Napoli rename stadium to Stadio Diego Armando Maradona


Napoli have renamed their stadium after their greatest ever player, Diego Armando Maradona.

As the football world mourns the death of Maradona, the city of Naples have decided to change the name of their iconic stadium. Previously called the Stadio San Paolo, the Municipality of Naples announced that Napoli’s stadium is now called Stadio Diego Armando Maradona.

Diego Maradona played at the club from 1984-1991, winning two Serie A titles, a Coppa Italia, a UEFA Cup and a Supercoppa Italiana, Maradona became a club legend.

Maradona passing away last week has lead to world wide tributes, from football players to athletes, artists and more.

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      • Yes, Tigre lead 2:1 then Rafaela won after Alex Luna sub. “Alex Luna It is the new Argentine pearl for which the greats of European football fight. As you may have learned AS, Barcelona, ​​Atlético de Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia and Villarreal are behind the Atlético Rafaela player. The interest in Can Barça reaches such a point that last season they wanted to take it to Barcelona. Not only have Spanish teams set their sights on the promising 16-year-old and are also following him in England, Everton, Manchester City and Manchester United; in France, Lille and PSG; in Italy, Lazio, Juventus and Milan; in Germany, Bayern; in Portugal, the Benfica, in Croatia, the Dinamo Zagreb; and in Ukraine, Dynamo Kiev.” Not bad…he was born in 2004 just like Luka Romero.

  1. We can not expect that Scaloni going to use European based player in National team even if they are Better than local league players. In this way Argentina will be knocked out in Quarter or semi final stage. LMQ, Armani,Montiel going to cost title sometime.
    Feeling sad for Messi but that is reality. No one knows Argentina local league players if they are not playing in national team. First Sampoli did that now Scaloni is in that path too. Going to be knocked out in Copa and in World cup in knock out stage unless they put 100 percent good team.

  2. Lucas Martinez Quarta is out of favor in Fiorentina it seems. After Roma disaster, he hasn’t played one minute, always on the bench. Manager seems harsh with the situation.

    • LMQ is over rated player Perez and Medina are better than him. Italian clubs are not fool to play him like Argentina national team.

  3. My hope as an hard core Argentina fan starts to fade away when I realize that our players who are contenders for a spot in our beloved NT can’t make it in two tier teams like Villareal, Granada, Leverkusen, Fiorentina, BHA and more. Our players can’t play for big teams anymore, like Real, Bayern, Barcelona, Juventus. I am very concerned by this situation.

    • I am glad that someone sees the problem. I am with you and I have similar concern. Don’t have to go too far back, a certain Carlos Tevez struggled to get into NT, while burning the pitches of top clubs Man Utd, Man City and Juventus.

      It is really sad that our players can’t get minutes in clubs we would otherwise not even talk about. My hope is Scaloni and co. can create a solid team with majority of average or above average players. Hope he can create a system and make it hard to lose. I think in that aspect we are doing well.

    • Getting a little dramatic aren’t we?

      [players who are contenders for a spot in our beloved NT can’t make it in two tier teams like Villareal, Granada, Leverkusen, Fiorentina, BHA and more]

      I’m guessing you mean Foyth, Perez, Palacios, Quarta and the such? Well Foyth is doing pretty well, Perez is only 20 and has huge potential while Palacios, despite his middling form with NEVERkusen, has shown at the NT that he’s worthy to compete for a NT spot.
      Quarta’s lack of playing time is no concern because there are plenty of players (Senesi, Romero, Licha) that can replace him.

      [ur players can’t play for big teams anymore, like Real, Bayern, Barcelona, Juventus. I am very concerned by this situation]

      Really? I’m pretty sure Messi and Dybala play for Barca and Juve respectively, or have they changed their nationality recently?

