack of pace and dreadful one vs one defending , he makes a lots of interception and heading. I mean even with his faults, he contributes to defending and ball recovery.

    A defender’s primary duty is defending.

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