      To conclude some of you people come in here every week talking about how Argentine players can’t make it in ‘big teams’ (whatever the heck that means) and how you are concerned but you conveniently forget that the NT is no.2 in the WCQ (and would be joint no.1 if it weren’t for the bulls**t referring) and the u23 team qualified as no.1 to the olympics.
      My advice to anyone who is concerned about the NT is to focus on how the NT is doing (very well), how the u23 team is doing (very well) and how individual players are doing (Nico, Ocampos, Lautaro, J.Correa, De Paul, Celso, Paredes, Tagalifico are all doing well) and dispense with this ‘playstation mentality’ where a player only has merit if playing for a ‘big club’.
      Seriously France is the no.1 NT by far, do you think they should be concerned that Griezman is struggling at Barca, Varane has been a gigantic JOKE at Real and thanks to him they may not get out of the 1st round of the CL and that Pogba is a bench warmer for an average ManU? Or it doesn’t matter how well they’re playing as long as they’re in a ‘big club’?

      • Usually I look forward to your posts, they are great when you talk about football. Allow me to give you an advice also (since you are giving one), try to be objective and see the context and respect the perspective.

        I think it is clear from the authors post that he is not talking about Messi. Dybala also struggles to get into the first team. But I think he does not mean Messi and dybala.

        About big clubs. I am surprised that you don’t understand the value of big club. It’s not PlayStation. The training, nutrition, winning mentality, physical conditioning, strategic acumen, competitive awareness and many more. If you want read from Griezmann. According to him, he won’t be the player if he stayed at Real Sociedad. And Real Sociedad is way ahead compared to Cadiz. You are being naive.

        I agree, our NT is doing much well. If one can create a team you can do very well as a collective team. The players not bad. Scaloni and co is doing largely very well. If we continue to improve and with a bit of luck it we can break the jinx of not winning anything for 25+ years.


    • I am not too concerned about LMQ. He was injured after the Roma game, and it’s very difficult to command a starting place as a central defender after missing pre-season and after a coach change. He (and we) just have to be patient.
      The player i am most concerned about is Macallister. He has to move away from that shitty club.

        • yes, if you say that way. I also started watching Stuttgart because of ascascibar I think in his first season with Stuttgart he was fabulous and eye catching but the goals were not coming for him, I think his finishing has improved a lot. However, this guy’s pace, work ethic and hunger were clear to see in his first season of Bundesliga.

      • I have to admit that he’s been a hell of a surprise to me. I watched a bit of him during his primera days and he was nothing special and when he came to Germany I thought to myself “an Argentine in Germany? yup another one bites the dust” but the kid really stepped it up and then kept getting better and better to the point where he is now benching Ocampos with the NT.
        The same goes for C.Romero, I knew of him because he was with the U20 team in 2017 but eventually he wasn’t even selected for the tournament (that team had the like of Licha Martinez and Foyth) and when he came to Italy I thought he’d get lost in the shuffle but low and behold he’s turning out to be a prodigy and if he keeps going like this he may end up as one of the best CB in the world!

        It goes to show that you’ll never know who’s gonna come out and take the footballing world by storm and that’s one of the good things about supporting a footballing nation like Argentina where talent flows like a stream of cold, pure water from mountainous regions.

  4. I got caught on some games and I have to say Ocampos was fairly impressive against Real, excellent ball control and hustle not to mention that acrobatic shot on goal at the end, too bad Real won the match with pure luck.
    Messi also played well in the first half but fizzled out in the 2nd and this Barca side really sucks, although no more so than for the last 3 season where Messi has been absolutely carrying them but now Lio is fed up and so he should be. On a positive note Ledesma had a cracker of a match and overall this season he has been quite impressive but he can be inconsistent with his performances. Definitely should be in the (now long) list of potential GKs, a luxury that Argentina never really had before.

    I also watched the last 30 mins of Inter vs Bologna and Nico, yet again, had an impressive sub appearance where he created several chances and provided defensive cover. Honestly I can’t understand for the life of me why he’s on the bench but then ofcourse I remember that Mijalovic is a hopeless coach that never won anything and it all makes sense.

  5. Ledesma… amazing game and man of the match for Cadiz. The one goal he did concede looked bad for a keeper but if you look closely you’ll see that it deflected on a defender which sent it the opposite direction, he was throwing himself perfectly the first time. But great game, should definitely be our third goalkeeper or even second. Good positioning as well

    • Musso and Emi are without a doubt our 2 best GKs. And guys like Mascherisin,Benitez deserves the starting spot more than Ledesma. Benitez has been one of the top 3 GKs of Ligue 1 for the last 3 years. We shouldn’t pick Ledesma just for a few matches(he also made some horrible mistakes,especially against Atletico). It would be unfair to Benitez

  6. Glad to see that Maradona is being so much respected by SSC Napoli to name their stadium after him but I feel the more better way they can show respecte to Maradona and various Agrentines who helped forged the history of SSC Napoli by recruiting more Young Argentine players in their club which would help Argentine Players tremendously in their careers especially those who are from Argentina Primera Divison.

    • I think you misunderstood it they didnt show respect to various Argentines . They have shown respect to one and only Deigo Maradona. So signing more young Argentine players is just irrelevant.

    • I’ll add to Mrinal1235 comment. They love Maradona, the futbol god, and many from Napoli supported him in WC. Even if you speak to Italians today, they may recognize similarities in last names and food. But make no mistake, there is no “special relationship or bond”, they don’t care about improving young players. That will only come from Argentine club staff, coaches, scouts, Zanetti, etc.

  7. The entire world knows the death of Maradona except ONE man. Guess who?

    “Carlos Bilardo still doesn’t know that Diego Maradona passed away at the age of 60 last week.

    Bilardo coached Maradona with the Argentina national team, winning the 1986 World Cup in Mexico together, as well as at Sevilla in the 1992/93 season.

    Bilardo’s brother, Jorge, revealed recently that telling him the sad news could affect his health, which is stable after he left a clinic a few weeks ago after getting the neurological disease Hakim-Adams syndrome under control.

    Bilardo is, however, said to watch a lot of television, and will at some point find out.

    They’ve cut the cable saying that there are problems with the television company, so Bilardo spends his time watching series on Netflix instead.

    As they believe he will eventually find out, Jorge has told Cielo Sports that plans are in motion to break the news to him gently.

    “[Maradona’s death] is something that will be four, five or twenty days in the media and that complicates things because Bilardo watches television and many games,” he said in comments carried by Marca.

    “I spoke with [Oscar] Ruggeri and he is going to meet him with two or three other boys [from the 1986 Argentine team] to see how he is. We’re going to see how he reacts and what happens.

    “Diego meant a lot in his life. There was a connection with Coco Villafane, Claudia’s [his wife] father. We built the house for him and furnished it. My wife went with Claudia to buy clothes for the girls, and in fact Claudia went two or three times to see Carlos recently.”

    Source: Football-espana

  8. What a great gesture from Napoli, hopefully this name is eternal to the stadium. Many people outside of Argentinian football don’t know that there is already another stadium named after him, Estadio Diego Armando Maradona — Argentinos Juniors. More proof that he has graced every pitch he has played on and team whose shirt he’s worn.

  9. Yes, Cox4… I read all those stuffs. Once I used to support Italia as well as Argentina. But after reading and watching the behaviours of bloody italians I stopped supporting them… I get pleasure when Italy loses…

    Maradona is the only GOAT.

    • the truth my friend is that they didn t cheer for Argentina. i remember very well that day. the Italians in San Paolo that night was iced. it was neutral.only small number of Italians supported their national team but in very low profile way. they didn t cheer not for us not for Italy.

      But that doesn t mean not even for little less that this is something extraordinary. Nobody could succeed something like that in this world. ONLY DIEGO could and he did it.

      of course the rest of italians didn t see at all with good eye what happened in Naples.
      few days after in Rome in final the atmosphere was so hostile to us as never before.
      they didn t respect even our national anthem. i believe you know what happened. if not i can post you one link to see with your eyes the shitty behave against Argentina and our national anthem.

      • Agreed and it is not just that amigoes. As both of you are old timers, just like me, i am sure you know that after we kicked out Italians, it was already decided who was going to win 1990 wc, as it was already decided what would our fait be in 1994 wc and of course who would win both 94 and 02 wcs in my opinion.

        Anyway, a big respect from me to the people and the fans of Napoli, they did what they should have done.

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